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 jBLOB : Custom Tags for Large Date Objects.

Usually it is difficult to decide were to store files, uploaded by application users - as file on hard disk or in a database. But for those of you who want to store files in a database we recommend these CFX Java tags. It was not easy to work with large database objects in early ColdFusion versions. And we had some hardships resolved by using present CFX tags. jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT platforms so jBLOB is universal and ultimate solution for ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects. Installation procedure has four steps: Check/install JDBC drivers Copy and register CFX tags Create demo database MSSQLBLOB Copy ColdFusion demo script to web server directory Tag Syntax Note: demo version can store files with size up to 8000 bytes only!
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 #1 Shopping Cart Software

This is a program using which administrators can run a shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites for their ecommerce businesses. This program allows webmasters to customize designs of the shopping cart system at their own preferences. This program uses both MySQL and MS Access databases and allows administrators to make a better analysis by providing sales reports. Admin can perform payment processing for their products through several gateways such as Authorize.NET, bank of america, paypal etc., This program permits administrators to use this program for any number of products and to enable their customers to perform shipping and tax calculation. Administrators can also have the facility to send bulk eamil to the customers. This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the administrators.
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 ASP FAQS : Databases, Queries

The author explains about a question related to queries and database through this article. The answer which is shown in this tutorial is all about choosing the result of a SELECT..MULTIPLE or a group named checkboxes. The author explains the answer with an example along with its sample source code. In the final part the author shows how to convert those databases into queries.
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 Active Data Online DiscussionBoard

An n-tier forum program featuring spell checking, multi-language support, efficient searching, WYSIWYG editing etc., with which administrators can meet out their needs in developing an online message board on their ASP.NET websites. Multiple databases such as MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc., can be used with this program. There are facilities available to save and manage numerous forums, images, topics, messages, users etc., to provide access for particular forums to specific users and to conduct online surveys.
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 Data Access

Data Access is an ASP.NET component which is helpful for the web users who uses ASP.NET based web applications that allows them to access data from any database. This Data Access utility is built in C sharp and then it is compiled by using .NET. It epitomizes the database access logic to allow users to use single code throughout a system to access data. Supported databases are, SQL client, Oracle client, OLE Db, ODBC etc., It converts unicode strings, dates, booleans and more.
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This program is specially built for the DSN management through which users can manage each and every aspect of the DSN and edit names in ODBC datasource. It uses entire ODBC using databases like MS Access, MS SQL servers, Oracle and MySQL ODBC drivers. This program also displays all DSNs and installed ODBC drivers on users systems. Users can take its flexibility as an advantage to use this program easily.
Tags: program , management , edit , using , manage , databases , for , names , users ,

 SQLOne Console - Java Edition

SQLOne Console - Java Edition is a powerful program that has the ability to convert SQL queries between different dialects. This program can also be used to construct and tests those SQL's in different databases like MS-SQL server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, ANSI-SQL, PostgreSQL etc., Key features include support for SQL migration, ability to test SQL queries, SQL dialect conversions, GUI for the conversion process etc.,
Tags: convert , program , conversion , test , process , support , tests , databases , for , features , powerful , construct ,

 SQLOne Console For Visual Basic

SQLOne Console For Visual Basic is an online database tool designed for the sole purpose of assisting webmasters in building portable database applications. Using this tool you can perform dialect conversions for SQL queries, migrate SQL database, save and test those converted SQL queries etc., This program is intended for all developers working on multiple databases like PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, MySQL, ANSI-SQL, Sybase, Oracle, MS-SQL Server etc.,
Tags: database , tool , program , online , save , test , multiple , migrate , portable , databases , for , building ,

 Calling Stored Procedures From Active Server Pages

If the users wishes to know how to call stored procedures in Active Server pages and also it demonstrates about the basic function of stored procedure in ASP. Users can use any database either low level databases or high level databases like Oracle. The author also stresses the importance of different stored procedures to be used according to the database backend.
Tags: database , basic , call , function , pages , wishes , author , databases , users ,

 Yukon - Universal Connector

Yukon is XML/Web Services based software that facilitates data exchange between servers, servers and PCs and/or between applications. The software can be used to distribute data from central database to various web sites, distribute products to affiliates sites, deliver data and content to desktop applications, mass submit data to remote databases as well as to integrate web-based applications with the internal ERP/database.
Tags: software , desktop , database , web , data , remote , mass , content , databases , distribute , servers ,

