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 Using the Eval and Execute Functions

This ASP tutorial explains the two arithmetic string functions with clear examples. Teaches that EVAL function can be used to evaluate a mathematic function which contains more than one arithmetic operation within one statement where as EXECUTE command is described that it is used to execute a expression that has been given within quotes. And explains the various options to be used with the functions.
Tags: tutorial , function , command , options , string , clear , execute , expression , functions , arithmetic , evaluate ,


Empris is a php based programme for any organisation to receive applications and resumes online, evaluate and then to manage them.It was basically developed for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Australia to facilitate the Humanitarian Relief Register. A simple and handy programme.
Tags: php , manage , simple , applications , receive , for , evaluate ,

 PayPal Donation Meter

This is an useful donation booster system written in PHP which uses paypal IPN to manage your donation accounts. You can receive donations from your customers and clients through paypal, check the status of your accounts, sum up and evaluate the total amounts received so far etc., through this javascript enabled PHP program.
Tags: system , javascript , check , manage , receive , customers , useful , booster , paypal , evaluate , clients ,

 RequiredFieldValidator Control

RequiredFieldValidator Control is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can learn about RequiredFieldValidator which evaluate the web form fields and detect if any unfilled fields are available. Here is the source code which helps in performing the above said process the author explains this source code with examples for easy understanding.
Tags: web , easy , code , form , learn , source , process , sourcecode , detect , tutorial , author , for , webform , fields , evaluate , examples ,

 Euro Conversion Component

Euro Conversion Component is an ASP application with which you can evaluate euro currency values. Users are facilitated with an option to specify either the currency symbol or the exchange rate for the conversion process and the built-in exchange rate allows users to change those exchange values as per the market values. There are also provisions to round monetary values correct to two decimal places and to perform triangulation calculations between the various euro currencies. This software can be integrated on any existing website that supports OLE automation. Important features include dual display, rate display for the conversions, maastricht compliant rounding etc.,
Tags: software , website , conversion , application , change , display , exchange , process , currency , market , rate , for , features , users , euro , option , evaluate , decimal , symbol ,

 What's New in PHP4?

What's New in PHP4? is an essay about the enhanced features of PHP4 than PHP3 and a compartive study of both. The author discusses various areas like, output buffering, evaluate for Identical operator, COM support on Windows and displaying portions of raw HTML code with some examples and simple sample programmes which makes it clear to us about the enhanced features of PHP4 and what is new in the PHP4. A nice article to the web developers.
Tags: web , code , simple , support , study , raw , nice , author , clear , sample , for , features , us , evaluate , examples ,


ConversionTrack is a special application to analyze web log. It varies from universal log analyzer, in that it does not give data like daily unique IP or page view. Instead, it give out a whole analysis of visitors' conversion ratio. According to the web service log, ConversionTrack can analyze every user's access path, and give an overall statistic result of visitor's conversion ratio including the referer, time, region, and information of user's software environment. ConversionTrack can help you better understand the behavior of web visitors, be more accurate to evaluate all kind of online advertising ROI including PPC keyword, banner and email, which finally achieve the goal of improving website conversion ratio and return on investment of your online business.
Tags: software , web , data , online , access , website , conversion , help , information , application , log , analysis , service , page , analyze , advertising , banner , investment , daily , accurate , webservice , evaluate , special , out ,


This allows you to get on within a short period of time with CORBA. Provides examples along with detailed explanation to each and every concept of CORBA. It provides 125 questions and also a diagnostic text to text your knowledge. Supports quick revision tips to enhance your revision efficiently. Allows customization of the toughness level, time, topics and number of question. It generates a report after each and every test to evaluate your performance.
Tags: text , time , report , test , quick , number , tips , enhance , questions , diagnostic , evaluate , period , examples ,


This allows you to get on within a short period of time with CORBA. Provides examples along with detailed explanation to each and every concept of CORBA. It provides 125 questions and also a diagnostic text to text your knowledge. Supports quick revision tips to enhance your revision efficiently. Allows customization of the toughness level, time, topics and number of question. It generates a report after each and every test to evaluate your performance.
Tags: text , time , report , test , quick , number , tips , enhance , questions , diagnostic , evaluate , period , examples ,


