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This documentation tool is written in PHP and comes with HTML editor to generate and edit contents for your articles. This script is completely template driven and enables you to create unlimited manual sections as chapters for your projects for easy working. Some key features include support for multi-user environment and multiple languages, password protected admin area, preview options for all documents etc.,
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 Identifying Users in IIS using Exchange and LDAP

This is an article that covers on identifying users in an Intranet environment with Internet Information Server. Here the author instructs administrators to generate a page only accessible for IT department to schedule events of allowing users to acess resources periodically. This tutorial clearly explains about how to use LDAP in this process.
Tags: schedule , page , generate , tutorial , events , author , resources , environment , for , users , covers ,

 Unclogging Server Bottlenecks with Active Containers

Developers who develops the server side component are unaware of the environment in which their component is going to be utilized. While each and every page has a number of other components, the composite control component will be the main cause for data redundancy which increases the burden of the web servers. This tutorial can be used by the programmers to avoid the problem of repettition of data processing.
Tags: web , data , server , component , control , page , number , tutorial , environment , problem , for ,


ActivComport is a comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any VB, ASP or other COM environment applications. This can control devices like modems and machines that have a serial interface. ActiveComport can be used to control machines via serial interface and to configure network devices like print servers and routers.
Tags: network , component , control , print , serial , interface , environment , for , servers , configure , communications ,

 ActiveEmail SMTP Toolkit

This is a COM component for Windows environment and supports VB or Javascript. It has an optional queue service which helps faster processing of mails and will be of much use for larger organisations. It features TO, CC, BCC, multiple attachments, HTML and Text, Windows event logging, detailed error details etc.,
Tags: component , service , error , multiple , processing , event , environment , faster , for , features , queue ,


ActivSocket is a high-performance, comprehensive COM component for client/server communications from any ASP, VB or other COM environment applications. Use ActivSocket for different purposes: To automate Telnet sessions; To create your own client/server applications; To extend your applications with client/server technologies; and Wake up on lan (WOL); on your LAN, wake up machines based on their MAC address.
Tags: create , component , lan , automate , applications , environment , for , wakeup , communications ,


A high-performance, comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any ASP, VB or other COM environment applications. It can control modems and other devices and machines that have a serial interface. It is often used in manufacturing companies, where machines are controlled somehow over the serial interface.
Tags: component , control , serial , environment , for , communications , controlled ,


ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application. . It fully supports asynchronous operating mode and event firing. ANPOP supports all operations of POP3 protocol. It incorporates POPMSG object that parses email structure, abstracting specified stuffs from Message Body, such as Recipients, Subject, Body, Attachment, store mails in local disk and more.
Tags: email , disk , advanced , store , retrieve , event , local , object , environment , mode , parse ,


ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. Its feature include: asynchronous operating mode and event firing, anonymous email, sending mass email, embedded picture, customized header, CC, BCC, multiple Attachments, ESMTP Authentication, file import to email body, multiple languages charset and UNICODE, ConvertHTML function for HTML/ TEXT automatic conversion, import html file and embedded pictures to email, lookup DNS MX record.
Tags: email , file , html , pictures , easy , automatic , import , send , mass , multiple , lookup , function , event , applications , anonymous , languages , feature , environment , for , mode , sending ,


ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. Its feature include: asynchronous operating mode and event firing, anonymous email, sending mass email, embedded picture, customized header, CC, BCC, multiple Attachments, ESMTP Authentication, file import to email body, multiple languages charset and UNICODE, ConvertHTML function for HTML/ TEXT automatic conversion, import html file and embedded pictures to email, lookup DNS MX record.
Tags: email , file , html , pictures , easy , automatic , import , send , mass , multiple , lookup , function , event , applications , anonymous , languages , feature , environment , for , mode , sending ,

 .NET ICMP & Traceroute component

This network component is used on network environment to define and trace the route of the network path. This utility contains three different classes such as Traceroute Client- by which the administrators can denote multiple hops number with reverse DNS lookup results, Traceroute reply- it collects reply packet from the execution of trace route and gives result to the Traceroute reply collection and then it transfers those data to data table.
Tags: utility , network , data , component , collection , multiple , number , lookup , trace , packet , environment , route , reply ,


Provides an access to the operating system environment variables (e.g. PATH, TEMP, COMPUTERNAME, SystemRoot and etc.)
Tags: system , access , environment ,

 AbyssLabs.Environment Component

This is a server side program and a component where the users can access windows variables from the programming environment which supports COM. Features like users can get a list of the variables name, value of the variable can be obtained by the variable name, users can also get the total number of variables. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: windows , program , server , component , access , list , programming , number , value , environment , for , useful , users ,