 DBPix: The Database Image Control

This script helps users who wants to create their database with the capabilities of image handling. It supports scanner and digital camera images. Users can store images inside the database tables or in external files to use it later. It works with maximum databases and field types. It has ActiveX data binding which control images like conventional data. This tool automatically processes image and many features are available with this tool.
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Redbrix is a browser-based, user-oriented data entry and querying interface for MySQL databases implemented in PHP. It has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind: not only does Redbrix work with virtually any database imaginable, it also runs in a vast number of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Konqueror and even text-only browsers like Lynx and Links. Such functionality comes at a small price: GBP 79.00 for an unlimited deployment licence, plus 12 months of inclusive online support and free upgrades. The Redbrix site contains both downloadable and online demos so you can try it out for yourself before you buy.
Tags: database , data , online , site , number , small , support , work , interface , databases , for , downloadable , deployment , out , demos ,

 Apex SQL Diff

Apex SQL Diff is an ASP.NET database application which is specially designed for analysing and comparing SQL server databases. This tool analyzes the datas in tables, view, procedure from the two databases of SQL Server and it displays the differences that have been detected side by side for the users reference. It has enhanced features like providing merged templates, provide compared XML results, supports encrypted objects and more.
Tags: database , tool , server , application , encrypted , databases , for , features , users , objects ,

 Apex SQL Diff

ApexSQL Diff - SQL Comparison is an ASP based software which has the analyzer for comparing the various content of the MSSQL server databases and displaying syncronized content side by side while developing the project. It offers various features like comparing structure and data of the database, providing various clues for different data in the database, supporting tables, views, procedure, and rules, allow to view different script, etc.
Tags: software , data , server , view , content , analyzer , databases , for , structure , features ,


This tool is helpful for the users who want to access multiple database with a code snippet instead of making duplicate source code for each databases. AllDb is a .NET framework database tool that allows database administrators to make interface for their .NET application with multiple databases. This tool supports the databases like, MS SQL 2000, Oracle DB2, MySQL, MS Access and Sybase SQL server.
Tags: database , tool , access , make , code , application , source , duplicate , multiple , sourcecode , interface , databases , for , framework , users , codesnippet ,

 A.M.B.T. - MySQL Backup Tool

A.M.B.T. is a backup utility with which users would be able to backup MySQL database on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features. Improved auto-backup mechanism is provided with this software to automatically backup database. Users are allowed to download databases by using download facility. This is a handy and useful utility for webmasters and users.
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 Shopping with ASP or ASP.NET

This tutorial comes with the ability to allow administrators to start and run an online shopping business without hesitation. Here author provides some tips that have to be followed by the administrators when they are about to start an online shopping. Author covers this subject over several topics like databases usage, design, code usage, cookies etc.,
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 Shopping with ASP or ASP.NET

This tutorial comes with the ability to allow administrators to start and run an online shopping business without hesitation. Here author provides some tips that have to be followed by the administrators when they are about to start an online shopping. Author covers this subject over several topics like databases usage, design, code usage, cookies etc.,
Tags: online , business , code , cookies , start , run , tips , tutorial , shopping , author , databases , covers ,

 Database Access Component

Database Access Component is an article in which author explains about database access component which helps in retrieving data from the databases or from any other tabular structure with the help of ActiveX data objects. Here there are few steps that have to be adapted to include the file in the website inorder to create database access component.
Tags: file , database , data , create , component , access , website , help , author , databases , structure , Forum

This is an online forum that permits members to discuss about several topics including databases, sessions and cookies, beginner and general discussions etc., This online forum allows members to discuss about various databases as Oracle, SQL server and MS Access. Members can also share topics about javascript and HTML.
Tags: online , server , javascript , share , databases , forum ,

 Databases: SQL Connection

In this article the author describes about the databases of SQL. This article shows how to connect SQL Server database. The author also tells that the developers could use other database sources for the connection which is explained with an example. Creating a DSN makes the task of connecting SQL can be done with ease and the author also provides the screen shots for the developers.
Tags: screen , database , task , connection , author , databases , connect , for ,

