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 Advertisements Free Banners Exchange

1800 banners provides you a solution to display the advertisement for your website in others website at no cost. This can be done by exchanging banners and display other's banners on your website. The exchange ratio offered is 2:1 and also users will receive 1000 banner impressions on sign up. Other features include real time banner statistics that displays information regarding the number of times your ads are displayed and clicked by the users etc.
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 Ace Helpdesk Software

Ace Helpdesk Software is an easy to intergrate PHP based help desk application by which the programmers can construct helpdesk in their website inorder to give support to the site visitors. This application offers various features like allowing the members to exchange information through emails, facilitate the provision of editing the knowledge base, allowing ticket to be added along with email sections and more.
Tags: email , website , easy , help , information , site , application , exchange , helpdesk , editing , support , knowledge , features , ticket , desk , construct ,


This program keeps a list of the web sites that want to exchange links. The list tells you what the site is about and who they want to exchange links with. The list is kept in a database to protect it from e-mail spiders. To see the list, you must join. The program comes with the ability for the program owner to delete any record in the database by using their password.
Tags: database , web , program , protect , delete , record , site , list , using , links , exchange , for , sites , owner ,

 eSyndiCat Links Exchange Script

eSyndiCat links exchange script allows you create Yahoo or Dmoz like directory on your site. PageRank display feature, Alexa rank, multiple editors, multiple admins help you build directory on your site without any problems. eSyndiCat links exchange script is a free software with life-time support, free upgrades, and well documented. Get it free now.
Tags: software , create , help , site , script , directory , display , links , multiple , exchange , freesoftware , build ,

 Anime Chains Banner Exchange

Anime Chains Banner Exchange helps you to display your banners on the websites of other member sites free of cost and to exchange them in a ratio of 1:1 for a standard banner dimension 468x60 which can be either in gif or in jpg format. It allows you to upload multiple banners at the same time and provides you with statistics for credit and impression tracking etc.
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 dotSilver Partner

DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. We delivered the software with the simplest and smoothest yet funny user experience with a serious wonders-at-your-feet technical background working with the shared database. This product is created for those webmasters (companies and individuals) who want to launch a dating site (normally, installed within 10 minutes) working with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites. software features: Live Flash Chat with smilies; Flash Instant Messenger with smilies; Secure double blind messaging system; Advanced search capability; Matchmaking. Upcoming features: Advanced full-featured link exchange script; Web chat.
Tags: software , database , search , website , site , chat , script , link , exchange , background , user , launch , messaging , funny , product , technical , for , global , dating , shared ,

 Skalinks Links Management Script

SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept. Software features: links exchange; categories hierarchy support; virtual categories support; related categories support; admin panel; customizable settings; statistics display; broken links verification support; fast-to-customize layout interface; advertisement system; multi-criterion search; script installer; directory editors system. advanced system of most popular related searches; "Search panel" added to "Edit URL" page; advanced system of letter subtemplates; link's editor name display added;
Tags: editor , system , display , link , links , exchange , name , layout , popular , letter , for , sites , verification , editors ,


phplinkexchange is a simple link exchange program and is a simple script based on php. With the help of phplinkexchange users can generate link exchange on their websites. phpClickXchange creates associate or affiliate lists. These lists can be placed into your web page via SSI. Placing the site which sends the most hits in the best position and least hits in the worst position. Installation is easy and quick.
Tags: web , program , easy , help , site , script , page , generate , link , webpage , best , exchange , simple , into , lists , position , users ,

 Employee Resume Posting and Editing Application

This tutorial explains with an online employment exchange to the readers to build their own online resume site. The employees who seeks job could enroll their name and submit their resume. This article also provides a complete registration process asking the employee's wish to work in the country, state and category basis. They could also edit and view their curriculam vitae. The sample coding sheet is displayed for better understanding.
Tags: online , edit , view , exchange , process , name , resume , job , build , work , tutorial , submit , sheet , sample , for , registration , complete , coding ,

 Automate link exchange

Automate link exchange is an online reciprocal link exchange software that allow users to promote their websites by increasing link reputation. Using both the auto and real time validation and checking methodology you will be able to manage all website links effectively. Several advanced features are available in the script among which some of them to mention are increased search engine ranking, automatic link management, instant mail notification, muiltiple language support, status management etc.,
Tags: software , search , mail , time , online , management , website , script , automatic , language , manage , auto , link , links , advanced , exchange , engine , instant , searchengine , checking , validation , websites , real , features , users , available ,

 Banner HQ

This remotely hosted banner exchange utility helps web developers and webmasters to show their website with banner ads to stabilize their income by using a simple HTML code presented by this site. If the webmasters want to display their banners on the other sites, this tool helps them and it increases their sites traffic regularly as per click.
Tags: web , utility , tool , website , code , using , show , display , traffic , exchange , ads , simple , income , banner , sites , banners ,

