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 NavXP - Web based file sharing system

Anyone can use this enterprise version of Internet file explorer effectively because it has an interface that is similar to the standard Windows file explorer. This system has many enhanced features like easy uploading of files from anywhere and it allows easy creation, deletion, copy and moving of folders and files. Along with these functions, it offers a 'Save As' function. It also offers a WYSIWYG editor to edit the HTML files and has a disk space manager that allocates the space needed for each user.
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 Service level manager

This is a program that has the ability to provide entire solution for the administrators to perform an extensive internet applications. Admin can utilize this program to serve according to the priority of their clients. This program facilitates the admins to manage their web services in various platforms. They can also manage all processes, operational data and entire business with the help of this program. This program comes with the ability to protect from the service problems by proceeding earliest warnings, diminishing the action timely and by making better analysis. Admin can also have the facility to make an usage analysis to know about the trends and thereby to increase the income. It has several enhanced features like displaying detailed service level views, visualizing the system health and objects, providing reports about service level health in both HTML and pdf formats, across HTML, HTTP, SOAP/XML, non SOAP/XML, .NET, java, JSP, JMS and servlets, coming with enterprise level architecture etc.,
Tags: internet , web , pdf , program , data , action , system , protect , business , make , health , help , analysis , service , manage , reports , services , solution , usage , for , features , priority , enterprise , increase ,

 AmberPoint Management Foundation

This is a .NET based program using which administrators can perfom an effective management over complex businesses on enterprise level webservices. In this program administrators can find an architecture which is built on distributed agent to align management on their enterprise level webservices. This program offers expandable design for management policies. Life cycle management and versioning can be perfectly performed by the administrators while using this program. This program performs a secured service by supporting XML encryption. This program has several enhanced features for the webservice management.
Tags: program , management , design , find , using , service , agent , for , features , enterprise , cycle ,

 WDK ASP_SearchEngine Object

SearchEngine ASP Class for arachnoWare SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit. Allows you to create enterprise Search Engine-like web site in one hour. As usual for SiteAdmin WDK, - fully customizable and covered with so many features. Categoris Engine based on XML. Future version will support search result exports in XML based format to be linked on affiliated web sites. SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit - Ultimate XML driven web project deployement solution for webware developers.
Tags: web , search , create , site , format , project , support , version , solution , for , enterprise ,

 SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit

Webware Development Kit (SiteAdmin WDK) - Ultimate XML driven web project deployment solution for webware developers. SiteAdmin WDK allows to create enterprise webware projects in hours. Perfect for building content management systems, portals, search engines, classifieds, trading systems and etc.
Tags: web , search , create , management , project , content , trading , solution , for , contentmanagement , enterprise , deployment , systems , building , projects ,

 Understanding and Using Views

Understanding and Using Views is a tutorial which helps you to gain more knowledge about the views of the database. View is nothing but the result of the SQL query. You can create the views in three ways such as using create view statement, create view wizard and database views node in enterprise manager. In this tutorial the author also shows you the syntax for deleting and modifying the view.
Tags: database , create , using , view , wizard , tutorial , syntax , author , knowledge , for , enterprise ,

 VTune Enterprise Analyzer for Web Applications

VTune Enterprise Analyzer for Web Applications is a web based article that deals with methods involved in increasing the performance of ASP.NET applications by using enterprise analyser. V tune analysers checks the web tier, object tier and the database object tier and it deletes the unwanted objects present in the ASP.NET application. This article will be most helpful for the ASP programmers and the web developers.
Tags: database , web , using , performance , tune , applications , object , for , webbased , enterprise , objects , present , checks ,

 BadBlue Web Server

This is a php based script that allows users to explore and search their shared folders such as photo albums and see slide shows. You can share excel, word and access files over the internet. It supports uploading and downloading. Using a free domain name you can access your pc from anywhere. It turns your photos into albums or slide shows automatically. You can share business files right from your pc. It has control access with password protection. It is available in two versions which are personal edition and enterprise edition.
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This is a php based program and is a simple enterprise ready server. This program installs Apache web server with perl, JBoss with Tomcat, HTML and php. It is available in single distribution which is windows. It can be used for professional purpose Features include Mysql with GUI syslog, mod_python with python, PHP with PEAR, mod_jk with JBoss and integrated tomcat, mailserver mercury with POP3, logfileanalyzer with analog and the zend optimizer.
Tags: web , program , server , php , simple , webserver , professional , distribution , analog , for , enterprise , available ,