 Flipping book - Page flip flash component

FlippingBook page flip flash component is intended for page flipping and supports Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 authoring tools. You may get the component ready to work in just a few seconds right from the development environment. The component supports pages containing Library Symbols, external JPEG images and external SWF files. Also, flipping sound is supported. FlippingBook page flip flash component provides for software page caching. This allows caching control and provides maximum comfort for the users. No more annoying blinks while another page is being loaded from the browser cache. Where necessary, you may perform all the component settings from an external XML file that supports all the setting capacities of the development environment (Flash MX or Flash MX 2004), for example, change page order or any other parameter - just edit the XML file.
Tags: software , file , flash , component , control , images , sound , browser , edit , development , page , authoring , change , settings , work , pages , environment , for , flip ,


CF_COMMUNITY is an application written for the ColdFusion Application Server environment which allows the easy deployment of Web-based communities. The plans for CF_COMMUNITY is to allow the creation of sophisticated, hierarchical Web sites offering articles, bulletins and news items, links, file uploads and discussion groups. In addition, CF_COMMUNITY will allow the delegation of content administration, authoring and approval through a robust on-line administration and authoring system. CF_COMMUNITY is available under the terms of GNU Public License (GPL). As with all GPL software you are free to redistribute this application as well as alter it, extend it and improve on it. One of the aims of CF_COMMUNITY is to bring to the Cold Fusion community the vibrant software development which characterizes much of the open source world. CF_Community provides features like User management, Multi-lingual sites,Site Indexing and Searching ,A simple messaging system for communication between administrators Modular authentication so that individual sites can authenticate their sites using their own custom authentication mechanisms,ability to create and edit sections, sub-sections, bulletins, articles, information files and links Fine-grained security controlling administrative privileges for all sections and objects as well as fine-grained access security for end-user viewing of the site, basic statistics and session tracking system, set of custom tags which can be used to build user interfaces for sites, News item management,DHTML menus, WYSIWYG HTML editing etc
Tags: software , file , security , create , files , system , access , edit , easy , development , information , application , using , authoring , tracking , news , statistics , source , content , open , administration , user , editing , messaging , custom , simple , basic , communication , build , set , creation , environment , for , sites , community , features , improve , tags , objects , authentication , deployment , available , softwaredevelopment , session ,


Aspose.ASPXpand is a ASP.Net component that provides a set of DHTML functions to make development easier. Aspose.ASPXpand gives you a chance to bring to ASP.Net what you had in desktop development! Microsoft did a wonderful job of marrying web development to a design environment that desktop programmers could embrace with ASP.Net. However, the web environment lacks many of the features that so appealed to desktop developers. Aspose.ASPXpand helps bridge the gap between web and desktop development. Aspose.ASPXpand offers over 60 different functions ranging from Set Focus and Mask Edit to Auto Complete and handling the Enter Key. Aspose.ASPXpand works with all of the native web objects supplied with ASP.NET, making Aspose.ASPXpand easy to add to new code or existing code.
Tags: desktop , web , component , design , easy , development , make , code , job , set , webdevelopment , native , environment , features , functions , objects ,


Webmasters can utilize this component while woking in a shared environment and this component can be used for maintaining security over the internet. This component has the facility of restricting any type of file managemement functions in their home directory and all other subdirectories of a given website. The conversion of an ASP file that uses scripting.filesystemobject to ISSecureFile.FileSystemObject can be made possible with a single line of code. This component uses the methods like Buildpath, Folderexists, Fileexists, Createfolder, Deletefolder etc.,
Tags: file , security , component , conversion , directory , home , line , type , environment , for , functions , shared ,

 inClick Contextual PPC Text Ad Server

An easy to use advanced contextual text ad server that serves ads on a Pay per Click Bid for Placement system. Using the inClick Text Ad Server allows you to monetize your site efficiently and effectively. Let your advertisers compete for placement in a bidding style environment similar to Google AdWords or Overture. When you use the included affiliate system, you become the advertising network. Create your own niche advertising venue, a mini AdSense if you will. Features include pre-defined ad codes (banner, cube, sponsored links, more), XML data stream, bid-for-placement, zone-based CPC limits, Third Party Feeds (Searchfeed, Revenue Pilot, Search123), PayPal IPN, Gateway Ready, high volume capacity (tested to hundreds of ads per second), click-fraud protection, geographic targeting, ad scheduling, and more. Download the fully functional 30-day trial now. Toll free telephone support is standard (US Customers only).
Tags: data , text , server , easy , site , advanced , trial , ads , support , click , volume , telephone , advertising , style , mini , environment , for , bid , standard , codes , placement ,


Bitesize website environment is a script that helps to build database driven websites easily. This script has functionalites like user security and database administration, chatrooms, message boards, webmails and new postings.
Tags: security , database , website , script , message , user , build , websites , environment ,

