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 SWF Extractor Free

This software can be used by the users as SWF decompiler to extract all uncompressed SWF files. It is easy to start its process by using its "Open and Extract all" button. It decompiles MP3 files and images from SWF and the users can have a facility to view all extracted resources by using a grid below the button.
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 Search And Monitor Expired Domain Names Today

This is a tool which books any domain after its expiry and search for soon to expired domains. This tool search Dmoz and Yahoo for expired domain names. It has many features like, deleted and soon-to expired domain names are searched for free, domains are booked when it found expired, for every expired domain name it checks for alexa rankings and whois details, no downtime, it checks the link popularity, domain digger is used to extract all expired domains. It is easy to use and to customize. This tool is useful for the webmaster to check or monitor their domain name.
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 Email Validation implemented in javascript

This is an online email validator that can be used to validate an email address supplied by the user and to show error messages when user's email is invalid. They can extract this email function to their directories of the web pages. This is an very useful and handy tool for webmasters. When user call the function, it performs validating process.
Tags: email , web , tool , online , extract , address , show , error , user , messages , call , function , validator , validate , for , directories , useful ,

 XML Organization Chart

Companies can utilize this program for managing their employees' personal information. Using this organizational chart users can extract the personal information of people from where ever they want through a standard web browser. Users have to store the personal information in an XML file, then this program will do the rest by creating chart to organize those information.
Tags: web , program , extract , information , creating , organize , chart , personal , store , for , users , personalinformation , standard , people ,

 Antechinus Animator Professional

Easily create and edit animations, videos, images, and sound files: over 40 formats are supported. Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated. Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together. Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator. Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). Never before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.
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 Form Hosts

Form Hosts is a powerful form processor program using which you can create online HTML forms for your webservices. This remotely hosted program provides customizable templates with which you can generate forms as per your specifications, logo, text and images. The advanced form submission reporting module available in this online form genrating software will help you to validate, extract all user details from the forms.
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 X Video Converter

X Video Converter is an useful and powerful converter using which you would be able to spilt, edit and join movie files easily through a simple interface. This program works with all AVI file formats and support batch file convertion process. You can join small video files to create a new movie or spilt large movie files, convert file fomats, extract audio track from movies etc.,
Tags: file , convert , video , converter , audio , program , create , files , edit , movie , extract , batch , using , movies , track , simple , small , support , join , useful , powerful ,


XAMPP is a php based installation kit program. Users can install Apache distribution containing php, perl and Mysql. It is available in three distributions which are Windows, Solaris and Linux. The Windows distribution version consists phpMyAdmin, SQLite, Perl, Apache, FileZilla FTP Server, Mysql, Mercury Mail Transport System for Win32, PHP and PEAR. The Solaris distribution version include Apache, OpenSSL,PHP and PEAR, Webalizer, Ming and Perl. Freetype2, MySQL, expat, Apache, Perl, PHP and Pear can be added in the linux distribution version. To install XAMPP you just need to download and extract XAMPP.
Tags: download , extract , php , linux , perl , install , version , distribution , installation , kit , for , available ,

 Instant Report!

Instant Report is a PHP application that helps webmasters to extract details from MySQL database so as to generate a detailed report on the records. This program can then format the extracts into any desired structires like tables, text either with or without headers. You are also facilitatetd with options to get those reports as executable HTML files or as EXCEL sheets.
Tags: database , program , text , files , extract , report , application , format , generate , reports , into , options , executable ,

 DB Repair with Data Extractor

This is an ASP.NET based component and it is an useful database tool for the users that allows them to repair the data which have error on MS Access database records. It has password protection facility for full security. Users can easily extract the data using data extractor field and also it is included with command line repair instructions.
Tags: database , tool , password , data , component , protection , extract , using , repair , error , commandline , line , extractor , passwordprotection , command , field , for , useful , users ,


