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 Use Option Explicit

With the help of this ASP tutorial, you can learn how the variables in ASP applications can be declared to be used by the commands. This ASP lesson suggests to define the variables above the coding so that you can detect misspelled variable names. Using other articles provided in this tutorial you can develop your coding skills in ASP.
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This is a software which provides webmasters an one stop solution in creating flash menu system for their flash website. It is a flash template based system and it supports meta tag for optimising search engine submissions. It comes with HTML background color setting and background music. It allows large number of text contents as menu pages and it proceedes an easy insertion of links or popup windows to external URL or files. And it has more features to let the webmasters to develop flash menu for navigation or flash website.
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 About Stored Procedures

This tutorial implements complete details about stored procedures and its full functions to the users. It teaches the topics like use of stored procedures, how to develop stored procedures, how to insert, update and remove records from database etc., It uses SQL statements for such functions.
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 PHX Platform

PHX Platform is a php based script.It is used for developing modular php applications. It provides fill-the-blanks method which minimize the time required to start a new php web applictions. It divides project tasks into smaller applications, and divides applications into commands. Complex applications are developed easily. It takes control of how you organize your files and codes. It provides very high performance platform with low overhead. Its objective to provide a platform to maintain and develop web applications easily.
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 Windows Calculator in C

By the end of this online tutorial, the users could find easy to develop a calculator application which is more similar to the one in Windows. The main advantage of this calculator application is that any developers could easily modify the features. The source code is available in this article.
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 Tracking and Managing Projects

Tracking and Managing Projects is an ASP.NET business management software through which users can generate various applications in managing and tracking systems. This software allows user to develop various business websites. This software has various applications like allows tracking facility for the desired business applications, providing various task to manage the various business applications, providing resource management module, allowing time tracking in the project and time management in the system and offers time sheet management.
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This is a program which provides tools to meet out the web developing needs on ASP and ASP.NET applications. This program provides tools like XSLT library, full developer documents, javascript and effective web console other than a software development kit for ASP and ASP.NET. Web masters can use this program to build portal, extranet, internet and intranet applications. This program allows webmasters to build web applications with powerful interface in the format of windows. Webmasters can have the facilities to build interfaces with several types of menus such as tree menus, drop down menus etc., and various functions like HTML editing fields, resizable editors and fields, tool bars and more. This program uses XML for providing more extensive and scalable features. Webmasters can find many useful features in this program to develop their websites.
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 ChatSpace Community Server

ChatSpace Community Server fulfills all your requirements to provide live support to your customers. Supports concurrent users unlimitedly. Oracle database can track all available content, records, etc., Statistics can be displayed with the details - number of users, usage time, location and many more. Messages can be archived to develop business. Schedules are allowed for appointments, meetings, interviews.
Tags: database , track , number , support , location , live , usage , for , develop , users , available ,

 Jump To Frames

Jump To Frames is a frame based redirection script written using PHP. It makes the user to migrate to another page with having frame at the top of the next page. It can be used for web advertisements, banner, web master can use this to develop easy frame based redirection. It is an easy script for the beginners to understand and know what it does. It is easily customizable.
Tags: web , easy , script , using , page , webmaster , user , migrate , frame , master , for , develop , top , ASP Forums

This online discussion allows members to post their questions and comments which are related to ASP. They can perform a live discussion to discuss about ASP related topics. One can also easily find answers to their questions by searching disscussion forums. This online discussion forum helps people in several ways to let them develop their knowledge on ASP technologies.
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 Demo of Dynamic Tetris

This is program presentd by Ameya to be used as a basic game on any Flash based website for the children. By using this system the users can develop their programming needs on their website which is built in Flash. The source file teaches Flash programmers the basics of building a game on Flash.
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 Current Active Users on Your Site

This article is helpful for the webmasters which steers them to develop their own site statistics program. This is an user friendly tutorial section for them to generate an online counter easily in an easy way. This tutorial has given sample code snippets for quick development of web counter program.
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 Ace Popup Maker Software

Ace Popup Maker Software is an effective software for both the experience and new comers to develop a very reliable windows for incorporation in your web pages. It can also test the codes instantly which saves a lot of time in modifying and re-doing many complex tasks. Ace Popup Maker Software requires IE5.0 or later and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 to work. This is a freeware and can be downloaded for free.
Tags: software , windows , freeware , web , time , test , for , develop , codes ,

 InstantListings is a resource center that allows the website developers to develop their listings site. Several features of this site are, onsite webmail, member profiles, flexible design, customizable navigation, categorized listings, easily add categories, members online status, members search, members onsite messaging and live visitor count.
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 PHP Tutorial (Part 2)

This tutorial is used for collecting the information about how to develop a PHP program. Beginners can refer this tutorial and they can build their own PHP program easily. This tutorial teaches about the usage of several statements in a PHP program like, break, If-else, while loop etc., Learners can easily build their PHP structures quickly.
Tags: program , information , build , tutorial , usage , for , develop ,

 PHP Tutorial (Part 1)

From this tutorial one can develop their skills in programming PHP. This tutorial offers huge examples of how to build PHP program, how to open and end tags while coding PHP, what are the variables available in PHP and how to use that, types of comments and its feature and many more information has been given in this tutorial with useful examples.
Tags: information , programming , open , build , tutorial , feature , skills , tags , useful , develop , available , coding , examples ,

