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 Easy E-Mail—It's About Time

Now with a single line code, you could send any simple email message. This article explains the users about the new methods to send emails in ASP.NET. A web form could be created in your website for the viewers to mail you quickly along with an attachment. HTML formatted Email could also be send. The author built a framework to send mails atlast.
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 Active Whois

Active Whois is an useful component for every users who want to collect the details about the given domain from whois sever from ASP.NET framework application. This tool helps them to access whois server easily. Using XML file user can define their own whois server list. Some features included with this tool are, easy to generate xml file, query the data from whois server by using bloking or non-bloking mode. It supports the domain name extensions like .com, .de, .se and more than sixty seven domain name extensions.
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 An Introduction to Visual Studio .NET Whidbey

This article describes about the usage of whidbey in visual studio.NET applications. The categories discussed in this article are Language enhancements, .NET framework enhancements and IDE and tools enhancements. From this article the users can come to conclusion about the type and scale of enhancements used in Visual Studio.NET.
Tags: tools , visual , type , scale , usage , framework , users ,

 Moebius PHP Library

Moebius PHP Library is a set of PHP classes with most of the common built-in functions of the PHP script. This library provides an object framework for working with PHP. Now the work of a PHP programmer is made easy, one can use the built-in functions and save time and finish work faster.
Tags: time , library , save , set , work , programmer , object , for , functions , framework ,


Ambientware.Mail is a .NET email application that can be run in .NET framework and provide all the functionalities for generating email messages with the ability to attach various receipts of emails. This program offers various features like provide advance loggin functionalities, provide advance mail message manipulation, advanced character set manipulation, provide SMTP authentication, capability of changing the form name and more.
Tags: email , program , mail , application , message , form , advanced , run , messages , name , set , character , for , features , changing , framework , attach ,

 Quick start - using Apache digester

Digester is a SAX based framework which converts the XML patterns into Java objects. In this tutorial, the author discusses about the digester and its main use. He guides the users how to use the Apache digester for parsing the XML files to produce the java objects. He gives some example codes to the readers how to create the Java objects and director objects.
Tags: create , files , java , into , author , for , director , patterns , framework , users , objects , codes , parsing ,


This tool is helpful for the users who want to access multiple database with a code snippet instead of making duplicate source code for each databases. AllDb is a .NET framework database tool that allows database administrators to make interface for their .NET application with multiple databases. This tool supports the databases like, MS SQL 2000, Oracle DB2, MySQL, MS Access and Sybase SQL server.
Tags: database , tool , access , make , code , application , source , duplicate , multiple , sourcecode , interface , databases , for , framework , users , codesnippet ,

 SMART - PHP Framework

This is an useful development tool that helps webmasters to develop and maintain source codes for their PHP programs. This application framework is completely template driven helping you to modularize the programming codes based on event handlers. This is an useful program for the webmasters in managing their PHP classes and functions with well defined structures.
Tags: tool , program , development , application , programming , source , template , event , for , functions , useful , framework , develop , maintain , codes ,

 All You Need To Know About ADO.NET: Part 1/2

All You Need To Know About ADO.NET: Part 1/2 is an article which discusses about the database access methods. In this the author gives you some information about the RDO, ADO and ADO.NET mechanism which is used for retrieving data. ADO.NET is provided for the .NET framework which has some key features such as it supports XML data, Disconnected data model etc., In the .NET framework ADO.NET is broken down into 3 namespaces. You can also know about how to access the data using ADO.NET with the help of the wizard.
Tags: database , data , access , help , information , using , key , into , model , author , for , features , framework , broken ,

 Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)

This tutorial briefly describes about how to execute ASP.NET within a command line. To perform this action the users have to follow the given three procedures. The author says it supports a hosting framework for execution. Description and steps given in this tutorial are easy to understand.
Tags: action , easy , tutorial , command , author , execute , for , framework , users , hosting ,


BabbleNet is chat system application, which is primarily a cross between Gnutella and IRC. This realtime chat application is a totally decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) program, which can allow users to set up temporary chat network without connecting to a central server or connecting to one. It supports components like: chat user interface, P2P framework for node-to-node communications, simple XML-based P2P communication protocol and multicast peer location protocol.
Tags: network , server , system , chat , application , components , user , simple , communication , setup , protocol , set , location , for , framework , temporary , users ,

