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 Sending Emails in ASP using CDO

Acquiring more knowledge in ASP and learning how to send emails via ASP pages, is taught in this online ASP material that also teaches how pop-ups can be used to receive feedback from users. It describes how CDO component works for sending HTML formatted emails and to validate user email addresses within the ASP page. Comes with a live demo to help you to understand quickly.
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 Make use of a sensible directory structure!

This is a simple ASP article related to file management techniques. The author has provided his valuable suggestion and guidelines on how to improve readability of files and folders by giving simple yet descriptive ASP formatted names for your website directories. Novice programmers and software developers working on ASP will find these tips to be useful in managing all their files and folders of their website directory.
Tags: software , file , files , management , website , find , folders , simple , tips , filemanagement , formatted , author , for , names , improve , useful ,

 Make use of a sensible directory structure!

This is a simple ASP article related to file management techniques. The author has provided his valuable suggestion and guidelines on how to improve readability of files and folders by giving simple yet descriptive ASP formatted names for your website directories. Novice programmers and software developers working on ASP will find these tips to be useful in managing all their files and folders of their website directory.
Tags: software , file , files , management , website , find , folders , simple , tips , filemanagement , formatted , author , for , names , improve , useful ,

 Easy E-Mail—It's About Time

Now with a single line code, you could send any simple email message. This article explains the users about the new methods to send emails in ASP.NET. A web form could be created in your website for the viewers to mail you quickly along with an attachment. HTML formatted Email could also be send. The author built a framework to send mails atlast.
Tags: email , web , mail , website , form , send , emails , simple , line , formatted , author , for , webform , framework , users ,

 SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition

SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition is an useful program that can migrate PL/SQLs to transact SQL and creates formatted transact SQL codes for the conversions. This program supports NDS, PL/SQL in and out mode, PL/SQL label conversions and assists you in converting all necessary functions, procedures, packages, triggers, views etc., of the Oracle to MS SQL server. Some of the key features include one click conversion process, project driven organization, intuitive GUI etc.,
Tags: program , server , conversion , project , key , label , converting , click , migrate , formatted , for , features , useful , codes , out ,

 Web Board

Web Board is an useful component for the web owners to build their website with online discussion forum. It helps them to create communities rapidly. Available features of this tool are, chat- it helps web visitors to chat with others and also they can send email message to others, users are allowed to send image and other formatted files through file attachment, calendar- it displays calendar for schedule, poll and rating facilities are included and many more features are available.
Tags: email , file , image , web , tool , create , online , files , component , calendar , website , chat , message , send , build , formatted , for , features , rating , useful , users , available ,


SupportChat.Net is a live chat application written from the ground up for the .Net platform. SupportChat.Net allows companies of all sizes to add live customer sales and support to their existing Web sites. The SupportChat.Net smart button can be used on any Web page, not just ASP.NET pages. SupportChat.Net runs on your own domain and Web site. Chat text is saved as XML and formatted with XSLT. SupportChat.Net uses HTML for the chat window which means faster display time for clients and multiple browser support. You can choose to force visitors to identify themselves before engaging in a chat conversation, or optionally let them chat anonymously. SupportChat.Net can be integrated with your site’s shopping cart and email announcements and features automatic ranking, a color-coded warning system with visual or audible alarms, after-hours messages, chat invitations, and extensive reporting.
Tags: email , text , time , system , browser , chat , application , automatic , visual , display , window , sales , multiple , button , smart , support , domain , customer , live , shopping , formatted , shoppingcart , faster , for , features , force , clients ,

 Read and write windows INI files in VBS?

Read and write windows INI files in VBS? is an easy to understand online article for all webmasters who have installed hosted applications on their systems. From this tutorial you will come to know how to read formatted Windows INI files using VBS functions with scripting.filesystemobject. You are also provided with example codes to modify, to get private profile string, to parse, read and write INI files.
Tags: windows , online , files , easy , write , using , private , read , tutorial , applications , formatted , profile , for , functions , codes ,

 Rich Text Box

Rich Text Box is a control that can be used to build different types of formatted data and text on the websites. Users are allowed to configure buttons and toolbars according to their needs. They can create HTML contents for online applications. This program has an ability to insert hyperlinks, images and documents on the websites. This program supports font styles.
Tags: program , data , create , text , online , control , images , font , buttons , documents , build , toolbars , insert , formatted , for , configure , contents ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Generator

Instant RSS,XML Feed Generator is an useful program for novice programmers and webmasters to generate instant RSS news feed. Admin working with either a personal home page or WYSIWYG page building tools would find it easy to create formatted news feed through the online forms with all essential requirements. There are possibilities to copy and paste those RSS news feed on a XML file to generate a seperate news channel.
Tags: file , program , create , online , easy , tools , find , copy , personal , page , home , news , forms , generate , instant , paste , feed , homepage , formatted , for , useful , newsfeed , building ,

 BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery

This is a data recovery application that allows the users to recover data from the corrupted or formatted hard disks and partitions. This tool initiates the users to restore their data which saves their money, resources and time. This utility recover compressed files and directories. Features like undeleting and recovering folders and files on NTFS and FAT hard drives, performing file search and selects file mask, providing support for copying system locked files, recovery of data for damaged NTFS and FAT partitions and more are available.
Tags: file , utility , tool , search , data , files , recovery , system , restore , recover , application , datarecovery , folders , hard , support , corrupted , formatted , filesearch , resources , for , users , locked ,


xoapWeather is a PHP script that gives solutions to integrate a weather monitoring system on your websites. It can be embedded with several weather channels. XML file manger is used to access error detection. It finds out locations using 'Zip code' facility. XML formatted weather results can be outputted in desired text formats. This script needs no database. Weekly forecasting is included.
Tags: file , text , system , access , monitoring , script , using , error , weather , formatted , solutions , out ,

 One Stop Document Creation: Standards in Publishing Workflows

In this presentation, the speaker will look at new publishing tools and standards that are enabling truly personalized content on demand in the print world. He will examine the roles of XSLFO and SVG within publishing workflows, and how XML as a neutral format for creating Web, print, and wireless content can be formatted and presented as a PDF document. The session describes the new place of XML and Web standards in publishing for printable representation of dynamic text and graphics as well as static content.
Tags: text , print , graphics , tools , creating , format , content , dynamic , publishing , wireless , formatted , for , personalized , static , session ,

 Chilkat Email .NET

Chilkat Email .NET is a web based email management application for posting, managing and receiving email messages. This component has various features like providing MIME capability for sending and receiving emails, allowing MHTML formatted email messages and allows attachment of images and style sheets along with it, providing compression and decompression attachments automatically, providing cryptographic services, supporting SMTP, POP3 and server diagnosis and more.
Tags: email , web , server , component , images , management , application , compression , attachment , messages , attachments , style , formatted , for , features , webbased , sending ,

 Chilkat MHT

Chilkat MHT is an ASP.NET email application that can be installed in the users website for converting all HTML formatted email messages into any email objects. This has various features like suppoting frameset, allow the users to connect the email messages with the other email components, helps in generating HTML filename in single line of code, providing conversion technique for converting email messages from HTML to any email objects, provision for converting all the hyperlinks to URLs and more.
Tags: email , website , conversion , application , line , messages , into , converting , formatted , connect , for , features , users , filename , hyperlinks ,

 Willow Issue Tracker pro

Willow Issue Tracker pro is a PHP built advanced issue-tracking application available with powerful reporting capabilities. You can export and import reports to and fro between team members in any desired format, analyze the reports and records offline, create formatted reports with custom fields like date fields, numeric fields, drop-down lists etc., Key features include integrated FAQ system, complete audit trail for tasks, design simplicity etc.,
Tags: create , design , export , application , import , date , advanced , reports , custom , analyze , audit , reporting , pro , formatted , lists , team , for , features , records , fields , complete , available , powerful ,

 Cloaked e-Mail

This utility will enable you to create mailto links on your Website that will open fully formatted e-mails in users e-mail software. Pre-populate the subject, carbon copy, and body message fields etc. with your own information. Make simple feedback forms or template e-mails so that users need only add their names before returning them to you. Your own e-mail address is encoded within the link so that e-mail harvesting robots cannot “see” it. The link code is created from a simple Web form.
Tags: utility , create , code , address , message , forms , link , links , open , template , simple , formatted , names , users , fields ,


This is a content management program and also an user authentication system. This program has a two level approval publishing system. It has the ability to add new modules through an easy mechanism and also comes with 45 inbuilt plugin modules. This program supports, newsletters, surveys, forums, estore, XML news feeds, flash, maps etc. Users can edit the modules with a WYSIWYG editor and deliver well formatted contents. This program supports multiple languages.
Tags: editor , program , management , plugin , edit , easy , news , content , multiple , user , publishing , formatted , maps , contentmanagement , authentication ,

 ASP.NET Tutorial: Global Error Handling using Global.asax and System.Web.Mail

Using Global.asax and System.Web.Mail how the users could handle the run time error is the main highlight of this tutorial. In this article the author describes the webmasters about how to get a formatted HTML alert email with all exceptions in ASP.NET application. The author uses the application error method to identify any error in the application. The source code and the method of handling the error is given in this tutorial.
Tags: email , time , code , application , source , error , sourcecode , run , alert , formatted , author , users , method ,

 Dreamweaver Virtual Tones Ecommerce Standard

Dreamweaver Virtual Tones Ecommerce Standard is a powerful ASP application containing dreamweaver formatted templates. Just edit the available templates and then add the links to your ASP thats it, you have your own cart. You will be provided with complete control over the cart and you can provide various product options for all the customers. This system supports multiple currencies and includes .png files.
Tags: control , system , edit , application , links , multiple , templates , options , product , formatted , for , complete , available , powerful , dreamweaver ,

