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This utility can be incorporated into your web pages to implement an encryption/decryption capability to your web pages. You can protect your text files through the encryption and decryption feature that this script offers. You can encrypt with a set of encryption keys of your own and can only be decrypted if the same encryption keys are available. This transforms the text files into ASCII strings that are scrambled to prevent manipulation.
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 Active Crypt

This is a powerful multithreaded ActiveX object capable of encrypting data. Using this software you can hash both strings and files through symmetric encryption algorithms like RC5, IDEA, Triple DES, AES, RC4, CAST5, DESX, BlowFish etc., This software is very easy to use and can be applied to support hashes and digital signatures for the data as a means of increasing your security measures for all your online applications.
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 XP Crypt

XP Crypt is an useful site security program that has the ability to perform column encryption in views, procedures and triggers. All data encryptions are done through the server side symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms integrated as extended stored procedures, stored procedures, and user defined functions on your server. The main highlight of this program is its compatibility with openSSL library in performing the encryption process.
Tags: security , program , data , server , encryption , library , site , user , column , functions , useful ,


Using this simple component, sending and receiving rich HTML emails become very easier. This component supports SSL encryption of emails and verifies the email addresses sent to the recipients. This component embeds the images along with the emails. this component also performs ESMTP authentication, supports unlimited threads and permits event driving and asynchronous modes. This component consists of two objects, one is IOBJ and the IMassSender.
Tags: email , component , images , encryption , emails , simple , event , addresses , driving , sending ,

 Single File System

Single File System is a compression component that provide easy way of compressing the multiple file into single file with the advanced compression technique and encryption functionality. It offers various features like compressing the files with the standard algorithum, providing functionalities for zipping files and folders, allowing all the files to be stored in the SFS files, supporting self extraction from the SFS files, provide Tfile stream interface for transferring data into the single file and more.
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 PHP Code Twister

PHP Code Twister is a very simple encryption utility, it twists the source code by removing unnecessary whitespaces,debug codes and replaces long tags with shorter ones, thus it becomes confusing for others to understand. The twisted file will still work fine and loads faster than the original. An online and downloadable demo available for this script.
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 Self Run User Management System

This is a program which runs itself with an easy setup login system. This program provides built in moderator and administration options with error pages and permisssions. This program include email completion and registration facility for the users. This program does not require database editing. It provide several features for the users like altering admins username, the password saved in cookies and hidden in html has a data encryption support, field, table, variable names, allows error detecting and response in real time etc.
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 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
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 Encrypt URL query

Encrypt URL query basis idea is to encrypt the query inmformation by implementing the IHttpmodule and has the capacity to filter all the web content. It works more effectively in various stage of page request handling. This encryption tool can be easily integrated into your applications without modifying them.
Tags: web , tool , encryption , filter , encrypt , page , query , into , applications ,


AScratchNWin is a wonderful applet in Java that allows you to easily and effectively add scratch and win capabilities for implementations like a mini-casino. The full version includes a construction kit for the look and feel of the scratch and win, doubleclick URL redirection versus mouseup redirection, hidden image files, sound fx, ability to use an image for scratching, linking to another URL if they win, encryption for percent parameters, unique URL generation, plus much more.
Tags: image , encryption , sound , applet , hidden , win , version , construction , kit , for ,

 Encrypt Easy

Encrypt Easy is a highly secure file encryption program enabling fast and simple one-click encryption and decryption of single files, folders and entire directory trees. The program uses the best and most proven cryptographic algorithms such as 448-bit Blowfish, Hash, Des, Triple Des. The program also features self extracting package, file shredder, compression and wipe-out utilities.
Tags: file , program , encryption , secure , fast , compression , directory , folders , self , best , simple , fileencryption , decryption , features , cryptographicalgorithms ,


This is a program that enables quickest encryption and decryption of data strings. This program facilitates users to change data through field and table level in a secured manner. This program is built on C# and which can be used for any ASP.NET applications. This program returns encrypted data in Base64 format.
Tags: program , data , encryption , change , table , encrypted , decryption , field , for , users ,


