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 Creating RSS feeds for your web site

Creating RSS feeds for your web site is much simpler in ASP.NET, which is described through this tutorial. The author explains about the RSS for the beginners in detail and then shows the method of generating RSS Feed. Through this article the users could understand about RSS, by which the webmasters could share their web content with other users.
Tags: web , site , content , share , feeds , author , for , users , method ,


This is a program which can be utilized by the users for viewing and modifying their RSS feeds at all times. This program will be useful for any RSS version and facilitates users for searching over the text present in the RSS result and for exporting RSS results into Microsoft Word. It is possible to manage a favorite list of feeds by using this program. This will be effective program for RSS management.
Tags: program , text , list , using , manage , into , version , feeds , favorite , searching , for , useful , users , present ,

 Creativyst(R) Reptilian Scroller

Webmasters can utilize this script to display their dynamic contents in JSMSG feeds on their websites in an attractive manner. This script can be placed on any type of website and webmasters need not have an indepth programming knowledge to use this script. Webmasters can state their desired parameters like height, width etc., to display their desired messages. This scroller is different and impressive for the site visitors.
Tags: website , site , script , programming , display , dynamic , type , feeds , websites , knowledge , for , contents , scroller ,

 Consuming RSS feeds on your web site

Consuming RSS feeds on your web site is an article which discusses about consuming RSS feeds. RSS feeds is simply a nested XML markup. The author in this article clearly demonstrates how DataSet object can be used to consume the RSS feed. This article provides you the sample source code.
Tags: web , site , source , object , feeds , author , sample ,


Tidalrangemobile v.0.5 makes use of the XML feeds of Mediaplazza to create a MySql database of the Polyphonic ringtones. The MySql database can be used to display the ringtones on your website in such a way that it is indexable by search engines. With i-frames search engines did not index the ringtones. The aim of the script is to enable Mediaplazza affiliates to creat a total unique website. For people that do not have a knowledge of PHP and MySql, a complete customizable script is added that makes use of XML feeds to display to 'New Polyphonic Ringtones' and 'Top Downloads' so that it is up to date at all times. The rest of the categories - Advertising to Zouk Ragga - are displayed in alphabetical order via the MySql database created. You can also insert the code for Adsense or banners or any other advertisements you want to make use of to generate an extra revenue besides that from the ringtones.
Tags: database , search , create , website , make , code , script , date , display , generate , index , aim , insert , ringtones , feeds , knowledge , for , banners , complete , revenue , people , engines ,

 Led Stock Ticker Applet v2.0

Led Stock Ticker is a Java TM applet with led display featuring: - real time quotes values: the applet gets the quotes values from a data feed on the server. The current feed is a PHP script that provides the data from Yahoo Financial. Script output is simple, custom feeds can be easily developed; - customizable colors & speed: colors and speed can be set from applet parameters; the fonts are matrix based, there is no predefined font. Only CAPITALS and some special characters are available. - text message: you can set from applet tag a text message to appear before or after quotes. - more looks: using 'look' and 'thick' parameters,
Tags: data , text , time , speed , script , using , message , display , applet , tag , custom , colors , set , quotes , matrix , feed , fonts , feeds , characters , real , special ,

 PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts

PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts provides scripts for starting a search engine. It will go and grab the xml feeds from companies that do pay per click services. Findwhat, ePilot and other popular websites.
Tags: search , xml , scripts , grab , click , popular , feeds , for ,

 PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts

PortXML scripts make it easy to get pay-per-click (ppc) XML feeds displayed on a Website. Retrieve XML feeds from ppc providers like SearchFeed, XMLRevenue, RevenuePILOT, Genie Knows, Search 123, SearchTimes, LookQuick, Kanoodle, Ah-Ha, FindWhat, ePilot and more. Display the search results on a web page. Listings from different sources can easily be combined and ranked or used alone.
Tags: web , search , easy , make , scripts , feeds , ppc ,

 SearchFeed Search Engine Script

SearchFeed Search Engine Script is a software meant to run your own pay per click site. The notable features are, cent percent template based, displays the number of links you want per page, each search is saved in a session and thus no need for querying search feeds in each page, language file to control all non template text, option to compress output to suit the bandwidth, and easy to install. An user friendly script.
Tags: software , file , search , control , easy , script , compress , language , links , user , template , number , run , click , feeds , for , features , option , session ,

 MediaGateway web interface for Esvon Classifieds

MediaGateway web interface is addon to MediaGateway software. It allows to charge Esvon Classifieds members for media feeds (Live WebCams, video/audio files viewing) on pay per minute / pay per view basis (PPM / PPV). Very flexible system which allows to protect your valuable media contents (live streaming, streaming files) and save your bandwidth.
Tags: web , files , system , protect , media , save , view , addon , streaming , interface , feeds , for , contents ,

