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 EBA: Web ComboBox V2

Web ComboBox V2 (.NET) allows users to choose from long lists through a feature-rich, intuitive interface. It’s designed to help people choose quickly from lengthy lists of data such as customer records, product SKU’s, or even files on a computer. In practice, Web ComboBox will allow web developers to build responsive and attractive dropdown lists, auto complete ‘search boxes’, and more - all with the ability to connect to a database in real-time. EBA: Web ComboBox V2 is an ASP.NET control with a DHTML front-end API designed to render columnar data from a remote database in a familiar Windows-form control style interface. The component can perform remote searches by sending updategrams to the server asynchronously, and in the background. Using this method eliminates the need to reload the entire page by requesting ‘pages’ of data as required. The result is faster access to large datasets. Enable type-ahead (databound) auto-complete for sales-support applications, inventory management systems, or corporate intranets designed to run in the Internet Explorer 5+ browser. The ComboBox can be bound easily to a standard .NET datasource object or list, and users will find that our compressed XML datagram schema enables faster paging of the server for almost seamless client-side control of your web-form. Drag and drop the control directly onto your webform and manage using the convenient VS.NET properties dialogue. No messy code is required. Take advantage of elegant predefined CSS styles including Outlook XP, XP Blue, XP Silver, VS.NET 2003, and EBA, or create your own. Customize every aspect of the control’s appearance with an extensive and fully documented style sheet for a professional look and feel in very little time.
Tags: database , web , data , create , server , files , component , control , management , access , find , help , code , inventory , using , remote , page , manage , auto , run , build , professional , customer , dropdown , sheet , schema , style , object , drop , product , lists , connect , properties , faster , for , users , standard , complete , method , searches , people , sending ,

 Dynamic Dropdown Box

This is a simple tutorial that helps users to create the dropdown box dynamcially. Users can list the items using this dropdown box in the HTML page. This tutorial gives you the source code for creating the dropdown list box. This is an useful tutorial for all the readers.
Tags: create , code , creating , list , using , source , sourcecode , simple , tutorial , dropdown , box , for , useful , users ,

 Dynamic Drop Down Box To List Years

This is an helpful tutorial for all the programmers. This tutorial explains users about how to create the dropdown list box and displays the list of years in it. It displays the year you input till the current year and takes out the hassle of constant updation for every consecutive year. This dropdown listbox is very useful for all the applications. You can copy the sample code on your applications.
Tags: create , copy , code , list , tutorial , dropdown , year , input , box , sample , for , useful , users , out ,

 Code Snippet - Selecting an Item in a DataList using C

Code Snippet - Selecting an Item in a DataList using C# is a tutorial which guides you in filling the records in the datalist control when an item is selected in the dropdown list box control. In this tutorial you can see a live example. You can also download the source code from this tutorial.
Tags: download , control , code , list , using , source , sourcecode , tutorial , dropdown , live , box , records ,

 ASP.NET Morph Controls

ASP.NET Morph control is used for allowing the programmers to morph textbox to label or from dropdown to a label control. It helps users to create their website with form to get input from others. Users can change the layout of form using different templates and designs.
Tags: create , control , website , using , form , change , templates , label , dropdown , layout , input , morph , for , users ,


AXMENU is a menu application in javascript through which users can create menus that can dropdown or pop up in their website. This can be created very easily. It offers various features like capability of forming pop up menu in anywhere on the page, provide interface to link to images, supporting single site and produce sample modules etc. This program can create menus in different styles like vertical menus expanding to the right, horizontal menus expanding down, context menu that pops up at users click and more.
Tags: program , create , menu , javascript , site , application , pop , link , menus , click , dropdown , interface , vertical , sample , features , users , context , horizontal ,

 Top Navigational Bar III

Top Navigational Bar III is a collection of javascript classes that are widely useful to create navigation tools such as dropdown menus. Menus supports multiple categories and sub-categories of 2 levels depth where size can be set for each category individually. Menu items can be displayed at the center / left / right postions in menu bars. Background and text color setting can be reset. And several effects can be inclued for submenu display.
Tags: create , text , menu , javascript , tools , color , collection , navigation , effects , multiple , size , menus , levels , set , dropdown , for , useful ,