SecureTE™ and SecureFT™ with built-in 1024 bit SSH encryption is the ideal server access and file transfer solution for webmasters and IT professionals. It gives you the power to manage UNIX and Linux systems from anywhere using your Windows PC. It can save time, reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity in your Windows / UNIX / Linux environment.
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PDF v1.5 Support PDFTextStream supports all versions of the PDF document specification, including v1.5 (used by Adobe Acrobat 6). We are agressively keeping pace with Adobe's changes to the PDF file format, so you don't have to. Unicode Supports Unicode within Latin character sets (support for 2-byte languages [Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc] may be included in future releases), and provides optional ASCII approximation of Unicode characters (ideal for search and indexing systems that cannot or do not handle Unicode character sets). Familiar API PDFTextStream subclasses the class, which ensures a simple, familiar interface, and easy integration opportunities for existing components expecting a instance. Accesses PDF Document Metadata PDF files can contain many different kinds of metadata, including who created them, when, what the source document(s) were, and what application was used to generate them. PDFTextStream automatically loads all metadata found in a PDF file, and provides a simple, java.util.Map-like API for retrieving these properties that can prove very useful when indexing and searching PDF documents. Nothing Else is Faster PDFTextStream is the fastest library available for Java for reading text out of PDF documents. Since it was built from the ground up to read text out of PDF files, PDFTextStream delivers measurable performance advantages compared to other Java PDF libraries. Jakarta Lucene Integration PDFTextStream provides a convenient component allowing for easy integration with Jakarta Lucene, the leading open source text indexing and searching library for Java. Full Encryption Support PDFTextStream seamlessly decrypts documents encrypted with 40- or 128-bit encryption technologies. Decryption support extends to PDF document text and document metadata, providing a full view of the contents of encrypted PDF files.
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 Chilkat S/MIME .Net

Chilkat S/MIME .Net is an ASP.NET email application with encrypting and decrypting facility for the email messages. This component offers various functionalities for processing encryption and decryption of the messages, provide email addresses validation, manage structuring and formatting MIME messages and allows generating MIME message formatting and syntax.
Tags: email , component , encryption , application , message , manage , messages , processing , decryption , for , addresses , formatting ,

 SunShop Shopping Cart

SunShop is an easy to manage, fully customizable turnkey e-commerce solution for any online business. Admin features: Easy browser-based administration; Easy installation; Customizable layout and configuration, Fast database back end, Unlimited products and categories, Print order for your own records, and Backup your database to a sql file. Payment features: Integrate any merchant account or payment gateway, PayPal support, Process Credit Card via ProPay, and Customers can print an invoice and mail or fax it in with their check or money order. Also features: UPS realtime shipping calculator, Search function, and Support for SSL encryption for secure transactions on any server.
Tags: database , mail , online , encryption , print , secure , easy , sql , money , check , invoice , fax , account , solution , layout , payment , for , back ,

 CodeMixUp Basic Obfuscation

CodeMixUp Basic Obfuscation is a simple script based on php and is a encryption program. With the help CodeMixUp basic obfuscation users can protect their php codes. This is cross platform compatible and runs at the same speed just like before it was encrypted. After the encryption the code will be virtually unreadable by a human eye. A sample demo is available on the home page.
Tags: protect , encryption , speed , help , code , php , script , home , demo , simple , basic , platform , sample , users , available ,


This is a program that helps the users to encrypt a string with symmetric key using cast- 128 algorithm and elliptic curve. This program encryptes password or keywords. The strings are encoded with base64 after the encryption process completes. Any file can be encrypted in this application. The encrypted file can also be decrypted. The encryption process returns a value for its success and failures. This program also allows users to perform asymmetric key function with algorithms to encrypt and decrypt files.
Tags: file , password , program , encryption , encrypt , using , key , process , decrypt , function , encrypted , string , value , for , users , algorithm ,

 The PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool

PowerTCP Zip is an ASP based zip component that provide various functionalities for zipping and unzipping the files with single line of code. It has file store object which helps in transferring datas from the memory buffer to the zipping files, helps in retreiveing single file from the zipped file, displaying content of the file with in the zip file and also provide searching facility to find a particular file in the zip file. It offers features like providing standard zip facility for zipping and unzipping the applications, providing AES encryption and decryption for data security, supporting COM+ component and spanning for multiple disk etc.
Tags: file , data , files , component , encryption , zip , disk , find , memory , content , multiple , store , line , object , decryption , searching , for , features , standard ,

 ASPX Shopping Cart Asp.Net Script

Professional e-commerce store with a user-friendly control panel including: Unlimited shipping & tax rules, unlimited categories, departments and products, photos upload and automatic thumbnails, easy design integration with your website, credit card encryption for offline payments, product sorting by name, price, or date, integrate easily with any payment system. Available in Access / SQL Server database.
Tags: control , photos , encryption , design , easy , automatic , upload , store , offline , tax , credit , payment , product , for , creditcard , integration ,

 Implement a One-Stop Authentication Web Service with .Net

This tutorial is helpful for the webmasters which allows them to refer and collect the solution to create a powerful authentication facility on their web services by using .NET for their web applications that allows the users to provide security over their internet applications. Sample code snippets have been implemented for the users for different tasks like XML encryption for SOAP headers, .NET cryptographic classes, custom SOAP headers for transmission etc.,
Tags: internet , security , web , create , encryption , code , using , tasks , custom , collect , tutorial , services , solution , applications , for , users , authentication , powerful ,