 SMART - PHP Framework

This is an useful development tool that helps webmasters to develop and maintain source codes for their PHP programs. This application framework is completely template driven helping you to modularize the programming codes based on event handlers. This is an useful program for the webmasters in managing their PHP classes and functions with well defined structures.
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 More about Searching Index Server With ASP

This is an online tutorial that elaborates on creating search index with ASP. In this tutorial the author guides users how to format the search index on the ASP pages. Users can also find information about results arrangement too. This will be essential for the users to develop their websites.
Tags: search , online , find , information , creating , format , index , tutorial , author , for , develop , users ,

 Using Class Libraries to Simplify Code

Through this online tutorial, the author highlights the class libraries to simplify the code while developing ASP.NET Web applications. The main implementation of these class libraries might lead to better code readability and reusage. This class libraries helps the developers to update their web page instantly. The author also discusses about how to create and use them. Through this the beginners could develop their site with the help of these class libraries in a better way.
Tags: web , create , online , help , code , site , page , class , webpage , update , author , libraries , develop , classlibraries ,


This is an article that elaborately discusses about specifications. The author says that specifications help programmers to develop a project in a perfect manner. In this tutorial there are two types of specifications discussed one is Technical spec and another one is Functional spec. This tutorial explains that Technical spec is like a guide line that brings solution for requirements and depending on company style etc., and Functional spec details about performance criteria, requirements etc.,
Tags: help , project , performance , line , tutorial , solution , style , author , for , guide , develop ,

 Introduction to Custom Controls

This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn how to develop guest book in web sites. This tutorial explains you about the four source that are used to manage a guest book on the web sites. GuestbookForm control is used to sign the guestbook and an xml file called guestbook contains all the information that exist in the guestbook.
Tags: file , web , control , xml , easy , book , information , learn , manage , source , tutorial , develop , sign ,


TrueColorTo Pallete is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this tool you can convert true color images to palettized images using alogorithms. You can develop transparent gif images using this tool. You simply copy the file in your bin directory and it does not need any registration for the tool.
Tags: file , convert , tool , gif , images , easy , copy , color , using , directory , true , transparent , for , bin , develop , registration ,


aspThread is very simple and easy to use, you can develop forums in minites. It is GUI based. You can use CSS to customize the look and feel.
Tags: easy , simple , customize , develop ,

 Query Studio

Query Studio is an .NET applications which is specially designed for solving complex queries. This tool helps in customizing void data information into usefull data. This tool perform multiple visual queries and provide solutions for complex data programs. It offers benefits like allowing the users to generate data from various applications, improving the quality of the reviewing data while brewing. It is an useful tool for the users to develop their SQL knowledge and more.
Tags: tool , data , information , visual , generate , multiple , into , quality , applications , knowledge , for , useful , develop , users , solutions , is a site for webmasters or for project managers to buy projects through this site. Buyers should post their programme requirements to this site. will develop their projects. This site is also included with several php scripts for free download. This site guides you to make creative designs like, logos, banners etc.,
Tags: make , php , site , project , scripts , post , buy , for , develop , banners , creative , projects ,

 RS Rings

This is an application for the webmasters to create their own ring service on the website. This will expand from two to thousands and so on. With this script you can develop a ring directory on the website. This is an user friendly script easy to download and install. Easy to execute software.
Tags: download , create , easy , script , application , directory , service , user , execute , for , develop ,

 Generating graphical buttons on the fly

From this article you can learn the basics of developing navigation buttons for your website with the support of GD library. The author has given simple and easy to understand algorithm along with sample PHP source code to develop graphical buttons. Illustrations on how to use graphical buttons within HTML contents are also available in this article.
Tags: website , easy , code , learn , navigation , source , buttons , sourcecode , simple , support , author , sample , for , develop , contents , available , graphical , algorithm ,

 Creating Web Services in .NET

This online tutorial expresses more about the use of web service and it describes how it works. This article helps the learners to develop their own web service in .NET applications. It offers and teaches most important topics like how to compile VB or C sharp source code to obtain proxy dll, Web Service Description Language(WSDL) etc., briefly. Sample codes for easy reference has been displayed.
Tags: web , online , easy , code , service , source , proxy , sourcecode , tutorial , reference , for , develop , webservice , codes ,

 Introduction to COM

This article is very much useful for the beginners to learn about COM. The author describes about this Component Object model which is a software to develop component. This article covers the subject about COM's meaning, its advantages, requirements of a COM component, its types, in-process and out-process components and interfaces. The main objective of this tutorial is to give more information about COM to all the beginners.
Tags: software , component , information , learn , components , model , tutorial , author , for , useful , develop , covers ,

 Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET

The main objective of this article is to describe about creating a guest book in VB.NET and ASP.NET. The author helps by telling about the creation of ASP.NET web forms, the usage of datagrid, data binding, basic ADO.NET operations, sending emails in .NET libraries and the usage of web.config to save application specific settings. The author generates a data access component which collects the data and process database tasks. This is more useful for the beginners to develop their own guest book using ASP.NET.
Tags: database , web , data , component , access , book , creating , application , using , save , emails , process , basic , usage , author , creation , libraries , for , useful , develop , sending ,


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