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 Hello World in C

Hello World in C# is an useful article which explains four types of .NET objects such as console application, component, ASP.NET Page and web service that prints the output 'Hello World' to the readers. A console application executes from the DOS prompt, ASP.NET creates a page with an extension of .ASPX which shows the output in the web browser.
Tags: web , application , service , page , extension , console , useful , webservice , objects ,

 Password Manager for IIS

This is an user management application where the users can alter their NT domain passwords. The admin has the ability to setup a password altering interface. The users have the capability to modify their passwords through the admin form. The users can customize this program easily. It can be handled using HTTPS to add protection. It provides a high performance ISAPI extension DLL and intake low resource.
Tags: password , program , management , application , using , performance , passwords , admin , user , domain , extension , customize , modify , users ,

 Gmail Storage Drive

This is an useful tool for the users to create and add new drive on their 'My Computer' folder so that they can use 'GMail' as a storage medium. This is actually a shell namespace extension that has the ability to generate a file system on your 'Google GMail account' to enable you to store and get files from your 'GMail account'. Through this program you can create new folders, drag and drop files on any desired folders, copy folders directly from within Windows explorer.
Tags: file , tool , program , create , files , system , folder , copy , drive , folders , generate , shell , store , storage , extension , drop , for , useful , users , draganddrop , filesystem ,

 .DR.AG URL Redirection

.DR.AG is a URL redirection service provider which allows the user to get a domain name in their own name or in the name of their choice. They can select a domain name extension from a list of domain names like,, and many more. All the domain names will be protected with a secured password.
Tags: list , service , user , name , domain , extension , domainname , names , select , protected , domainnames ,

 Poor Man's Zope

This poor manís zope (PMZ) is small script which helps you to combine HTML and Python script. This tool which can be easily integrate Python into your HTML pages is very much similar to Microsoft ASP or PHP3/4. How does PMZ works? All your HTML files with embedded Python statements must have the extension .pmz. all files with this suffix are handed from the web server to the script (see installation description below). Any Python code between and is executed with the Python exec() function (or RExec.r_exec when configured for restricted execution). Error handling: In the case of an error during the execution of Python code inside a .pmz file the script will display the error including its Python traceback. Configuration: All configuration settings are stored in the dictionary _settings at the beginning of the script. The keys represent the locations where .pmz are allowed to reside. These paths components are treated as regular expression and are matched against the path of the .pmz file. For every directory or path component we have a set of variable that are stored in a list. At the moment we support the following variables
Tags: file , web , tool , server , files , component , code , dictionary , script , directory , display , components , error , webserver , small , support , settings , set , into , function , keys , extension , installation , pages , case , combine , configuration , for , expression , regularexpression ,

 Web To e-Mail gate

To implement this service we have used CDO library. So it can work only on Windows platform. This library has ability to convert HTML page to HTML e-Mail. It attaches all images and style sheet files as binary files and substitutes references with CID (Content ID). The ColdFusion or .NET code connects to COM library and passes parameters for processing. The service are very useful for organization with strong firewall policy. Please fill free to play with this demo. We consider this service as substitute or extension of standard ColdFusion and ASP.NET mail system. The command line utility is used to implement pure web-to-mail feature. The advantages are obvious. We have passed testing into our company and now are ready to share this code with you.
Tags: convert , utility , mail , files , images , library , play , code , firewall , service , page , commandline , share , line , testing , work , into , binary , command , extension , sheet , style , fill , now , for , useful , standard , organization ,

 arachnoServer (Limited Demo)

Ultmate professional web server software with 100% VBA compatible scripting language support. - True HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 compatible web server - Working on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP - Serving HTML, ASP and BSP pages - Easyly expanding to PHP and Perl support - BSP (Basic Scripting pages) support. 100% VBA copatiblity. - BSP Extender,- server side extension for Basic Scripting Pages - ASP (Active Server Pages) support - Pasword protected directories - FTP server - Unlimited FTP Accounts - SSL3, SSL2, PCT, TLS based Secure transactions - Tag.Extension - Wendec - Support for BSP content encryption
Tags: software , web , server , language , content , webserver , support , professional , scripting , extension , for , protected ,

