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 AmberPoint Management Foundation

This is a .NET based program using which administrators can perfom an effective management over complex businesses on enterprise level webservices. In this program administrators can find an architecture which is built on distributed agent to align management on their enterprise level webservices. This program offers expandable design for management policies. Life cycle management and versioning can be perfectly performed by the administrators while using this program. This program performs a secured service by supporting XML encryption. This program has several enhanced features for the webservice management.
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 E-Service Center Manager (ESCM)

ESCM is a management software for service centers and workshops. It is designed to manage the full life cycle of repairing and tuning. It works in stages of receipt, estimation, customer approval, dry out, repairing, quality check and dispatch. In addition, it also provides profit and statistical analysis of activity through a variety of reports.
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 Help Desk 5.2 by's Help Desk helps the guest of the sites to send their feedback or any questions or even doubts to be clarified through any online browser. These Email notification helps the customer service people to improve their service along with customer's satisfaction. The life cycle starts with the users submission of issues, support team reviews of those issues, response for the representative and ends with user's feedback.
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 Enterprise Server

This program allows administrators to create and manage object related framework and persistence. This program is expandable due to its flexibility and scalable in nature. This program has the ability to generate primary key in an automatic action and to empower the development cycle to let it fast. This is an effective program and built on .NET technologies.
Tags: program , create , action , development , automatic , manage , key , generate , object , framework , cycle ,

 You By Your Numbers

You by your numbers is a PHP scripted online entertaining programme. This shows you your lucky number. You have to just fill your name and your date of birth. This script interprets and gives your lucky number. These are all based on the numerological method. The numerological aspects are with an explanation and personal anlysis of each which consists of life path number, soul number, personality number, 4 pinnacle numbers, 4 challenge numbers, 3 cycle numbers birthday number personal year and month number and general description of each number with printing option. Has customize look and easy feel of pages, easy changing of wording of pages and extensive documentation are all the notable features of this programme. An online demo is available on the website. Very easy to run this programme.
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