 Pdf System for Xoops

Pdf System for Xoops is written with PHP classes that gives Xoops intergrated modules to provide PDF formatted results. This script requires no pdflib files. Implements features using map files. Header / footer files , HTML and CSS helps you to customize the module to suit to your needs. Truetype fonts can be uploaded which can be encoded using this tool. Tables creation is done simply.
Tags: files , script , using , map , module , customize , fonts , formatted , creation , for , features ,

 EMU mail

This is a perl script where users can access several emails and their email accounts through web browser. This program permits the users to send an HTML formatted email. Features like cyrillic character set conversion support, customized header processing, user defined folders, customizable tag line for site branding, message delivery notification, carbon copy, NFS support for data storage, easy multilingual translations etc are available in this script. This program has a capability of customizing templates which is built with HTML, stylesheets and embedded perl.
Tags: email , web , program , data , access , conversion , easy , site , script , message , send , perl , emails , tag , templates , user , line , support , set , accounts , character , formatted , multilingual , for , users , available ,

 FlyLip Website Chat

FlyLip Website Chat can be used as an online community tool that provides you a user friendly interface to interact with each other global level. Coding support simple HTML and no java support is needed. Logo and page titles can be customized with your own. Inbuilt image icons helps you to express your face reaction effectively. Assures privacy with your chatting. Abused words can be extracted. Text can be formatted using the functions such as bold, underline, italic and color. Supports MS SQL.
Tags: image , tool , online , privacy , java , using , icons , page , words , express , user , simple , support , face , interface , formatted , community , functions , global ,


Features: Password protected control system ( Data Encryption System ), Random Images, Images Archive – THUMBNAILS, Images Archive – SLIDESHOW, Automatic SLIDESHOW ( javascript based, fade effect ), Option to post a comment on a image, Toolbar to add formatted text, link, email link, Images Rating, Images Lightbox, Images Categories. On-line Appearance configuration (CSS), Email Component Configuration (JMAIL, ASPEMAIL, ASPMAIL, CDONTS, CDOSYS), Multilanguage Support, Configurable Anti-spam Settings ( Cookie ), On-line General Configuration, Date and Time Configuration, Amend or Remove Images or Comments, Categories Management, Bad Words Management, Compact/Restore Database ( Access version ), Database driven ( Microsoft Access or Micosoft Sql Server - on-line database creation script for MSSQL version ).
Tags: email , database , control , system , javascript , script , effect , version , formatted , configuration , creation , post , for , protected ,

 LinkPop Analyzer

The LinkPop Analyzer is a link checking script available in PHP for the purpose of finding the popularity of your link in the major search engines such as AOL, MSN etc and reports the result to you. It is capable of analysing unlimited amount of domain names and displays the formatted results on your web browser. With this script, you can test the popularity of your own site or you can run the script on a list of expired domain names.
Tags: web , search , site , list , script , test , link , reports , run , domain , checking , formatted , for , names , available , engines , domainnames ,


This is a program where the users have the ability to choose the fonts, colors, font size background colors for the text. This program initiates the users to determine the number of rows and columns, field name and form name. The text can be formatted with buttons like new line, new paragraph, underline, hyperlink, bold, italics, font color and view. The users can present javascript for onClick, onBlur and onChange actions. This program can be cutomized and configured easily by the users.
Tags: program , text , javascript , color , form , font , buttons , background , size , colors , number , name , formatted , field , for , users , present ,


tableVarDump() is a simple testing software with which users would be able to get HTML formatted outputs for complex multi dimensional array variables. This is an easy to use development tool that suits all types of array variables and a handy tool for webmasters in converting all the outputs to HTML formats.
Tags: software , tool , easy , development , simple , testing , converting , multi , formatted , for , users ,

 Nonsense Generator

Nonsense Generator is a php based script that generates a full nonsensical sentence and this sentense results to a plain text form. The output sentence can be formatted with HTML tags.This script is Very useful for making filler text. Easy to install and run.
Tags: text , php , script , install , formatted , for , useful , filler ,

 Amazon PageManager Service (Ads)

The Amazon PageManager or the AffiliateSide script will allow you to offer products to your visitors, direct from the (us) website! This script is one line of HTML code which is simply configured and placed into your existing website. AffiliateSide will request up to 10 search results from a search query and display them on your website, formatted with your associate's ID built into the link. The best part is, once the script is placed on your site, the script will update the products being displayed automatically. If adds new products to their website that match your search query, they will appear on your website that day! With AffiliateSide PageManager Service, you are able to keep track of all the pages and display counts (hit counter) of how many times your website has displayed the products for your visitors. By joining our service, you will be able to create new styles for your AffiliateSide script to match your website.
Tags: search , create , website , code , script , display , query , track , best , line , into , update , pages , match , formatted , for , part ,


A UDF (User Defined Function - CF5) that takes the number of seconds and mask provided and outputs the specified, formatted string.
Tags: number , formatted , mask ,


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