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 Enterprise Time Tracker

The Enterprise Time Tracker is a script which will coordinate the workflow in your company, giving the employees daily activities a common direction and ensuring that the outcome is the most profitable. It contains a simple Employee interface and an Administrative interface which shares the qualities, powerful access, more menu of choices and controls. It gives you the ability to store all your employee profiles with photos and easily access them at any time, store all your client information in a password-protected database, keeps track of all your current projects and invoices, calculate the amount of hours spent on individual or group tasks and also their expenses and contains many other employee level features and administrative level features.
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 Expired domains registered in Yahoo, Dmoz with built-in traffic

This script is helpful for finding the expired domains and ought to expire soon domain names in the directories like yahoo or Dmoz daily. Users can find any domain names through service. Every second this software will check the status of the domain names and also members can search daily to view daily expiring domain names with daily expired search engines. It also gives the details like, total number of domain names that are registered, deleted and which are in service at present and more facilities are available.
Tags: software , search , find , script , view , check , service , yahoo , deleted , number , domain , daily , second , for , names , directories , present , domainnames ,


phpWeatherReport is a weather forecasting script that requires server and PHP platform. You can set that weather report would be on weekly or daily basis. Weather info are grabbed from specifed server and are displyed for your site vistors. Time of grabbed last report can be shown. Reports for Sarajevo is displayed default. Weather report for various location can be done on request. HTML and CSS supports changes with page appearance.
Tags: server , site , report , script , page , weather , set , location , daily , info , for , changes ,


asRep is a tracking script designed to measure the performance of your web pages and domains by tracking the clicks and impressions on the adsense ads displayed on the websites pages. This software is capable of reporting results with statistical details like the number of views, clicks, CTR and ACD etc,. Users will be reported with daily and monthly results through e-mails.
Tags: software , web , script , tracking , performance , ads , number , measure , reporting , pages , daily , websites , webpages , monthly ,

 Eazy Cart

Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading. Our web based administration page allows you to easily customize to fit seamlessly into your website, with multi language support and 17 of the most popular payment gateways also supported. We have an active support forum that we visit daily to assist in any way possible all questions answered very quickly. We are constantly developing and adding new features, once you purchase you have unlimited upgrades. Allows Options and additional prices for each option. Only $22.00
Tags: web , system , easy , language , page , install , administration , support , professional , into , customize , shopping , daily , popular , active , payment , multi , forum , questions , shoppingcart , purchase , for , webbased ,

 Daily Cartoon

Daily Cartoon is a new and fresh and funny cartoon in which the visitors can entertained by seeing this cartoons. we can sent this cartoons to our friends and co-workers that can be easily processed by all visitors. by simply entering the users name and password we can daily see new cartoons.
Tags: password , name , cartoon , funny , daily , users , friends , cartoons ,


Catercart is a powerful ASP application designed especially for restaurants and catering business to promote their services online. Webmasters can build their own customizable professional store fronts with general settings that allows them to easily manage the whole cart with daily food items. Customers would be able to place online orders for the items with delivery options and are also provided with specials and discounts for the items. Key features include sales report, payment options, ability to modify the catalog on day to day basis etc.,
Tags: online , business , application , catalog , manage , sales , store , food , build , professional , settings , services , day , daily , options , payment , orders , for , features , modify , powerful ,


Web based dispatch system. Without bar-code scanner and warehouse, clients management integration. Good choice for individuals, who want to try DVD rental business. If you not expect more then 500 clients during first year and not more then 100 in-out daily operations then it is right choice for you. Maximum stock size : 3.000; Maximum number of users in next 12 month: 500
Tags: management , stock , scanner , size , number , year , daily , rental , for , users , clients ,

 Clicksee Ad Now

Clicksee Ad Now is helpful for you to receive advertisements from your site visitors to display on your website for payment to increase your website traffic and the customers revenue. Users can manage and customize their advertisers records by adding, editing and removing the data from database. It gives message to the advertisers to renew their campaigns. It has built-in statistics report which shows daily reports of their ad tracks and it is protected by password.
Tags: data , website , site , report , message , manage , statistics , display , traffic , editing , reports , tracks , removing , customize , daily , payment , receive , for , records , customers , protected , increase ,

 ATL Server Tutorial

This is an online tutorial which guides the programmers to generate an ATL server which is basically used for developing ISAPI extension. This article not only discusses about ATL server and also it instructs about smart pointers, IXMLDOM interfaces, _bstr_t and ATL CString class. The author has given example for ATL server and also he gives daily tips online. Sample source code with snapshots for quick reference is displayed in this tutorial.
Tags: online , server , code , source , generate , quick , sourcecode , smart , tips , tutorial , reference , daily , author , for ,