 Working with DropDownList and ListBox Controls

Working with DropDownList and ListBox Controls is a tutorial for those who needs to add the items in the dropdown list and listbox control from the database table. This tutorial describes it with an example code for the users. Users can copy the example code for their ASP.NET applications.
Tags: database , control , copy , code , list , tutorial , dropdown , for , users ,


cr:DateEdit is a Date and Time editing control with dropdown calendar, sometimes referred to as DatePicker or DateTimePicker. It's purpose is to obtain a valid date through data entry with both the highest level of accuracy and the minimal amount of user effort. It's flexible design allows for any kind of date entry you desire. The cr:DatePicker is also aware of the user's locale and will automatically localize its format accordingly.
Tags: data , control , design , format , date , user , editing , automatically , dropdown , for ,

 CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors

CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors is an interesting ASP.NET article which shows you how to create a dropdown list which displays coutry names. This dropdown list box control also detects the country of the visior automatically by capturing the IP address.
Tags: create , control , list , automatically , dropdown , lists , box , country ,

 Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl

Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl is an article in which the author gives you a way of creating a dropdown list with a label control in C#. The author shows you the sample screen for this task. This article also shows how to apply different styles such as left, tag and position to the dropdownlist and label control by using the div tag.
Tags: screen , control , creating , list , using , tag , label , dropdown , author , position , sample , for ,

 Simple country dropdown component

This online tutorial is about a small project description in which the author explains about how a country or state dropdown component works in VB.NET. The author projects the source code which would help the webmasters to understand very easily. From this article, the readers can place country dropdown component with ease.
Tags: online , component , help , code , project , source , sourcecode , small , tutorial , dropdown , author , country , projects ,

 Sort Method for an ASP.NET DropDownList

Sort Method for an ASP.NET DropDownList is an article that helps in sorting the items of the dropdown listbox control. In this tutorial the author creates a function which helps you to sort the items in the dropdown list box. This tutorial provides you the sample code.
Tags: list , tutorial , dropdown , function , sort , author , sample , for ,

 A DropDownList for U.S. States and Canadian Provinces and Countries

This is an ASP.NET article that helps you to create a dropdown list box which has U.S. states and canadian provinces in its list. Web developers can use the sample code on their web pages to show the U.S. states and canadian provinces in the dropdown list box control. Author clearly demonstrate it to the users.
Tags: web , create , code , list , show , dropdown , pages , box , sample , webpages , states ,

 Dropdown Date Selectors with Validation

With the help of this ASP.NET based utility webmasters can create dropdowns for year, month and days. This program has the ability to validate the date as soon as any date is selected. Webmasters can utilize this dropdown on their web forms for any purpose.
Tags: web , utility , program , create , help , date , forms , dropdown , validate , for ,


DbCombo is a .NET based input box tool which is helpful for the web developers to use on their web pages that allows the web visitors to select input easily by using dropdown button or by typing name on the box. If the user want to view the list related to the selected alphabets it shows the result immediately. This component can be used on any type of web pages and for any fields like, dictionary, encyclopaedia etc., Features included with this component are, it uses HTML intellisense for all tags, automatic compability mode for older browsers, it compliance with CLS etc.,
Tags: web , tool , component , list , using , automatic , view , user , button , name , type , dropdown , typing , pages , input , box , for , webpages , select , mode , fields ,

 George's Expandable ticker

A robust ticker that can be viewed both sequentially and simultaneously, via a dropdown menu.
Tags: dropdown , ticker ,

 1-Click Easy Drop-Down Menus

1-Click Easy Drop-Down Menues would be adaptable for any sized websites to implement navigation via dropdown menus. Menus with single item can be displayed on site pages where with a click opens the target pages with new window / frames. Color settings and other paramenters of menus can be modified easily. Any number of menu links are allowed.
Tags: menu , site , navigation , window , links , menus , number , settings , click , dropdown , pages , websites , for , modified ,

 Buy & sell (dynamic market)

This is an article that allows administrators to facilitate their visitors to sell and buy products on their websites. The author presents script to let the administrators build a database driven program to do this process. This provided program uses MS Access 2000 database and has features like search functionality, both server and client side authentication, administration area, dynamic dropdown boxes etc.,
Tags: database , search , program , server , client , script , 2000 , administration , build , dynamic , dropdown , author , buy , features , sell , boxes ,

 CSS Scrollbar Color Editor

CSS Scrollbar Color Editor is a JavaScript that has be designed to work with the Internet Explorer 5.5+. This script can change the colors of the scrollbars. It can change the colors of the base color, arrow color, 3D lightcolor, track color, highlight color, darkshadow color, shadow color, face color and much more. By means of a dropdown menu you can select the colors and use the update button to implement the selected colors to the scrollbar.
Tags: menu , color , script , change , track , button , colors , face , work , update , dropdown , dropdownmenu , shadow , select , base ,


xmlBlueprint makes editing XML faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Features include: Unicode aware text editing; validation of any DTD, XML Schema or XML Document against its DTD or XML Schema; XML layout tidying; real-time XML coloring; context-sensitive XML dropdown tips; identification of XML dialects by their namespace; XML tree explorer; unlimited undo/redo.
Tags: text , tree , editing , dropdown , layout , validation , identification ,


