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 Oracle8 and Oracle8i - Introduction

Oracle8 and Oracle8i - Introduction is an article which helps the users by offering information about how to retrieve the content of the oracle database and also executing the process of accessing the data stored in the oracle server with the help of ODBC driver and OLE database. This article will be helpful for the ASP developers and the ASP programmers.
Tags: database , data , server , help , information , oracle , content , process , retrieve , driver , for , users ,

 Displaying Records from the Database using Java Servlets.

From this article you can learn how display records with Java Servlets from a database. The procedures to display records in JSP pages and Java Beans are more or less similar. This article uses Microsoft Access database, but you can work with any database. At the outset it teaches you to build a sample Microsoft Access database. After that create a DSN for it and connect to the database with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver and from a given table display the records.
Tags: database , create , learn , display , table , build , work , driver , pages , connect , sample , for , records ,

 Connecting to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver.

A tutorial on how to connect to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver. Explains what are database URLs? Why and how to specify JDBC driver names? Then moves on to write a simple Java program to connect to a MySQL database server. Explains all the code in detail.
Tags: database , program , write , code , using , simple , driver , tutorial , connect ,

 XFlows - XML and XSLT Manager

XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data with your database using XML Files, converting your HTML documents to XML... XFlows runs in Batch and User Interface modes. Xflows manages various tasks (DB export, DB import, XSLT, FO, DocBook, HTML to XML, Concat, Copy local or remote...). You can plug your own parser or JDBC driver for a custom database. Several logs levels and platforms are available in batch mode including Mail support.
Tags: database , data , create , files , batch , using , remote , tasks , documents , custom , levels , set , into , converting , driver , local , publishing , parser , logs , for , mode , available , plug ,


Duality is an efficient online JDBC proxy that provides optimum solutions for all webmasters in counteracting all difficulties faced while transfering information to web servers. This online java application is bundled with type 3 JDBC driver and proxy server. The driver supports all essential components of JDBC API along with input stream and reader values in both results and statements while the proxy server can check all SQL statements. Key features include secured transfers, simple and easy handling etc.,
Tags: web , online , server , java , easy , information , application , check , proxy , components , simple , reader , type , driver , stream , input , for , features , proxyserver , solutions ,


This Python module can be used for conversion of Microsoft Office documents to Postscript via an installed postscript printer driver. This module uses Microsoft Office and the installed postscript printer driver for the export. You can use this module to build your own PDF Converter.
Tags: conversion , printer , documents , module , build , driver , postscript , for , printerdriver ,

 Formula1 Organizer

This is a organizing software that can add, delete or edit Formula 1 related informations and organize them. This program control over the database structure and use Formula1 database organizers to create formula 1 data. Web Organizer can be used to organize web Formula 1 resource informations, races, diary and driver organizer are available in this program. This program has other features like label wizard, report wizard, HTML generator wizard, modifying database templates, ability to access and view data, modifying reports, browser viewer, table viewer etc.
Tags: software , database , web , program , create , control , access , organizer , delete , browser , edit , viewer , generator , report , organize , view , table , diary , label , resource , driver , formula , structure , features , organizing , available ,

 Jet Storage UDF

Need a mobile hard drive for the price of a CD/DVD disk? This program installs a driver that allows you to write files to CDs and DVDs directly, without any burning software, just as you normally write files to your hard drive.
Tags: program , files , write , mobile , drive , hard , harddrive , driver , burning , for ,

 WinSQL Professional

WinSQL is a database tool which is powerful and handy to use. It helps database administrators to submit their SQL data to any database through ODBC. This tool talks to ODBC driver via driver manager and stores it in the backend server. This tool offers several features which helps the users to- transfer data from one source to another source, generates test data, teach how to write SQL statements etc.,
Tags: database , tool , data , manager , write , transfer , test , source , driver , submit , teach , features , users , powerful ,

 Compatible Optimizer

If you design movie with Flash5.0 or lower version,you can not read some swf files resource legally with resource extracting tool when you want to use resource in your work.It because that the files are made by Flash MX. Swf files made by Flash MX can not be read or played with Flash5.0 or lower version.If you want to use these files,you must download a new player or something else.Now there is no problem! With Compatible Optimizer you can: * Find swf files in your selected directory. * Find all swf files in your selected logic driver and other movable drivers,include hidden directory of system. * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. * Optimize the swf files.Make the swf file compatible without making it in the condition of being can publish them directly,you can view it with shockwave flash player or other flash players directly.It is important that you can read them with Flash5.0 and lower version. * Clear protection of swf file. * View selected swf file with inseted player directly. Be sure that you clear protection legally. NEITHER THE AUTHOR NOR THE AGENTS OF THE AUTHOR WILL BE LIABLE FOR YOUR USING THIS FUNCTION OUTSIDE THE LAW! Highlights * Flash MX supported! * Use little system resource! * It does not generate temporary files! * Retain original file attribute! * Speed. The ability to find and optimize swf files is so powerful that it can complete in seconds! * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. * The optimized file can be readed and play with Flash5.0 or lower version. * To prevent the same name files from overwriting each other when you optimize files from read-only drivers to hard disk,system will remain original directory info if you do not select overwriting them. * Clear protection of movie when optimizing. * You can view the selected movie with inseted player directly.
Tags: download , file , tool , flash , files , system , logic , design , protection , play , find , movie , optimize , view , directory , show , swf , generate , publish , hidden , read , name , hard , resource , driver , original , prevent , info , clear , select , temporary , complete , powerful , players ,


This is an advanced utility which allows you to make a command line interactive session with a SQL server. This utilty provides you the options such as driver which allows you to specify the JDBC driver class name of the driver and cstring which allows you to specify the connection string to the database.
Tags: utility , make , class , commandline , advanced , connection , interactive , line , name , driver , command , options , string , session ,


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