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 Using the Eval and Execute Functions

This ASP tutorial explains the two arithmetic string functions with clear examples. Teaches that EVAL function can be used to evaluate a mathematic function which contains more than one arithmetic operation within one statement where as EXECUTE command is described that it is used to execute a expression that has been given within quotes. And explains the various options to be used with the functions.
Tags: tutorial , function , command , options , string , clear , execute , expression , functions , arithmetic , evaluate ,

 Validate an email address using VBScript

This online study meterial will be more useful for the novice programmers in ASP language to get familiar with ASP driven email program and teaches about the techniques how to implement the email address verification systems with the help of VBScript to check the regular expression with email address. Simply checks the availability of '.' and '@' characters with emails and outputs the result.
Tags: email , program , online , help , address , check , language , emails , study , characters , for , expression , useful , systems , regularexpression , checks , verification ,

 Active Data Online SearchEngine

This is a program with which website administrators can include enhanced searching functionality on their website having more number of web pages. This program contains three Windows Forms applications including a crawler, a data management console and an indexer. This search engine performs search over the website on the basis of regular expression keyword matching. It is possible to run number of instances of the crawler at the same time to crawl web pages in a quicker manner. This program facilitates webmasters to configure the types of URLs and types of files which have to be accepted by the crawler.
Tags: web , search , program , data , time , files , management , website , engine , number , run , searchengine , pages , console , keyword , applications , searching , expression , webpages , crawler , configure , regularexpression ,

 Poor Man's Zope

This poor manís zope (PMZ) is small script which helps you to combine HTML and Python script. This tool which can be easily integrate Python into your HTML pages is very much similar to Microsoft ASP or PHP3/4. How does PMZ works? All your HTML files with embedded Python statements must have the extension .pmz. all files with this suffix are handed from the web server to the script (see installation description below). Any Python code between and is executed with the Python exec() function (or RExec.r_exec when configured for restricted execution). Error handling: In the case of an error during the execution of Python code inside a .pmz file the script will display the error including its Python traceback. Configuration: All configuration settings are stored in the dictionary _settings at the beginning of the script. The keys represent the locations where .pmz are allowed to reside. These paths components are treated as regular expression and are matched against the path of the .pmz file. For every directory or path component we have a set of variable that are stored in a list. At the moment we support the following variables
Tags: file , web , tool , server , files , component , code , dictionary , script , directory , display , components , error , webserver , small , support , settings , set , into , function , keys , extension , installation , pages , case , combine , configuration , for , expression , regularexpression ,

 RegularExpressionValidator Control

RegularExpressionValidator Control is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information about regular expression validator, which helps in detecting any match occur with the input control over the regular expression. The above said process can be executed with the help of validation expression property and also the author explains this process with the help of example and source code.
Tags: web , control , help , information , source , process , tutorial , detecting , match , validation , author , input , property , expression , webbased , users , regularexpression ,

 Regular Expression Sample

Regular Expression Sample is a web based tutorial in which author demonstrates the regular expression validator, which checks the form if there exist any invalid expressions. In this tutorial programmers can understand about the method of utilizing this validatoir control in the right way and also the author describes above said methods with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: web , control , help , form , source , tutorial , author , expression , webbased , regularexpression , checks , method , examples ,


cASPer.RegularExpression is an ASP based ActiveX environment group of objects that provide functionalities for processing regular expression text through a processing engine. Individual object has several functionalities of string for expressing the text. Validated and parsed user entries can be processed using this function.
Tags: text , using , user , processing , group , object , string , environment , for , expression , entries , objects , regularexpression ,

 Using PCRE's

This is a tutorial which teaches the users how to use the regular expression function on their programs by using php. The author says that the users should know the actual php code which can be used for any of the outlined regular expressions. This tutorial provides more tips for the users to make use of it on their php programs.
Tags: programs , make , code , php , using , tips , tutorial , function , author , for , expression , users , regularexpression ,

