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 Recurring Events using the Timer

Recurring Events using the Timer is an useful article for the .NET programmers to generate a recurring events by the help of timer class in .NET framework. The author gives detail information about various methods and properties of timer class and also the author gives brief description about each property.
Tags: help , information , using , timer , class , generate , events , author , properties , for , useful ,

 Session State in ASP.NET

Session State in ASP.NET is an article in which the author elaborates the state management methods such as using session events, session objects and session configuration in ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using the two session events such as session_start and session_end. This tutorial explains you the use of the session object with a sample program and also shows how to configure the session state using the tag of the config file.
Tags: program , management , using , tag , tutorial , events , syntax , object , author , configuration , sample , for , objects , configure , session ,

 2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software

2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software is applet designed with a view to give you full understanding of every features of the chart. This applet provides flexible components with which the developer can build dynamic and interactive bar graphs. This Graph is printer friendly with configurable scale. You can change the on and off buttons of chart grids, chart axis, outline and labels with desirable color. This graph provides features like label orientation, configurable depth of the 3D effect, display values on mouse over events and URL link on mouse click events and lot more.
Tags: chart , view , printer , change , bar , mouse , display , developer , graph , link , applet , components , buttons , interactive , label , build , dynamic , click , outline , events , labels , features ,

 2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software

2D / 3D Pie Chart creates Pie charts that can be incorporated into your Web Pages and supports features like depth of the 3D effect, rotation of the 3D effect, labels on and off, font and colors, pie sizes etc which can be configured easily. It offers both a client and server side solution. This is a printer friendly applet with multiple pies. It display values on Mouse Over events and URL link on Mouse Click events. Web authors and Java developers can easily build and publish dynamic and interactive Pie Charts.
Tags: server , client , printer , display , link , font , applet , multiple , publish , interactive , build , dynamic , into , charts , events , labels , pie , features , rotation ,

 88 script 's Event Calendar

This script is a simple event calendar. This is a PHP based programme. This script has the facility of adding important events of users. It is a simple navigator. The main features of this script are, searching facility is available to search your events, administrate module to configure how system works, slick organization etc.,
Tags: search , system , script , simple , module , event , events , searching , features , configure , organization , available ,

 Identifying Users in IIS using Exchange and LDAP

This is an article that covers on identifying users in an Intranet environment with Internet Information Server. Here the author instructs administrators to generate a page only accessible for IT department to schedule events of allowing users to acess resources periodically. This tutorial clearly explains about how to use LDAP in this process.
Tags: schedule , page , generate , tutorial , events , author , resources , environment , for , users , covers ,

 Events in JavaScript

Events in JavaScript is an excellent tutorial dealing with javascripts events. Software programmers and java professionals would be able to improve their technical knowledge in various events, their concepts, what they are and how to handle them in a a javascript. The author has given a brief note on various topics of events like object models, event objects, variations, target elements, capturing, redirecting, bubbling etc.
Tags: java , javascript , note , javascripts , tutorial , event , events , object , author , technical , knowledge , improve ,

 Reminder Service

The Reminder Service is a script available in PHP with which you can offer reminder service to your members. It allows the registered users to add any events or occasions for upto five years. The script does this by a crontab entry which checks the database and sends reminders. The admin is capable of modifying a message sent with the reminder e-mail. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: database , online , script , message , reminder , service , demo , admin , events , for , users , available , checks ,

 eDate Web Calendar

eDate is an event calendar that is a great Internet or Intranet application. With easy account setup, an already overworked webmaster can manage user accounts that easily allow events to be added, deleted or updated. This web application is unique in that you can create whatever look you need because the ASP source code is included. eDate's versatility is unlimited. Features 100% vbScript. No ActiveX components Easy to setup and modify Optimized calendar drawing algorithm Supports International date formats System Requirements MS Access 2000TM or MS SQL 7.0/2000 data source Requires Windows NT with IIS 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0
Tags: web , create , calendar , easy , code , application , source , 2000 , components , drawing , user , sourcecode , deleted , account , accounts , event , events , algorithm ,

