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 Domainbase - The Domain Name Manager

This tool is helpful for the webmasters or for the hosting company that allows them to manage domain name and to find the status of that particular domain. It tracks the information like, date of expiration of domain name, due date, account status etc., If the times expires, it delivers an alert message to the specific user and it informs them to renew the domain name in due date. Users are allowed to add any facilities within the Domainbase such as, website statistics, web hosting accounts etc.,
Tags: web , tool , website , find , information , message , manage , date , user , name , alert , tracks , account , domain , accounts , domainname , for , hosting ,

 ASP Frequently Asked Questions

ASP Frequently Asked Questions is a FAQ program which helps the visitors to know answers for the frequently asked questions regarding ASP. This script describes an ASP.NET, filesystemobject, detailed information about the usage of option explicit, date funtions, passing variables between the two pages, about an email, and more. This is very useful for the novice programmers.
Tags: program , information , script , date , usage , questions , for , useful , option ,


TimeZones is a date and time displaying program and is a simple script based on php. This program helps users to add time zones to their websites. Feature include language file which is used to translate into other languages. Each user is password protected. Admin can add date or time display, offset, time zones and display position. It can be customized easily. It is easy to understand.
Tags: file , password , program , time , easy , script , language , date , display , user , simple , into , translate , users , zones , Meta Tag Generator Meta Tag Generator is an easy to integrate php program through which users can generate meta tag for their website. Through this application the users can generate meta tag for various information like site title, author name, author e-mail, description about the website, expiry date of the website and more. The created meta tag can attract the search engine robots and hence increase the traffic.
Tags: search , program , website , easy , php , information , site , application , date , generate , tag , engine , searchengine , author , for , users , meta , increase ,

 Cold Fusion Multipage Counter(CF_Counter)

CF_Counter is a multi page hit counter. One copy of the tag will allow you to put a counter anywhere on your server. Can Be called from anywhere on the server and will create a counter fill initialized to the number you specify. Checks and records IP of last user to prevent reloads from incrementing counter. Also stores and displays if desired the date the counter was created.
Tags: create , server , copy , page , date , tag , user , number , counter , prevent , multi , fill , records ,


This program will be of much use in managing the web directory in all its basic aspects. Its operations are controlled to use the physical path of the new websites ie- it takes only the proper web root of new websites. It displays the list of the directories including the size, last modified date, created date and type in a right manner. Users can view the list both in ascending and descending orders.
Tags: web , program , list , view , directory , date , basic , type , websites , directories , physical , modified , controlled ,


Tool for training estimating skills, can show plan and reality. It introduces possibility to forecast release date or possible features included. In addition it can prepare various weekly and project reports automatically. This is indispensable tool for practicing the personal software process. If you want to be in time for working tasks, while learning something new this tool for you. DevPlanner is best suited for people who want to speedup work and career opportunities. It can save time and radically increase productivity. DevPlanner is a best tool for manager who looking for easy but comprehensive organizational mechanism.
Tags: software , tool , time , manager , easy , project , save , personal , date , show , learning , training , best , reports , forecast , plan , work , addition , for , features , increase , people ,

 Alivesites Calendar

This is a program that enables users to have a web based calendar for event scheduling. This program comes with an effective WYSIWYG editor for using in content formatting. This program facilitates users to view present day and date of week or any specific day and date of week. This program provides support for several display options and allows administrators customize the entire look and feel as they like.
Tags: web , editor , program , calendar , using , view , date , display , content , support , customize , event , day , options , for , webbased , users , present ,

 Display Date and Time in Many Formats

Display Date and Time in Many Formats is a script which describes the users how to show the date and time in several formats on their websites using Formatdatetime function. It shows how to display VB general date, VB long time, VB short date, VB short time, etc. An optional date format and a required date variable are the two input parameters which are taken by the Formatdatetime.
Tags: time , script , format , using , date , show , display , input , websites , users ,