This is a mail program to extract mails from IMAP or POP mail accounts to a web based mail account. This mailing program supports upload and downloading attachments, TO, BCC, CC fields etc. This program is still in beta development stages and yet to be released.
Tags: web , program , mail , development , extract , upload , mailing , accounts , webbased , fields ,

 CSV Data Tool Component with Setup Support

While updating each record takes up much of your time doing data entry, why not try this alternative way for you to import the record from CSV data file that you can just prepare with Microsoft Excel and makes your work so easy at the end of the day. CSV Data Tool automatically handles all the necessary CSV file upload, extract the data from record, do the fields number checking, allow you to choose whether to append or replace all existing data, import the CSV data into the selected table. Besides, it backups your existing data for undo purpose. Finally, you can export back the data into CSV file as well.
Tags: file , data , time , easy , export , record , extract , import , replace , number , work , into , automatically , alternative , for , back , backups , fields , undo , append ,

 How to avoid error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"?

In this tutorial, the author projects the idea of reading a cookie which helps the users to build a web application without errors. The main highlight of this article is about the cookies and its features. The usage of these cookies are well utilized in this article which is shown by a sample. Cookies send detailed information and the users could extract the value by reading the cookie, which is stored on the client server. The methods of creating, writing and calling the cookies back is well said in this article.
Tags: web , extract , information , client , application , send , cookies , reading , build , cookie , writing , usage , value , author , back , users , projects ,

 CCXI XML Data Island Library

Take the Strain off Your Server. Use the CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control to allow users to interact with an entire dataset--without having to constantly contact the server for processing. When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want to avoid server round trips for operations like paging, sorting and searching, then CCXI makes it simple to set up. The CCXItable control allows you to create a table that binds--on the client machine--rows from an XML data island with a template that you define. CCXItable makes it easy to define templates and create XML data islands. What is the best way to present two or more pages of data to users? The most common approach is to dynamically generate html that contains the first page then, when the user wants the second page, dynamically generate the second page too. Then regenerate the first page when the user wants to see it again! And, of course, do this for each user who accesses the data. Obviously, all this processing can put an unbearable strain on your server. One way to solve this problem is to generate a single (long) static page of scrollable data. But, what about sorting and searching? What if many of the data items contain image tags, making the page-load time unbearably long as each graphic is fetched? XML data islands provide a way to incorporate into a web page a moderate amount of data (even html) without forcing the browser to render all of it at once. They also make it possible to move processing of paging, sorting and searching commands to javascript on the client side. Unfortunately, there are many "gotchas" in dealing with XML islands. Inner tags cannot be the same as other valid html tags. Different browsers have different requirements and quirks. And it takes quite a bit of javascript to successively navigate, extract and format data for display. And, you have to format your data to fit these requirements in the first place. CCXI makes it easy.
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 PERFECT - PHP E-mail Receive Form Electronic Content Text

This is an efficint online form processor built with PHP. You can use this program to extract your visitor feedback from online forms. All extracted user data are then mailed to your email addess in a specific format you desire along with the details of user host and browser info. Key features include automatic field detection, ability to strip mail contents, easy configuration etc.,
Tags: email , program , data , mail , online , browser , easy , extract , format , automatic , form , user , host , configuration , field , processor , features , visitor ,


Using these tool you can even able to know the version of the components. You dont want to know the exact name and DLL or EXE location to extact the version information. This tool automatically finds the corresponding DLL or EXE and extract the version information if you give the progid. You can easily install and maintain this tool in your desktop
Tags: tool , extract , information , install , name , automatically , version , location , maintain ,

 Audio Converter & Mixer

Audio Converter & Mixer is an easy-to-use tool for converting and mixing all kinds of sound files into one large wav file. Audio Converter & Mixer can configure the volume, start time and playback speed of each sound track. Audio Converter & Mixer can extract sound track from many audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AC3, OGG, MPA, MP2, AU, AIF, SND, etc, and video formats VCD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, ASF, OGM, DIVX, DAT, SVCD etc. The mixing speed is extremely fast and the output wav file has CD quality(44100Hz, 16Bits, Stereo).
Tags: file , video , tool , audio , time , wav , files , sound , fast , extract , speed , track , start , into , converting , mixing , for , playback , configure ,

