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 BFN Quiz and Tests

Create and moderate online quizzes and tests. Simple enough to support fun quizzes, as well as strong enough to administer real life exams. Optional protection against cheating, and retaking. Optional time limit, and result display, and Email notification on test completion. Questions and answers may also contain images for non-text testing situations. No Ads.
Tags: time , online , images , fun , protection , notification , test , support , testing , life , real , for , quizzes ,

 BFN Quiz and Tests

This program lets the webmasters to conduct both fun quizes and real exams. This online tool comes with the ability to detect and protect from people retaking the tests and cheating. The test has certain set of questions and certain number of answers for each question. The test taker should choose the right answer from the options. The administrator can limit the test with a certain time frame.
Tags: tool , program , time , online , protect , fun , test , administrator , number , tests , detect , set , limit , questions , real , for , people ,


This is a fun and entertaining script that presents bogglers on user's websites for their site visitors. These are brain teasing, riddle and puzzle solving visual entertainments for visitors. Visitors are presented with hints of popular phrases, words, sayings etc that they have to guess. Pressing the answer button, displays the correct answer. This script helps to increase site traffic by getting repeated visitors.
Tags: puzzle , fun , site , script , visual , traffic , brain , popular , websites , for , increase ,

 .NET brings the fun back to programming

.NET brings the fun back to programming is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. Entering Microsoft Windows, C versus Pascal, entering Visual Basic, Microsoft access and access basic, entering .NET, language like C#, Java, etc., are described briefly in this article. This is more helpful for the novice programmers.
Tags: access , fun , information , programming , language , reference , for , back , guide ,

 Confusion IRC

This is a very basic, yet fun and somewhat customizable script for mIRC. It includes options such as an away system, fun popups and jokes, a basic mp3 player, flood protection, computer stats, and some other neat options.
Tags: mp3 , fun , computer , script , basic , popups , options , for ,


Users that work with Photoslide program can make screen savers, fun videos, and html albums. It is quick to use, and offers a variety of neat things to add to make the slide show more fun.
Tags: screen , html , program , slideshow , fun , make , show , slide , quick , work ,

 Free Lotto Lottery Game

Free Lotto Lottery Game is an online games and entertainment software designed to create an attractive traffic generating program by placing an online lottery plug and play script on your website. End users would be able to have fun by taking part in this free lottery game without any restrictions to emerge themselves as a winner of million dollar price money. Despite of being a funny software this online lottery script is capable of increasing your website traffic to a greater extent by attracting lot of website visitors. Key features includes every day lucky draw, easy to use, maintenance free, heavy traffic increase, database independent etc.,
Tags: software , game , database , games , program , create , online , fun , website , play , easy , script , entertainment , traffic , lottery , funny , maintenance , day , restrictions , features , users , part , plug , dollar ,

 Easily code dynamic PHP Select Lists

This is a tutorial which teaches the users how to have fun with html select list objects and for selecting and displaying by using PHP and super globals. The author tells the users about select lists that exists between the open form element and the close form element. This tutorial provides the code for select lists for the users to follow it on their webpages. This tutorial explains the use of the select list which has start, end select tags, plus start and end option tags and also has additional properties like allowing visitors to select more than one option and displaying more than one option.
Tags: html , fun , code , list , using , form , open , start , tutorial , author , lists , properties , for , select , tags , users , objects , option ,

 Document CrossHair

dd a fun crosshair to your document! The color of the crosshair can be customized, making it suitable for any webpage.
Tags: fun , color , for ,

 Easily code dynamic PHP checkboxes

This is a tutorial which explains to the users how to check, display, uncheck and to have fun with the HTML checkbox objects with super globals. This tutorial tells the users about use of check boxes which is between the open form element and the close form element. This tutorial provides sample codings for populating check boxes with php value to the users to follow it.
Tags: fun , php , form , check , open , tutorial , value , sample , for , users , objects , boxes ,

 Java Ranch

Java Ranch is a fun different Java community.
Tags: fun ,

 Scratch n Match

This gameware application is very fun to play. This is a simple scratch and win game. Has administrator features to control the number of times to win, number of playing times a day and maximum wins per day. This programme supports many language files. Requires that you must have PHP and MySQL database installed. Your browser should support DHTML which is used in this application. Very easy to download and install. Has an online demo facility.
Tags: download , database , online , control , fun , browser , easy , application , language , demo , administrator , simple , number , support , win , day , features ,


Helpful for the webmasters which helps them to facilitate their website with several music titles to stimulate the DJ's with fun and also it enables them to upload MP3 songs to the server. Webmasters can promote unlimited number of music tracks on their website. It keeps the information up to date.
Tags: music , fun , website , information , upload , number , tracks , songs , for ,

 Ngc Poll Manager

NGC Poll Manager provides with,Very simple integration into existing design. Uses Simple CSV files to store data ( No database required ). Deletion , settings , mail and other options from a centralized control panel. Suited for a small to medium website. Good looking and fun to work with this NGC Poll manager.You can also easily access by names.
Tags: database , data , mail , manager , files , control , access , fun , store , simple , small , settings , work , into , options , for , integration ,


BrailleQuiz is an educational Server Control for learning Braille in a fun and easy way. Built for Includes support for postbacks, server-side events, and viewstate Provides 3 levels of difficulty Can be used with or without Braille cheat sheet Customizable list of words Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari browsers.
Tags: server , fun , easy , list , educational , learning , support , levels , for , cheat ,


RateMyScript includes Hot or Not features and is a fun way for users to rate pictures or see how they rank by submitting their own photo. This type of site generates tremendous user participation and can produce many thousands of ad views for the webmaster. RateMyScript is a great add on script for ANY community website. The best value for money hot or not script on the net. Can be easily integrated into ANY current sites.
Tags: fun , pictures , site , script , money , best , user , into , type , value , rate , for , community , features , users ,

 Orbitalz Planetarion like Space Game

Orbitalz is a PHP massively multiplayer online space game. Orbitalz is a space game which allows you to become a galactic commander and take control of the universe. Features: attack, defend, politics, construct, research, produce ships, travel to galaxies within the universe, private message system, ranks, politics, affairs, news system, content management and much more! A fun and addictive game which you could earn money from. The price includes a years free support and updates. (If you wish to provide a link back on your game, then contact us to negotiate a lower price.)
Tags: game , online , control , management , fun , space , money , message , news , multiplayer , link , content , contact , private , travel , support , addictive , back , contentmanagement , commander , us ,

 FreeVF php/MySQL (Image voting script Am I hot or not?)