 Introducing HTTPHandlers

It is an article in which the author discusses about the use of HttpHandlers. In this article the author shows how to create a HttpHandler using the IHTTPHandler interface and ProcessRequest method with a sample program. The HttpHandler file have an extension of .ashx. This article also explains the steps for configuring these handler.
Tags: file , create , using , extension , interface , author , sample , for , method ,

 Making Skinned Custom Controls

This is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about how to build skinned custom controls. You can derive these type of custom control from the base class SkinControl. The skinned controls have an extension of .ASCX and it contains new methods and properties. You can see the sample program for the procedure explained in this tutorial.
Tags: program , control , class , custom , simple , build , type , tutorial , extension , controls , author , sample , for , base ,

 Retrieving File Information In ASP.NET

Retrieving File Information In ASP.NET is an tutorial in which author discusses about the procedure of gathering various informations about the specified file. This tutorial teaches the method of collecting the file informations like creation time, directory name, extension time etc. The author elaborates the above said procedure with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: file , time , help , directory , source , tutorial , extension , author , creation , method , examples ,


The psLinks is a link indexing system that allows you to manage all the links on your website from your place. It offers you powerful features with more flexibility. Some of them are: allows you to upload banners for use in linking with which you can set file extension and maximum file size limitations, upto ten custom fields can be defined to capture the link data, allows the user to add new links and banners to the system, organize links using various order specifications and requires no knowledge of FTP or HTML, allows you to create unlimited amount of website link configurations and much more. An online demo of a sample directory can be viewed on the website.
Tags: file , create , online , system , website , capture , using , organize , directory , manage , upload , demo , link , links , user , size , custom , set , extension , sample , knowledge , for , features , banners , fields , powerful ,

 Dacio's Mysql backup

Dacio's Mysql backup is an efficient MySQL backup software capable of storing all table and form datas in a file system as a dump file. Using this software admin can create and manage an excellent intuitive interface for all stored datas in the database. All dump files containing the stored datas are saved in any desired extension formats allowing users to have easy customization of the program. This software is simple in its integration and can be easily installed on any web based applications.
Tags: software , file , web , backup , create , files , system , easy , form , manage , table , admin , simple , backupsoftware , extension , interface , for , webbased , users , integration , filesystem ,

 ASP.NET Tools Overview - Part 1

ASP.NET Tools Overview - Part 1 is a reference guide which gives information of ASP.NET. It describes about the web controls, file extension and objects. It also discusses about the introduction to ASP.NET, its features, usage of languages, new components like, the HTTP runtime, web services and web forms and more.
Tags: file , web , information , forms , components , services , extension , reference , usage , guide ,

 Improving the social infrastructure of Python: pydoc and distutils modules

Some time ago if you were to ask an honest Python evangelist if Python was missing anything important that Perl, had, the answer would most likely have been "yes". It wasn't that Python lacked a breadth of module and package support (both Python native and extension modules). It certainly wasn't the clarity of expression or clean object orientation in which Python positively excels The introduction of several modules and tools in recent Python versions has improved Python, not so much as a language, but as a tool. Author David Mertz reviews these modules that make the job of Python developers substantially easier by improving the documentation and distribution of Python modules and packages.
Tags: time , tools , make , clean , module , support , job , package , documentation , distribution , extension , object , native , expression , recent ,