 BlueMoon Wireless Application Server

BlueMoon wireless Application Server can manage existing complex enterprise systems through mobile devices with an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates. This enables true device independence using XML-compliant markup language and device adaptor technology. Blue Moon uses in-memory session management for performance or database session management for scalability, supports clustered environment to seamlessly manage increases in users and traffic and also supports many other features.
Tags: database , management , mobile , using , language , performance , manage , traffic , true , device , applications , wireless , environment , sample , for , enterprise , users , systems , session ,

 BVC 2004

BVC 2004 is a powerful e-commerce program written in You can design your cart, create catalogs with uploaded images and descriptions, process customer orders and credit cards through this program. You can subscribe affiliates for your cart to imporve the product sales and some of the key features include product options in size and colours, ads and banner support, HTML product pages etc., There are three different editions available for this product as basic, pro and enterprise with flexible features.
Tags: program , create , images , design , key , sales , process , ads , size , customer , pro , banner , pages , options , credit , product , orders , for , features , enterprise , available , powerful ,


cf_ezcart is a powerful, secure, scaleable, ecommerce shopping cart program that was designed with the small business owner in mind. It is built on ColdFusion and is a robust, scalable enterprise level application that is capable of handling tens of thousands of products. It may also be used in a clustered server environment.
Tags: program , server , business , application , ecommerce , small , smallbusiness , shopping , shoppingcart , enterprise , owner ,

 Krysalis Platform

For a web applications programmer who has to develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi language dynamic websites (Content Management Systems), Krysalis is a development platform that improves the Apache/PHP framework by separating the application logic from the presentation layer, using open standards as XML/XSL/SOAP. Krysalis is an open-source PHP development platform, designed to improve the way web developers create websites. It is based on a XML/XSLT core and offers SOAP support to help developers create web services easily.
Tags: web , create , logic , development , help , application , using , presentation , language , open , support , dynamic , services , platform , applications , programmer , multi , websites , improve , framework , develop , enterprise ,

 Passage Portal Server

This is a portal system that enables the combination of the efficiency of an enterprise portal server and a content management system for an effective distribution of web applications to the employees, partners etc., This program comes with a powerful contact management capability and performs role based security for the members. This portal server also has the ability to protect web applications from being attacked by dictionary, buffer overflow, URL tampering etc., This program facilitates members to manage the content online by performing rich text editing, page layout formatting, sandbox editing etc., This program can be used for web form development and designing with C#.NET, cobol.NET, VB.NET etc., due to its integration with VS.NET. This program comes with searching functionality and several features for the users benefit.
Tags: security , web , program , text , online , server , management , system , protect , development , form , page , manage , content , contact , editing , distribution , layout , applications , contactmanagement , searching , for , features , richtext , portal , contentmanagement , webform , enterprise , users , integration , contentmanagementsystem , powerful , efficiency ,

e-novative site has various softwares like, contempora, eDE and WAMP. These software are basically developed for private concerns to maintain the records like, working times, projects, departments and enterprise level time tracking and cost control etc., Users can discuss their doubts related to programmes and technical problems from this site. This site also hosts web applications, IT outsourcing, coaching etc.,
Tags: software , web , time , control , site , tracking , private , timetracking , cost , technical , for , records , maintain , enterprise , e-learning

eClassroom is a company that provides solutions to reduce cost in providing training and increase efficiency. professional platforms and courses are available in umpteen number of languages. More useful for e-learning websites, re-sellers and small medium enterprise training.
Tags: training , number , small , professional , cost , reduce , for , useful , enterprise , increase , solutions , available ,