 Geo Traffic

The Geo Traffic is a PHP written script used to track of your site traffic. The information of the tracks will be stored in MySQL database. This program tracks the country name of visitors, daily hits by the visitors and referer sites. The main features of this script are, IP address & country tracking, customizable visitor's greeting and more. Easy to install in your system. Online Demo is available.
Tags: program , information , site , script , address , track , traffic , install , name , tracks , daily , country , features , greeting ,


ConversionTrack is a special application to analyze web log. It varies from universal log analyzer, in that it does not give data like daily unique IP or page view. Instead, it give out a whole analysis of visitors' conversion ratio. According to the web service log, ConversionTrack can analyze every user's access path, and give an overall statistic result of visitor's conversion ratio including the referer, time, region, and information of user's software environment. ConversionTrack can help you better understand the behavior of web visitors, be more accurate to evaluate all kind of online advertising ROI including PPC keyword, banner and email, which finally achieve the goal of improving website conversion ratio and return on investment of your online business.
Tags: software , web , data , online , access , website , conversion , help , information , application , log , analysis , service , page , analyze , advertising , banner , investment , daily , accurate , webservice , evaluate , special , out ,

 PHP Labs

This website was designed to suit webmasters' needs at a cost that will not break the budget. We specialize in "off the shelf" PHP scripts and custom PHP programming, support, and installation. Please enjoy the site and look at the many reasons to become a member today! New! Instant Memberships They say that membership has its advantages and they were dead on the money here at PHP Labs. Nobody else can even hope to compare to the sheer number of resources we give you over and above our already unbeatable scripts. Most script places sell you scripts. We do that, PLUS we give you the tools and resources to make sure you have a fair chance of succeeding in your online business. New! Totally Promotional We just added a brand new website product and service promotion and marketing area. Inside this members only area is a virtual wealth of articles, software, ebooks, and resources to make sure you have a head start on any competition. Need to get more traffic to your website daily to boost sales? This area can show you many ways to do it. And for a fraction of the cost of advertising! What else is there? Ever wish you could find enough content that was free to use to fill up a few dozen websites? Or maybe wished you knew how to do this or that? Or maybe you just need some new sponsors? Well, we have all that and more inside our members area, literally thousands and thousands of places to scour through and find exactly what you need. And we add to these areas all the time, making sure you never run out of fresh content. ... more Still want more? We also give you a very complete learning area, with all the articles, tutorials, tools, and resources to allow you to learn the PHP language, or even just learn more about installing, configuring, and customizing what you have. We go the extra mile to make sure that you have the ability to learn and advance yourself, thus advancing your business and profit margins. Who else does all this for you?
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 Calendar Reminder Software

Calendar Reminder Software is an useful script designed to assist you in managing your daily and futured events. This program reminds and gives instant messages on all important events and program according to your calender postings. You can post and add events to your online calender through this template driven organiser, set event templates, view all entered events on the calender in a customizable date and time format etc.,
Tags: program , time , online , script , format , view , date , template , instant , messages , set , event , events , daily , post , useful ,

 DS Daily Status Bar

DS Daily Status bar is a simple and useful program for webmasters which helps them to display their web pages status bar with different message or title daily. Users have to fill title name on the given field and then they have to submit that form to show daily different titles on their status bar.
Tags: web , program , message , form , bar , show , display , simple , name , submit , pages , daily , fill , field , for , webpages , useful ,

 DS Daily Title Bar

DS Title Bar is a simple javascript which is used for highlighting daily message or title on the title bar. When this program is used by programmers it helps them to display their web page with different titles daily. This program is easy to configure into your webpage and to use.
Tags: web , program , javascript , easy , message , page , bar , display , webpage , simple , into , daily , highlighting , for , configure ,


phpBlog is a simple weblog software designed to record all your actions and performances on daily basis in an online web diary. You can maintain event calenders with the options to mark important dates, business meeetings and other personal dates. This program sports a very easy to use and intuitive interface. A forum is available on the website to report any bugs in the script.
Tags: software , web , program , online , website , business , easy , record , report , personal , simple , sports , event , mark , daily , options , forum , maintain , available , weblog ,

