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 Web Application Error Handling in ASP.NET

Every website application should be created along with a seperate error handling application. This tutorial helps the users to know the best ways to find and eradicate errors in ASP.NET. When an error block the flow of the program, then the user should know the three basic answers about what the error is, when and where it occurs. Debugging could be done using the event log, database or some other log file to log errors. As a solution the author noticed and highlighted the main three places about what happens to those unhandled errors. Using different codes the author handles these errors and the sample is given along with this tutorial.
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TaskFile is a quick and easy to use web-based multi-user task flow management application designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and teams. It allows you to quickly organize and share your tasks between the members of your team. Its web-based nature makes it ideal to install on your company Intranet. It will also work fine on a public web server for distributed teams with remote and work-at-home employees.
Tags: web , server , management , nature , easy , application , remote , organize , task , tasks , install , quick , share , webserver , work , flow , for , public ,

 Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition

Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition is helpful for large private firms or any enterprises to administrate their data from the database. They maintain more than hundred millions of data records per day. These records contain information about the utilization of their customers and flow of data etc. This tool gives solution for their data administration. It has many features and facilities are available.
Tags: tool , data , information , private , solution , flow , for , features , records , customers , maintain ,

 aeDirectory Free Directory Script

Directory script that builds “search engines – friendly”, static pages. Main idea is to build effective structure to maximize directory traffic potential – heavy optimization and heavy traffic volumes support. If you’re going to build a directory that can cope with huge traffic flow – aeDirectory is your best bet. aeDirectory has all features of a Yahoo-like directory script, easy and powerful administration panel, classic structure, and a static pages building system. aeDirectory is created specifically for big projects.
Tags: easy , script , classic , directory , traffic , best , administration , optimization , build , pages , flow , for , structure , features , big , powerful , maximize , building , engines , static ,

 Bitrix Site Manager

Bitrix Site Manager is a PHP based script with MYSQL backend. This content management software is rich in providing easy web content management system to its customers. This software allow users to setup their own site at a much reduced cost with an excellent work flow system. This script avail users with a lot of e-commerce tools to create and manage dynamic websites.
Tags: software , web , create , management , system , easy , tools , site , script , manage , content , dynamic , work , cost , flow , contentmanagement , users , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Celoxis Project and Time Management Software

This is an online planning tool that can be used by project consultants or huge corporations, which helps them in managing projects, time and expense, time sheet software, work flow software to define and track your business processes etc. Each software comes with unlimited bundle of features like project management options, task management for developing team work, costing and budgeting, collaboration, resource management, provides you with reports and alerts etc. Features available in time and expense module include online approval with notifications, ability to export the data to Microsoft Excel, integrated PM module, complete audit trial and much more. The collaboration software features offers you a calendar system where you can store important date and time for meetings, document management, email management and has many other features.
Tags: software , email , tool , data , time , online , management , calendar , system , business , export , document , project , task , date , projectmanagement , track , store , trial , reports , planning , module , collaboration , work , audit , resource , expense , sheet , team , flow , for , taskmanagement , features , costing , processes , alerts , bundle , complete , available ,

 DS Cursor Snake Text

This program is helpful for webmasters or programmers who wants to display their mouse cursor with snake text effect. When this program is used by developers the given text will follow the cursor with a snake effect. Users can customize the speed of text collapse, font size, font type, font style, color of font, distance of text flow etc.,
Tags: program , text , speed , color , mouse , display , font , cursor , customize , snake , flow , for , distance ,

 DS Sinus Scroll Text

This program is helpful for web developers to scroll their own text in between web page like snake like movement and it scrolls from right to left. Users are allowed to set the speed of scrolling text, amplitude, direction of text flow either horizontally or vertically, font style, position of the text and the color etc.,
Tags: web , program , text , speed , color , page , font , webpage , set , position , snake , flow , for , scrolling , scroll ,