You can use this program to track and evaluate visitor activities on your site. Each and every essential details regarding your site visitors such as their OS, referer domains, referer, java, javascript and web plugins etc., will be made available for you through the advanced realtime-tracking technology. You have the facility to export and import visitor data to any desired database, to generate cost/performance ratio for your website ads and to create as many as user accounts for the program. This simple and effective online PHP program features support for multidomain and multiaccount abilities, language options, realtime visitor statistics etc.,
Tags: web , program , data , create , online , website , javascript , export , site , import , language , statistics , generate , track , advanced , user , ads , simple , support , accounts , for , features , evaluate , available , activities , visitor ,


This application helps you for preparing IBM’s Enterprise Connectivity Certification Exam. It contains 3 Mock tests, which includes a Diagnostic Test to know your strength and weakness enabling you to prepare accordingly. The number of questions, toughness, topics etc are customizable in this application. Econnect@Whiz provides detailed explanation for each and every choice of the questions. It generates a detailed report to evaluate the performance on all the topics. It also provides quick revision tips.
Tags: report , application , performance , quick , number , for , evaluate ,

 Website Counter with Referrer Tracking

Website Counter with Referrer Tracking is a simple PHP application designed with the combined features of both the counter and traffic analyzer. This program will help you to track and monitor site visitors, and to evaluate the total hits for your website. Without any basic skills in PHP and HTML you can make use of this database independent program on your website. This program will also help you to track the efficiency of your ads and links on search engines.
Tags: database , search , program , monitor , make , help , site , application , track , traffic , links , ads , simple , basic , counter , skills , for , features , evaluate , efficiency ,

 Frunder Analyst

Frunder Analyst is a remotely hosted web analytics program designed to assist you in analysing the functioning and concert of your online application. You can track your site visitors, sales leads, revenues, evaluate the profitable ratios from the advertising campaigns and mail marketings, monitor ads that influences your traffic and those dissuading the traffic.
Tags: web , program , mail , online , monitor , site , track , traffic , sales , ads , advertising , evaluate ,

 GC Count

GC Count is a PHP based online counter software. Being independent of database this program can evaluate the total number of hits for your website and records those hits on a text file. You can easily integrate this program on your website with a simple configuration.
Tags: database , program , text , online , website , simple , number , counter , for , records , evaluate ,

 Grindsoft Notepad Lite

This tool is basically for programmers to highlight adjustable modes of codes. This tool has built-in spell checker and console template manager. Console template manager allows users to write their own sets of commands. It contains several main features like, multilingual interface, bookmarks, page setup, print preview, evaluate math expressions, code templates, hex editor and more. Drag and Drop functions are also supported by this tool.
Tags: tool , editor , manager , print , write , code , math , page , template , checker , hex , console , spell , spellchecker , multilingual , for , features , functions , users , hexeditor , evaluate ,

This visitor counter can evaluate total number of visitors with real time visitor activity reports for your website. A detailed visitor log with visitor identities and statistical report are generated either monthly or daily as desired. This program does not require any third party installation or excternal software modules to function. You can even use this program to test the performance of your marketing efforts and the sales leads for your company.
Tags: software , program , time , report , log , test , performance , marketing , sales , reports , number , activity , counter , installation , daily , real , for , evaluate , monthly , visitor , identities , party ,

 RSms with Ucp

RSms with Ucp is a powerful communicating java beans component designed to deliver SMS either with analog modem (dial up connection) or TCP/IP connections. Using this online applications admin can create and send messages and can also evaluate messages by recieving them. Users are faciliatated with an option to create even UCP messages to be sent from their java applications. Some of the key features include quick and easy connection to a SMSC, easy and intuitive interface, simple integration etc.,
Tags: create , online , component , java , easy , send , key , admin , quick , connection , modem , simple , messages , applications , analog , features , integration , option , evaluate , powerful ,


phpEval()is a PHP based script that provides users with an interface in PHP by creating command-lines so that users can evaluate function process. The main feature of this script is that it frees users from the usual process of testing functions only after creating and uploading seperate PHP files. Using this script you can easily evaluate by just writting the PHP codes on the command lines.
Tags: creating , script , process , testing , function , command , interface , feature , functions , users , evaluate , codes ,

