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 121 WAM!

121Wam is the first FTP client that can transfer databases. With 121 WAM! you can drag and drop database tables from one Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL or ODBC database into another over the Internet. It also supports advanced file and data synchronization options, offers FTP support, and much more, making 121 WAM! the ideal choice for maintaining database-driven web sites.
Tags: file , database , web , data , client , transfer , synchronization , advanced , into , drop , for , draganddrop ,


This is an ASP.NET control that helps webmasters to create menus for navigation purpose. Webmasters can utilize this program to generate menus in tree structure with any number of menus and submenus. This program facilitates webmasters to customize the entire look and feel of the menus as they like and comes with context menu control. This program has several features including drag and drop functionalities.
Tags: program , create , control , menu , tree , navigation , generate , menus , number , customize , drop , for , structure , features , draganddrop , context ,

 Visual XSLT

Visual XSLT is a powerful XML software dealing with the techniques of XML transformations. You can use this software to convert XML documents with XSLT development plugins designed specially for visual studio .NET. This online software is bundled with unique visual schema mapper and just in time (JIT) debugging tools with which webmasters would be able to test all XSLT codes embedded in other .NET applications and libraries. Using this software you can compress all XML input files, XSLT transformation files and the generated output files in a group with the ability to access them at any time. Key features include template browser, intuitive drag and drop interface, ability to build and test XPath expressions, synchronized debugging etc.,
Tags: software , convert , time , online , files , access , tools , development , test , compress , visual , documents , template , visualstudio , build , studio , applications , group , schema , drop , input , for , features , draganddrop , powerful , codes , debugging ,

 VbsEdit and JsEdit

VbsEdit and JsEdit is a simple and easy to use script editor that allows webmasters to edit scripts and programs with a simple drag and drop interface. Users can format columns and line, insert modes in their scripts. This program is bundled with a powerful debugger and allows you to run VB and javascript in wscript and cscript. Key features include ability to generate WMI scripts, syntax colouring, auto captiliazation, mouse wheel support etc.,
Tags: editor , program , edit , javascript , easy , programs , script , format , scripts , auto , mouse , generate , simple , run , support , insert , syntax , debugger , drop , columns , features , draganddrop , wheel , powerful ,

 Gmail Storage Drive

This is an useful tool for the users to create and add new drive on their 'My Computer' folder so that they can use 'GMail' as a storage medium. This is actually a shell namespace extension that has the ability to generate a file system on your 'Google GMail account' to enable you to store and get files from your 'GMail account'. Through this program you can create new folders, drag and drop files on any desired folders, copy folders directly from within Windows explorer.
Tags: file , tool , program , create , files , system , folder , copy , drive , folders , generate , shell , store , storage , extension , drop , for , useful , users , draganddrop , filesystem ,

 Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix

Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix is an article which discusses about a tool called as web matrix. Web matrix is an useful tool for developing web applications in ASP.NET. The ASP.NET web matrix contains a WYSIWYG designer which helps you to drag and drop HTML and ASP.NET server controls from a toolbox onto your aspx page and it has an inbuilt web server that helps you to test the ASP.NET web applications.
Tags: web , tool , server , test , page , webserver , designer , matrix , applications , controls , drop , for , useful , draganddrop ,


Aspose.AdHoc is a ASP.Net component. With the Ad Hoc Query Builder component you can quickly and easily add ad hoc capabilities to you ASP.Net application. The ad hoc component can be used for a variety of task, ranging from ad hoc reports to quick and easy search screens. Simply drag and drop the ad hoc component on to your web form, assign a DataTable object as the data source and let the component do the rest. Since the ad hoc component uses a DataTable object as its data source, you can use virtually any database back end. The ad hoc component offers a variety of output, including: SQL statement, Select statement, Where statement, Order By statement, RowFilter statement, Filtered DataView, Filtered DataTable or Filtered DataSet.
Tags: database , web , search , data , component , easy , source , quick , reports , object , drop , for , back , draganddrop ,

 ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Fundamentals

This session will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of building mobile web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls. See how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile web form. Find out what the adaptive rendering and rich customization and extensibility models can do for your mobile web applications.
Tags: web , control , easy , make , mobile , learn , designer , model , models , applications , drop , for , draganddrop , building , out , session ,

 Developing Mobile Web Applications With ASP.NET Mobile Controls

Learn about the basics of building mobile Web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls. See how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile Web form. Find out what the adaptive rendering and rich customization and extensibility models can do for your mobile Web applications.
Tags: control , easy , make , mobile , designer , model , models , applications , drop , for , draganddrop , building , out ,

 Easy to use Hit Counter

The author's main aim of creating a Hit Counter which is very easy to use has been fulfilled through this tutorial. The author created a custom control which shows a HTML table. This table shows every one counter digit in each cell. This counter is mainly designed for Visual Studio, accepting the Visual Studio toolbox. Then with the help of drag and drop method this counter could be used in user's webpage. In this tutorial the author gives the sample demo and the source code is downlodable.
Tags: control , easy , help , code , creating , source , table , demo , sourcecode , custom , aim , tutorial , counter , drop , author , sample , for , draganddrop , method ,

 Garbage Collection in .NET

This article is helpful for the learners which offers them detailed information about the usage of Garbage collection in .NET framework. This Garbage collection plays a vital role in freeing memory without removing all references to that memory location. Example code has been given in this article and the users can drag and drop on their codes for testing.
Tags: code , information , collection , memory , removing , usage , drop , for , users , draganddrop , codes ,

 Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer

This utility is used for generating a webpage. It has different and multiple web page templates. Users can use those templates to design their web pages and also they can make their web page with multiple pages, graphics, animation, text fields etc., Users should just drag and drop resources to create their web page. It has several features they are, it offers more than hundred graphic textures and animations and more than fifty page backgrounds, effects for images, shadows and many features are available with this tool.
Tags: web , utility , create , text , design , make , graphic , page , effects , webpage , multiple , templates , pages , animations , drop , resources , for , webpages , features , draganddrop , fields , available ,

 CoffeeCup Form Builder

CoffeeCup Form Builder is a drag and drop program that creates the most unbelievable Web Forms you have ever seen. Add Input Boxes, Text Areas, Lists, Drop Down Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and more !
Tags: program , drop , draganddrop ,

 ComponentArt TreeView

Tree menus can be easily created with this program that supports browsers: Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Konqueror and Mozilla. Data binding can be done with this tool and load on demand, drag and drop functionalities are available. Any number of menus can be built with number of submenus.
Tags: tool , program , menus , number , drop , load , draganddrop ,

 Interactive Reporting Solutions

Interactive Reporting is a database tool that helps users to generate their reports and also they can publish the reports via web. Users can create drag and drop report and it requires no complex programming. This tool accepts to export reports to any popular formats like, pdf, xls, rtf etc., Users can design interactive reports with Oracle, SQL, Access, MySQL etc.
Tags: database , tool , create , design , export , report , rtf , generate , reports , publish , interactive , popular , drop , users , draganddrop ,

 EditLive for Java

This is an online XHTML content publisher that can create and publish contents on the websites. This program comes with rich content creation features and open standards based solutions that can be used for publishing the content through the web or from directly within an internet application. Users can create and edit a table by using table editing feature. They can insert images on the websites from the local file system with the help of insert image function. This program has source editing function which can be used to edit XHTML or XML content on the websites. This program has many useful features like, text formatting, international language support, spell checking, drag and drop functionlaity etc.
Tags: internet , file , image , web , program , create , text , online , images , system , edit , help , using , language , source , table , content , open , editing , publish , function , local , publishing , insert , spell , drop , creation , publisher , websites , for , features , useful , draganddrop , international , filesystem , contents , solutions ,