 RSS generating PHP script

RSS generating PHP script is a very simple, tiny and fast script which can be used to create dynamic XML RSS feeds and thus keep our website so dynamic. Installation is very easy, just upload the PHP file to the server
Tags: file , create , website , fast , script , upload , dynamic , feeds ,

 generateAfeed dB - Automatic Feed Generator

generateAfeed dB is a script based tool which generates automatically RSS feeds for your website from the information contained in a database. generateAfeed dB is easy to install and contain an HTML webpage to configure the number of feeds you want for your website. No programming knowledge is required to use this script. generateAfeed dB currently supports Mysql database and requires PHP4.0 or greater. A feed is configured by specifying the static and dynamic elements to include in your feed. Static elements which don't need to be updated are saved in a file during the feed configuration. Dynamic elements, mostly the items' sub-elements, are configured by specifying database table/column names containing those elements. When a feed is created, the value of the dynamic elements are fetched from the database with a single SQL select query whose results are ordered depending on a table/column name specified during the configuration. When the dynamic elements are located in more than one database table, generateAfeed dB join those tables during the feed generation using the join directive specified during the configuration. generateAfeed dB also supports static string concatenation for dynamic elements. This is particularly useful for specifying the item's url, whose domain name is generally static but likely includes a value which is some key fetched from the database. Include a 6 months free update and a money back guarantee if the script doesn't work on your website hosting server.
Tags: file , database , tool , website , easy , information , script , money , using , programming , query , key , install , number , name , join , domain , dynamic , work , update , automatically , feed , string , feeds , value , domainname , knowledge , for , names , select , back , useful , configure , generation , hosting , static , BettyMills Data Feed BettyMills Data Feed is a simple online PHP affiliate program designed for affiliates. This program can convert the data feeds into a browsable product list with search engine friendly URL's and imports them to the affiliates MySQL database. Site visitors can browse through the catalog, search their products, view product description and images etc.,
Tags: convert , search , program , data , online , images , list , view , browse , engine , simple , searchengine , into , feeds , product , for ,

 SOAP in the Middle Tier

This tutorial contains detailed description about SOAP messaging and its usage in middle tier and by whom this technique is actually being used etc., in detail. The topics discussed in this tutorial are how to create news feeds web service, how to access the web service with SRF tags etc., Sample codes has also been provided for testing.
Tags: web , create , access , service , news , messaging , tutorial , usage , feeds , for , tags , webservice , codes ,


This is a simple program which lets the users to incorporate vector animation, media, data feeds etc.,in to their audiences desktop by creating an active desktop wallpaper. The users can broadcast live feeds and it is easy to setup active desktop using the WYSIWYG editor. This program supports over 50 effective FScommands by integrating with flash Studio PRO and it setups a customized file for royalty free distribution. It is easy to use and customize this tool.
Tags: file , desktop , flash , program , data , easy , creating , using , simple , vector , broadcast , customize , live , feeds , active , for , users ,


This is an ASP application with which users can print and publish anything they want. This program comes with blogging features and allows users to effectively manage by providing several facilities. This program permits administrators to post entries on desired blog and to facilitate all bloggers to edit their entries. This program comes with a powerful WYSIWYG editor for enabling an easier content management. This program enables an automatic creation of RSS feeds for every individual blog and allows only one ASP file for each blog.
Tags: file , editor , program , print , edit , application , automatic , manage , content , publish , blog , feeds , creation , post , for , features , entries , users , powerful , is a very simple to use utility for any website, this helps to keep your website dynamic with live news feed. The news feed are given in three different types ie:- Java NewsClicker, HTML News Wires and JavaScript Inserts and fits any type of website. The news feeds are totally customizable, the layout design, format and colours can be totally designed to suit our website design. They provide news like Sports, Headline, Technology, Markets etc.,
Tags: utility , website , format , news , simple , dynamic , type , feed , live , layout , feeds , for , newsfeed ,


nntp/rss is a java application that can bridge the gap between RSS feeds and NNTP clients by enabling an user to read the RSS content within existing NNTP newsreader. It helps the non HTML and command line news readers by supporting features like stronger NNTP server implementation, more efficient channel poller thread pool, support for additional RSS properties, admin interface security and switchable content type etc.
Tags: security , server , java , application , news , rss , commandline , content , admin , user , read , line , support , type , command , interface , feeds , for , features , channel , clients ,

 RSSlib - Free RSS Reader For PHP Pages

With RSSlib you can add for free any RSS feed (XML content) to your site. Available for PHP & ASP. See on our site demo, documentation, RSS feeds directory, articles and more. Features: customizable with CSS, can use temporary cached feeds, and other options. No programming necessary. Using it your site looks professionally, with new, fresh content. Try it!
Tags: site , programming , feed , feeds , for , articles , temporary ,