 O-Kiraku Nikki

O-Kiraku Nikki is a simple calendar that navigates you perfectly by correct month, date, day and year. This software permits webmasters to display a calendar in your website. You can add your engagements and events in the calendar to remember. It displays your events in your web page. You can use it as a weblogger, scheduler. It supports multilanguage and has security.
Tags: software , web , calendar , display , simple , day , events , multilanguage ,

 ASP Easy Calendar

This is an easy to install, maintain, and use calendar script written in ASP using Access datanase. This will allows admin to maintain events. Events can be single day or multiple day events. The events can be validated with server side validation.
Tags: server , calendar , easy , script , using , multiple , admin , day , events , maintain ,

 AK DatePicker

AK DatePicker is a JavaScript tool helps the user to generate a calendar, time and some of the useful events in that particular day with the help of a pop up calendar in the web page. This tool works with the browser like Mozilla Firebird/Firefox 0.6.1+, Mozilla 1.3+,Internet explorer, and Netscape. This can be integrated into any active websites.
Tags: web , tool , time , calendar , browser , help , pop , generate , user , into , day , events , active , useful ,

 ACal Projects

ACal Projects is an efficient calender software designed to add events online now it has no-cache HTTP header. Using this calender script admin can add or remove events and dates only by logging into the control panel. Users are also facilitated with advanced features like ability to notify about the current and nearing future events with inbounds. This software is easy to use and can be integrated in to any website application.
Tags: software , online , control , website , easy , remove , script , advanced , admin , logging , into , events , notify , now , features , dates ,

 ASP & ASP.NET TreeView from VisualASP

The other features include: Fire events on the client when Expanding and Collapsing nodes. Capture the selected node on the client or server. Each node can have its own Image and ExpandedImage. Each node can be targeted to a unique URL and Frame. AutoScrolling to keep the selected node viewable in large trees. Single or MultiSelect option and many more.
Tags: client , events , features , option ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App

Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App is a tutorial which helps the users for including datas to the calendar on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is explained in stepwise process with an example. By going through this tutorial the users can create an event scheduling calendar on their websites.
Tags: create , calendar , scheduling , process , tutorial , event , events , for , users ,

 ASP Date Picker Popup Calendar

This tool is basically for generating a date picker calendar by which the web users can query their required date and events easily. Users can change the look of the calendar with the components provided in the tool. This utility can be accessed from any page like, ASP,, html etc., It has built in CSS component that helps them to configure the layout of calendar.
Tags: html , web , utility , tool , component , calendar , page , change , date , query , components , layout , events , picker , for , users , configure ,

 ASP Event Calendar

This script is basically built in ASP. This script helps web site owners to create an useful calendar on their site which displays date, day, month and year. It helps site visitors to add and remove their events from the calendar easily. Web owners can differentiate the events and they can form different categories according to the event type, hence it makes easy to the administrator and visitor to search their events quickly.
Tags: web , search , create , calendar , easy , remove , site , script , form , administrator , event , events , useful , visitor ,

 ASP-World.Com EventCalendar

An easy to use online calendar program to inform the world of upcoming events. This is an Easy to install and use applicaiton. This supports three view interfaces they are Default , Large Calendar and Entire Months Listing. This provides a Search feature which allows finding specific events. Supports unlimited events for a specific day. Protected by Password for more authentication. Provides browser based administration facilities. Create, One can manage the events (own events) ie edit & delete events through your browser. One can Create recurring as well as single events. Option to review postings from users
Tags: program , online , calendar , delete , browser , edit , easy , view , manage , ie , install , world , administration , events , feature , for , review ,

 Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod

This is an ASP based program that can be used by the users to create and manage web calendar. This calendar supports for event scheduling and allows users to manage events by adding, deleting and editing. This program also facilitates to highlight the birthday of the members. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: web , program , create , calendar , easy , manage , scheduling , birthday , event , events , for , users ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App.