It suits to accomplish all internet business people's requirements to advance their online store by offering flexible remotely hosted solutions. Customer database, inventory session can be maintained easily. Creation of product pages can be done with the help of drag and drop features. Customizable setting lets you design and control product management, credit card processing, shipping calculations dynamically. Stock information can be shown to keep all products available all time. Sales and traffic tracking tools helps to get a overall info about product promotion. Several payment accounts can be included for online payment processing. Many more features are available for an extensive and effective online business.
Tags: internet , online , control , business , design , tools , help , information , inventory , tracking , traffic , store , accounts , pages , info , credit , drop , payment , product , for , creditcard , features , draganddrop , available , session ,

 FTP Wanderer

Ever wish that moving files to/from the Net was as simple as moving local files? With FTP Wanderer, it is! This FTP tool allows you to drag and drop files directly from Windows Explorer onto a server. Up and download multiple files at the same time.
Tags: download , tool , files , multiple , simple , local , drop , draganddrop , moving ,

 IDAutomation Barcode Label Software

IDAutomation Barcode Label Software is a powerful labelling tool capable of printing barcode labels with graphics. The advanced label setup wizard available in this tool allows you to create labels with the data from various sources like comma delimited text files, excel, access and CSV files using drag and drop techniques. You can also include more numeric barcodes and text in the labels with graphical interface. Some of the important features of this software are multiple symbologies, layout ruler, independent rotation of objects, different printer support, print preview options etc.
Tags: software , tool , data , create , text , files , access , print , barcode , using , printer , wizard , advanced , multiple , printing , label , barcodes , preview , layout , labels , options , drop , features , draganddrop , rotation , available , powerful , graphical , comma ,


This is a content management solution that can be used to gather and modify various types of image contents on the websites. For uploaded images this tool will be a validator. Image contents are stored in existing file, database or directory. Users are allowed to zoom and relocate image contents. This program supports web control styles and Visual Studio drag and drop design time. Users are allowed to configure JPEG compression levels and to define minimum or maximum size to the particular image contents. This program has other features like, images can be collected from various solutions such as existing files, bitmap objects and user uploads, no plugins needed and more.
Tags: image , database , web , tool , program , control , images , management , design , compression , content , user , size , zoom , bitmap , levels , solution , drop , features , modify , contentmanagement , draganddrop , objects , configure , contents , solutions ,

This tool is helpful for programmers to revolutionize the business intelligence field. It offers several features they are, it has full XMLA support, access OLAP and relational resources, synchronized Grid and chart view, users can sort columns and rows, it allows users to customize dimensions i.e- it allows them to drag and drop dimensions and also they can remove dimensions. It supports multi language.
Tags: tool , access , business , remove , chart , customize , drop , sort , multi , intelligence , columns , for , features , users , draganddrop , XML/A control

This is an useful tool for the web developers to manage the XMLA Olap control from ASP.NET applications. Users can easily setup the controls by dragging on their .NET applications in few seconds. Some features of this tool are, drag and drop dimensions, rows and columns can be sorted, pivot, zoom, slice and dice in grids etc., By using this tool the user can easily create business intelligence portals.
Tags: web , tool , create , control , business , using , manage , user , applications , controls , drop , dice , intelligence , columns , for , features , useful , draganddrop ,


WS_FTP Pro is a secure FTP Client that moves files between local and remote systems. You can protect your data during tranfer by using this program. You can split a large file into multiple parts and use multiple transfer connections to download those parts simultaneously. You can monitor all transfer files and track their status. This program has many useful features like, drag and drop support, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)encryption, resuming failed transfers, transfer manager, synchronize utility and more.
Tags: download , file , utility , program , data , files , monitor , protect , secure , using , transfer , remote , split , synchronize , track , multiple , into , local , drop , parts , features , useful , draganddrop ,


This is a program that comes with facility for enabling drag and drop web page generation and several more functionalities that have the ability to sport feature same like Windows Explorer. This program provides highly customizable web pages in HTML format and facility for the administrators to add their company’s logo to personalize their applications. This program also comes with effective employee directory, work spaces and a menu system for navigation purpose. All of its functionalities will be suitable for small businesses.
Tags: web , program , menu , system , format , navigation , page , webpage , small , employee , sport , work , pages , drop , logo , feature , for , webpages , draganddrop , generation , personalize ,


