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You can load madlib stories in by way of the file system. A form will appear to the user to fill in their own words and submitted by way of clicking at the bottom of the form. Then you can see your madlib displayed by the programme. This funny programme currently has only three stories for this example. Downloading and installation is very easy and simple to run.
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This website provides its services in four aspects, firstly 'components' where the users can find some useful components to be downloaded, secondly projects here the visitors can get online service for getting useful references and guides, template libraries etc., Thirdly it offers its services for games to let the visitors and users to have online games and downloadable games respectively. Finally this website presents more funny and exciting programs to the users.
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 dotSilver Partner

DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. We delivered the software with the simplest and smoothest yet funny user experience with a serious wonders-at-your-feet technical background working with the shared database. This product is created for those webmasters (companies and individuals) who want to launch a dating site (normally, installed within 10 minutes) working with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites. software features: Live Flash Chat with smilies; Flash Instant Messenger with smilies; Secure double blind messaging system; Advanced search capability; Matchmaking. Upcoming features: Advanced full-featured link exchange script; Web chat.
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 Daily Cartoon

Daily Cartoon is a new and fresh and funny cartoon in which the visitors can entertained by seeing this cartoons. we can sent this cartoons to our friends and co-workers that can be easily processed by all visitors. by simply entering the users name and password we can daily see new cartoons.
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 Screen Shake

This script causes a nice visual effect on users webpage and it is easy to use this program on any website. It generates a vibrating effect on the web page of any website. By using this script users can create a funny web page on their websites. It provides users facility to adjust the speed of the shake and also the time duration.
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 Random Insult Quotes

Random insult quotes is a php based script that brings a random insult from a text file. Many funny insults from is stored in the script. You can easily add insults of your own taste with this program. Script is easy to handle and takes just a few seconds to install.
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This game applet is based on an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game, which is very funny and challenging. All you have to do is connect the dots and try to be the one who completes the fourth side of a square. You can play again if you connect the square. To play the game, click on the applet then press 'P' to play. The game consists of two levels, beginner and expert. It supports 6 background images in JPG format and 5 music tracks in au format.
Tags: game , music , images , play , format , applet , background , tracks , funny , click , au , connect ,

 Free Lotto Lottery Game

Free Lotto Lottery Game is an online games and entertainment software designed to create an attractive traffic generating program by placing an online lottery plug and play script on your website. End users would be able to have fun by taking part in this free lottery game without any restrictions to emerge themselves as a winner of million dollar price money. Despite of being a funny software this online lottery script is capable of increasing your website traffic to a greater extent by attracting lot of website visitors. Key features includes every day lucky draw, easy to use, maintenance free, heavy traffic increase, database independent etc.,
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 Jokes Website

Jokes Website is a jokes management website where users can sign to submit jokes. The site features are, emailing joke to a friend, email newsletter signingup, joke and funny picture of the week list, searching the jokes database and rating a joke feature. Admin has rights to, add, edit or delete jokes and links, sending email newsletters, adding and deleting categories and banner ads, viewing top 50 searches and approving or declining user's submitted jokes.
Tags: email , database , picture , management , website , delete , edit , site , newsletter , funny , submit , banner , searching , features , rating , users , sign , top , searches , joke , sending , emailing ,


This script has the ability to cause a visual effect on users website. It produces a nice and funny effect by hiding the half part of the loaded content and release those contents when thye mouse is passed over them. It seems as if there is an x-ray technology inside the webpage and lets visitor to excite.
Tags: script , visual , effect , mouse , content , funny , nice , users , contents , part , visitor ,

 Joke Site

Joke Site is a PHP based online script using which you can generate and run your own jokes sites. You can publish jokes, tales, funny stories etc., on your website with images and figures. You can provide rating systems for all your presentations, jokes etc., with the ability to display the highest rated jokes on the main page tempting visitors to view them. The main highlight of this program is the cartoon management that allows you to add and create cartoon figures for all your comics and comedies. You can also improve community gathering on your site there by increasing webtraffic. Some of the key features include template management, banners and ads, categorized joke listings etc.,
Tags: program , create , online , images , management , website , site , script , using , view , page , display , key , generate , template , publish , run , cartoon , funny , for , community , features , improve , rating , banners , systems , joke ,

 Flash Dynamic Photo Gallery

Flash dynamic photo Gallery is an application in PHP for displaying your information to your site visitors in an awesome and funny way. This software will query a database and get image information and load image information into flash movie. Flash contact forms to send email and image navigation and powerful zoom feature to zoom in/out on each image. This advanced script uses MySQL database as backend. Easy installation and customization makes this script user friendly.
Tags: software , email , image , database , photo , flash , information , site , script , application , navigation , send , forms , query , advanced , contact , user , zoom , funny , dynamic , into , installation , load , feature , for , powerful ,

 Softbiz Jokes and Funny Pictures Script

Softbiz Jokes and Funny Pictures Script is wonderful script to start your own jokes site. This script has special focus on helping you get great returns for your investment in this script. It provides you cool way to automatically run unlimited number of affiliate ads including Google ads using Google Adsense Program. Jokes Script Features include browsing through categorized set of jokes. Support for funny pictures. These pictures are also categorized. Keyword based search, rating system, most popular jokes section, subscribe jokes, suggest jokes makes this jokes script special. Demo available on website.
Tags: pictures , script , using , cool , ads , number , start , run , funny , set , automatically , investment , popular , browsing , for , rating , focus , available , special ,


TicTacToe is a funny gaming programme. This web based script has several gametables to play. This game allows two players only and includes a good game structure. This application is specially meant for school students which is more fun and entertaining. This game will attract students of high school. This script requires servers supporting PHP and players have to start at list.php. Easy to download and excute this programme.
Tags: game , download , web , fun , php , script , application , school , start , funny , gaming , good , for , webbased , servers , players ,

 The Joke Machine

The Joke Machine is an online funny tool. This tool has fresh content and can be placed anywhere on your webpage. The jokes with this machine will be updated often. No obscene or abuse jokes were used. It is child friendly and updated manually. By placing this joke machine on the website, the users will be paid 50% commission for every selling books with referece from their site.
Tags: tool , online , content , child , funny , machine , for , users , books , joke ,

 Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS

This software is meant for making fun and you can create fake news in the front page of a news paper. This current version of the fake newspaper story component for MamboOS 4.5. You can make or send a fake front page of a news paper with this programme. Simply you have to enter the details and submit the form, from this the message sent includes the details that you have submitted. This is made purely for funny purposes only. Easy to install and execute the program.
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