 VisNetic MailFlow

Organizations can utilize this interactive software for providing a high quality support to their customers. Using this system, they can get the complete email history of any customer immediately. Using this software, they are able to send the emails sent from their customers to apropriate inboxes such as info, sales, support etc., It performs email routing and work flow processing. This software offers a shared email environment, and a web based interface that is familiar to all and offers powerful security and administration and integrated logging and alerting facilities etc.,
Tags: software , email , security , web , history , send , emails , administration , interactive , support , logging , customer , work , interface , quality , flow , for , customers , webbased , complete , powerful , shared ,

 Adapting legacy applications as Web services

This tutorial is for the learners which delivers the details for the beginners about web service and its transaction management. Complete flow chart architecture has been provided for each and every topic to make the learners easy to perceive. Sample source code for VAT SOAP service interface in WSDL. Finally the author concludes how the web service technology can be used for legacy applications.
Tags: web , easy , make , code , chart , service , source , sourcecode , tutorial , interface , author , flow , for , webservice ,

 Advanced Smart Message Board System

This is yet another online interactive system that is available with more facilities to manage discussion forums via user oriented interface. Administrator can control the user accounts and usage statistics info. A word watcher can be included to view the flow of message and activities of users. And many features makes this module as a powerful forum manager.
Tags: online , control , system , word , message , view , manage , statistics , user , interactive , module , accounts , usage , forum , flow , features , available , powerful , activities ,

 Advanced Auction Master System

You can implement this remotely hosted auction software to handle and monitor the flow of auctions. Current bids can be notified to available sellers and bidders with up-to-date info. Supports multi-server for faster auctions. Countdown clock is available to work with auction timing. Payments can be accepted through several payment gateways. Graphical evaluated charts can show the statistical details in real time.
Tags: software , clock , monitor , show , work , charts , auction , payment , flow , real , faster , for , auctionsoftware , available ,

 Exploit .NET Objects

This is an online article which mainly demonstrates about the exploitation of system objects i.e- .NET objects for producing more robust and efficient codes. Graphical flow chart representation and example code snippets for better reference has been provided. Description given in this article is simple and easy to work.
Tags: online , system , easy , code , chart , simple , reference , flow , for , objects ,

 FileNet Content Manager

FileNet Business Process Manager is content management system and is a simple script based on php. By managing flow of work between system and people, this process manager optimize business process. It is based on filenet p8 architecture. It also allows users to increase their business process performance and improve productivity. To the needs of your business, it scales easily. Its architecture activates contents to process millians of transactions efficiently.
Tags: manager , management , system , business , script , optimize , performance , content , process , simple , work , scales , flow , improve , contentmanagement , users , increase , contents , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Opt-in Safelist System

The Opt-in Safelist System is a virtual community script which has the ability to create a constant flow of your e-mail adverts going out to thousands of webmasters that join your opt in community. This system includes full administrative control panel as well as built in banner rotation and admin adverts on all emails sent through the system, member management, e-mail all members, stats on all levels and many other features. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: create , online , control , system , script , demo , emails , admin , virtual , levels , join , banner , stats , flow , community , rotation , available , out ,


Revize is a powerful ASP software designed as a perfect web publishing software. Using this tool webmasters can easily create their own java based online applications. The work flow for generating web based applications are designed with automated approval and flexible permission system to restrict content editors. Using this software you can upload text and images on the applications and all content editors are provided with several editing tools to ease the development tasks.
Tags: software , web , tool , create , text , online , images , java , system , tools , development , upload , content , editing , restrict , work , automated , publishing , applications , flow , for , webbased , webpublishing , powerful , editors ,

 Introducing the Web Services Flow Language

This article is helpful for the .NET learners that allows them to learn about web service flow language. How to get into the flow and how to link that, what are the features availble with web service flow language (WSFL) are described with example source files. The author also gives other reference material for better understanding.
Tags: web , learn , service , language , source , link , into , reference , author , flow , for , features , webservice ,