 CertX ActiveX

This program enables ASP users to secure their data in a perfect way. CertX ActiveX creates and checks signatures with the help of openSSL and allows both decryption and encryption over the data. Developer can use this tool to generate ASP pages for websites. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: tool , program , data , encryption , secure , easy , help , generate , pages , decryption , for , users , checks ,

 Access2MySQL Synchronizer

This is a tool that allows users to migrate data from Access database to MySQL database and also it allows users to convert from MySQL database to MS Access database. The main advantage of this tool is, it avoids data duplication. It supports database synchronization. No programming knowledge is required to run this tool. Users can select particular tables to convert. Unicode is supported by this tool at present. Password encryption is available. It has several main features they are, empty field are copied properly, by using command line parameters users can configure application work, supports local time format and more.
Tags: convert , database , tool , data , time , encryption , application , format , using , programming , commandline , run , line , command , migrate , local , field , knowledge , features , select , users , configure ,


This is a security application where the users can decrypt and enrypt data on their websites. The data encrypting process is useful for the cases like storing clients credit cards in encrypted form on the websites, message encryption, password encryption, mainitaining users encrypted documents etc. This program has features like password parameter making three way encryption and decryption, same string which is encrypted with same password can return distinct encrypted strings, handles ciphers like DES or RC2.
Tags: security , password , program , data , encryption , application , message , form , documents , process , decrypt , encrypted , string , credit , for , features , useful , users , clients ,


This remotely hosted e-commerce solutions are more helpful for the Web traders to build their product pages with customizable item properties. Without any graphics module you can design your entire webstore using in-built templates, layouts, colors etc., Supports discounts, re-calculations. Product items can be sorted so as to help your customers to find desired products instantly. SSL encryption ensures the security with credit card payment transactions.
Tags: security , encryption , graphics , design , find , help , using , colors , module , build , pages , credit , payment , product , for , creditcard , customers , solutions ,


Without the help of any external program Cryptocx helps you to encrypt your files or strings using PGP that supports all versions of PGP and enables you to send the encypted files to others whose system supports PGP for decrypt. It can produce RSA and DH/DSS keys. This encryption module is widely used to protect your ASP programming pages. Also, it has the ability to generate self decypt archives.
Tags: program , files , system , protect , encryption , help , encrypt , using , programming , self , send , generate , module , for ,


EncryptHTML is a tool with which you can encrypt any HTML page with a password of your choice (128 bits key). The new HTML includes a JavaScript to ask and decrypt the encoded HTML. You do not require extra CGI or other program to read the HTML, you need only a browser capable of running JavaScripts. The utility also offers Customizable iteration level from 1 to 32, to choose between fast (1) and secure encryption (32) and Drag and drop capabilities
Tags: utility , tool , password , program , encryption , secure , browser , fast , encrypt , page , read , decrypt , drop ,


This is an application which lets the webmasters to have a secured mail service on their website. The security is made possible by using triple DES for doing encryption of text message and MP5 for passwords. Decryption and encryption are done only on the users system, only the cipher is sent through the internet. Both senders and recipients must have the passwords to read the message using Internet Explorer.
Tags: internet , security , text , encryption , application , using , message , passwords , read , for , users , cipher ,

 DMS - Document Managemant System

DMS-Document Managemant System is an unique content management software that allows you to manage all files and folders of your active website. You can edit, upload, modify and remove documents and webpublishings with just a click action directly from your browser. All files and contents are stored with full 128 bit encryption and hence you would be able to transport files anywhere as desired. Some of the key features include support for all file formats like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .asp, ability to edit and view web pages and documents online, encryptions for all data etc.,
Tags: software , file , web , data , files , action , management , encryption , edit , remove , view , folders , manage , key , content , documents , support , click , pages , active , for , webpages , features , modify , contentmanagement , contents , bit ,

 SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition

SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition consists of Component Object Model (COM) libraries designed for use in scripting languages such as VBScript and JavaScript. The components do not have the inherent overhead of ActiveX controls and implement a threading model for more efficient use with Active Server Pages (ASP) and similar environments. This edition includes support for the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocols which are used to ensure that data exchanged between the local system and a remote host is secure and encrypted. The Secure Editions implement the major secure protocols such as HTTP, FTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS and more. Your data is protected by industrial strength 128-bit encryption, with full support for client certificates. Using the popular SocketWrench component that is part of SocketTools, you can also write your own, custom secure server applications. And there's no need for you to understand the details of certificate management, data encryption or how the security protocols work. All it takes is a few lines of code to enable the security features, and SocketTools handles the rest!
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