 User Tips: Using the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle

User Tips: Using the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle is an article which gives you the solution for migrating from the OleDb provider to the oracle data provider to access the oracle database. The Oracle data provider has enhanced features such that it supports all Oracle 9i data types and ref cursors of Oracle stored procedures. Thus the data provider of oracle belongs to the .NET framework which is used in .NET applications.
Tags: data , access , oracle , solution , cursors , for , features , framework ,

 Testing a Cloned Object Using Reflection

This tutorial instructs the users how to test a cloned object using reflection. The author says .NET framework provides the IClone hence the users can easily implement their own clone() and test it by using System.Reflection object. To perform this action the tutor of this article has provided sample code for testing.
Tags: action , code , using , test , tutorial , object , author , tutor , sample , for , framework , users ,

 Creating Bar and Pie Charts in ASP.NET

This is an article that guides users to generate graphical charts in both bar and pie types. The author says that using classes from .NET framework makes it easier to create charts with several image formats, to substatiate this point here the author provides detailed instructions and sample codes to allow the users to create graphical charts by using .NET framework's drawing classes.
Tags: image , create , using , bar , generate , drawing , charts , author , pie , sample , framework , users , point , graphical , codes ,

 Developing multilingual applications in ASP.NET (Part - III)

Developing multilingual applications in ASP.NET (Part - III), is an ASP.NET article through which users can collect information about the method of creating satellite assemblies, which has the stored information about resources. The author offers information about the procedure to access resources from assemblies in .NET framework and also the author explains about the process of using AL utility to create satellite assemblies.
Tags: utility , create , access , information , creating , using , process , collect , satellite , applications , author , multilingual , resources , framework , users , method ,


A PHP based script called BlueShoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. It supports not only MYSQL database but also supports Oracle and MSSQL also. It provides solutions for system components such as user management, Session handling, form building and handling. Its extensive feature simplifies all common programming tasks. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: database , management , system , script , application , form , programming , demo , components , content , user , feature , for , contentmanagement , framework , solutions , available , building ,

 Testing .Net Components Using NUnit

In this tutorial users can find information about utilizing NUnit to test the .NET components. The author describes that NUnit is built on C# for examining .NET applications. In this tutorial the author explains about the necessity of application testing, provides information about JUnit -a unit testing framework for examining java applications and explains the relationship between JUnit and NUnit. By the end of this tutorial readers can learn how to examine .Net components using NUnit.
Tags: java , find , information , application , using , test , learn , components , testing , tutorial , applications , author , for , framework , users , unit ,

 COM Interoperability in .NET

This is an online article which gives more details to the users about how Classic COM and the .NET framework can coexist in a same application. The main summary focusses about how Classic COM could be used in the .NET. The article clearly explains the webmasters about how to call a raw C DLLs with the help of PInvoke in .NET. Really this shows the users about the Interoperability of COM in .NET.
Tags: online , help , call , raw , framework , users ,

 ASP.NET Community Starter Kit - Creating a New Module

Every community site will have different requirements to fulfill. Although the existing CSK framework offers a great deal of flexibility, having the entire source code available means you can add additional functionality to a site in an elegant manner. In this chapter, we will concentrate on creating a new module for the CSK. We will see how creating a new module allows you to add entirely new features which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the framework. In this chapter, we will implement a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module.
Tags: code , creating , site , source , sourcecode , module , for , community , features , framework , available ,

 Mastering ASP.NET with VB.NET: Introduction to ASP.NET

ASP.NET is the .NET framework layer that handles Web requests for specific types of files, namely those with .aspx and .acsx extensions. The ASP.NET engine provides a robust object model for creating dynamic content and is loosely integrated into the .NET framework. This integration makes it easy to change the implementation when the .NET framework migrates to platforms other than Windows.
Tags: easy , creating , change , content , engine , dynamic , into , model , object , for , framework , integration , layer ,

 Introduction to ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a managed framework that facilitates building server-side applications based on HTTP, HTML, XML and SOAP. To .NET developers, ASP.NET is a platform that provides one-stop shopping for all application development that requires the processing of HTTP requests.
Tags: development , application , processing , shopping , platform , applications , for , framework , building ,