 Adrenalin Labs: ASP Chat

ASP Chat facilitates realtime chat over the web. You can create as many forums as you need and organize them by categories if you wish. Forums can be categorized. Who's Online facility allow your users to view who is currently on your site. Member directory will be provided. Using your browser customize the feel, features and look of the boards (the whole board is customizable!). Provides Board based Mail allows your users to contact one another through the boards increasing page views and keeping your users online longer. Allows users to get notification of replies to message and other features. Boards include FREE ASP Email Component or you can use one of many popular components (pre configured for you). Has integrated software to offer polls on your boards. The boards will automatically post and welcome the last registered user on the front page. The boards will automatically tally and display the total number of posts in your boards. Allows admins to post message to a particular forum that always stays at the top of the summary page to ensure the majority of your users view your announcement. Allows admins to post edit, move, close, open, delete threads or posts You can create private forums that only certain users can view and post. Allows users to view a printer friendly version of a thread. Allows users to search based on thread, topic, forum, date, or user. Message Smiley's - allows users to post expression into their message view smiley icons. The software will automatically filter out bad words from being posted to a forum. Users have the ability to customize a significant portion of the boards including: Users can select a specific theme that most appeals to them for viewing the boards bMail is a mail system integrated into the message boards. bMail allows users who do not wish to make their private email address visiable but still allows users to contact them while still keeping their privacy. users can customize their profile in a number
Tags: software , email , search , create , mail , online , system , delete , browser , make , notification , filter , chat , board , address , message , organize , view , directory , page , printer , words , display , components , contact , private , user , number , theme , into , automatically , version , customize , popular , forum , post , profile , smiley , for , expression , features , select , users , top , out ,

 Custom Tags

This CMS article gives an introduction on regular expression object, custom tags etc., The author explains the above concepts through an example of monthly calendar view class. Details and guide lines on how to parse custom tags, to get attribute values from those tag etc., using the regular expression objects are also given with examples. Finally the author has also suggested how to rewrite the same codes in JScript.
Tags: calendar , using , view , lines , tag , custom , author , expression , tags , guide , objects , attribute , parse , regularexpression , monthly , codes ,

 ASP.NET Validation Controls

ASP.NET Validation Controls is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can gain knowledge about validator control and its uses. From this tutorial the programmers can get details about different types of server controls and the execution process of each server control with the help of examples and source code. The validators explained in this article are Regular expression validator, compare validator, range validator, required field validator and custom validator.
Tags: server , control , help , compare , source , process , custom , tutorial , controls , validator , field , knowledge , expression , examples ,

 ASP.NET Debug.Assert Handler [VB.NET Version]

ASP.NET Debug.Assert Handler [VB.NET Version] is one of the useful tutorial through which the author explains about the debug assert handler. Debug.Assert is an important component which reacts only when the expression arrives the result as true or yes. The webmasters could generate a very useful class which is set to activate only in DEBUG mode and ONLY on "LOCALHOST". This article is one of the very useful tutorial for the beginners to update their knowledge of error handling in ASP.NET. The objective of this tutorial is to get notified by an alert email for the every error on web page to list of people, who are capable to find the solution for it.
Tags: email , web , component , find , list , page , class , generate , error , webpage , true , alert , set , update , tutorial , solution , author , debug , knowledge , for , expression , mode , useful ,

 Mafiatic Notepad

Mafiatic Notepad is a small and fast text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, CSS, Perl/CGI, C/C++, C#, Java, VB, Pascal, Assembler, SQL, INI, REG, INF, BAT and DIFF. Drag & drop text editing inside and outside the notepad, basic regular expression search and replace, brace matching, auto indent, long line marker, zoom functions and a lot more features...
Tags: search , editor , text , fast , auto , editing , zoom , basic , small , line , texteditor , syntax , drop , highlighting , for , expression , functions , regularexpression ,

 Page Extractor Professional

Page Extractor professional version allow users to extract keyword- to retrieve the highest ranked listings for a particular keyword, IP address- it allows users to retrieve extracted IPs in real time, extract images and it extracts entire objects in a web page. Rank analyzer, script builder, expression wizard, popup blocker, list merger etc., are added facilities of this extraction tool.
Tags: web , images , extract , list , script , professional , retrieve , version , extraction , real , for , expression , users , objects ,