 Google Backlinks Comparison

Google Baclinks Comparison is a powerful utility that will help you analyse the performance of your website links on google. With the result of this backlinks you would be able to evaluate the performance with google backlinks for your website. Just by entering the corresponding URL on the form field you will be provided with the total number of backlinks for the website along with its page rank.
Tags: utility , website , help , form , page , performance , links , google , number , analyse , field , for , evaluate , powerful ,

 Show The Size Of A Directory Using ASP

Show The Size Of A Directory Using ASP is an online article explaining ASP beginners and programmers to use FileSystemObject function of ASP in finding the file sizes. The author has also given some notes on the above topic along with the code snippets. By reading this tutorial you will learn how to evaluate the file sizes of all your files in the main and sub directories for your website.
Tags: file , online , files , code , notes , learn , reading , tutorial , function , author , for , directories , evaluate ,


SCWCD@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge covering all the subjects prescribed for SCWCD Certification exam. It comprises of 5 mock tests of 295 questions on the pattern of SCWCD certification based on JSP 1.2 and Servlets 2.3 specs. Also supports interactive quiz of 85 questions covering all subjects. You can set the time for each question of the quiz, number of questions, topics toughness level etc. Provides detailed explanation to each and every question. Generates a report after every test to evaluate your performance.
Tags: time , report , application , test , certification , number , interactive , quiz , tests , set , pattern , questions , knowledge , for , question , evaluate ,

 Start Your Own Casino

Start Your Own Casino is an online games and entertainment program built with PHP. As an admin you can set your own profit ratios for the game and this software is designed in such a way that before displaying the lucky number on the client's browser, this program will evaluate your profit from the game. The main highlight of this program is its compiled flash games that are fast loadable.
Tags: software , game , games , flash , program , online , fast , entertainment , admin , number , set , profit , flashgames , for , evaluate ,

 How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator?

How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator? is an ASP.NET tutorial through which programmers can get an idea about requiredfieldvalidator, which evaluate the fields of the web form inorder to check any unfilled or unrecoganized field in the web form. In this tutorial author offers certain sample code with example for providing required field validator control on the web form.
Tags: web , control , code , form , check , tutorial , author , validator , field , sample , for , webform , fields , evaluate ,


With the help of this software educational institutions can generate as many as exams and online tests with time frames for their students. This program supports both multiple answer questions as well as free-answer questions for the e-exams and supports images and text formattings for the answers. You can evaluate given answers and export the test results both in XHTML and PDF formats. Key features include multilanguage support, automatic cumulative mark calculation, web-based interface etc.,
Tags: software , program , text , time , online , images , export , help , automatic , test , educational , generate , exams , multiple , tests , interface , mark , questions , frames , for , features , evaluate , multilanguage ,

 WebsiteGear Click Tracking

WebsiteGear click tracking tool records visitor clicks to, from and within a website. Use the link tracking tool to evaluate your advertisement, cpc, email or newsletter campaigns. Track the clicks sent to your affiliate sites.
Tags: email , tool , tracking , link , newsletter , click , records , evaluate , visitor ,


WebSphere@Whiz can text your knowledge on the IBM WebSphere Certification Exam (Test 158). It presents 3 mock text comprising of 159 questions. Also it consists of a Diagnostic Test to better understand your strengths and weakness. Each and every choice of the question is supported with detailed explanation. Supports quick revision tips for efficient revision. It generates a report after every test to evaluate your performance. You can customize the application in terms of the number of questions, toughness level, time and topics.
Tags: text , time , report , application , test , quick , number , tips , customize , knowledge , for , question , evaluate ,


This a performance tool is easy to implement thereby no hardware or software tool is required for the users to use it. This techincal tool is capable of storing frequently accessed content in cache. It is an efficient tool which can evaluate and manage all incoming web requests. It has enhanced features like active caching, enables the search engine to traverse dynamic web content, eliminate white space, bandwidth saving etc.
Tags: software , web , tool , search , easy , performance , manage , content , engine , bandwidth , eliminate , dynamic , searchengine , hardware , active , for , features , users , evaluate ,


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