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 CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and science

CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE is a website which provides online calculators for the use in engineering and science. This calculator is made through fluid mechanics and wave propagation. The main objective in this program to provide readily accessible tools which carry out the calculation without requiring extensive background knowledge. Mainly this calculators will be useful for working engineers, and some laypeople.
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 ASPSoftware Engineering

This article offers the software engineering of ASP projects. This produces an efficient and powerful code and it uses various principles such as encapsulation, consistency and organization for the development of ASP applications. Consistency helps the developers to easily update and understand your code. Encapsulation helps for the reusability of the code and thus minimizes memory space.
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 An interesting intro to ASP.NET

An interesting intro to ASP.NET is an article in which the author explains you about the use of ASP.NET. The author shows you the difference between the classical engineering and software engineering with an example. This tutorial compares the quality of classic ASP and ASP.NET coding.
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 Power-Web Image2D

Users can use this component to draw graphs, charts etc., on their websites. It creates images using the given data and embeds them into HTML page. This component can manipulate 2colours, 256colours, 16colours or 24bit true colours bitmap file which is coded in RGB and converts them into GIF or JPEG formats. It will be of much use for drawing geometrical images such as engineering drafts, charts etc.,
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 XenoCode - Protect and Optimize your .NET Applications

This program protects your .NET applications from decompilation and as well as enhances and speeds-up your applications. This could be much use for protecting your .NET codes from being duplicated. XenoCode uses powerful obfuscation techniques to prevent decompilation and other forms of reverse engineering by anybody using any other program.
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