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 A Look at ASP 3.0

ASP learners can get more information on ASP 3.0 through this tutorial. It describes about the effective and fast methods in ASP added newly which are Server.Transfer and Server.Execute. And explains that these functions can be used to eliminate the long and slow process of Response.Redirect and to execute external scripts and to return control to calling ASP page respectively.
Tags: control , fast , information , scripts , page , process , eliminate , execute , functions ,

 Timing ASP Execution using a Profiling Component

This tutorial educates you about how to time the execution speed of various ASP applications parts to the millisecond using the profiling component. Describes the functionalities of two in-built methods ProfileStart() and ProfileStop() to execute this process. An online demo in this tutorial lets you understand quickly and the sample program provides syntax to implement this task in your scripting.
Tags: program , time , online , speed , using , task , demo , tutorial , applications , syntax , execute , parts , sample ,

 Using the Eval and Execute Functions

This ASP tutorial explains the two arithmetic string functions with clear examples. Teaches that EVAL function can be used to evaluate a mathematic function which contains more than one arithmetic operation within one statement where as EXECUTE command is described that it is used to execute a expression that has been given within quotes. And explains the various options to be used with the functions.
Tags: tutorial , function , command , options , string , clear , execute , expression , functions , arithmetic , evaluate ,

 Scheduling the Execution of an ASP Script

This online ASP articles describes the existing ways in ASP to schedule the execution of ASP files and describes about one more method to execute the same process. It is suggested to utilize Windows Scripting Host (WHS) using which you can request the IE to execute a URL and explains the Windows 95/98 Scheduler facility to schedule this code as per your needs.
Tags: online , files , code , schedule , using , execute , articles , method ,


Yaab is an address book software written in PHP. This supports two databases, ie- MySQL and PostgreSQL. This supports basic functions like inserting or deleting or editing mails. This also searches for a particular mail address from the mail lists. This also helps to send sms, emails, phone number lists, etc. This easy to use script can be easily installed. Easy to execute this programme.
Tags: software , mail , easy , book , script , address , phone , send , addressbook , editing , basic , number , execute , for , functions , searches ,

 phpGD Bar Graph

PhpGD Bar Graph is a graphical programme that lets you to create colourful, customizable bar graphs for your web pages or for web applications. You can customize according to your own needs. Has facility to insert your own logo to the bottom corner of the graph. Feature highlights are, easily add the graphs to your pages using the html image tag, changing structure of amount of numbers to display in y axis, easy changing of width and height of the graph, easy installation, etc. Easy to execute this programme.
Tags: image , html , web , create , easy , using , bar , display , graph , customize , numbers , pages , insert , graphs , logo , execute , for , webpages , structure , changing , graphical ,


aiptwirl is a Java animation button applet in which you can supply any of your images as input image and implement a real-time twirling effect at a random center or mouse location on the image. You can also link it with URL. To execute it try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to reach the linked URL if any. Customizable parameters include size of image, image height, delay of animation etc.
Tags: image , images , animation , effect , mouse , link , applet , button , size , random , move , into , click , location , input , execute ,


This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,


This is an application in PHP script very useful to create a DHTML menu building. Suitable for developing web business. This tool has horizontal or vertical orientation of with hierarchical highlights. Cross-browser support detects and offers a tailored DHTML menu flex menu object automatically to work on Windows. Easy to install and execute this software.
Tags: web , tool , create , menu , script , application , install , support , work , automatically , object , vertical , execute , for , useful , horizontal ,

 Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Become a JavaScript expert in record time with JavaScript Editor, and reap the benefits: - Design great web pages: transform your Web pages from displaying static content to live, dynamic, interactive applications. - Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor for batch processing and common computing tasks on your local files or the intranet, and - Create stand-alone programs: create fully-fledged HTML Applications (HTA) powered by JavaScript. Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Enjoy JavaScript editing using a range of built-in tools: tutorials with plenty of examples, fast function finder, Intellisense and auto-complete, context-sensitive help, code folding, and categorized code solutions. Eradicate syntax errors in no time: JavaScript Editor finds them, highlights them, and explains them. Automate repetitive tasks and easily reuse your code with the only few keystrokes by using the state-of-the-art template and script management. Cutting edge: execute any portion of your JavaScript code straight from the Editor - no web page needed!
Tags: web , create , time , files , fast , record , code , batch , script , using , page , content , tasks , webpage , automate , editing , template , interactive , run , processing , errors , function , local , pages , applications , syntax , expert , execute , real , for , webpages , keystrokes , tutorials , transform , computing , static ,