 Date Input with PopUp Calendar

Here we want to introduce our version of date input control with visual input from calendar. This control is based on JavaScript code and was tested on Netscape and IE platforms. It is fully customized through CSS file. It visualized date input and prevents users from date format mistakes.
Tags: control , code , format , visual , date , version , input , users ,

 Ace FREE JavaScripts

Ace FREE JavaScripts is site with a collection of a lot of JavaScripts that can be used in your web pages for free. These scripts are arranged as per the job they do and will prove as an asset to any web programmer. Offers a range of products on windows and frames, mouse effects, date and time, background effects, scrollbar, titlebar & Status bar, User information, form elements and much more.
Tags: windows , web , site , collection , form , scripts , date , mouse , background , job , pages , for , webpages , asset ,

 How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date

How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date is a tutorial which shows the way to transform the HTTP date to OLE date such as VB or VBS for the users on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is described in detail with an example. This tutorial guides the users how to transform the HTTP date into OLE date.
Tags: convert , http , date , into , tutorial , for , users , transform ,

 Age and Stardate Calculator

Script to calculate age as on date and birth sign. This scripts takes the current date as default and caculates the age and sign. You can also input a required date. Inputformat is dd-mm-yyyy Outputformat is: $age[sterrenbeeld]; $age[jaren]; $age[maanden]; $age[dagen];
Tags: scripts , date , calculate , input ,

 Dates & Times - Usage & Formatting

Dates & Times - Usage & Formatting is a tutorial which helps the users with various methods to display the date and time on their websites. This tutorial also explains the usage of date and time as well as the formatting date and time. This tutorial is more useful for the novice programmers.
Tags: time , date , display , tutorial , usage , for , useful , users , formatting ,

 Popup ASP Calendar

This script is basically built in ASP which is used to create a popup calendar. This tool asks visitors to enter the date on the given form and it will display correct day for that date. It is easy to install and to use.
Tags: tool , create , easy , script , form , date , display , install , day , for ,

 SQL: Select Birthdays in a Date Range

SQL: Select Birthdays in a Date Range is a tutorial which helps the users the range of date to select birthday's date on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is described in detail with an example. This tutorial guides the users to display the list of date to choose birtyday dates.
Tags: list , date , display , tutorial , select , users ,

 First ASP Script

This web based ASP tutorial lets you learn how to integrate required scripting languages with ASP to access server side scripts. And the given program shows how to include ASP functions into HTML coding using . And displaying current date and time on ASP pages can be learnt simply. This tutorial is more useful for the ASP coders to create scripts in ASP through different scripting languages.
Tags: web , program , create , time , server , access , using , learn , scripts , date , scripting , into , tutorial , pages , languages , for , functions , useful , webbased , coding ,

 Date Example

Date Example is a tutorial which helps the users the examples for date and time function written using VB Script on their websites. This tutorial also describes about the DateAdd function which is used to include particular time to the date which is present. This tutorial also shows the intervals for years, months, etc.
Tags: time , using , date , tutorial , function , for , users , intervals , examples ,

 Date Format

Date Format is an utility which helps the users how to configure the date on their webpages. The formats such as the month, the day of the week, name of the month, name of the day, the year, the day, etc., are possible with this script. This utility will be of great help for the users for displaying dates according to their choice.
Tags: utility , help , date , name , day , for , users , configure , dates ,

 ASP Date Picker Popup Calendar

This tool is basically for generating a date picker calendar by which the web users can query their required date and events easily. Users can change the look of the calendar with the components provided in the tool. This utility can be accessed from any page like, ASP,, html etc., It has built in CSS component that helps them to configure the layout of calendar.
Tags: html , web , utility , tool , component , calendar , page , change , date , query , components , layout , events , picker , for , users , configure ,