 BFN Environment Data

Access visitor environment information such as IP address and user agent with the provided JavaScript. No Ads.
Tags: information , address , user , agent , environment , visitor ,

 BlueMoon Wireless Application Server

BlueMoon wireless Application Server can manage existing complex enterprise systems through mobile devices with an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates. This enables true device independence using XML-compliant markup language and device adaptor technology. Blue Moon uses in-memory session management for performance or database session management for scalability, supports clustered environment to seamlessly manage increases in users and traffic and also supports many other features.
Tags: database , management , mobile , using , language , performance , manage , traffic , true , device , applications , wireless , environment , sample , for , enterprise , users , systems , session ,

 An Introduction to Microsoft .NET

An Introduction to Microsoft .NET is a reference guide which gives information regarding ASP.NET. It gives the introduction and evolution of Microsoft .NET, communication with .NET components, some important new features, describes about security environment which is customizable, .NET to the rescue and more.
Tags: security , information , communication , rescue , reference , environment , guide ,


cASPer.RegularExpression is an ASP based ActiveX environment group of objects that provide functionalities for processing regular expression text through a processing engine. Individual object has several functionalities of string for expressing the text. Validated and parsed user entries can be processed using this function.
Tags: text , using , user , processing , group , object , string , environment , for , expression , entries , objects , regularexpression ,


Cartweaver combines the Macromedia development environment with the power of ColdFusion. Cartweaver is the first of it's kind. Cartweaver is as easy to edit and modify in the Dreamweaver MX visual environment as it is in CFStudio or Homesite+. It is easy to set up and modify, it's well documented and the code is extensivly commented. With the "Starting Point" template you can add your own graphics and set the CSS to your liking and be ready to go. Or with the "Bare Bones" files the layout and design is totally up to you. Both versions are included with Cartweaver as well as a complete administrative back end.
Tags: files , graphics , design , edit , easy , development , code , visual , template , setup , set , power , layout , environment , modify , back , complete ,


Covidia is a fantastic turn- key e-learning solution provider.In learning environment this is very low cost and effective.e-learning technologies are helping to reduce training costs by providing businesses and organizations with new tools to deliver and educate more effectively and efficiently.This software company has tiedup with various content providers to distribute and integrate multi-media coursework in a variety of subjects.
Tags: software , tools , key , learning , training , content , cost , solution , environment , reduce , distribute ,

 PowerTCP WebServer Tool

One can convert any application into a custom web server using this tool. It supports multi-threaded environment and COM+ component services. Developers can make their applications accessible through web and can also secure it through PowerTCP WebServer Tool. Their applications can serve as web servers.
Tags: convert , web , server , component , secure , make , application , using , custom , webserver , into , applications , environment ,

 PowerTCP Mail Tool

Webmasters can utilize this efficient tool to perform posting and receiving of emails easily. This tool has some email components that can be used by them to create, send, receive, preview the emails and performs the verification of the email addresses. It can be used in multithreaded environment and it can be used in bulk mailer applications, web based email applications etc., Webmasters need not have any indepth knowledge of SMTP, POP3, MIME servers. This tool will take care of everything.
Tags: email , web , tool , emails , bulk , components , mailer , preview , applications , environment , knowledge , bulkmailer , webbased , verification ,

 Power TCP Web Tool

This is an useful networking tool that allows web administrators to send and receive data through HTTP pages by enabling HTTP protocol on the network. It supports web ActiveX control for communication with HTTP and HTTPS. HTTPS is basically for providing a secured environment on the network. It supports proxy server, cookies, URL cracking, multi threaded environment etc., PUT and GET are the HTTP requests used in this utility to send and retrieve data and many features are included with this component.
Tags: web , utility , tool , data , control , send , proxy , communication , protocol , retrieve , pages , networking , multi , receive , environment , for , features , useful ,

 PowerTCP FTP Tool

This tool is basically for transferring data like uploading and downloading files, folders and subfolders to and from FTP servers. MPUT and MGET keys are used to upload and download those files. It captures directory listings as objects and hence no need to parse the listings. It supports COM+ component, multi threaded environment and also it can be used in both scripted and event driven applications.
Tags: download , tool , data , directory , folders , upload , keys , event , multi , environment , for , objects , parse ,

 PowerTCP winsock tool

This is an useful network communication tool which is used in internet or in local network to deliver and retrieve data from remote system which is enabled with winsock tool. This winsock tool supports several internet protocols for communication. The protocols supported by this utility are, Daemon-it accepts incoming connections, DNS- it is used for both forward and reverse lookups, ping- to check the IP address is accessable or not, it supports multi threaded environment and many features are available.
Tags: internet , utility , tool , network , data , system , address , remote , check , communication , retrieve , local , multi , environment , winsock , forward , for , features , useful ,


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