The main purpose of calendars are for displaying the event schedule. The author in his article narrates about the creation of a calendar application which mainly deals with event scheduling and displaying. This calendar works by looping through the days of the month and through the events to display the calendar.
Tags: calendar , application , scheduling , display , event , events , author , creation , for ,


This is a simple tutorial which is more informative to the .NET programmers to get the solution for placing the variables and methods globally on a web application. The author shows how to perform this operation using Global.asax, Modules, Include Files and User control. The author shows you how to add a file in the required web page using the include directive with a sample program. The author also shows how to create user control and modules with a sample program. This tutorial also shows how to define the events of the session and application objects in the global.asax file.
Tags: file , web , create , control , application , using , page , webpage , user , simple , tutorial , solution , events , author , sample , for , objects , session ,

 The Basics of Creating Server Controls

The Basics of Creating Server Controls is an article which briefly describes about the sever controls of ASP.NET. In this article the author also explains you about the events such as Initialize, Load, PreRender, Save View State, Render, Dispose and Unload that takes place when an aspx page undergoes postback. This tutorial also gives you the guidelines for creating server controls in ASP.NET.
Tags: server , creating , page , tutorial , events , controls , author , for ,

 Aspik's Web Calendar

This script is built in ASP which is used for creating a website with powerful and customizable event calendar that allows the site visitors to add, edit, retrieve and delete the events from the calendar. Users can customize the layout of the calendar and also they can print out the selected view of the calendar. This program is easy to setup and to run.
Tags: program , calendar , print , website , delete , easy , creating , site , script , view , retrieve , customize , event , layout , events , for , powerful , out ,

 Dommelen Slide Menu

This is a program using which webmasters can display slide navigation menus on their websites. They can also facilitate the menus by adding images and can set the events of displaying in mouse over or mouse click. This program uses any number of menus with any number of items to display an elaborated menu. This program allows webmasters to customize each and every aspect of the menu creation and permits them to add URLs to each title.
Tags: program , menu , images , using , navigation , mouse , display , slide , menus , number , set , customize , events , creation ,

A website for your children / newborn babies can be constructed with few simple steps through this full featured baby site. Allows you to upload any number of photos, video files and interesting and important events in your child life etc., You can select a theme of your choice to design the pages. All available data can be maintained more securely.
Tags: video , data , files , website , design , children , upload , simple , number , child , theme , life , events , baby , for , select , available ,

 Seeing current connections

This article is used to verify about how to create a web traffic analyser program to analyse the website for finding who is currently connected to the website. It supports global.asa for physical access to the server. It stores the events and objects used globally.
Tags: web , program , create , access , website , traffic , events , verify , analyse , for , objects , analyser , physical ,

 Creating a Login Custom Web Control

This web based tutorial helps you to learn about creating a custom web control in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author shows you the method for creating a login web control with various properties, events and methods that are clearly listed in this tutorial. This tutorial is easy to learn for the beginners.
Tags: web , control , easy , creating , learn , custom , tutorial , login , events , author , for , webbased , method ,

 Introduction to ASP+ web controls

This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial useful for the beginners to learn about various web controls of ASP.NET and its advantages. In this tutorial the author gives you the syntax and explains the methods, properties and events of the web controls such as Panel, Button, Label, CheckBox, RadioButton, TextBox etc.,
Tags: web , easy , learn , tutorial , events , syntax , controls , author , properties , for , useful ,

 The Knight's Calendar

The Knight's Calendar is a PHP based calendar script. It is an event calendar. Users can enter their main events like, marriage day, carnival day, birth day, school functions, date of appointment etc., Several features of Knight's Calendar are, ability to add date, time of reminders, can navigate month either forward or backward, simple like a real monthly calendar to view year, month, day etc., It allows you to search all reminders in your calendar.
Tags: search , time , calendar , view , date , simple , school , appointment , event , day , events , reminders , real , forward , features , navigate , monthly ,


This is an user management program where the users can validate through their client IP address. Users can retreive their passwords via ODBC. This program can deactivate the users account by date. It can show advertising message to the clients. Features like manages login events to disable users, administers users application on LAN or local system. users can be organized in groups etc.
Tags: program , management , client , application , message , show , passwords , user , disable , account , login , advertising , local , events , validate , users ,


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