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 DHTML and JavaScript Download Center

This is a collection of javascripts from which the user can select a particular script given in freescripts and script specials according to their needs. In this website there are free scripts categorized into text, image, background, game and much more. And also there are few script specials like code generation, dirty trickletter, script forum etc. In each script the user can get details of category, description, browser, author, web site, test scripts for their perusal.
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 Minchiate Tarot

This is one of the interesting game which offers more enhanced features. This game attracts the guest very much by which the site traffic would increase. These cards contains the trump cards, four elements and the astrological houses. 97 cards are there in one single tarot deck. The users could choose their choice out of eleven various Tarot Spreads.
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 Lotto Details

If you have any website or want to run a website and add life to your website, Lotto details programme suits well for you. With this application, you can run your own lotto game in your website. This is a faster game play and has technical support for lifetime. This script is great for affiliate promotion. An online demo is available on the website. Very easy to play. Easy to install and run this script.
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 Demo of Dynamic Tetris

This is program presentd by Ameya to be used as a basic game on any Flash based website for the children. By using this system the users can develop their programming needs on their website which is built in Flash. The source file teaches Flash programmers the basics of building a game on Flash.
Tags: game , file , program , system , website , using , programming , source , basic , for , develop , users , building ,

 Any Screen Capture

Any Screen Capture is an useful multimedial tool that has the ability to grab screenshot from windows desktop. This program will help you to capture screenshots, menu bar and cascaded menu, DVD movie frames, game screens etc., and copies all those captures in a clipboard. This program supports PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF formats and provides different modes of grab areas for the capturing. You can then edit, save and print your captures through this program with a simple interface.
Tags: game , windows , tool , program , menu , print , capture , movie , help , save , screenshot , bar , grab , simple , for , useful , menubar ,

 Online Game- Battle Sigs

Battlesigs is a PHP based program by which the web owners can facilitate their website with online game facility. With the help of this program the webvisitors can play game online and earn money easily. Rules to play are so simple and players can easily gain money. It prevents cheating games for security.
Tags: game , web , games , program , online , website , play , help , money , simple , for , players ,

 Online MineSweeper

Users can play this simple and interactive online game, if they are interested. This game can be played by people of any age group, right from kids to the aged. To start this game, users have to press the green button. They have to click on the grids and find out the hidden mines. This game provides the scores and time to the users and they win when they have flagged all the bombs.
Tags: game , time , online , play , find , kids , hidden , simple , interactive , start , win , click , scores , users , people , out ,


Users can play this game if they are interested and this online game takes less amount of time to play. In this game, the users have to select any two digit number. First, they have to add the two digit values and then they have to find the difference between the sum and the number. They have to remember the result and the intelligent cat Alien will display the picture for that corresponding number.
Tags: game , picture , time , online , play , find , display , cat , for , select , difference , users , remember ,

Royalty free sound effects, Flash Button Sounds and Background Music. Download Soundscapes and Atmospheres for webmasters and game developers. Get sound loops, wav files, soundfx and zap packs for games and web sites, ideal for a Flash sound button.
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Royalty free music for Film and TV, Flash animation, game developement and multimedia applications. Stereo broadcast quality MP3 and WAV. Full soundtracks (1-3 min) for use as the main theme or background music and 30 second cuts ideal for Flash web intro's, interactive presentations and television advertisments. music loops and sound effects for webmasters, game developers and film makers. Download instantly via e-mail. Also, Sound and html tutorials for web page background music.
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 Browser Soccer

Browser Soccer is a web based java applet that allows you to play Web-based Soccer. The aim of the game is to beat the five teams and win the championship. The distribution file include several audio files including whistle, kick, and goal. You can play it with the feel of real soccer. While you kick/pass the ball, you can set the destination of the player who kicked the ball, by simply dragging the mouse to the desired location
Tags: game , file , web , audio , files , java , play , mouse , applet , set , aim , win , distribution , soccer , javaapplet , real , webbased , beat ,