Menu class is a tool for making simple menu tables. This application allows you to make horizontal menu or vertical menu easily. An online demo is available on the website and this makes you a clear understanding. It has mouse over effect. Easy installation is a notable feature of this script. Easy to execute this programme.
Tags: tool , online , menu , website , make , application , mouse , class , demo , simple , installation , vertical , feature , clear , execute , for , available , horizontal ,

 Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP

Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP is a group of object which helps to do a desired task with the help of functionalities that it has. This tool has various objects and each has individual functions. HTTP object has features like capability to enter into any URL, provide NTML authentication etc. Command object has features like allowing to execute any command, to customize object security etc. RegExp object offers features like providing expressions in PERL and POSIX. Script object has various features set like is name, is alpha, is password,etc. And also it includes charts and spell check.
Tags: security , tool , help , task , set , into , charts , customize , group , spell , object , execute , for , features , objects , authentication ,

 Huge Ebook Store & Membership Website

Huge Ebook Store & Membership Website is an useful utility for users who like to earn money through E-commerce. This application allows the users to execute online business from their home just by registering their memebership form. This utility offers various features like providing more that 20 informational ebooks for sale, providing books to guide the internet marketer, web publishers etc.
Tags: internet , web , utility , online , business , application , money , home , ebooks , execute , for , features , guide , useful , users , books ,

 Cache Expiration Callbacks In ASP.NET

This is an ASP tutorial which describes about callback function in ASP.NET framework. In this article author describes about triggering a function which fires if any item from the catch memory gets expired. Here there are few step by step procedures which can be uilized by the .NET programmers to execute the call back function. This article offers sample codes and examples for easy understanding.
Tags: easy , memory , tutorial , call , function , author , execute , sample , for , back , codes , examples ,

 VB COM Object Automates MTS Administration

VB COM Object Automates MTS Administration is an tutorial through which programmers can gather enhanced information about creating an COM object to observe and execute the MTS explorer using VB. This component make use of several catalog and collection objects of MTS to administer and set properties. The author provides sample code for easy understanding.
Tags: component , easy , explorer , make , code , information , creating , using , collection , catalog , set , tutorial , object , author , execute , sample , for , objects ,


Freelancer is a PHP utility in which the programmers have provision to select their desired project. Through this website the users can communicate with the project owners about the project, its utility and the method of executing the project. This utility gives guidelines to execute the various job types and its requirements. An useful system for the Freelancers.
Tags: utility , system , website , project , job , execute , for , select , useful , users , method ,

 PHP MySQL Table manager

PHP MySQL Table manager is a php based database script. This program brings an easy administration of MySQL database. Without any difficulty you can create, drop or rename database tables. Altering table structures by adding or dropping keys and indexes can be done with this program. This script helps to add, remove or alter the properties of coloums and edit, add, search or delete table records. Requirements are PHP4.1.0 or greater and a MySql databse to use this system. Easy to download and execute this program.
Tags: download , database , search , program , manager , delete , easy , php , remove , script , table , rename , administration , keys , drop , execute , properties ,


This script is helpful for the users to generate task scheduling utility on their projects which helps them to manage all task scheduling aspects like, task status tracking, catalog currently running task etc., Users can choose their required task and then they have to enter it to the task scheduler to execute in a given period of time.
Tags: utility , script , catalog , scheduler , task , manage , scheduling , generate , execute , for , taskscheduler , users , period , projects ,

 Convert MDB database to another format

Convert MDB database to another format is a web based tutorial in which users can learn more about converting to Access 2000 database format from MDB database format. In this article author offers few codes, users can copy and paste it in their website to execute this process in their website.
Tags: database , web , website , copy , format , learn , 2000 , process , paste , converting , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , users ,

