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This is a program using which administrators can facilitate their members to share their own views on different issues by creating an online discussion board. The administrators can have option to either allow their members only to post comments or to permit all to send comments. This program has searching functionality and allows administrators to take control over every aspect including editing and removing posts. This program can be used for building true threaded forum and provides effective email functionality for notification and support. This program works without requiring any component and can be easily setup by the administrators.
Tags: email , program , online , component , control , notification , creating , using , send , share , editing , true , removing , forum , post , searching , for , option , building ,

 DHTML and JavaScript Download Center

This is a collection of javascripts from which the user can select a particular script given in freescripts and script specials according to their needs. In this website there are free scripts categorized into text, image, background, game and much more. And also there are few script specials like code generation, dirty trickletter, script forum etc. In each script the user can get details of category, description, browser, author, web site, test scripts for their perusal.
Tags: game , web , website , code , script , collection , test , scripts , user , javascripts , into , forum , for , select ,


If you want to start/make you own forum but don't have the time or knowage to do it you self, .premodded is the answer. It's a premodded version of phpBB containg 72 mods. Almost everything is editable via the admin control panel. From logo, to MySQL commands, to META tags, it's possible to do it all, via the admin control panel. .Premodded is very stable and totally FREE!
Tags: time , control , admin , version , forum , editable ,

 Active Data Online DiscussionBoard

An n-tier forum program featuring spell checking, multi-language support, efficient searching, WYSIWYG editing etc., with which administrators can meet out their needs in developing an online message board on their ASP.NET websites. Multiple databases such as MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc., can be used with this program. There are facilities available to save and manage numerous forums, images, topics, messages, users etc., to provide access for particular forums to specific users and to conduct online surveys.
Tags: program , online , access , board , message , save , manage , editing , spell , databases , forum , for , users , available , out ,


Activetopic offers a remotely hosted shoutbox that you can place on your own site. It was started originally by our own site aftertalk but later merged into activetopic. It can easily be modified into a forum or a guestbook if you like. It is free, Custom fields and editable templates make it easy to customize the look of your chatterbox.
Tags: easy , make , site , templates , into , customize , forum , fields , modified , editable , ASP Forums

This online discussion allows members to post their questions and comments which are related to ASP. They can perform a live discussion to discuss about ASP related topics. One can also easily find answers to their questions by searching disscussion forums. This online discussion forum helps people in several ways to let them develop their knowledge on ASP technologies.
Tags: online , find , live , forum , questions , post , knowledge , searching , develop , people ,

 Alivesites Forums

This is a program that helps administrators to create an online forum on their website. This program provides administrators facility for registering the members and for displaying member profile. Administrators can allow the members to discuss with each other related to specific subject and category by using this program. This program comes with all facilities that are needed for the administrators and moderators to build and manage an effective forum. This program provides WYSIWYG editor to format the content and facilitates administrators to customize the entire look and feel with the help of Cascading Style Sheets.
Tags: editor , program , create , online , help , format , using , manage , content , build , customize , forum , for ,

 CodeHungry Bulletin Board

This is a forum program that helps the users to build forums. The users can make a reply for the messages posted already. The users can rate and lock threads. This program has many enhanced features like lost passwords are emailed to the users, users can search keywords in threads, create stickys, admin and register only forums can be set, users can see threads which are reported, moderators, members, choose avatar list, private messages can be sent to the users, email address can be hidden etc.
Tags: email , search , program , make , address , lock , lost , passwords , admin , private , hidden , messages , build , keywords , avatar , forum , rate , for , features , register , users , reply ,

 Deluxe Portal

Deluxe Portal offers everything you need to run a successful website. News posting with comments, download and link management, and a powerful forum are just some of the features offered. The entire portal is also highly customizable.
Tags: download , link , run , forum , features , portal , powerful ,

 Bulletin Boards Ideas

How to build successful online community? What scripts and services there are avialable to create meaningful and featured message board? How to optimize your forum to rank higher with search engines? What are the benefits of vBulletin, phpBB, invisionboard? How do these community scritps differ? Bulletin Boards Ideas covers these questions and provides meaningful and detailed discussion of bulletin boards software based on php. You can also learn about development, promotion and optimization ideas, tips and advises.
Tags: software , search , create , online , message , optimize , learn , scripts , optimization , build , tips , promotion , services , forum , questions , community , covers ,