 Database Report Web Service

This tutorial instructs the learners how to create database reports for handling the databases using web services in an easy way. Users are allowed to run sample for testing. It helps them to return a dataset and then it would bound to a datagrid.
Tags: database , web , create , easy , using , reports , run , tutorial , services , databases , sample , for ,

 Active Server Pages (ASP) Installation Tutorial

In this ASP tutorial, several aspects with ASP scripting like ASP installation, script customization, downloading unzipping, needed environments to run the scripts and a lot more are taught step by step so that the readers can understand easily and quickly. And the steps needed to access FTP, DSN connections, databases are also described in detail. It ensures you will be capable of creating your own applications in ASP after reading this tutorial.
Tags: access , creating , script , scripts , run , reading , scripting , applications , databases ,

 Shopping Cart Development Toolkit

Shopping Cart Development Toolkit is an e-commerce software designed to assist e-commerce professionals in generating full featured e-stores on the net. This script is compatible with almost all types of ODBC databases and is bundled with access database, COM-objects implementing low-level API, and a VB and ASP based application with which webmasters can easily customize their shopping cart. Key features include credit card processing, item tracking, three-step checkout process for all sales, shipping and sales taxes etc.,
Tags: software , access , script , application , sales , process , customize , shopping , credit , databases , for , creditcard , features ,

 Provisioning From and Connecting To Multiple Databases - An MMS XML and File Toolkit Walk-Through

This technical walk-trough guides you through a series of steps to introduce Microsoft Metadirectory Services 2.2 Service Pack 1 (MMS) and the new MMS XML and File Toolkit. After reading this document and going through the scenarios the reader will understand how an organization can synchronize data between databases and directories with MMS 2.2 SP1 using the MMS XML and File Toolkit.
Tags: data , document , using , synchronize , reader , reading , databases , technical , directories , organization ,

 aMember Professional

aMember Professional is a php based script and is a membership system. This system provides ability to setup paid membership areas on your site. To link with third party scripts databases it supports integration plugins. You can add, remove or modify members easily. It has an easy web based administration. It has support for PaySystems, 2Checkout and multicards. It can be used as stand alone user management script. It manages unlimited number of members. Features include password sharing prevention built in and protection plugins. Online demo available.
Tags: web , password , management , system , protection , easy , php , remove , script , scripts , sharing , demo , link , user , number , support , databases , for , modify , webbased , prevention , integration , membership , party ,

 Chinook Webs

Chinook Webs is a website where visitors can find web hosting service to fulfill their needs in developing ASP supporting websites. This company provides support for Microsoft Access, MySQL and MS SQL databases and Windows 2003 and 2000 servers. From this company users can bring hosting service for E-Commerce websites and for creating effective ASP applications.
Tags: web , website , find , creating , service , 2000 , support , databases , websites , for , users , hosting ,

 ASP Banner.NET

This is a program that lets webmasters to run an advertising system on their websites. They can display any number of banners on their websites by using this application and can customize the repetition of the banner displaying to suit their demands ie- they can display specified banners more times than the others. It supports MySQL and MS Access databases to perform a perfect action in displaying banners. Admin can create zones to locate the ads on the websites. It provides admin facility to manage email contact with their advertisers. This program provides an admin area to control each and every aspect by configurating them.
Tags: email , program , create , control , action , system , application , using , manage , display , contact , admin , ads , number , run , area , customize , advertising , banner , databases , websites , locate , banners , zones ,


This component helps web owners to build their website with online discussion board to discuss with others. Data caching comprises with this tool that reduces database activity significantly. More than six hundred properties and methods is included to handle data. It supports multiple databases to store data. Availing features with this tool are, security roles, members can send private messages, email notification, warning points, friends etc.,
Tags: email , security , database , web , tool , data , online , component , website , board , send , multiple , store , private , build , activity , databases , properties , features , friends ,

 Dynamically access a database through a Web Application

Dynamically access a database through a Web Application is a tutorial in which the author teaches you about retrieving the database records. This tutorial shows you how to create a web page that helps you to build the connection string, lists all the databases and based on the selected database it shows you all the tables, views and procedures. Then you can run the required Sql query for the selected table.
Tags: database , web , create , access , page , query , webpage , connection , run , build , tutorial , author , databases , lists , for ,


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