 Banner Ad Central

This is a banner exchange system that offers exchange ratio of 10:9. This offers webmasters to boost the viewer traffic to their websites easily and quickly. The main features of this system is that it supports all types of media files including flash and allows you to display ads in three different sizes which are standard banner size, button and mini banner size.
Tags: flash , files , system , viewer , media , display , traffic , exchange , ads , button , boost , banner , mini , websites , features , standard ,

This is a free banner exchange service exchange. Allows you to promote your web site for in your own private labeled banner exchange it also lets you sign up and build your own banner the version it operates is 1.0
Tags: web , site , service , exchange , private , build , version , banner , for , sign ,

 AutoLinks Lite/Pro

AutoLinks Lite/Pro is high featured exchange software that provides too many functions to upgrade your site rating. Tags supports to include your links. Control panel can manage all link exchanges. In / out stats are recorded by site, by referrer, and by day. Links can be ordered in under top, new, and custom. Image system supports customizable image dimensions with links. Signup form allows multiple users. Information, newsletter can be sent to all referrers. Admin area supports template modifications. Refferers can link your websites directly. Credit system is included which fix a ratio for each refferer and finds hits. Supports SMTP server for emailing tools. It has a live demo.
Tags: software , image , server , system , site , form , manage , link , fix , links , multiple , exchange , template , newsletter , area , live , stats , websites , for , functions , out , upgrade , emailing ,

 Bocazas WebChat

This is a web chat client built on java, which can be used with any familiar registered IRC network. It supports text colours and most of the IRC commands. Users can have the facility of direct connection for chat between them and it is possible to exchange files to each other. This system supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch etc.,
Tags: web , text , files , system , client , chat , multiple , exchange , connection , languages , for ,


BuildTraffic is a traffic generating program that helps users to increase their site traffic. Many resources are avaliable for generating traffic like check ranking that is used to check your site ranking on the top search engines, meta tag generator which creates tags for your site, banner advertising using which you can advertise your site on the net, checking popularity, exchange links and more.
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 Euro Conversion Component

Euro Conversion Component is an ASP application with which you can evaluate euro currency values. Users are facilitated with an option to specify either the currency symbol or the exchange rate for the conversion process and the built-in exchange rate allows users to change those exchange values as per the market values. There are also provisions to round monetary values correct to two decimal places and to perform triangulation calculations between the various euro currencies. This software can be integrated on any existing website that supports OLE automation. Important features include dual display, rate display for the conversions, maastricht compliant rounding etc.,
Tags: software , website , conversion , application , change , display , exchange , process , currency , market , rate , for , features , users , euro , option , evaluate , decimal , symbol ,

 Cloanto's Currency Server

This is an useful e-commerce software that has the ability to perform currency conversions. The main highlight of this software is that all transactions are carried locally and performs conversions based on the current exchange rates. There are several plug-in filters to ease your conversion process in various formats. Key features include optimized performances, currency data caching, SOAP interface, fast and effective conversions etc.,
Tags: software , data , conversion , fast , exchange , process , currency , filters , features , useful ,


This is a program using which webmasters can have a currency exchange on their ASP.NET websites for ecommerce business. Customers can have a currency exchange service for over 150 currencies and updated from leading financial providers. It supports data binding for different types of web controls and performs rate exchange in a secured manner.
Tags: web , program , data , using , service , ecommerce , exchange , financial , currency , controls , websites , rate , for , is a tell-a-friend system, this script provides you many designed themes to suit your website color scheme. If anyone sends message to anybody, your credit will be displayed 4 time in other member's thank you page with the help of text exchange system. You can have a statistical representation of the message sendings. It has field for message(optional) other than your name and email fields and 10 friends email fields in it to be easily customized.
Tags: email , text , time , website , help , color , script , message , page , exchange , name , themes , credit , field , for , friends , fields ,


Webamsters can utilize this program to add a currency exchange on their existing ASP.NET websites for their ecommerce businesses. This program is based on C# and uses XML to store the data and updation is automatically done. Customers can have the facilities to have an exchange service for more than 190 currencies and valuable metals. Webmasters can easily modify the stored data by adding or deleting prices and can display the relevant images for each currency. This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters and allows them to customize this program to their needs.
Tags: program , data , images , service , display , ecommerce , exchange , store , automatically , currency , customize , websites , for , features , modify ,


phpBannerExchange is a PHP/mySQL script that allows an administrator with minimal knowledge of PHP and mySQL to run a banner exchange.This script was inspired by some of the greatest ad rotation scripts on the 'net such as Webadverts and phpAdsNew. Version 1.2 includes quite a few new features thrown in to make it a more complete exchange application. Be sure to check out the installation directions, the Changelog and the Upgrade instructions for more information.
Tags: make , script , check , scripts , exchange , administrator , run , installation , banner , knowledge , for , features , rotation , complete , out ,