This is a forum program written in XML and ASP where the users can add messages in forum. This program supports multiple categories and forums. This web application can attach files with the users postings without using any third party components. This program has many enhanced features like signatures, avatars, providing group based security, email validation by user, filtering bad words, online administration, contact lists of the users, supports moderated forums, private messages, handled data abstraction layer, changes XML language files, users can view hidden forums, clustered servers support and more.
Tags: email , web , program , data , online , files , application , using , view , language , multiple , contact , private , hidden , messages , support , filtering , group , validation , lists , forum , features , users , servers , party , changes , attach , Forum

This is an online forum that permits members to discuss about several topics including databases, sessions and cookies, beginner and general discussions etc., This online forum allows members to discuss about various databases as Oracle, SQL server and MS Access. Members can also share topics about javascript and HTML.
Tags: online , server , javascript , share , databases , forum ,

 Creating a simple, threaded forum

The author explains about the task of building a simple, threaded forum in ASP.NET. The article demonstrates all the building process step by step, by which the webmasters could understand very easily. This threaded forum could be used in articles as a comment system or discussion forum or for news. At the end of the article the author has given the database structure for this threaded forum.
Tags: database , system , task , process , author , forum , for , structure , articles , building ,

 ASP Messageboard

Got an ASP-related question? Doesn't matter what topic, as anything goes here! Keep in mind that this is the busiest and nosiest forum on the ASPMessageboard. Posting a relevant question to a more specific forum will likely yield a quicker and more direct response.
Tags: mind , forum , question ,

 AZ Bulletin Board

This is an useful PHP built discussion board designed to work independent of any SQL database. You can use this bulletin board to post topics, messages, announcements etc., on the forums. This bulletin board supports and enables users to share centralised skins, sounds, forum images, smilies and language files etc., on the forums. Multiple forums are available under different categories and features password protected forums, XHTML based layout etc.,
Tags: password , files , board , language , share , work , layout , forum , post , features , protected , useful , smilies , users , available ,


This tool is helpful for the webmasters who want to create an online forum on their website which enhance their site visitors to communicate their site owners and also it enables them to clear their doubts regarding to the website and to the corresponding field. By using this tool webmasters can deliver news, archives, patches etc., to their site visitors.
Tags: tool , create , online , website , site , using , enhance , forum , clear , for ,

 Eazy Cart

Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading. Our web based administration page allows you to easily customize to fit seamlessly into your website, with multi language support and 17 of the most popular payment gateways also supported. We have an active support forum that we visit daily to assist in any way possible all questions answered very quickly. We are constantly developing and adding new features, once you purchase you have unlimited upgrades. Allows Options and additional prices for each option. Only $22.00
Tags: web , system , easy , language , page , install , administration , support , professional , into , customize , shopping , daily , popular , active , payment , multi , forum , questions , shoppingcart , purchase , for , webbased ,

 Yet Another

This is an ASP.NET based tool which is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with online discussion board through which the web owners can communicate with their site visitors and also they can discuss about the site online. This forum supports maximum number of forums, members and topics. It uses ASP.NET and supports MS SQL Server.
Tags: web , tool , online , website , site , board , number , forum , for ,

 BlaBla4U Forums

This user friendly forum module has more advanced features for online communication that is capable of creating and maintaining multiple forum groups. Inbuilt templates can be used to create more forums. Gives compatibility to be accessed in many languages. You can include your company logo, animated banners, ad links with forum display. Searching can be done with posted forums. No java support is needed.
Tags: create , online , java , creating , animated , links , advanced , multiple , templates , user , communication , module , support , forum , for , features ,

 BN Soft Forum for All

BN Soft Forum for All is an efficient discussion board service provider offering powerful fast processing discussion forum for your website. Provisions to include your own text and logo and images in the forums are made available to the webmasters and can customize their message board with twenty different color schemes. Members of this remotely hosted board are provided with user registration programs and search facilities. Key features include HTML filters, IP banning, flood prevention, easy setup etc.,
Tags: search , text , images , easy , programs , fast , color , board , message , service , user , processing , customize , logo , forum , for , features , registration , available , powerful ,