 Improving the social infrastructure of Python: pydoc and distutils modules

Some time ago if you were to ask an honest Python evangelist if Python was missing anything important that Perl, had, the answer would most likely have been "yes". It wasn't that Python lacked a breadth of module and package support (both Python native and extension modules). It certainly wasn't the clarity of expression or clean object orientation in which Python positively excels The introduction of several modules and tools in recent Python versions has improved Python, not so much as a language, but as a tool. Author David Mertz reviews these modules that make the job of Python developers substantially easier by improving the documentation and distribution of Python modules and packages.
Tags: time , tools , make , clean , module , support , job , package , documentation , distribution , extension , object , native , expression , recent ,

 Pattern Matching in .NET

This is an online tutorial in which the importance of the validation controls provided by the VS.NET. RequiredFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, and CustomValidator are those five validator controls. The author tells that to use one of the pattern, Regular expression validator is used. The source code is also presented along with this article.
Tags: online , code , source , sourcecode , tutorial , controls , validation , author , validator , expression ,


JasperAssistant is a java beans tool that allows you to design online reports using the powerful WYSIWYG editor. This online report designing software is integrated with Eclipse IDE so that admin would find it easy to perform batch report compilations. You are provided with preview options to have a quick outlook at the generated reports and supports drag and drop features for all design tasks. Some of the key features include cut, copy, paste, outline view, customizable palette, expression editors etc.,
Tags: software , tool , outlook , online , java , design , easy , find , batch , report , using , key , admin , quick , reports , preview , outline , options , drop , for , expression , features , draganddrop , powerful , editors ,

 VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor

VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor is an editor and is a script based on php. This editor allows users to create php applications from visual It also integrates php documentation into the visual studio help system. It checks the php files syntax and highlights the syntax error code. Leverages visual studio which is used to add bookmarks to the code. Latest definitions of php built in functions can be included in this editor. Features include regular expression searching, window cloning, function parameter tooltips and php help integration.
Tags: editor , create , files , help , php , script , visual , window , error , bookmarks , visualstudio , studio , into , documentation , function , applications , syntax , expression , functions , users , regularexpression , checks ,

 Data Mining Tools & Services - PHP Functions

Data Mining Tools & Services - PHP Functions is an user friendly tutorial through which programmers can gather information about the method of data or content aggregation. From this tutorial the users can collect information about the method of fetching HTML pages, process of splitting HTML pages, method of eliminating unusable HTML Tag attributes, the method of matching content of regular expression and more.
Tags: data , information , content , user , process , collect , tutorial , matching , expression , splitting , users , regularexpression , method ,

 Herong's Tutorial Notes on JSP

This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes wrote by the author while he was learning JSP himself. Topics include attachment, content-disposition, content_type, cookie, custom tag, debugging, expression language, file upload, header lines, HTTP/1.1, HTTP Response, internationalization, i18n, IterationTag, JavaBeen, JDK, JSP, JSTL, JSTL-EL, J2SE, localization, MIME, named package, pageContext, performance, Perl, Servlet, session, Taglib, TagSupport, tag interface, TLD, Tomcat, unnamed package, Unicode, useBean, UTF-8, XML. Key sections: Tomcat Installation - JavaServer Pages (JSP) - Execution Context - JSP Elements - Sessions and Debugging - Using JavaBean Classes - Using Cookies - Controlling HTTP Response Header Lines - Localization / Internationalization - Non ASCII Characters in JSP Pages - JSP Performance - JSTL - Syntax and Expression Language - Core Library - Custom Tag - Tag Java Interface - Tag Attribute Handling - Tags Working Together - File Upload.
Tags: file , notes , book , collection , learning , tag , custom , tutorial , author , sample , for , expression , codes ,

 Data Binding Expression Syntax

Data Binding Expression Syntax is a web based tutorial in which author elaborates about the procedure involved to define a data binding expression syntax in the programme inorder to show the binded expressions in the web form. Whenever the data binding expression is called on the page this data binding method creates a binding between any property on that particular page.
Tags: web , data , page , show , tutorial , syntax , author , property , expression , webbased , method ,