 Implementing roles in WSFL

This article basically describes about WSFL in detail that allows web service provider to conduct business on the web. This article has shown architectural layout about the flow model for the travel reservations business process to allow users to understand easily. The author has provided example source file for each sector.
Tags: file , web , business , service , source , process , travel , model , layout , author , flow , for , webservice , users ,

 Getting into the flow

This article shows the way to the learners how to get into the flow. It describes about WSFL which is used for business process and it helps them how to implement business process model with Web service Flow Language. This tutorial has given sample code for building flow model and for global model.
Tags: business , code , service , process , into , model , tutorial , flow , sample , for , global , building ,

 Serviced Component Overview

An overview of the serviced component is the core of this online tutorial. The user could generate instances of the component after a serviced component is registered. The author explains about the method of generating a serviced component. The main highlight of this serviced component is that it could flow between .NET Framework objects and COM+. The pictorial representation of an automatic transaction hosted by COM+ is shown. The projection of COM+ application hosting serviced components is more attractive in this article which shows both in .NET Framework and COM+ Services.
Tags: online , component , application , automatic , generate , components , user , author , flow , objects , hosting , method ,

 Multicity Message Boards

This hosted software lets you build a discussion board to allow your members, users on your website to discuss about various topics in real time. Any web based systems can get benefits from this program. Any number of categories are allowed. And threaded message can be shown on each topic to know about the flow of discussion.
Tags: software , web , website , board , message , number , build , flow , real , webbased , users , systems ,

 AlterWind Log Analyzer

As the new technologies evolve, we all become adepts of the new virtual space. These days, it is almost impossible to imagine a person who had never heard about Internet. Web is getting spread all over the globe, leaving traditionally slow real-world businesses in dust when it comes to speed of operation. Most ventures involved in commerce move their business to the web in attempt to reach millions of potential customers. This is exactly the point where customer behavior tracking and analysis becomes the key to success. Following the basic marketing rule, it is wise to know what exactly happens when a customer comes to your e-shop. What is that he is looking for? Can he easily find it? How does he get to know about your web site? So, is there a solution capable of answering hundreds of web marketing questions at a time? Yes, there is. Introducing AlterWind Log Analyzer, the unique web server log analysis software that offers comprehensive reports on every possible aspect of web site operation otherwise left hidden from your eyes. AlterWind Log Analyzer is a user-friendly application that grabs web server logs (all formats supported) and builds graphically-rich self-explanatory reports on web site usage statistics, customer behavior, referring web sites and search engines, search phrases that bring customers to your e-shop as well as it total traffic flow and allows discovering gaps in your e-business. Thanks to advanced technology used in this application, the analysis process takes no significant time while producing results that speak for themselves. Using this tool for the first time usually becomes a true marketing strategy discovery for professional webmasters. Throw in sample reports, presets and highly customizable report generation mechanism and you get the absolute winner. Besides all these goodies, AlterWind Log Analyzer comes with FREE trial version available and volume discounts.
Tags: software , web , tool , search , time , server , business , strategy , find , speed , site , report , application , log , analysis , tracking , key , marketing , traffic , advanced , virtual , trial , process , reports , hidden , true , webserver , basic , professional , move , customer , version , volume , speak , solution , usage , questions , flow , sample , logs , for , loganalysis , sites , customers , available , point , generation , wise , serverlogs ,


PHPDownline is an application in PHP that helps you to increase your product market. New members will give their own affiliate links to promote your site. This script has admin control panel which is easy to use. Features are, works fast, multiple free flow via links through all levels, password search by user name that gets sent to email address on file, sends a welcome email to all members on joining, easily customizable and easy to install. Full demo is available on the website.
Tags: email , password , search , control , easy , script , application , address , demo , links , multiple , admin , user , name , product , flow , username , increase , available ,