 PHP Handicapper Online Sports Investment

Easily run your multi sports information and wagering predictions business online. Featuring unlimited matchups,free and membership picks and services, tracks won loss records of games, members area, live scores, random front page areas to keep daily sports content. Offer services paid to your Paypal account based on sports like football or baseball or by time like daily or weekly spread selections including side,total, parlay, and over under plays. Admin area allows you to update anything with a few clicks. Online demo available. A Complete Private Label Sports Handicappers Website.
Tags: time , online , business , information , page , demo , random , run , sports , tracks , account , area , update , services , football , live , daily , multi , records , loss , membership , baseball ,


Devbistro is a site that helps the webmasters to post their web based jobs freely and find suitable freelancers. They provide an exchange of quality of work. New postings are added on daily basis and no registration is required. This is an online market place to offer jobs and find jobs in website designing and related areas.
Tags: web , online , website , find , site , exchange , market , quality , daily , post , webbased , registration , jobs ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,

 Search Engine Keyword Tracker and Keyword Ranking Tool

This is a keyword tracking and ranking script where users can check keyword ranking on the search engines. Users just have to signup with their username and password and make use of this program. This program tracks your data historically. Users can also enter new keywords along with their URL. This program displays all available keywords. Result informations are displayed with the number of keywords, URL, ranking position, daily change, weekly change, monthly change and last check.
Tags: password , search , program , data , make , script , check , tracking , change , number , tracks , keywords , keyword , daily , users , ranking , available , monthly ,


phpMySQLAutoBackup is a powerful backup tool written in PHP. This program is capable of automating website backups according to the specified schedules as daily or weekly backups. Every important files and folders along with the data and structure from your server are collected and are compressed into a zip format. The resulting backup files are sent to the admin through their mail address.
Tags: tool , backup , program , data , mail , server , files , website , zip , folders , admin , into , daily , structure , backups , schedules , powerful ,

 e-Vehicles (Hosted Version)

This is a classified ads script where the users can place ads based on automotive inventory section on their websites. This script saves time by permitting the dealers and customers to update listings. Features like auto tracking search agent, my garage etc are available. This script has ability to manage prospects and auto inventory in efficient form by automating selling process. This script provide control for the users over their brand identity. The visitors can browse their auto inventory in week and daily basis.
Tags: search , time , control , inventory , script , form , tracking , manage , auto , ads , browse , update , daily , for , customers , users ,

 Fastweb counter

This script is helpful for the webmasters to install the counter on their website. This script is simple to configure in the website. Users can select the counter either in graphical mode or in text mode. It allows users to customize the counter as they prefer. It helps them to count and view their site visitors daily entry report.
Tags: text , site , script , view , install , simple , counter , customize , count , daily , for , select , mode , users , configure , graphical ,

Get control over all tasks and manage every step of a task from its idea to execution and evalution. Work together on big projects and/or gather daily tasks into one common system.
Tags: control , task , manage , tasks , into , daily , big , projects ,

 Ham Guestbook - A Spam-bot proof guestbook

Ham Guestbook is a free, GPL, PHP/MySQL, CSS driven guestbook script. This is a completely average, no frills script, except that it is 100% spambot-proof. All comment spam from spam-bots is blocked by a method developed exclusively by WKWC. The blocking methods are not yet known by spammers thus making this script one of the best on the web for the time being. Get the script while you can and enjoy a moment of relief from your daily spam deleting charade.
Tags: web , time , spam , script , best , daily , for , blocking , method ,

 HaloSites - Church Site

Those who want to construct a small chruch site, can access this remotely hosted package. You can include many aspects into the church plan like prayer request manager, event manager, online bible tools, email accounts, search bar and daily verse etc. Also, allows you to insert pictures, galleries into site pages. You can customize the appearance of the site pages easily without any programming skill.
Tags: email , search , online , access , site , programming , bar , small , plan , bible , into , church , customize , event , pages , insert , galleries , daily , construct ,

This visitor counter can evaluate total number of visitors with real time visitor activity reports for your website. A detailed visitor log with visitor identities and statistical report are generated either monthly or daily as desired. This program does not require any third party installation or excternal software modules to function. You can even use this program to test the performance of your marketing efforts and the sales leads for your company.
Tags: software , program , time , report , log , test , performance , marketing , sales , reports , number , activity , counter , installation , daily , real , for , evaluate , monthly , visitor , identities , party ,

 Host Tracker

Host Tracker is a remotely hosted program. The main featuristic character of this program is, it monitors the website and checks the specific resource daily and the administrator will receive an email alert if any error is occured on their website. Features included in this tool are, time zone adjustment, keyword presence control, it stores check logs, it sends report accurately and many more.
Tags: email , tool , program , time , website , report , check , error , administrator , alert , resource , keyword , daily , character , timezone , receive , zone , checks ,


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