 RegularExpressionValidator Control

RegularExpressionValidator Control is an ASP.NET article in which author elaborates the method of regular expression validator control, which validate whether the value of another control has matching expressions. Here the author offers syntax and source code and explains this source code with the help of examples for easy understanding.
Tags: control , easy , help , code , source , sourcecode , syntax , value , author , validator , matching , validate , for , expression , regularexpression , method , examples ,

 phpLords ChatBasic

phpLords ChatBasic is a single domain, web-based chat system with real-time update/refresh. This is 100% web-based - ChatBasic was developed using PHP. No java applet or servlet or any kind of server daemon or engine running necessary. Simple, user-friendly and integrated interface screen - it is easy for end-user to use ChatBasic. Real-time screen refresh (don't have to click submit button to see other people response like other chat). Room with topic/title - you can have a topic or title for the room and everybody can change it. Graphics/picture insertion - show your expression or enhance your message with graphics/pictures. Mix your message text with graphics/pictures. Multi rooms or channels - if the room that you want is not on the list, create one. ChatBasic support unlimited rooms. Customizable - The colors, images, rate of refresh can be customize. Control Panel - Customization and configuration can be done via Admin Control Panel. Easy and fast to set-up and implement on your site
Tags: screen , create , text , server , java , system , easy , fast , chat , using , message , change , show , applet , button , engine , support , click , submit , interface , enhance , javaapplet , configuration , rate , for , expression , room , people ,

 "Cool" ASP.NET Features 3: Validation Controls

"Cool" ASP.NET Features 3: Validation Controls is an article in which author demonstrates the procedure of utilizing validation control in various parts inorder to validate the web forms. In this tutorial users can learn about compare validator, range validator, custom validator and regular expression validator and also the author explains these validator control and the methods of utilizing them with examples.
Tags: web , control , learn , compare , custom , tutorial , validation , author , validator , validate , parts , expression , users , regularexpression ,

 Using SQL aggregate functions

This is an online article, the author discusses about the SQL's aggregate functions which is ready along with a specific item which might be an expression or a field. While generating a Recordset object, the developers could implement these functions as a columnitem in a query. Average function, Count function, Min and Max functions and Sum functions are the rest of the topics covered in this article. The sample source code is ready with each function.
Tags: online , code , source , sourcecode , author , sample , expression , functions ,

 Common Applications of Regular Expressions

This is an online tutorial that contributes with ASP programmers who have knowledge about regular expressions. Here the author clearly says that in this tutorial the provided sample codes are written using MS scripting engines version 5.5. This article says that the regular expression can be utilized to parse text data files into sections and thereby to import into a database, authenticate email and password etc.,
Tags: email , password , data , text , online , files , using , import , scripting , into , version , tutorial , author , sample , knowledge , expression , parse , regularexpression , codes , engines ,

 The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions

The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about expression validator control which evaluates whether the input value has the similar expression with the defined expressions. In this tutorial the author discusses about character matching, repetation matching, matching special character, and about alternation and grouping which helps in expression checking.
Tags: control , tutorial , character , value , author , validator , matching , input , expression , special ,

 How can I perform form validation with ASP+?

How can I perform form validation with ASP+? is an ASP.NET tutorial in which users can gather information about several validators which perform server side form validation. Here the author duscusses about range validator, required field validator, compare validator, regular expression validator and custom validator and also gives brief details about each validator.
Tags: server , information , form , compare , custom , tutorial , validation , author , validator , field , expression , users , regularexpression ,

 Using the ASP.NET Validation controls.

Using the ASP.NET Validation control is a web based tutorial which helps the users by providing information about validation controls and the methods of utilizing these validation control for validating web forms. Through this article the users can get idea about required field validator, compare validator, regular expression validator and custom validator and their usage in various aspects of validating the web form.
Tags: web , control , information , compare , custom , tutorial , usage , controls , validation , validator , field , for , expression , webbased , users , regularexpression ,

 OrElse and AndAlso operators: moving to DotNet part 5

OrElse and AndAlso operators: moving to DotNet part 5 is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author gives brief description about the procedure for utilizing AndAlso and OrElse operators to execute the process of short circuiting checks. The author gives details about short circuting, which helps in evaluating a expression in a statement.
Tags: easy , process , tutorial , author , execute , for , expression , part , moving ,


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