 Herong's Notes on JDK

Dr.Herong's young, the writter gives a notes on jdk, which help the user to gather information about the name of the book and brief explanation about the content of the book on jdk. Few content like formatting dates, formatting and phrasing dates and like others are given. This helps the beginners to extract a book according to their desire on jdk.
Tags: extract , help , notes , book , information , content , user , name , dates , formatting ,

 Streaming Media Archive

This is a file archiving application that helps users to import audio, video, images, data files etc. Users can extract ID3 tag information from audio files that would help them to manage and share playlists to play files from any remote location and perform advanced searching on media files. This program supports files such as, ogg, mp3, wav, mpg, mpeg etc.
Tags: file , audio , program , data , files , mpeg , play , extract , help , information , application , media , remote , import , manage , advanced , tag , share , location , searching , archiving , users ,

 EMS MySQL Manager Professional

EMS MySQL Manager is a powerful tool for MySQL Database Server administration and development. MySQL Manager works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06 and supports all of the latest MySQL features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, user-definable functions, transaction-safe tables, new MySQL 5.0 Authentication Protocol, MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions, charsets and collations support for databases and tables. It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and BLOB viewer/editor to satisfy all their needs. MySQL Manager has a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects in a simple and direct way, run SQL scripts, manage users and administer user privileges, edit SQL queries, extract and print metadata, create database structure reports in HTML format, export/import data, and supplies many other services that will make your work with MySQL server as easy as it can be. EMS MySQL Manager features: - Full support of MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06; - New state-of-the-art graphical user interface; - Rapid database management and navigation; - Simple management of all MySQL objects; - Advanced data manipulation tools; - Powerful security management; - Excellent visual and text tools for query building; - Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard; - Impressive data export and import abilities; - Completely remade Visual Database Designer; - Easy-to-use wizards performing MySQL services; - Both Windows and Linux versions available.
Tags: security , database , tool , data , create , text , server , management , print , edit , easy , tools , make , export , extract , report , import , visual , manage , query , wizard , administration , user , reports , simple , run , designer , support , work , services , databasemanagement , interface , databases , construction , clear , for , structure , features , users , objects , foreign , userinterface , powerful , graphical , dataexport ,

 DVD Audio Ripper

DVD Audio Ripper can extract sound tracks from DVDs and save them as MP3 or WAV format. It's very useful for those people who collect many music video DVDs or who want to save a sound segment from DVD for some reasons. You can select any chapter(s) in DVD to rip. If you think it isn't so precise, you also can specify certain time or file size to rip, for example rip DVD to MP3 every 5 minutes or every 5 MB. Support ID3 tag, so you can edit music info for each file. If you rename chapters, DVD Audio Ripper will save new audio files with those new names. Fast ripping speed which exceeds your expectation saves your time greatly. The concise interface of DVD Audio Ripper ensures you can use it with ease even for the first time.
Tags: file , video , audio , music , time , files , sound , edit , extract , speed , save , rip , rename , size , collect , tracks , ripping , interface , info , for , select , useful , people ,

 ImTOO MPEG Encoder

ImTOO MPEG Encoder is an ultimate video and audio format converter. Whether you're encoding MPEG for DVD production or extracting audio from video files, the program makes conversion from one format to another quick and easy. It supports large numbers of video and audio formats such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, VOB, AVI, DV, MOV, animated GIF, swf, MPEG4, RM, WMV, ASF, WAV, WMA, MP3, 3GP, m4a, mp4, h264, raw YUV, MP2, ogg, m4v, AAC etc. With it, you can extract audio from video files or remove audio from video files. ImTOO MPEG Encoder supports batch conversion even if the files in the list use various settings or have different target formats. Before encoding, you can preview the original files through the preview window. Users can see the file properties and settings without opening another window. All settings can be easily set in the interface. The program allows users to choose a start point and file duration if they want to convert a clip. All codecs are built-in.
Tags: file , convert , video , audio , program , files , conversion , extract , batch , remove , list , animated , format , quick , start , settings , set , preview , original , raw , numbers , encoding , properties , ultimate , for , users , point , codecs ,