 Bug Squasher

Bug Squasher is a JavaScript game, which can be downloaded for free to implement a game that resembles the Minesweeper of the windows. To play the game all you have to do is unravel the bugs and keep yourself from being bitten by the bugs. Supports three levels of plays namely Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Displays the time taken by you to complete the game and displays the score. Works fine on both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Tags: game , time , play , levels , for , complete ,

 Building Bricks

This is a wonderful game in java with a nice look and feel. This game is a look alike of original Tetris game. This game has several MIDI compositions. You can run this java game in Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or 1.4. You can start the game by pressing the New Game button provided and can press the Proceed button to continue the game. You can play music if you want by pressing Music off/on button and the score and level will be displayed in a banner in the game window.
Tags: game , music , java , play , button , start , run , original , banner , nice , score , - Technical Case Study

The site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site also acts as the community hub for all things related to Bungie games. Built with the Microsoft .NET Framework, serves up more than 4 million pages per day, accumulating 300 gigabytes of online game statistics per month from more than 1 million games played daily. Deemed "Most Innovative Design" by IGN Entertainment in 2004, the site provides innovative ways for users to view game statistics and details as well as interact with each other through forums and team Web pages. The release of the site represented a milestone in online console game play. This case study provides insight into this accomplishment.
Tags: game , video , games , online , site , view , statistics , into , study , pages , console , case , team , for , community , users , videogame ,

 Chad Edward's Calculation

Chad Edward's Calculation is an online card game. This java application is designed in such a way that the player has to arrange all the available card on the foundation pile in a specified order. You will be able to pickup and put down the cards in the desired piles through the right and left mouse clicks. There are four foundation piles along with several cards to choose from. This online game is object orientated with graphical user interface in java.
Tags: game , online , java , application , mouse , user , interface , object , available , userinterface , graphical ,

 Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame

Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame is a simple entertaining software written in java. A maximum of three to four players can play this game at a time. This simple bunco board game allows users to roll the dice through the button icons and the number appearing on the dice is given as the score of the player. The score board will immediately display the total score of the player and after successful completion of the round players are carried to the next successive levels. Those players getting the maximum score cards is awarded as the winners of this board game.
Tags: software , game , play , board , icons , display , boardgame , button , simple , number , dice , score , users , winners , players , roll ,


ChainReaction can be incorporated into your web page to implement a game in JavaScript that is very similar to the old Atari 1040 ST. The players have to supply stones to the cells on the board to play the game. The stones are distributed to the neighboring cells, which leads to a chain reaction of cells exploding.
Tags: game , web , play , board , page , webpage , into , players ,

 Scratch n Win - Entries Version

Now, the internet's most popular and addicting game can be yours. Attract more users and keep them even longer. Easy to setup and even easier to maintain. Use this version to award a single prize.
Tags: game , version , popular , users ,


Concentration is a web-based gaming script that entertains you well. This script tests your memory capacity. All you have to do is to click the same type of diagram that is invisible in the screen and gain points. Feature highlights are easy installation and easy customization. This game is liked by all age groups. Downloading and running this programme is simple and easy.
Tags: game , screen , easy , script , memory , simple , tests , gaming , click , type , invisible , diagram , installation ,


phpMyTrottola is the electronic version of a small game "trottola" which is famous in Italy and used to fill the Totocalcio prize coupons. This PHP scripted programme uses MySQL database to save information and gives prediction to the users. Installation is very simple and easy to run this programme. Eventhough it is a Italian prediction script, only available in English.
Tags: game , database , easy , information , save , simple , small , run , version , fill , electronic , famous , available ,

 DHTML puzzle!