Select part of Date is a tutorial which helps the users to choose only a portion of the date on their websites. Some examples with ASP and VB Script and the procedure using these examples are explained. This is an important and helpful tutorial for the users.
Tags: using , date , tutorial , for , users , part , examples ,


Email functionality can be enabled to the ASP.NET web applications without utilizing unmanaged code with the help of this utility. It is a completely managed component that enables users to post emails effectively from their applications. Username and password validation and mail merge are few of the included features. There are several message composing capabilities available including HTML message body generation, number of attachments and recipients, message priority, date and time settings, serialization etc.,
Tags: web , password , mail , time , component , help , code , message , date , merge , emails , number , attachments , applications , mailmerge , validation , post , users , composing , available ,

 Active Server Pages: Displaying Date, Time and Text

Active Server Pages: Displaying Date, Time and Text is a tutorial that helps the users to show how to display the current date and time on their websites. This tutorial also shows the method to modify the present date and time by using Active Server Pages on the website. It also shows how to display the present month, year, time, week, day, etc.
Tags: time , using , date , show , display , tutorial , modify , users , present , method ,

 Avalio Task Scheduler

This tool is helpful for the programmers and for the web developers to create a task scheduler on their web page that allows web users to set time and date to open a selected task in a specific time. This tool can be used for creating reports, to open asp pages at particular time, to update site content etc., It has very simple source code with customization facility.
Tags: web , tool , create , time , asp , code , creating , site , page , scheduler , task , date , source , content , webpage , open , sourcecode , simple , set , update , pages , for , taskscheduler , users ,

 RelataSync for Palm

RelataSync allows one to synchronize their contacts, date book events, and to do items on their Palm with Relata and the Palm Desktop. RelataSync 0.22b for Palm is *beta* software. It is still in development and this release is considered stable. Please read the 'README' accompanying RelataSync for more details.
Tags: development , book , synchronize , date , read , for ,

 LastUpdatedTrick Function

LastUpdatedTrick Function is a date and time displaying program based on php. With the help of LastUpdatedTrick Function, users can see last updated date. Users can generate output date format as Y-m-d, M-d-Y and D, Y-m-d. It can be integrated into any website. It also makes website newly updated. A simple and handy tool for webmasters. It is easy to customize and easy to understand.
Tags: tool , program , time , website , easy , help , format , date , generate , simple , into , customize , for , users ,

 DateCalculator Script

DateCalculator Script is a simple script based on php and is a date and time displaying program. This program provides ability to compute date for substracting and adding certain number of days. Users can set border, width and background color for each table. It returns output date format as month, day and year. Users can set font color and font type to each table. It can be customized easily. It is easy to use this program.
Tags: program , time , easy , color , php , script , format , date , font , background , simple , number , set , type , day , for ,

 PGVote - A simple poll/vote script

PGVote - A simple poll/vote script is coded by PHP modules which gives features to build an effective poll manager on portal systems. Supports HTML tags for polls on non-PHP pages. Expiry date of polls is default. Adminstration can have many links to provide poll pages. Layouts of results and poll pages can be modified. Polls can be enabled/disabled. Users can put pollID in URLs. Administrator is provided with the rights to allow users to generate their own polls. Active poll is detected and is displayed automatically. It works on PostgreSQL 7.2 or greater.
Tags: manager , script , date , generate , links , simple , build , pages , for , features , portal , tags , users ,

 Bit GuestBook

This is a guestbook script which enables the users to post comments along with the url, email address and can specify the post date and time. This program allows unlimited users to perform posting process. Multiple postings can be seen in users webpage. This script allows the users to provide messages for the administrator. This script is easy to configure and customize.
Tags: email , program , easy , script , address , date , messages , post , for , users , configure ,


This is a wonderful JavaScript that can enhance your webpage with a clock, which displays the current date anywhere you want within your webpage. You can setup this simple and effective clock in your webpage by incorporating the provided code into your HTML document.
Tags: clock , code , date , simple , into , enhance ,


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