 EMS MySQL Manager

This tool is helpful for administrators or users that allows them to create MySQL database objects and also it allows them to edit database objects as they like. By using this tool one can do the works related to MySQL database like, it allows users to extract and print meta data, users can design databases visually and also they can create database structure reports in HTML format and more facilities are available with this tool. Several features available with this tool are, it supports foreign key for InnoDB tables, visual reports can be built by this tool, HTML report generator in included etc.,
Tags: database , tool , create , print , design , edit , extract , generator , report , format , using , visual , key , reports , databases , for , structure , features , users , objects , meta , foreign , available ,

 Export ADD on module for Marketing Manager

Export ADD on module for Marketing Manager is a PHP program to extract full details of all your customers in either CVS or Text file outputs. Using this script you can be able to acheive targetted mail shots or targetted phone marketing for some of the filtered customers. The most highlighted feature of this script is that, the contact files are available in a ready for print formats.
Tags: file , program , mail , files , print , extract , script , phone , marketing , contact , module , feature , for , customers , available ,

 Report ADD on module for X-cart

Report ADD on module for X-cart is a PHP based script with reporting features designed for merchants in maintaining their sales history. This script provides you with simultaneous Category based and Annual Reports for all sales made. Detailed reports are given on data ranged basis so that you can make quick analysis to spot current trends of product sellings. This script also allows you to extract customers based on stored order history.
Tags: data , make , extract , script , analysis , sales , quick , reports , module , reporting , product , for , features , customers ,

 Page Extractor Professional

Page Extractor professional version allow users to extract keyword- to retrieve the highest ranked listings for a particular keyword, IP address- it allows users to retrieve extracted IPs in real time, extract images and it extracts entire objects in a web page. Rank analyzer, script builder, expression wizard, popup blocker, list merger etc., are added facilities of this extraction tool.
Tags: web , images , extract , list , script , professional , retrieve , version , extraction , real , for , expression , users , objects ,

 Page Extractor Standard

This utility is helpful for developers to generate an extractor for their web pages. This tool allows users to extract page links, IP address, fax numbers, email address, images, domain name, phone number and more. List splitter, list merger, list export and CSV export are available in standard version.
Tags: email , web , utility , tool , export , extract , list , phone , page , generate , fax , number , domain , extractor , for , users , standard , available ,


MediaIndexer is a simple PHP based application by which users can construct browsable interface for their media files. It offers various features like allowing users to extract text from the database, storing meta data contents of media files in the SQL lite database. allowing the images to be displayed in thumbnail format, supporting media types like movie, audio, text files, images, PDF and MS word documents.
Tags: data , text , files , images , word , extract , application , media , thumbnail , simple , interface , for , features , users , meta , contents , construct ,


TEXTWIZ is an effective and multipurpose tool which has the following features:Multi-line search and replace in any number of files from the same folder.Optionally backs up files before making changes.Optionally just searches for text in multiple files, returning a list of filenames that contain the text.Option to view files in either its own window, Windows Notepad, or default application.Can extract Meta tags from html files for manipulation. Upload files via FTP right from within the program.
Tags: html , tool , search , text , files , extract , list , view , replace , multiple , number , searchandreplace , for , tags , searches ,


This software can be mainly used by the users to extract actionscripts from flash files. It can not be used to decompile images or text. This program can work with all Macromedia's SWFs including Flash MX 2004 and the actionscript is extracted as a simple text file. Installation of this tool is easy to do.
Tags: software , tool , flash , program , text , images , easy , extract , simple , work , users ,


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