DHTML puzzle! is a puzzle game in JavaScript. You can supply any picture into this game and it will be automatically cut into 9 pieces creating a 3x3 puzzle for you to play. The “Scramble” button automatically scrambles the picture that you supply and solve button can be used to “Solve” the puzzle. The script can be downloaded for free. An important thing to note it that since the script accesses the BODY onload event (window.onload), the script will not work in case if any other script is doing the same.
Tags: game , puzzle , picture , creating , script , note , puzzlegame , button , work , into , automatically , event , case , solve , for ,


ProYam is a JavaScript game of dice that can be played if your browser is DHTML enabled. The JavaScript displays dices on the left of the screen with each dice showing the points on their face. The points rolled with the dice is displayed on the right in a table. The total score is displayed at the bottom of the screen. It works in IE4 or above.
Tags: game , screen , browser , dice , points , score ,

 E-Gold Game Portal Scripts

E-Gold Game Portal Scripts implements online games which can be executed on PHP enabled platforms. This module offers 11 games - Guess number, Instant lotto, Three aces, Roulette, Thimbles, Matches, Chance, Chests, Poker, Trump and Slots. All games are explained clearly on individual page and all game accepts payments. Payments and payouts can be done via e-gold payment module in real time. Statistics can be displayed for game results. Payouts can be reviewed for each game.
Tags: game , games , online , page , module , payment , real , for ,

 E-Gold Head Tails Game Scripts

E-Gold Head Tails Game Scripts provides PHP game that can be run on dynamically. This module displays two coins for head and tail parts and lets you choose which one will be got after flipping the coin. If your guessing will be correct it will pay you 150% of your paid amount via E-gold account. Statistics can be shown on seperate page with customizable layouts and colors.
Tags: game , page , run , module , parts , for ,


This game applet is based on an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game, which is very funny and challenging. All you have to do is connect the dots and try to be the one who completes the fourth side of a square. You can play again if you connect the square. To play the game, click on the applet then press 'P' to play. The game consists of two levels, beginner and expert. It supports 6 background images in JPG format and 5 music tracks in au format.
Tags: game , music , images , play , format , applet , background , tracks , funny , click , au , connect ,

 Free Lotto Lottery Game

Free Lotto Lottery Game is an online games and entertainment software designed to create an attractive traffic generating program by placing an online lottery plug and play script on your website. End users would be able to have fun by taking part in this free lottery game without any restrictions to emerge themselves as a winner of million dollar price money. Despite of being a funny software this online lottery script is capable of increasing your website traffic to a greater extent by attracting lot of website visitors. Key features includes every day lucky draw, easy to use, maintenance free, heavy traffic increase, database independent etc.,
Tags: software , game , database , games , program , create , online , fun , website , play , easy , script , entertainment , traffic , lottery , funny , maintenance , day , restrictions , features , users , part , plug , dollar ,

 Slot Machine Game

Slot Machine Game is a game specially prepared for net game lovers. Many casinos are using this program. With this program you can create your own new rules very easily. You can set percentage and payout by this software. Requirements are PHP 4 or greater with cURL enabled.
Tags: game , program , create , using , set , for , rules ,

 ELouai's Minesweeper

Webmasters can add this game on their websites for entertaining their website visitors. This game can be played by users of any age group. There are three categories in this game like Beginners, advanced and expert. Users have to first click the 'New' button to start the game. They have to select the category and click on the mines. If they cover all the mines, they win the game.
Tags: game , website , advanced , button , start , win , click , cover , websites , for , select , users ,

 Reystar Reysteroids

This is a simple yet highly entertaining game that consists in shooting and destroying approaching asteroids from a moving spaceship. There is a time limit of 2 minutes within which one must destroy as many asteroids as possible.
Tags: game , time , simple , asteroids , limit , shooting , moving ,


Webmasters can enable their visitors to play a game with the dice to let them entertain themselves. This program will be essential for the webmasters to keep their visitors on their websites for longer time. This program is built on ASP and it is easy to use this program on existing websites.
Tags: game , program , play , easy , dice , websites , for ,


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