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 COM Functions in PHP4 (Windows)

This is a tutorial that teaches the users how to handle COM functions through a real PHP4 programming by using examples like ms office 2000 word, excel programs and adobe distiller program. This tutorial provides info to the users about the use of tag functions for PHP4 COM which can be used when the OOP construct does not work. This tutorial tells the users that they can reach the COM methods and properties by using the OOP class. In this tutorial the application program should document its COM methods and properties.
Tags: program , excel , programs , office , document , application , using , programming , adobe , 2000 , tag , ms , tutorial , info , properties , real , for , functions , users , construct , examples ,

 Cache Expiration Callbacks In ASP.NET

This is an ASP tutorial which describes about callback function in ASP.NET framework. In this article author describes about triggering a function which fires if any item from the catch memory gets expired. Here there are few step by step procedures which can be uilized by the .NET programmers to execute the call back function. This article offers sample codes and examples for easy understanding.
Tags: easy , memory , tutorial , call , function , author , execute , sample , for , back , codes , examples ,

 PHP Tutorial (Part 1)

From this tutorial one can develop their skills in programming PHP. This tutorial offers huge examples of how to build PHP program, how to open and end tags while coding PHP, what are the variables available in PHP and how to use that, types of comments and its feature and many more information has been given in this tutorial with useful examples.
Tags: information , programming , open , build , tutorial , feature , skills , tags , useful , develop , available , coding , examples ,

 Date Example

Date Example is a tutorial which helps the users the examples for date and time function written using VB Script on their websites. This tutorial also describes about the DateAdd function which is used to include particular time to the date which is present. This tutorial also shows the intervals for years, months, etc.
Tags: time , using , date , tutorial , function , for , users , intervals , examples ,


Select part of Date is a tutorial which helps the users to choose only a portion of the date on their websites. Some examples with ASP and VB Script and the procedure using these examples are explained. This is an important and helpful tutorial for the users.
Tags: using , date , tutorial , for , users , part , examples ,

 SQL Queries Explained

This is an online article in which the author explains about SQL Queries in ASP. Along with the description of its basic parts, the article covers the SQL SubQueries and SQL Date Formats. The tabular column presentation might help the developers to understand very quickly. The author proceeds with examples and its sample source code.
Tags: online , help , presentation , source , basic , author , sample , column , examples , covers ,

 Tools Component

Tools Component is an webbased ASP tutorial in which author demonstrates about tool component through which users can access various complex functionalities for their website. The author explains this topic with the help of examples and sample code.
Tags: tool , component , access , help , tutorial , author , sample , for , users , examples ,

 Ad Rotator Component

Ad Rotator Component is an article in which author demonstrates about Ad Rotator Component which generates the AD rotor object which helps in rotating the images of the add in the web pages, which is specified in the rotor scheduler file. Here the step by step method to utilize AD rotor components and also sample code and examples are presented, users can make use of it.
Tags: web , images , make , code , scheduler , components , object , author , sample , users , method , examples ,

 Counters Component

This article tells us about counter object which is created by counter component inorder to store, create, increment and retrieve any number of count in the website. Here there are few examples and sample code for executing the counter with various methods like get, increment, set and remove.
Tags: component , code , number , retrieve , set , counter , count , object , sample , for , us , examples ,

 Converting Visio files in ASP.NET

Converting Visio files in ASP.NET is an article through which beginners can learn about the procedure that have to be adapted to transform visio files into .jpg files with the help of ASP.NET applications. The author explains this method with various examples for easy and better understanding.
Tags: files , easy , help , learn , into , author , for , transform , method , examples ,

 Text Input Validation

Text Input Validation is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about validating the users input in the form field and the method to allow the user to enter acceptable amount of characters into the form field and to reject the form if the inserted character exceeds the acceptable characters. Here the author explains the above said procedure with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: help , form , source , user , into , tutorial , character , author , input , field , characters , users , method , examples ,

 Retrieving File Information In ASP.NET

Retrieving File Information In ASP.NET is an tutorial in which author discusses about the procedure of gathering various informations about the specified file. This tutorial teaches the method of collecting the file informations like creation time, directory name, extension time etc. The author elaborates the above said procedure with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: file , time , help , directory , source , tutorial , extension , author , creation , method , examples ,

 Using a Script Library

Using a Script Library is an article through which programmers can get idea about Script library and the method of including it in ASP.NET web pages. This tutorial teaches the method of executing the above said process with the help of examples and source code. This tutorial will be helpful for the ASP.NET programmers and beginners.
Tags: web , library , help , source , process , tutorial , for , method , examples ,

 RequiredFieldValidator Control

RequiredFieldValidator Control is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can learn about RequiredFieldValidator which evaluate the web form fields and detect if any unfilled fields are available. Here is the source code which helps in performing the above said process the author explains this source code with examples for easy understanding.
Tags: web , easy , code , form , learn , source , process , sourcecode , detect , tutorial , author , for , webform , fields , evaluate , examples ,


Aspose.Email is a pure C#, fully managed, robust and reliable component, allowing you to send email from your applications.It has zero reliance on CDONTS, on which System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail is built. Using of Aspose.Email allows you to absolutely avoid using of unmanaged code in your aplications, increase reliability and decrease costs for debugging. Aspose.Email is feature rich and provides services, that System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail does not. For example, Aspose.Email offers user authentication, mail merge and much more.Aspose.Email has compact and intuitive object model, that along with complete documentation and featured examples allows you to quick start using Aspose.Email in you aplication, avoiding usual "learning curve".The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.
Tags: email , mail , code , using , send , merge , quick , user , start , into , documentation , object , mailmerge , feature , compact , for , features , reliability , increase , complete , examples ,


Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and value;fill the field through the specified field name; Flatten some specified field or all the fields of the pdf documents; Customize your Pdf document reporting application in minutes from 48 fully-working examples in C#, Visual Basic .Net.etc. Application scenario includes mailmerge from an database and invoices with master relation.The last version support to import data from fdf file into pdf and export data from pdf into fdf; etc.
Tags: file , database , pdf , data , component , export , document , application , import , read , name , support , into , version , reporting , invoices , field , master , fields , examples ,

 Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how to handle files of your website, to open the files and to read the content of the files line by line. The author in this tutorial has illustrated the methods with two examples on how to create a new text file and write the contents on it, and how to record visitor's IP address in a file.
Tags: file , create , text , files , record , write , address , learn , content , open , read , simple , line , tutorial , author , contents , examples ,

 Form to mail form (.asp)

Form to mail form (.asp) is a tutorial which displays three types of examples for teaching the readers how to construct email forms on their websites. It also explains how to get all the information from the form to the email by using FormAction. Formtomail asp is used to store all the information to the text file which are copied from the table.
Tags: email , file , mail , text , asp , information , using , form , forms , store , tutorial , teaching , for , construct , examples ,

 Generic JMAIL

ASP programmers can learn all basic aspects with sending emails through Jmail component. Given simple HTML and text examples teaches you how to use the syntax. Provides you all the functions that are needed to send a mail online. Also, provides functions to handle errors with sending mails.
Tags: mail , text , learn , send , emails , simple , basic , errors , functions , sending , examples ,


These web-based applet collection uses images and implements various visual effects over it. This freeware package of Java buttons operates in realtime and can be used to enhance your web site. These programs include comments in HTML examples for easy testing and installation. All the Java buttons supports resizing of images and use of your own favorite images apart from the various visual effects.
Tags: freeware , web , images , easy , programs , collection , visual , effects , applet , buttons , testing , package , enhance , favorite , for , resizing , examples ,

 Executing External Applications From Your .NET Application

Few worked out examples to show that the programmers could run an external application from .NET applications is the main content of this online tutorial. The author listed out those type of execution process like running BCP in SQL Server, running batch scripts, creating few add-in application and opening read me file at the end. At the end of the article the author shows few usages too along with sample code.
Tags: file , online , batch , creating , me , application , show , content , process , read , run , type , applications , author , sample , out , examples ,

 Tracking File Downloads

Tracking File Downloads is a web based tutorial in which author describes about the process of developing a programme to track the file downloads on the website.Using this one can build a programme to count the file downloads on the site. Here the author describes the procedure for executing the above said process with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: file , web , help , downloads , source , track , process , build , tutorial , count , author , for , webbased , examples ,

 ASP.NET File Upload

ASP.NET File Upload is a web based tutorial in which author describes about constructing a uploading form, which helps the users to select a particular file and then by clicking the submit button the files will be stored automatically in the webserver. The author discusses about the above said process with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: file , web , files , help , source , process , button , automatically , tutorial , submit , author , select , webbased , users , examples ,

 Getting the HTML Web Form Name in Code

Getting the HTML Web Form Name in Code is an article in which author discusses about the procedure to retrieve the HTML web form name through java script using the clientID property. The author explains about the codes with examples and also he explains about ClientID prorperty and the method to utilize this to retrieve the HTML web form name.
Tags: web , java , script , using , form , name , retrieve , author , webform , method , codes , examples ,

 Load Down: Application Center Test

This is an online tutorial that helps programmers in knowing about a debugging tool known as ACT which can be used to load and test a .NET application. Here the author illustrates this process by providing examples and lets the programmers find solution by providing sample codes.
Tags: tool , online , find , test , process , tutorial , solution , load , author , sample , examples , debugging ,

 How To Parse Strings in ASP or VBScript

Strings in ASP and VBScript applications can be manipulated as you need and the required functions are demonstrated on this ASP tutorial with a detailed explanation. Provided examples shows the process of retrieving substrings from the left, right and center from the text, finding the position of a specific character in a string, replacing existing string with new text and more.
Tags: text , process , tutorial , applications , character , string , position , functions , examples ,

 Converting to upper and lower case

With the help of this ASP learning resource, you will learn easily and quickly about the function in ASP and VBS strings to convert the text with small letters. How to assign the values to the function variables are illusrated with few examples and the required LCase() function is available with it's functionable format.
Tags: convert , text , help , learn , learning , small , function , available , examples ,

 Accessible Website Menu - Ultimate Drop Down Menu

This is a full-featured menu creation and manipulation software. Ability to generate search engine and user friendly menus with optimum styles, effects and animations. Menus can be configured as horizontal menus, vertical menus, expanding menus, and many more. Provided examples explain different types of menus.
Tags: search , menu , effects , generate , user , menus , engine , searchengine , vertical , creation , horizontal , examples ,

 ASP Web Based Email Using Microsoft's CDONTS

Creating a ASP application to send emails using CDONTS can be learnt from this article. Provides 4 different examples that provides the required methods and properties to perform the email sending process. Forms can be included into site pages to collect information from your visitors which can be mailed to particular address after the ASP form submission.
Tags: email , information , site , application , using , address , form , send , emails , collect , into , pages , properties , sending , examples ,

 Regular Expression Sample

Regular Expression Sample is a web based tutorial in which author demonstrates the regular expression validator, which checks the form if there exist any invalid expressions. In this tutorial programmers can understand about the method of utilizing this validatoir control in the right way and also the author describes above said methods with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: web , control , help , form , source , tutorial , author , expression , webbased , regularexpression , checks , method , examples ,


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