FreeVF php MySQL (Free Vanity Fair Image Rating script) includes Hot or Not features is a fun way for users to rate pictures or see how they rank by submitting their own photo. This type of site generates tremendous user participation and can produce many thousands of ad views for the webmaster. FreeVF is a great add on script for our best selling FreeLove program. At the same time it can be a stand alone program that but goes far beyond than that providing unique and advanced features for users and administration. The design possibilities are unlimited! You can use our professional default templates or create your own. FreeVF can be used to complement your existing website or will function as a stand alone website. The user friendly format keeps visitors clicking for extended periods of time and returning often creating ad revenue for you and your site.
Tags: program , create , time , fun , website , design , pictures , php , creating , site , script , format , beyond , advanced , best , templates , user , professional , type , function , rate , for , features , users , revenue ,


TicTacToe is a funny gaming programme. This web based script has several gametables to play. This game allows two players only and includes a good game structure. This application is specially meant for school students which is more fun and entertaining. This game will attract students of high school. This script requires servers supporting PHP and players have to start at list.php. Easy to download and excute this programme.
Tags: game , download , web , fun , php , script , application , school , start , funny , gaming , good , for , webbased , servers , players ,

 KB Arcade

KB Arcade has many games to download. Every games are built with flash and graphics. It has several famous games which is used for fun and it can be played by everyone. The available games are, Frendz, TI-Collide, Santa balls, California political circus and more. You can add these games into your website and to your php nuke based website.
Tags: games , flash , fun , website , php , into , for , famous , available ,

 Pretty Screen Saver

Congratulations on choosing Pretty Screen Saver, the fastest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use FLASH screen saver tool available for Windows! Make screen saver with your favorite flash movie! No programming skills needed! Make your own screen saver with your favorite flash movies in senconds with Pretty screen saver! The popular Web animation format lets you to create beautiful and powerful vector animations with sounds, collision detection, text effects and more.... What you need to do is adding flash movies to your screensaver with a point-and-click. Flash is the most popular animation format on the Web. Now you don't have any limit to your imagination! A professional tool must be Powerful and Easy to Use.What you need to do is adding your favorite movies to magic movie collector. A built-in well designed movie collector to manage your movies, a powerful explorer with thumbnail preview to explore your hard disks or CD. All flash movies in movie collector and in thumbnail preview mode play quickly.You can easily know what the movie is.So,you will care nothing about the file icon,file name and so on! What you see is what you get! Flash mute play mode,single play mode,play list mode and background music playing will give you much much more fun in making screen saver. * Manage you movie collector easily. * Single movie mode an play list mode. * Playing movie orderly or random at your pleasure . * Mute mode. * You can add your favorite music into Background music list. * You can arrange music playing order by drag&drop. * Mp3 and Wav format compatible. * Play music with built-in multimedia player. * Arrange playing order at your pleasure.Orderly or Random.
Tags: screensaver , file , screen , tool , music , saver , flash , create , text , fun , play , explorer , multimedia , movie , animation , list , format , movies , thumbnail , programming , manage , effects , magic , background , playlist , random , vector , beautiful , name , hard , professional , into , preview , animations , popular , favorite , limit , skills , for , explore , collector , mode , available , powerful ,

 Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS

This software is meant for making fun and you can create fake news in the front page of a news paper. This current version of the fake newspaper story component for MamboOS 4.5. You can make or send a fake front page of a news paper with this programme. Simply you have to enter the details and submit the form, from this the message sent includes the details that you have submitted. This is made purely for funny purposes only. Easy to install and execute the program.
Tags: software , create , component , fun , make , page , news , send , install , funny , version , submit , paper , execute , for ,

 World of Tamil,English,Hindi Monophonic and Polyphonic Ringtones

This site has a database of more than 1300 Tamil,English,Hindi Monophonic and Polyphonic Ringtones..You can send unlimited SMS to any mobile in India. It has a WAP portal also..You can read some fun SMS's also..Nokia,Samsung Ringtones
Tags: database , fun , site , mobile , send , read , portal ,

 IE Notes Bar

IE Notes Bar helps you to save link with the note. In case you forgot to log off your IE Notes Bar on any computer, Login at any other computer and sign off. It will end all your IE Notes Bar sessions on all computers. Consider it as a Help Desk for your Department or for any group of people. It is good to share knowledge with friends or group of students. Who ever has close interest in something can share fun with Notes.
Tags: fun , computer , log , save , link , share , good , group , case , knowledge , for , sign , friends ,

 Keno Game

In this Keno Game script a chart containing 1 to 80 numbers will appear on the screen and you have to select about 20 numbers as you like from 1 to 80 and fill below the respected place and click. You will now get many correct winning keno numbers according to your try. This script is fun to play and you will certainly enjoy this script. An online demo is available on the website. Very easy to install and execute this program.
Tags: screen , online , fun , play , easy , script , chart , demo , install , numbers , fill , now , execute , select , available ,


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