 Elite Pro

Elitepro is a web hosting tool that comes with more features. This is a PHP based programme. Elitepro features end user auto installation of software, true end user sub domain creation and management, end user database creation and management etc., Elitepro is included with a complete administration interface integrated into the appliance administrator control panel that allows you to manage your resellers. With this software your clients can install or remove frontpage extension instantly. Completely customizable site administrator main menu and built in help section are the important features of this programme.
Tags: software , database , web , tool , control , menu , management , help , remove , site , manage , auto , install , administrator , administration , user , true , domain , into , extension , installation , interface , creation , features , complete , hosting , clients ,

 Jax Upload Manager (Class)

Easy to integrate Upload Manager Class. Supports uploading and deleting of uploaded files. Checks file extension of uploaded files.
Tags: file , extension ,

 Build Secure Web Services With SOAP Headers and Extensions

This web service article guides the programmers to build secured web services easily with the help of SOAP headers and extension under .NET framework. This article has provided different tasks and each task has sample code snippets to allow users to test on their system. This article shows how to encode SOAP messages for security.
Tags: web , help , code , test , service , task , tasks , encode , messages , build , services , extension , sample , for , webservice , users ,

 Cartweaver ColdFusion Shopping Cart

Cartweaver CF can be quickly installed into your Dreamweaver web site using the Cartweaver extension suite! You can quite literally install Cartweaver into your website, configure a few simple settings, and begin adding your products in less than 15 minutes! Cartweaver CF is not just a shopping cart extension for Dreamweaver; it is a complete e-commerce solution with all the files you need to create your online store. You get everything; extensive PDF documentation, the Cartweaver 2 Extension Suite and all source code/application files should you choose to develop in another web development application or prefer to work in code view. The package also includes your MS Access database. MS SQL Server and MySQL v4+ is also supported. Free Database Creator Scripts are available to create the Cartweaver tables, fields and relationships in your MS SQL or MySQL database.
Tags: database , web , create , online , files , development , code , site , application , using , source , install , simple , work , into , package , extension , shopping , solution , webdevelopment , shoppingcart , for , develop , configure , fields , complete , available , suite ,

 Mambo Dreamweaver Template extension toolbar

Mambo 4.5 template builder extension by Adds a custom toolbar to Dreamweaver MX or higher to enable you to quickly and painlessly insert the needed MOS php code to create your own Mambo Open Source 4.5 templates.
Tags: create , builder , code , php , toolbar , template , custom , extension , insert ,


popper_mod is a free, full featured web based email client written in PHP. It is an extension of the now abandoned "popper" project.
Tags: email , web , client , extension , now , webbased , emailclient ,

 MBH Random Image Tag

The MBH Random Image Tag is an image display servlet to choose an image from a directory with a list of images. A directory or an XML resource is from where the list of images can be determined. Servlet supports application of a filter for file extension like gif or jpg etc. The tag in this supports all of the img tag attributes.
Tags: file , image , gif , jpg , images , filter , list , application , directory , display , tag , resource , extension , for , img ,

 Web Forms User Controls

Web Forms User Controls is an article in which the author gives you a brief summary about the user controls of ASP.NET. User controls have an extension of .ascx and you can register these controls on the web pages using the register directive. The author gives you the sample source code for creating login and address user control. In this article you can also get information about the user control properties.
Tags: web , control , code , information , creating , using , address , source , user , sourcecode , login , extension , pages , controls , author , sample , for , webpages , register ,

 Create A .dll File with Visual Basic and ASP

Users can learn about creating .dll file using Visual Basic and ASP. The author says that if users want any component they have to look some files with the extension of .dll (Dynamic Link Library), so here the author guides users to create .dll with ASP and VB. The author explains each and avery process by providing sample code snippets.
Tags: file , create , files , component , code , creating , using , learn , process , extension , author , sample , users ,


phpFS is an online PHP based function search application through which users can generate search engine to search the PHP.NET function manual. The users can integrate this software into the fire fox browser with the help of Mozilla Firefox XML search plugin extension system. This application offers drop down icon to select a particular function and also allows visitors to type their desired php function to search.
Tags: software , search , online , plugin , browser , icon , help , php , application , generate , engine , searchengine , into , type , function , extension , fire , drop , select , users ,

