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This documentation tool is written in PHP and comes with HTML editor to generate and edit contents for your articles. This script is completely template driven and enables you to create unlimited manual sections as chapters for your projects for easy working. Some key features include support for multi-user environment and multiple languages, password protected admin area, preview options for all documents etc.,
Tags: tool , password , editor , create , edit , easy , script , key , generate , multiple , documents , admin , template , support , documentation , preview , options , environment , for , features , protected , manual , contents , projects ,

 AITSH Links

The AITSH Links is a script written using PHP and uses MySQL for storing information like name, e-mail, website URL, project title, description, category etc. This is also a free for all links script. With this script it is easy to define the required fields, automatic reply through e-mail to the visitor who submits or sends you links, better documentation inside the script and much more.
Tags: website , easy , information , script , using , automatic , project , links , documentation , for , visitor , reply ,

 Termin Planner

Administrative Features· Multiple schedules are supported with unique resources. Blackout times are easy to add and manage to restrict reservations. · User permissions allow the administrator to decide on what resources users can place reservations. This feature can be turned on or off from the configuration file.Reservation minimum and maximum time limits can be set on a per-resource basis. · Administrator has power to add and manage an unlimited number of resources. All which can be toggled active and inactive at any point. Administrator has control over all reservations and can browse, modify and delete any reservation in the system. Mass email feature allows the administrator to send out a system-wide email to notify users of resource downtime or other important information. Administrators can search through the reservation database with a very flexible search tool. Search results can be viewed as HTML, plain-text, XML or CSV. Database data can be dumped to the screen in XML or CSV format. Administrators can view a bar graph showing reservation statistics. Complete logging feature logs all activity through the system. User Features· Users can manage how and when they receive email notifications about their reservation activity. Recurring reservations and reservation summaries are completely supported. Schedule is GUI based with easy to identify reservations. Configuration Options· Time format, email program, announcements and much more can be set in the config file. The code is object-based and there is a strong attempt to maintain complete separation of business logic and presentation. This makes it easy to change the look and feel or functionality of the system. The provided phpDocumentor-generated documentation is complete and easy to follow for any PHP programmer.
Tags: email , screen , database , search , data , time , control , logic , business , delete , easy , code , view , manage , change , bar , send , graph , administrator , number , restrict , logging , set , activity , documentation , resource , power , active , notify , configuration , resources , feature , receive , logs , for , modify , maintain , users , complete , schedules , out ,

 Aprelium Abyss Web Server

This is a free personal web server for windows and linux operating systems. It allows features such as access control support, password protected paths, users and groups management, access control rules; SSI support, custom error pages, enhanced CGI execution layer; updated server engine; updated documentation And many more. It supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, SSI, custom error pages, and access control. With its usage hosting of web site and your PHP, Perl, or ASP scripts very easy and fast.
Tags: windows , web , password , server , control , access , easy , site , scripts , personal , linux , error , content , custom , webserver , dynamic , accesscontrol , documentation , usage , for , features , protected , users , generation , hosting ,


Aspose.Email is a pure C#, fully managed, robust and reliable component, allowing you to send email from your applications.It has zero reliance on CDONTS, on which System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail is built. Using of Aspose.Email allows you to absolutely avoid using of unmanaged code in your aplications, increase reliability and decrease costs for debugging. Aspose.Email is feature rich and provides services, that System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail does not. For example, Aspose.Email offers user authentication, mail merge and much more.Aspose.Email has compact and intuitive object model, that along with complete documentation and featured examples allows you to quick start using Aspose.Email in you aplication, avoiding usual "learning curve".The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.
Tags: email , mail , code , using , send , merge , quick , user , start , into , documentation , object , mailmerge , feature , compact , for , features , reliability , increase , complete , examples ,

 COM to .NET

COM to .NET is a solution that can be used to migrate COM based codes into .NET codes. Users are allowed to organize their applications and not to register ActiveX objects or COM objects. This program has an ability to create wrappers as C# code and users are allowed to edit C# code on their projects. IEnumerable interfaces can be created for OLE collection classes. This program also supports ASP to ASP.NET migration. This program has several features like, XML documentation can be generated, unions and module functions can be imported, comments with IDL can be created and more.
Tags: program , create , edit , code , collection , organize , module , into , documentation , migrate , solution , applications , for , features , register , functions , users , objects , codes ,