WebCombo.NET is a script used by the web developers to create their web forms with combo box and with drop down list component. It is basically used for enabling site visitors to select their required input using dropdown button. This tool can be used on contact form, registration form, order form etc., It handles large volume of data for selection.
Tags: web , tool , data , create , site , list , script , using , form , forms , contact , volume , dropdown , drop , input , box , for , select , registration , combo ,

 dHTML Drop Down Menu Tutorial - Part 1

dHTML Drop Down Menu Tutorial - Part 1 is an useful tutorial for the webdesigners teaching the procedures for creating dropdown menus. The author has provided simple and basic elemental concepts involved in developing the menus through javascript and you can gain knowledge on the method of applying CSS, how to handle the objects, functions etc., through an object oriented approach.
Tags: javascript , creating , menus , simple , basic , tutorial , dropdown , teaching , object , author , knowledge , for , functions , useful , objectoriented , method ,

 Building List Boxes Using the Results from a Database Query

This useful tutorial guides you in creating the drop-down list box. You can use this list box to display the record items in your database table. This tutorial provides you the sample code which helps you in building the dropdown list box. This tutorial is easy to learn by all the readers.
Tags: database , easy , record , code , creating , list , learn , display , tutorial , dropdown , box , sample , useful , building ,


This is a html editing utility which allows the users to perform editing operation through a web based interface. The users can view their progress in real time. This tool covers the html tags. Features like assignment is available for the users through a dropdown menu at the top of the users directory window, users can mainitain their meta content and friendly search engine with the optimizer wizard, turf view, quick edit, synchro view and more are available.
Tags: html , web , utility , tool , search , menu , view , directory , content , optimizer , quick , editing , engine , searchengine , dropdown , real , dropdownmenu , for , webbased , users , meta , available , top , covers ,

 ASP and CSS Drop-down

This is an easy to learn tutorial that helps in developing the CSS drop-down list box. You can list the records of the database table using this CSS dropdown list box. The sample code provided with this tutorial helps you to create the CSS drop down box and it also checks the browser for CSS compatibility. This program could be customized according to users needs.
Tags: database , program , create , browser , easy , code , list , using , learn , table , tutorial , dropdown , drop , box , sample , for , records , users , checks ,

 Menu Generator 2

This is a wonderful JavaScript menu generator that can be implemented in your webpage to display both horizontal and vertical dropdown menus. You can display multiple number of menus in a single page and the menus can have unlimited levels of submenus. The script supports style sheets and is compatible with all browsers. The script supports features like various icons, pre-loading of background images, fast event handler, and inheritance of parameters etc.
Tags: menu , fast , generator , script , page , display , multiple , background , menus , number , levels , dropdown , event , style , vertical , features , horizontal ,

 Adding a DropDownList to an Editable DataGrid

Adding a DropDownList to an Editable DataGrid is an ASP.NET article that contains more information about the datagrid and how to add a dropdown list box in the datagrid. You can copy and paste the code given in this tutorial on your web based applications. This is an useful tutorial for the web developers.
Tags: web , copy , code , information , list , paste , tutorial , dropdown , box , for , useful , webbased ,

 Next Gen Shopping Cart

This is a powerful program using which administrators can have a shopping cart system on their ASP supported websites. This program uses WYSIWYG HTML Editor to perform a perfect content management and uses SQL server database to store all the HTML contents. Adminstrators can add images with their contents and can manage the entire content whenever they want. They can categorise the listings by using dropdown menus. This program permits administrators to highlight specific products by using different colors and fonts. This program supports several payment transactions as cash, credit card, check etc.,
Tags: database , program , server , images , management , system , using , check , manage , content , store , colors , dropdown , shopping , credit , payment , shoppingcart , contentmanagement , contents , powerful ,

 Dropdowns From a Database

This is an useful tutorial which guides you in adding the list of items into the combobox. This tutorial creates the connection and recordset objects and displays the records in the dropdown combo using the recordset object. Users can get the sample code for listing the record items in the dropdown combo from this tutorial.
Tags: record , code , list , using , connection , into , tutorial , dropdown , sample , for , records , useful , objects , listing , combo ,


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