 Article Dashboard - Article Directory Script

Article Dashboard is an enterprise level article directory script that allows users to easily create and manage their own article directory. There are tons of features including custom RSS feeds per category, real time and weekly mailing of articles, unlimited categories, unlimited authors, unlimited pen names per author, search engine friendly URLS, and much more.
Tags: search , create , time , script , directory , manage , mailing , engine , custom , searchengine , feeds , real , names , features , enterprise , users ,

 RSS Feed Project in .NET

This article explains the RSS Feed Project in .NET, in which it demonstrates writing C# code to consume RSS feeds. After that these data from these RSS feeds are imported into a database for the future self applications. The sample code for this working model is also annexed with this article for the webmaster's reference.
Tags: database , data , code , self , into , model , writing , feeds , sample , for ,

 Political Gateway - Headline News Feeds

Political Gateway - Headline News feeds helps provide news headlines right from your website and eliminates the use of pop-up ads. It avoids unwanted spams and advertisements. It adopts the usage of polling along with news which is useful for conducting surveys. It gives the users, current headlines throughout the day. It gets the news from some popular media like CNN, International news, Tribune, MSNBC etc.
Tags: website , media , news , popular , usage , feeds , for , useful ,


This is a program that helps webmatsers in displaying news on their ASP.NET websites. This program uses RSS news feeds to display news lively from major news source such as BBC, Wired, Yahoo news etc., This program allows webmasters to use CSS style sheets to customize the feel and look. It is possible to include any number of news components on the website to display news on various topics.
Tags: program , website , news , source , display , components , number , customize , style , feeds ,

 Build a Feed

Build a Feed is an useful application using which you can build news feed for your websites. By just specifying the URL of the RSS sources you will be provided with the newsfeed and you have options to get even the name of the channel, the description for the news headlines and the date of news posting. You will also be provided with an preview option for those news feeds along with the javascript codes.
Tags: javascript , application , using , news , date , name , build , preview , feed , options , feeds , for , useful , newsfeed , option ,

 Consuming the RSS Feed of Amazon using C# and ASP.NET

Consuming the RSS Feed of Amazon using C# and ASP.NET is an article demonstrating the webmasters about how to extract the RSS Feed from the Amazon website and using XSLT how to change it to HTML format. After that it could be brought up in the webmaster's website. This tutorial explains the method of consuming the RSS feed and show the programming books of Amazon with C# and ASP.NET. This could also be used to create a RSS Reader which could read any RSS feed from anywhere. The links of RSS feeds could be taken from the sites and the users could start using them.
Tags: create , website , extract , using , programming , change , show , links , read , start , tutorial , feed , feeds , sites , users , books , method ,

 RSS Manager Component

RSS Manager is a .NET component, which realizes the full management of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) compatible content. RSS Manager can be easily embedded to your Web or Windows application. RSS Manager allows you automatically manipulate all RSS fields and can be used either for importing RSS feed from any web site or for exporting your own content to other sites. The ability to parse and publish OPML feeds (Outline Processor Markup Language) and RDF (Resource Description Framework) was added in RSS Manager V1.3. Please visit OPML site and RDF site for details.
Tags: web , management , site , content , publish , automatically , feed , feeds , for , fields , parse ,

 PHP RSS News Blog Feed for your site

This easy to use PHP script makes adding RSS news / blog feeds to your website quick and easy. Simply include the script and call a function. Customizable CSS styles for headlines and detail. Also chose to include details or just titles. To add more feeds, simply call the function again with a different source.
Tags: website , easy , script , news , quick , call , function , blog , feeds , for ,

 Consuming the MSDN RSS Feeds with the DataGrid and Xml Web Controls

Consuming the MSDN RSS Feeds with the DataGrid and Xml Web Controls is an article which is developed for the webmasters describing about how to distribute the organized content of their website. In this article the author used the DataGrid and Xml Web Controls for consuming RSS feeds. The sample code is also given along with this article.
Tags: code , content , feeds , author , sample , for , distribute ,

 RSS Content Feed

This is a xml program which is capable of sharing users webcontents and head lines. This program has the ability to transfer XSL stylesheets as XML RSS contents. It shows amazon an ebay contents. This program has features like displaying RSS feeds with properties and collections, users are recognized with RDF formats and RSS versions, fresh contents can be added to user website for attracting their visitors, stores results to cache file etc.
Tags: file , program , website , xml , transfer , sharing , cache , user , ebay , feeds , properties , for , features , users , contents ,

 JONAH - Horde framework

Jonah team has listed out a set of PHP scripts using the framework from The PHP files set has one file to parse XML news feeds from other sites to display it on your site. Other files help building up webpages quite easier. Complete installation notes included.
Tags: file , files , help , notes , using , scripts , news , display , set , installation , feeds , team , sites , framework , parse , building , out ,


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