 Introducing .NET Data Management

The .NET Framework includes a series of classes that implement a new data access technology that is specifically designed for use in the .NET world. We'll look at why this has come about, and how it relates to the techniques used in ASP. In fact, the new framework classes provide a whole lot more than just a .NET version of ADO. Like the move from ASP to ASP.NET, they involve fundamental changes in the approach to managing data in external data stores.
Tags: data , access , move , version , for , framework , changes ,

 Generating graphics on the fly

This is an online tutorial which can be utilized by the users to learn about creating dynamic graphics in ASP.NET. Here the author explains and illustrates about creating graphics on the server and sending them to the client with the help of Microsoft .NET framework SDK. This tutorial starts with hello world programming and presents step by step procedure on generating graphics for an easier understanding.
Tags: online , server , graphics , help , creating , client , learn , programming , world , dynamic , tutorial , author , for , framework , users , sending ,

 Creating User-Defined Data Types in Yukon

This article obviously discusses about user defined data types and helps the users to create data types on .NET framework by using Yukon and whidbey of Visual Studio.NET. This article has provided different procedures which is used for creating User Defined Datatypes. To create class library and how to add attributes are also discussed in this tutorial.
Tags: data , create , library , creating , using , class , user , for , framework , users ,

This is a website that deals with .NET framework and ASP.NET. Visitors can find several tutorials and articles related to various ASP.NET issues. This website can be utilized by the visitors to learn more about the functions of .NET framework. This website also provides visitors a chance to participate on quizzes to let them develop their knowledge on ASP.NET and .NET framework.
Tags: website , find , learn , knowledge , quizzes , articles , functions , framework , develop , tutorials ,

 Creating Images on the Fly with ASP.NET - Introduction

This is an online tutorial through which the author provides some useful information on utilizing .NET framework in generating images. Here the author says that generating dynamic images has become easier with the evolution of .NET framework. In this tutorial the author provides step by step procedures that have to be followed by the users before they start creating images on the fly with the help of .NET framework.
Tags: online , images , help , information , creating , start , dynamic , tutorial , author , useful , framework , users ,


MerlinWork is a framework that helps for building web applications. It is based on ooPHP framework. It turns your internet browser into a smart application container. It lets you build simple and complex applications more than your expectations. This EVENT drive provides powerful programming interface. For building content management applications Merlinwork has powerful, modular and completely expandible set of interface. This can trigger actions on specified event. Easy to understand and user friendly.
Tags: internet , web , management , browser , application , drive , programming , content , user , simple , smart , build , set , into , event , applications , for , contentmanagement , framework , internetbrowser , powerful , building ,

 Krysalis Platform

For a web applications programmer who has to develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi language dynamic websites (Content Management Systems), Krysalis is a development platform that improves the Apache/PHP framework by separating the application logic from the presentation layer, using open standards as XML/XSL/SOAP. Krysalis is an open-source PHP development platform, designed to improve the way web developers create websites. It is based on a XML/XSLT core and offers SOAP support to help developers create web services easily.
Tags: web , create , logic , development , help , application , using , presentation , language , open , support , dynamic , services , platform , applications , programmer , multi , websites , improve , framework , develop , enterprise ,

 Implementing Role-Based Security with ASP.NET

This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the support given by .NET framework in favor of implementing role-based security. The author starts this tutorial by explaining about four user classes like Moderator, System administrators, Public and subscriber and clearly explains about role-based security’s implementation with ASP.NET. This tutorial covers this concept over several topics including Roles, Identities, Principals etc.,
Tags: user , support , tutorial , author , framework , covers ,

 Eocene Application Framework

Eocene is a web development framework for working with PHP and ASP.NET and is object oriented. It provides a foundation for building web applications. It can be used to solve a large number of web development projects. With its flexiblity and modular design it is possible to solve complex projects. It eleminates global variables and the use of free standing codes. Has simple, flexible, fast and powerful templating system. Uses text-based application configurations. Easy to use and user friendly.
Tags: web , design , development , fast , application , user , number , object , webdevelopment , solve , for , framework , powerful , global , building ,


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