 Award TreeView

Award TreeView is a wonderful JavaScript navigation tool to implement a tree menu, which can be used in site maps, online documentation and intranet applications. The styles of the menus can be changed very easily. It supports unlimited nodes and hierarchical levels and the nodes are loaded dynamically. The script doesn’t require Java or cookies to function and you can supply as many tree menus you want in a single page.
Tags: tool , online , site , script , tree , navigation , cookies , menus , levels , intranet , documentation , function ,

 ASP Documentation Tool

The ASP Documentation Tool creates project documentation for ASP 2.0 and 3.0 websites written in VBScript and JScript, and also SQL Server 2000 databases. Documentation is created in HTML, HTML Help and plain text formats.
Tags: text , project , 2000 , documentation , websites , for ,

 Index Server Companion

The Index Server Companion extends the functionality of Index Server to allow indexing of content from remote websites and ODBC databases. The Index Server Companion contains full documentation and ASP code samples for use in a variety of scenarios.
Tags: code , remote , content , documentation , websites , for ,

 Only4Gurus - Hundreds of Useful Microsoft Resources

A lot of free technical documentation for download about ASP resources, ASP links, ASP documents, ASPX, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, AD, Active Directory, C++, C#, Visual Studio, Data Access, ADO, DAO, RDS, .Net, Development, Source, Code, BizTalk, Exchange, ISA, Security, Data Mining, BI, Peer2Peer, PocketPC, Mobility, SQL, TSQL, Videos, Windows, Networking, Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates and even more.
Tags: download , documentation , technical , for ,

 The Template class vlibTemplate

The Template class vlibTemplate describes the need to seperate PHP and HTML from an entire source with examples. PHP session can be used for the PHP developers to make modification / updation with it where HTML lets the designers to format the site contents with WYSIWYG / dreamweaver / frontpage editors. 'vlib' is nothing but the template variables that represents header / footer , loops, etc with a HTML section. Online examples with documentation teaches this module effectively.
Tags: make , site , format , source , class , template , module , documentation , for , contents , dreamweaver , examples , session ,

 English and german tutorial for TinyButStrong

If you want to seperate PHP-code from HTML-code, you need some kind of template system. TinyButStrong (TBS) provides such a system. This is a short crash course for TinyButStrong. The german tutorial is more detailed, but both refer to the same examples. It will teach you how to use TBS fields and TBS blocks. Some simple and more complicated examples are provided. You will learn how to use TBS with MySQL, too. TBS documentation is available in english, german and french.
Tags: learn , german , template , simple , documentation , tutorial , crash , teach , for , fields , course , available , examples ,

 Clockwatchers PHP tutorial

Clockwatchers PHP tutorial is an article that helps all PHP beginners to get used to the terms of PHP codings. This tutorial provides users with a complete documentation of PHP programming language. Users will also be introduced to make use of PHP with MYSQL backend. This is an useful manual that teaches about the basics of PHP classes and variables.
Tags: make , programming , documentation , tutorial , useful , users , manual , complete ,

 Die Javaquelle

Die Javaquelle is an idle site for beginners to refer to various Java applets. It also provides source code and includes documentation on how to place HTML. All this is available for free download.
Tags: code , site , source , sourcecode , documentation , for , available ,

 First look - Creating COM+ components with .NET Beta2

This online tutorial is about the available services of COM+ to .NET. The author explains about the serviced component class and about all the attribute classes to generate COM+ components. This article describes completely about building and installing COM+ component. The author shows a sample application for the users explaining all the steps involved in it. The documentation is the perfect example for the users about its simplicity.
Tags: online , component , application , class , generate , documentation , tutorial , services , author , sample , for , users , attribute , available , building ,