JasperAssistant is a java beans tool that allows you to design online reports using the powerful WYSIWYG editor. This online report designing software is integrated with Eclipse IDE so that admin would find it easy to perform batch report compilations. You are provided with preview options to have a quick outlook at the generated reports and supports drag and drop features for all design tasks. Some of the key features include cut, copy, paste, outline view, customizable palette, expression editors etc.,
Tags: software , tool , outlook , online , java , design , easy , find , batch , report , using , key , admin , quick , reports , preview , outline , options , drop , for , expression , features , draganddrop , powerful , editors ,

 ASP.NET Auto Email

ASP.NET Auto Email is an email component that is specially designed for generating email forms in the users websites and also provides all the functionalities for generating email systems in the users website. It has several attractive features like detecting all the form fields automatically, allow the users to send emails in the HTML format and TEXT format, providing zip facility for attachments, allows creating email forms in drag and drop way etc.
Tags: email , component , zip , creating , format , form , send , forms , emails , detecting , drop , websites , for , features , users , draganddrop , fields , systems ,

 Exchange Commerce Manager

Exchange Commerce Manager is an ASP program with which you can design store fronts with a commerce platform. Using this program you can group products under different categories with unlimited attributes and options. There are several store front creation wizards with graphical interface to assist you in creating the store front. Some of the important features include drag and drop site design, easy to browse catalogs, customizable design layouts etc.,
Tags: program , design , easy , creating , site , store , browse , interface , group , drop , creation , features , draganddrop , graphical ,

 BrowserBob Light

This program takes the pain out of creating custom browsers in your own design. Create standalone multimedia web applications, custom browsers, eBooks, eJournals, presentations, portals, via Drag&Drop. Integrate all web-technology (HTML, Flash, Scripts, Audio, Video, docs,…). Get results within minutes even without programming skills. Take off into creating standalone Windows software (exe, setups) with ease. Royalty free distribution of your creations! Get started quickly with tips, F1 context help, Drag&Drop objects library and ready-made examples. Suitable for beginners even! Deliver Web applications efficiently by wrapping any media a browser can understand into a standalone program in your own design. BrowserBob lets you create special interfaces around any content. It’s so easy to use that even beginners achieve amazing results. The open architecture for use with Flash and HTML makes it an efficiency booster for web designers and developers. Features: interface, buttons, windows can be of any shape – graphics based with transparencies. Your app can have any design you can imagine! Several web windows can be placed on one interface (for banners, tickers, any media). Position buttons anywhere - buttons are free- shaped and have 4 states (4 graphics). Create stylish menus. Integrate any files in a multi-directory structure. The new parameter selection makes linking to your included files easy... Launch external applications via buttons. The ease of working with BrowserBob is what sets it apart: you simply drag and drop components, set parameters, add behaviors, and assign graphics, sounds, … Test your app any time during creation. With few clicks you publish your app as a single exe file for easy web/email deployment or as fully branded setup. If it's not performing for you - you get your money back - unconditionally - guaranteed... Everyone can create windows applications now! Higher versions are programmable - there's nothing you can't create...
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 Doing Drag and Drop Using C

From this tutorial users can find information about adding drag and drop facility to C#.NET websites. The author of this tutorial explains every thing including using the events like DragOver, DragDrop, ItemDrag and DragEnter to succeed this process. This article is provided with appropriate sample codes for a better reference.
Tags: find , information , using , tutorial , events , drop , author , sample , for , users , draganddrop , codes ,

 Neodynamic ImageDraw

ImageDraw is a web control through which you can deliver static and dynamic image files easily. This tool provides various image effects such as greyscale and negative. You can stretch and scale the size of the image to the new dimensions during design time. You simply drag and drop this control on your web page and it does not require any special configuration.
Tags: image , web , tool , files , control , design , page , effects , webpage , size , dynamic , scale , drop , draganddrop , special , static ,


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