 PT Scripts Traffic Exchange

By far the ultimate traffic exchange script!! All of this and more... Sell Accounts. Sell Credits. Sell Banner Space. Sell Text Ads. Sell Extra Url Space. Sell Referrals. Built-in Paid To Click. Full Live Graphic Stats In Admin. Built-in Referral Contest. Built-in Manual Surf Contest. Limit Number Of Urls Added. Allow members To Sell Unwanted Credits To Each Other. Auto Surf Bars / Manual Surf bars. Auto/Manual Paid Surf Bars. Advanced Site Testers. Built-in Numbers Game. Built-in Message System To Contact Admin Direct. Built-in Live Chat. Built-in Auto Surf Contest. Advanced Search. Banner Manager. 24 Hour Stats. Message Board. Full Live Graphic Stats On All Members Accounts. Built-in Database Back-up. Built-in Database Maintenance. Much More
Tags: traffic , exchange , ultimate ,

 Accessing Outlook 98 Contacts in ASP Pages

This is an article that provides information about tracking contact details by accessing outlook 98 in ASP pages. Here the author illustrates this process by dealing on creating a purchase order tracker. The author makes it possible by creating an outlook contact folder part of the public folders and thereby to run public folders through exchange server with the help of Collaboration Data Objects.
Tags: outlook , server , folder , help , information , creating , folders , tracking , contact , exchange , process , run , author , purchase , exchangeserver , public , part , purchaseorder ,

 Article exchange software

Article exchange software for php. Publish articles and exchange them with other sites. You can create categories where the articles will be listed. Publish or remove them within seconds.
Tags: software , create , remove , exchange , for , articles ,


Devbistro is a site that helps the webmasters to post their web based jobs freely and find suitable freelancers. They provide an exchange of quality of work. New postings are added on daily basis and no registration is required. This is an online market place to offer jobs and find jobs in website designing and related areas.
Tags: web , online , website , find , site , exchange , market , quality , daily , post , webbased , registration , jobs ,


freemerchant offers four different packages for creating and managing an online store on your website with which you can sell products and services immediately in a secured way. It offers you with 60 different templates to integrate with your website. Other features of this system include secured shopping cart with optional credit card services, inventory manager, traffic logs which enters the traffic based on daily, weekly, monthly basis, banner exchange feature and has many other features.
Tags: online , system , website , creating , inventory , traffic , exchange , templates , store , services , shopping , banner , credit , feature , shoppingcart , logs , for , creditcard , features , sell , monthly ,


TrafficCenter is famous for exchanging tool on PHP websites. It provides many modules to perform a professional exchange. URLs are allowed unlimitedly. Credit transaction is done easily. Graphical oriented interface is available. Malicious entries can be detected. Admin manages users and sponsors account. Analyzing signup for credits, exchange ratio are done automatically. Time can be set to display banners. Newsletter facility is included. Template driven module supports editing with appearance. Views and clicks can be counted for individual language. Back-up function keeps data safe. Banners are uploaded unlimitedly. Entry of unauthoirzed users are found using IP address, proxy-filter, and session tracking. Online is available to expalin the features in a easy way of understanding.
Tags: tool , data , easy , using , display , exchange , editing , module , professional , set , function , interface , for , features , entries , famous , users , banners , available , session ,


This site is reffered to exchange text links in many websites which is written in PHP modules. Admin area supports graphical evaluation. Members, users, sponsors and sites can be approved manually. Exchange allows multiple user and sponsor support banner ads. Refferer system is available to which level and percentage can be defined. Time can be set to show ads in different times. Hits, clicks are counted for seperate languages. Templates are used to cutomise the code to match your site. Proxy server can be disabled. Wrong entries are found automatically. Single account can have multiple site administration. Text links supports numerous link size. Links are counted through view and clicks. Online demo illustrates the features effectively.
Tags: text , server , system , code , site , view , show , demo , link , links , multiple , exchange , user , ads , support , account , area , set , banner , match , websites , for , sites , features , entries , available , graphical ,

 Simple Reciprocal Link Exchange

This link exchange module can be run with all PHP based websites which is more useful to increase your website traffic with more visitors. You can build a reciprocal link directory on your system to allow your visitors to access more links that are available with your site and also allows them to exchange more links with link directory. Requires no database, email validator is included with this module to send HTML code using copy and paste functions.
Tags: email , system , access , website , copy , code , site , using , directory , send , link , traffic , links , exchange , run , module , build , paste , validator , websites , useful , increase , available ,


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