 Board 2003

Board 2003 is a powerful discussion board utility script that can be easily integrated in to active websites to increase their online interaction. This online message board supports unlimited light weighted forums and folders to post topics for online discussions. Admin are facilitated with multiple identities through a single account with independent scores and ranks and are provided with silent lurkers for all postings and posters. Key features include intuitive interface, easy customization of forums, complete control over the forum postings etc.,
Tags: utility , online , control , easy , board , script , message , folders , multiple , account , active , forum , websites , post , for , features , scores , increase , complete , powerful , light , identities ,

 Smart Publish Light

This is an easy to use program that helps users to add, edit or delete contents such as articles or any information on their websites. This program can be used as different types of applications such as emagazine, enewspaper, ejournal etc. Users can integrate this software with ASP forum into their active websites. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters.
Tags: software , tool , program , delete , edit , easy , information , into , applications , active , forum , for , articles , useful , users , contents ,

 Bizzar's PNG Countdown

This program uses GD library that helps users to create an image which has been provided in PHP and PNG format. This program is basically for generating forum signature images while forum blocks PHP script. It is simple to configure and to use.
Tags: image , program , create , images , library , simple , signature , forum , for , users , configure , - Free Forum Hosting

FORUMMATE.COM - Free Forum Hosting - FORUMMATE.COM provides FREE forum hosting service to all users around the world with their OWN domain name. You get your FREE Phpbb forum/message board activated within minutes. All users can access their forums either via or . ALL FREE FORUMS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FEATURES Personalized Address For Your Forum OR Unlimited Members & Messages Unlimited Space & Bandwidth Customize Your Board With Over 80 Skin/Styles Upload & Use Your Own Logo Unlimited Forum Categories & User Groups Multiple Languages Powerful Search Feature, Find Posts & Threads Easily Private Messaging (PM) System With All Forums Attachments, Profiles & Polls Fast & Realiable Servers Free Search Engine Submission & Optimization No Pop Up Ads Completely 100% Free !
Tags: access , board , service , world , domain , forum , users , hosting ,


ReviewCast is a powerful self contained review and rating engine that can be easily integrated into existing web site designs to create feature rich review sites about any subject matter such as products, services and entertainment. Featuring three levels of authentication, (with forum integration to come), user banning and bad word filters, the ReviewCast control panel and simple to use templates give you great control over the appearance and flexibility of this powerful product.
Tags: web , create , control , word , site , self , templates , user , engine , simple , levels , into , services , feature , forum , sites , rating , integration , powerful , review ,

 XForum Module

The XForum Module is a PostNuke module which allows you to create a forum on your website easily with various features. It supports multiple language and you can view the working example in the website. It is originally a port and modularization of XMB forum. You can create tables in the forum with forum type, status, lastpost, description, user list and much more. The script is also very simple and easy to use.
Tags: create , website , easy , list , script , view , language , multiple , user , simple , port , module , forum ,

 Member Map USA Edition

Member Map USA Edition is a simple program that can generate instant US maps with specified states according to the given pincodes. This PHP application is supported by MySQL database and uses GD library to map the states. You can also view other forum members from that particular state.
Tags: database , program , library , application , view , generate , map , simple , instant , forum , maps , states ,


Clip URL is an ASP based tool which is helpful for the web owners who want to convert their long URL into short URL. This tool has a text box on which the users can type or copy and paste the URL to which they want short URL. It gives short URL instantly. It helps them to remember and also it makes them easier to use on forum postings, sent with email, browser address bar etc.,
Tags: convert , web , tool , text , browser , copy , address , bar , paste , into , type , forum , box , for , users , remember ,

 Cobra Scripts

Cobra scripts has collection of PHP based scripts to download. This site offers downloads in PHP category alone. The three scripts that are available for downloads are, mailing list script, message board script and guestbook script. There is a message board and a forum for users to post their views and discuss on programming issues. There is a news display that announces latest script listings, bug and code updates.
Tags: code , site , list , board , script , collection , message , programming , scripts , downloads , news , display , mailing , mailinglist , bug , forum , post , for , users , available ,

 Code Demons

Code Demons is an online forum based community software built with PHP. You can post topics, reply and read messages posted by the webmasters regarding computer programming languages. Besides these provisions to chat on general issues, tutorials etc., are also available for the users. All topics are listed along with the total number of posts and date of last posts.
Tags: software , online , computer , chat , programming , date , read , number , messages , forum , post , for , community , tutorials , available , reply ,


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