 E-Sphere's WAPMail

WAPMail is a WAP / PHP script that makes any WAP enabled device to access any IMAP email account on the internet. This is a set of PHP Objects available free on the site. The access is password protected. Accessing IMAP mail account from a WAP device is made easy with this script. Complete documentation included with the package.
Tags: email , password , mail , access , easy , script , account , set , documentation , device , available ,

 phpYellow Pro Edition

phpYellow Pro Edition is an efficient yellow page software offering cost effective solutions to generate yellow pages on the web. Using this script webmasters can easily include their business directory along with the price and categories allowing them to earn revenues. Admin can also connect their business to any authorized payment gateway services through the PI documentation available in the script. Some of the main features include lower bandwidth, point and click directory modules, listing options, exact search results etc.,
Tags: software , search , business , script , directory , page , generate , click , documentation , services , cost , pages , payment , connect , features , gateway , listing , solutions , available , point ,

 The Web services (r)evolution: Part 4

This is an online web service reference article which teaches the programmers about WSDL i.e- Web Service Description Language and it gives toolkit for WSDL for installation. Users can view what definitions are used on web service and also it shows with example for each definition. Binding, service, message, port Type, documentation and many more definitions are used for generating web services. This article also has shown steps how to generate client stubs using WSDL. Snapshots for each category have been displayed in this article for quick reference.
Tags: web , online , client , using , view , service , generate , quick , port , toolkit , documentation , reference , for , webservice ,

 Helpexec professional document manager

Helpexec professional document manager is a PHP based documenting software that provides very clean, logical and professional mannered presentation for your articles. This script provides publishers with automated documentation and support informations required for the publishings. Simple online demo for administrative and public area and skinned out version are available on the site.
Tags: software , online , manager , document , script , presentation , demo , support , professional , area , version , documentation , logical , automated , for , public , available , out ,

 HTML Squisher

HTMLSquisher reduces the time it takes for each webpage to load by compressing each webpage. HTMLSquisher only works on HTML pages. It can't compress your images or anything else.Say, for example, you have a 100k HTML page (not unusual these days with layers and Javascripts) and you squish it down to 10k. Then it loads 10 times faster. It's particularly useful for large HTML pages, for example, in documentation sites. Java and Javascript must be enabled for this utility to work
Tags: utility , time , images , compress , page , documentation , load , for , useful , layers ,

 Sharp develop

Sharp develop is a C # and VB.NET development platform that helps users to develop applications based on these languages. This program has many features to offer like, C# and VB.NET form designer, autoinserting codes, C# to VB.NET converter and vice versa, documentation preview for XML, multilingual support for user interface, program entirely written in C #, backends on ILAsm and C++ and more.
Tags: converter , program , development , form , user , support , documentation , preview , platform , applications , multilingual , for , features , develop , users ,

 Online Photo Album (XML Version)

This build is Salman's fourth release of the online album. The current version does not require FSO (FIle System Object) from your host provider. The entire application runs on XML file. There is also a small C program that builds dynamically the XML file to work with your online album. This version is so big that we have decided to load all the online documentation and download source etc, in a separate directory within iGluon.
Tags: download , file , program , online , application , directory , source , small , build , work , version , documentation , host , load , big ,

 Improving the social infrastructure of Python: pydoc and distutils modules

Some time ago if you were to ask an honest Python evangelist if Python was missing anything important that Perl, had, the answer would most likely have been "yes". It wasn't that Python lacked a breadth of module and package support (both Python native and extension modules). It certainly wasn't the clarity of expression or clean object orientation in which Python positively excels The introduction of several modules and tools in recent Python versions has improved Python, not so much as a language, but as a tool. Author David Mertz reviews these modules that make the job of Python developers substantially easier by improving the documentation and distribution of Python modules and packages.
Tags: time , tools , make , clean , module , support , job , package , documentation , distribution , extension , object , native , expression , recent ,

 Using NeXTensio MX to create a CMS

This is an article which teaches the users how to build a dynamic websites and an administration tool for a site. The users can also find more detailed documentation and articles. This tutorial tells the users how to build a professional and a good looking dynamic website with the macromedia dreamweaver. In this article it is very easy for the users to build a content management system using dreamweaver MX and NeXTensio MX. Here this site is flexible by storing every page in the database.
Tags: tool , website , easy , find , site , using , page , content , administration , build , professional , dynamic , good , documentation , tutorial , macromedia , websites , for , users , dreamweaver ,