This is a tool to integrate content management, scalable content and application delivery, resource management, workflow and personalization. It creates enterprise information systems, catalogs, B2B, B2C etc. It manages complex or large site and Intranet and extranets. It provides a web-based content management (ECM) and electronic resource distribution (ERD) for the global enterprise. eContent features unlimited table of contents, built-in security, unlimited resources such as static reports, live reports with drill-downs, executables, all documents types, OLAP reports, Java programs, online forms and legacy integration, unlimites n-level categories etc. Expresso Framework is utilized in eContent. It reduces the cost of location information and thus increases productivity.
Tags: tool , online , management , information , site , application , forms , table , content , documents , reports , resource , distribution , cost , location , live , workflow , resources , for , electronic , features , contentmanagement , enterprise , global , static ,

 ElegantJBeans- Data Report

ElegantJBeans- Data Report is a powerful database tool that allows admin to generate both simple and enterprise reports for all kind of database. Using this tool admins find it easy to work on complex reports by focusing on certain areas like data connectivity, query design, report formating and output etc., Users are facilitated with different output options such as on screen, printer, or export to CSV, HTML, XML, PDF along with instant sorting, searching and data navigation features. Key features include controllable spoolsize, support for JDBC and protocols, customizable report bands etc.,
Tags: database , tool , data , easy , find , export , report , navigation , query , generate , admin , reports , simple , instant , support , work , options , searching , for , features , enterprise , powerful ,

 Enterprise Blocks Web Controls

This is an useful database component which is used for generating professional database for enterprise sectors which allows them to access OLAP and OLTP data. It also helps them to generate an analytic applications. It has many web controls to help the web developers in an easy and friendly way. The components that available with this utility are encapsulated many data analysis features like, sorting, filtering, charting, cube analysis, reporting and publishing. It is easy to setup and to install.
Tags: database , web , utility , data , component , access , easy , help , analysis , generate , components , professional , reporting , controls , for , features , useful , enterprise , dataanalysis , available ,


This is an open source project, which can be used to create solutions to the needs of the enterprise information portals. Supports integration of Jcorporate products with Apache Jetspeed, starting with the Expresso Framework. Contains a ready to install collection of Apache Jetspeed including all the required external libraries, a solution to web content management; and other Javacorporate components.
Tags: web , create , information , collection , source , content , install , open , solution , enterprise , integration , solutions ,

 The Java Foundry

Here you will find information focusing on enterprise architecture, application profiling, integration, design patterns and various other topics covering J2EE technologies. You will find many exciting features here: Regular newsfeeds: No need to browse around the web to get the most up-to-date information. We will collate the most interesting Java-technology news and you will be able it to access it from one source. Reviews: Find reviews about the latest technologies, their advantages and disadvantages. Case Studies: Read about the "real-world-solutions" and how companies have suceeded in implementing Java technologies. Articles: Browse through articles focusing on different Java technologies and concepts. Community Forums: Converse with technology experts and talk about a broad spectrum of topics. Downloads: Download the latest Java-technologies and whitepapers. FAQ: Browse through the frequently asked questions to find answers to common problems.
Tags: web , access , design , find , information , application , news , browse , talk , questions , features , articles , patterns , enterprise ,


The Subscriptio is an enterprise tool which can be used for sortware rental or leasing solutions, assigning licenses to identify each copy of your software, or for allowing you to remotely specify the number of users for a site license. The features includes complete web based administration for creating new license keys easily, store useful, application-specific attributes in each key file, built-in support for the expiration of license keys etc. In addition, it also provides you benefits like cost effective solution, offers full range of technical support services, including strategic consulting, design, deployment, site hosting, technical support, training and more. Additional features are availale in the enterprise version.
Tags: web , tool , copy , creating , site , key , training , store , administration , number , support , keys , cost , rental , technical , for , features , license , webbased , enterprise , users , complete , - java technologies technologies enables the users to know about java and its special features. This site provides the news related to java, and conducts discussions based on java. It offers the site visitors the fundamentals of java, enterprise java technolgies, general and core java technologies, careers in java etc.,
Tags: java , site , news , enterprise , users , special ,