 Staffing Software

Staffing Software is an useful tutorial dealing with staffs and their management. Using this article you can track all your existing staffs, their resumes and their work flow. The author explains users about the method of integrating staff selecting softwares on the website with existing employees and hiring stages. A brief description of how to increase the work flow between the staffs and to search for potential staffs among the existing staffs are provided to the users.
Tags: search , website , track , work , tutorial , staff , author , flow , for , useful , users , increase , method ,

 Quality of Networks

This is a networking utility where the network quality is maintained with the reqiured parameters. This tool provide data resources like listening and sniffing to network traffic, evaluating the flow of data from routers and switches and collecting and recording the SNMP data from network components for the users. The users can adjust and alter active network components during test. The network problems indicate the hubs and workgroup switches. The data explains the problem of performance of the network.
Tags: utility , tool , network , data , performance , recording , components , quality , networking , active , resources , problem , flow , for , users , adjust , workgroup ,

 Comdev Geo Traffic v2.0

The most advanced web traffic analyzer and it is more than just a hit counter. This component is session based with the "unique visitor" in mind for accurate tracking to improve your online marketing efforts as well as maximizing your advertising dollars. Key features that make Comdev Geo Traffic different from other web statistic tool: Daily Hits - tracing unique visitors and page views, Last 30 Days, 6 Months Or 12 Months; Country Traffic - where your visitors came from, Top 10, Top 20 to all countries, 'drilling' down to selected month and selected country; Referers (sites and search engines) - from where visitors entered your site, Top 5 to all referer, statistic for selected month and specific referer; Page Views - tack where your customers are visiting or not visiting to improve traffic flow for optimal performance, shows traffic for Top 30 or all pages, of selected month or specific page for last 30 days. Trace Web Browser and Operating System popularity, shows percentage of each web browser and OS, respectively. One click report clearance to reset tracking. Without giving you all the junk web logs, Geo Traffic provide you with the site traffic reports in simple bar and line graph format. Thus, you will see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and the results of every investment you make online. Geo Traffic comes in the Comdev One Admin Suite (provide centralized access for all Comdev plugins from a single location). The Installation Wizard makes everything so easy for you without complicated configuration. Easily plug it into your web design pages with just a PHP snippet and you are ready to monitor and analysis the audience of your website. Can integrate with OSCommerce. Take advantage of your FREE Installation Support. Get your copy today.
Tags: web , search , online , component , monitor , access , design , browser , easy , make , copy , site , report , analysis , page , tracking , bar , graph , marketing , traffic , advanced , analyzer , reports , mind , simple , line , webbrowser , into , click , advertising , junk , pages , investment , accurate , flow , for , country , features , improve , customers , plug , session ,

 SmarterNews [FlatFile]

SmarterNews [FlatFile] is a PHP based script that publish news or any article on your website easily. All the information or data are stored in a flat text file to enable easy flow between servers. It contains a simple and easy to use admin control panel which is protected with password, and allows you to add, edit or delete news content and has many other features.
Tags: file , data , text , control , website , delete , edit , easy , information , script , news , content , admin , publish , simple , flow , protected ,

 Site Builder

This is an online content management software that can be used to add, edit, delete dynamic contents on the websites. Users are allowed to create tables, links on their websites and need not to have any HTML knowledge to use this program. Online content editor are provided with this program. This program has several features like, ability to control site's architecture, creating and managing complex graphics, work flow approvals and more.
Tags: software , editor , program , create , online , control , management , delete , creating , links , content , dynamic , work , websites , flow , knowledge , features , contentmanagement , contents ,

 oxygen XML editor

The current trend in the organizations document flow is towards imposing document standards and structures. XML is the preferred way for organizing this flow. XML documents allow easy data extraction for next processing stages. brings together the top today's technologies Java and XML. With a powerful code insight and a flexible approach to XML editing it allows users to manage all XML related documents.
Tags: data , easy , code , document , manage , documents , editing , processing , extraction , flow , for , organizing , users , top , powerful ,


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