 Virtual Filing Cabinet

Webmasters can use this tool which has a built in file management system that enables them to easily create a large number of files and folders of their own. This tool is highly secure and offers flexible access controls to the users. It has an interface that offers industry standard icons to the users. This system also offers search engines for documents and files. This system offers an email alert feature that informs the users about the recently modified and new files. It offers an easy user manual and a step by step documentation that enables easy setup of this tool.
Tags: email , file , tool , search , create , files , management , system , access , secure , easy , icons , folders , documents , user , number , alert , filemanagement , documentation , interface , controls , feature , for , users , manual , standard , engines , modified ,


HelpScribble is a full-featured, easy-to-use help authoring tool for creating help files from start to finish. Create WinHelp (.hlp) files, HTML Help (.chm) files, a printed manual and online documentation (on a web site) all from the same HelpScribble project. Write full-featured help files with the built-in editors for SHG files (hotspot bitmaps), WinHelp macros, contents tree, browse sequences, etc. If you have previously used another help authoring tool, reuse your work by importing the HPJ+RTF files created with the other tool or by a decompiler. Use the help files you make with HelpScribble to provide context-sensitive help with your Window applications, no matter which development tool you use. If you use Borland Delphi or C++Builder, you will like the way HelpScribble's HelpContext property editor integrates with them to make assigning Topic ID values to HelpContext properties very easy. HelpScribble is a stand-alone tool. It does not depend on MS Word or any other third party package. It does need a help compiler that you can download for free from
Tags: download , web , tool , editor , online , files , development , make , help , creating , authoring , browse , start , work , documentation , compiler , properties , property , for , manual , contents , helpauthoring , party , editors ,

 Prometheus Project

Prometheus Project is a dynamic content library software to create and maintain client's mailing websites with autoload, session and user authentication classes. All these documentation and codes provided in this script will guide you through the process of designing active content websites. Using this script you will be able to create database independent software containing MIME mappings. Users can read, send mail through IMAP and local sendmail and also provides oppurtunities to parse templates, both with and without PHP.
Tags: software , database , create , mail , library , script , send , mailing , content , user , process , dynamic , documentation , local , active , websites , guide , maintain , authentication , sendmail , parse , codes , session ,

 VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor

VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor is an editor and is a script based on php. This editor allows users to create php applications from visual It also integrates php documentation into the visual studio help system. It checks the php files syntax and highlights the syntax error code. Leverages visual studio which is used to add bookmarks to the code. Latest definitions of php built in functions can be included in this editor. Features include regular expression searching, window cloning, function parameter tooltips and php help integration.
Tags: editor , create , files , help , php , script , visual , window , error , bookmarks , visualstudio , studio , into , documentation , function , applications , syntax , expression , functions , users , regularexpression , checks ,

 Firework Instant Website

'Firework Instant Website' is a web based website management system. This site has various categories like sample site for business work layout, documentation with source code for each application and latest news about the websites are displayed. This tool has an easy to use web based interface through which the users can design their website from anywhere using any browser.
Tags: web , tool , management , website , business , design , easy , code , site , application , using , news , source , sourcecode , work , documentation , interface , websites , sample , for , webbased , users ,

 PEAR Documentation and Tutorials

PEAR Documentation and Tutorials is a narration about PEAR, its documentation and PEAR DB tutorials. The author explains that Pear is the fruit of PHP and a code repository of PHP extensions and PHP library code that provides a means for library code authors to organize their code in a way shared by other developers to give the PHP community a single source for such code. The author gives some sites list that gives PEAR documentation and also the tutorials of PEAR DB, MDB, PEAR table, PEAR Caching classes, and explorer style menu that are available on the websites in his article. Useful for web developers.
Tags: web , menu , library , explorer , code , list , organize , source , documentation , style , author , websites , for , sites , community , tutorials , available , extensions , shared ,


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