 Optimization Tips For ASP.NET Applications

Optimization Tips For ASP.NET Applications is a web based tutorial which deals with tips and tricks that have to be adapted to execute the ASP.NET application in an optimized way. Here author elaborates about various functionalities and objects that should be implemented and avoiding several concepts inorder to increase the performance of that application.
Tags: web , application , performance , tips , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , objects , increase ,

 Increasing the Execution Speed of Your ASP Programs

Increasing the Execution Speed of Your ASP Programs is an ASP tutorial which specifically concentrates on increasing the speed of the execution process for increasing the performance of the ASP application. Here author describes about various methods like disabling session state, declaring option explicit, avoiding response.writeblock function to execute more that one and more.
Tags: speed , performance , process , tutorial , function , author , execute , for , option , session ,

 Using Multiple Recordsets with a Single Database Connection

In this article the author comes with a short method by building a Macro to open a database connection to a data source, recordset creation and query execution. The author illustrates how to build multiple recordsets to execute different queries with one simple connection to the database object. The sample source code is available.
Tags: database , data , code , source , query , multiple , open , connection , sourcecode , simple , build , author , creation , execute , sample , method , building ,

 Simple Component Creation Tutorial - Part 1

Simple Component Creation Tutorial - Part 1 is a tutorial through which beginners can learn more about COM components and its uses. In this tutorial author tells the way to access the functionalities to execute an application and the method to access all the objects of the COM components.
Tags: access , application , learn , components , tutorial , author , execute , objects , method ,

 Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)

This tutorial briefly describes about how to execute ASP.NET within a command line. To perform this action the users have to follow the given three procedures. The author says it supports a hosting framework for execution. Description and steps given in this tutorial are easy to understand.
Tags: action , easy , tutorial , command , author , execute , for , framework , users , hosting ,

 View Source Module

View Source Module is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author explains the process of allowing the users to only view the application source code and prohibiting them to change any content in the web page. Here author offers source code to execute the above said process with the help of example and source code.
Tags: web , help , code , application , view , change , source , content , process , sourcecode , tutorial , author , execute , users ,

 Server-Side Includes Reference

This is a quick reference SSI article that helps you to know about the various directives and how to use them. #include, #config, #echo, #exec, #flastmod, #fsize are the directives of ASP discussed in this article. You can place the size of the file easily in each web page using the #fsize directive and you can also execute server variable using #exec directive. All these SSI are showed with syntax in this reference article.
Tags: file , web , server , using , page , webpage , quick , size , reference , syntax , execute ,

 RS Rings

This is an application for the webmasters to create their own ring service on the website. This will expand from two to thousands and so on. With this script you can develop a ring directory on the website. This is an user friendly script easy to download and install. Easy to execute software.
Tags: download , create , easy , script , application , directory , service , user , execute , for , develop ,


68Classifieds is a PHP based software for posting classified advertisement. This script supports image upload using GD library. The notable features are, two checkout integration, has powerful admin control panel, can charge depending on advertisement features, bulk email users, paypal integration, has insert category to sub category. Simple to execute this programme.
Tags: software , email , image , control , script , using , upload , bulk , admin , insert , execute , for , features , paypal , powerful ,

 Multi Search Engine

Multi Search Engine, as the name indicates implements the use of three familiar and popular search engines for the web into your webpage. With this all the three engines can be incorporated in just a single page of your web site. Uses search engines like the, altavista or google to execute quick search. The script can be copied on to your web page to implement this feature in your web site.
Tags: web , search , script , page , webpage , google , quick , name , into , popular , feature , execute , for , engines ,

 PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist

PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist is an application for users to run a successful professional safelist system and earn more revenue. Features are, free members send to only other free member and paid maembers can send to all free and pro members, automated and instant free to pro upgrades, automated sending of account info upon sign up, automated resending of members account info. Admin has full administration area, uses cookies for all login areas and easy installation features. Simple to execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: online , system , easy , application , send , demo , cookies , administration , instant , run , account , professional , pro , login , automated , installation , info , execute , for , features , users , sign , available , sending ,


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