 INT BugTracker

INT BugTracker is a free to use and powerful bug tracking and defect management application service. It offers you yhe facility to download and print your data any time. This bug tracking system has a lot of features like File Archiving System and Extensive reporting, Message board, etc.This software is also available under enterprise licence to be used on company intranets / extranets.
Tags: software , download , data , management , system , print , application , tracking , bug , features , enterprise , bugtracking , available , powerful ,

 Krysalis Platform

For a web applications programmer who has to develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi language dynamic websites (Content Management Systems), Krysalis is a development platform that improves the Apache/PHP framework by separating the application logic from the presentation layer, using open standards as XML/XSL/SOAP. Unlike any other application servers and frameworks, our platform is an open source solution for productive web development. Krysalis features: --Create enterprise level PHP applications; --Powerful IDE: Krysalis benefits from the integration of KrysalIDE, the XML/XSL development environment designed for it; --Separate the application logic from the presentation layer; --Web services development support; --Code reuse; --Powerful caching mechanisms; --Multiple database type support; --W3C standards compliant.
Tags: database , web , logic , development , application , using , presentation , language , source , open , dynamic , type , services , platform , solution , applications , programmer , multi , websites , environment , for , framework , develop , enterprise , servers , integration ,


WebGrid.NET is a .NET based tool which is helpful for the users to enable extensive functions over enterprise class information for enhancing the users to work in an effective way. This tool allows the users to work with the information by searching, grouping, navigation, sorting etc., It helps them to generate professional applications easily. It has several important features like core architecture, data management, columnsets, preview row, automatic style merging etc.,
Tags: tool , data , information , automatic , class , generate , professional , work , preview , applications , style , for , features , functions , enterprise , users ,

 Introducing JMS (Java Message Service)

If you are familiar with Java programming and object-oriented programming concepts, this tutorial be useful to you in understanding the Java Messaging Service (JMS). This presents an overview of the JMS, which provides an interface known as the Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) between Java programs and enterprise messaging system. The applications can be integrated in a loosely coupled, flexible manner by providing asynchronous delivery of data between applications in an indirect way through an intermediary by MOM.
Tags: data , programs , programming , messaging , tutorial , interface , applications , useful , enterprise ,


JiSQL is a simple applet that can connect every database in every server. This Java applet is very small in size and a Universal SQL client. This helps database admins connect to several database in the same environment. Requires Swing (Java Foundation Classes) for using versions over JiSQL 3.* This reduces the trouble and complexity of handling too many databases, several enterprise managers and voluminous size of data.
Tags: database , using , applet , size , simple , small , connect , for , enterprise ,

 VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway

VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway is an open-platform SQL DB driven SMS and WAP Push application suite, that empowers corporate managers to self-deploy Interactive/Concatenated SMS and WAP Push applications rapidly throughout their organization. It has an easy-to-use real-time configurator to connect enterprise applications to the GSM network via built-in APIs. Provides a built-in application testing environment to allow Rapid Application Deployment. Integration components include email2sms, sms2email, sms2sql, sms2http, http2sms, etc. VisualGSM Enterprise's WAP Push delivery mechanism delivers multimedia movies, polyphonic ringtones, pictures and Java application to mobile devices.
Tags: network , pictures , multimedia , mobile , application , components , testing , applications , environment , connect , enterprise ,

 Cerberus Helpdesk

The Cerberus Helpdesk is an enterprise level email management interface with an ability to customize it easily to suit your particular needs. You can view and customize the data of the tickets in different ways. With parser fail-safe files you don't need to worry about lost mails. Cerberus Helpdesk also allows the user to assign masked IDs to the tickets. One of the important feature is the reporting system with which you can find out how your staff is performing by measuring average response time to a customer, replies or comments generated by time period. If you know the PHP programming, then it is easy to customize Cerberus Helpdesk GUI. There is also a template based UI for small and clean templates. You can use your company's logo.
Tags: email , data , time , files , management , system , easy , find , clean , view , lost , user , template , small , reporting , customize , interface , staff , parser , feature , for , enterprise , out , average ,


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