 How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications

How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications is a tutorial through which users can learn more about the secure Multipurpose mail extension and how it secures the e-commerce website, how it helps in sending an encrypted E-mail message in the S/MIME format. This article provides various code and examples which can be utilized by the webmasters and the web developers.
Tags: web , mail , secure , code , message , learn , tutorial , extension , encrypted , users , sending , examples ,


Webmasters can use this simple component to upload the files through a web browser to their webserver. This component offers many enhanced features to the webmasters like uploading the files to a database, downloading the files from the database, uploading the files on the webserver, uploading and viewing pictures from the database and it allows the webmasters to restrict the maximum file size and extension of the uploaded files.
Tags: file , database , web , files , component , browser , pictures , upload , size , simple , restrict , webbrowser , extension , features ,

 R-Mail Outlook Express Mail Recovery Software

To regain the accidently deleted emails and to recover damaged *.dbx files which are stored with Microsoft Outlook Express email message, mail recovery module can be utilized. Supports viewing of source of emails. Gained messages are stored with .eml extension which can be copied and can be imported into MS Outlook mail containers. Search can be done with message based mails.
Tags: email , mail , files , recovery , recover , message , source , emails , deleted , damaged , messages , module , into , extension ,


Numbered files like 001.txt, 002.txt etc., can be easily renamed with ease. Files having names before and numbers after like tour-001.mpg, tour-002.mpg etc., can also be renamed easily. Folder names and file extensions present in both lower and upper case can be replaced either lower or upper. Empty spaces between file name can also cleaned up. New file extension name can also be created using this tool.
Tags: file , files , using , name , extension , numbers , case , names , present , extensions ,

 Prefessional Query Wizard

Professional Query Manager is a grafic design grid to create or modify an SQL statement for Select query. Support for Join Tables, group query and extended criteria. This extension work with ASP and PHP pages. It work like MS ACCESS with some small differences in the sintax.
Tags: create , design , query , small , work , extension , grid , group , for , modify ,


With this Server Behavior You can upload files, trough a simple web form to Your site. After the upload you can resize the uploaded images and make thumbnails. This extension don't need any server components to upload files is a Pure Asp Upload but required a component installed on your server to resize images. The supported component to resize image are: AspImage - AspSmartImage - AspJpeg - AspThumb - Vije Resize Image - ImgWriter - Aurigma Graphics Processor 2002 - Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 - Chestysoft csImage - Chestysoft csXImage - XnView - XnView 193 - ASP.NET Five Extensions in One: - Insert Record and Upload Files (Upload the files and saving the other Field in DB) - Update Record and Upload Files (Upload the files and saving the other Field in DB) - Upload Files (Only Upload Files) - Delete Record Upload (Delete the record and delete the corresponding files) - Resize images and create thumbnails Features: No Limit Number of Uploaded file! This features are for each file Upload folder in 3 type (Site relative, Absolute and Dynamic) Auto create non-existent upload directories File name in 3 type (Original, New and Dynamic) Automatically remove invalid chars from filename Online Help Limit File Upload Extension Limit File Upload Size (Client side for images and Server side for all) Limit File With and Height Size for images(Client side) Save Uploaded File Name in your Database (Site Path and Name, Absolute Path and Name, Only Name) Save Uploaded File Size in your Database Insert one record with all the uploaded files or one record each uploaded files Delete existing File on Update Existing Files Conflict Handling Optional File Upload Uploading files and saving the rest of the fields in the database Progress Bar Report upload is send to redirect page You can combine the Resize Images and Make Thumbnails so after the images are uploaded on the server at the same time the images will be resized and the thumbnail
Tags: file , image , web , create , time , server , files , component , images , delete , folder , make , record , remove , form , upload , resize , send , components , simple , name , thumbnails , type , extension , combine , for , features , webform , fields ,


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