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 Hosting Signup script

This signup script administrates control panel and signup scripts. The features of this script are, enom domain registration, it permits for all enom domain types comprising .us .co etc., multiple year registrations upto ten years, two checkout credit card processing, customizable html templates and MySQL database to store data.
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 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
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 AShop for Downloads

AShop for Downloads is a file downloader shopping cart and affiliate sales software package. The shopping cart and file downloader software provide a secure method of selling software, music, e-books, information, and any other digital file. Affiliate sales software will increase your sales tremendously with very little effort by automating affiliate sales sign-ups, generating link code, and tracking commissions earned. The AShop shopping cart software integrates to Authorize.Net for real time credit card processing and uses a unique verification system to guard against unauthorized downloads.
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 Avidweb Classified ADs

This tool gives your website a full-featured classifies ads solution which works with SQL server or Access databases. It can easily charge for posting or renewing ads online in real-time using the built-in-ecommerce module. Feature Summary: • Ecommerce Support. Charge users for posting at your site. • Real-Time credit card processing through iTransact, Authorizenet and Signio (Verisign). • SQL Server support. Create your SQL server database with one click! • Users can check their account balance online. • Automated emails sent to users. • Intuitive and extremely easy to use interface. • Optimized queries for speed and efficiency. • Full Admin contol over users accounts, website, and much more! • Category/Subcategory support. • The ability to upload images with Classified ADs. • Configurable headers and footers.
Tags: database , tool , online , server , images , website , easy , speed , using , check , upload , emails , ads , account , processing , solution , credit , balance , for , creditcard , users ,

 Beanbasket - E-commerce

A full featured internet business can be done perfectly with the help of this hosted shopping cart application. Built in credit card processing, Shipping integration, customizable sales tax calculation, searching capabilities on products, customer and sales info, automated mail functionalities, data storage and backup features, report analysis, inventory management and still a lot more are available to ease your work with shopping cart maintanance and sales.
Tags: internet , backup , data , mail , management , business , help , inventory , report , sales , tax , customer , work , storage , automated , shopping , credit , shoppingcart , searching , creditcard , available ,


You can start your sales world wide by implementing an online storefront with the help of this store builder program. Also, can be integrated with exiting business to improve the productivity to a greater level. Shopping cart technologies allows you to customize shipping methods and lets you calculate sales tax as per city, state basis. Creation of more product pagegs with unlimited categories can be done easily. Credit cards can be accepted with merchant accounts and buyers can purchase goods with real-time credit card option.
Tags: online , builder , business , help , sales , store , world , tax , productivity , start , accounts , customize , calculate , credit , product , purchase , creditcard , improve ,

 Shopping Cart Development Toolkit

Shopping Cart Development Toolkit is an e-commerce software designed to assist e-commerce professionals in generating full featured e-stores on the net. This script is compatible with almost all types of ODBC databases and is bundled with access database, COM-objects implementing low-level API, and a VB and ASP based application with which webmasters can easily customize their shopping cart. Key features include credit card processing, item tracking, three-step checkout process for all sales, shipping and sales taxes etc.,
Tags: software , access , script , application , sales , process , customize , shopping , credit , databases , for , creditcard , features ,

 CarScripts Classifieds - your auto classifieds website in 10 minutes

Our idea is to keep things as simple as is possible. You have a nice looking Classifieds and also this software is compatible with all browsers. CarScript Classifieds was designed in a professional way: to look simple but nice, to be easy to use separate or to easily integrate into your website. The only requirements are PHP and MySQL. CarScripts Classifieds supports PayPal as a credit card online payment system. You can build in minutes your own Auto Classifieds Website, very easy to install and use it. Some of the features are: supports bad word filters, PayPal payment, admin panel and user menu, show expired ads, pending options, and many more options. Also the payment scheme is powerful: you can choose between two scheme of payment: payment per a period of time (month, year) or payment per ad. Free ads are supported.
Tags: software , time , online , word , easy , show , admin , install , user , ads , simple , build , professional , into , credit , payment , nice , creditcard , features , period ,

 CF ShopKart

This is a shopping cart program that is not encrypted and allows users to customize according to their needs. The clients can see the order status and order history. This program offers an optional text field and checkboxes for the users. Features like setting quantity discounts, display of screen shopping cart, email list management, providing reports like product statistics, inventory view, thumbnails and large image views, offline credit card processing, specifying rates for each item etc are available. This program provide security through a password protected admin comtrol panel.
Tags: email , security , screen , image , password , program , text , inventory , list , display , admin , reports , thumbnails , customize , shopping , encrypted , credit , product , field , shoppingcart , for , creditcard , protected , users , clients ,

 Comersus Shopping Cart

This is a program that facilitates ASP.NET users to build and run an online store on their websites for their e-commerce businesses. This program facilitates for performing shipping calculation and comes with an effective control panel to allow administrators maintain the online store with ease. This program facilitates for a genuine credit card payment transaction and supports payment gateways such as 2Checkout, PayPal etc., This program has number of features including email functionality, Hot Deals, dynamic front page with the facility to list number of products and categories etc.,
Tags: email , program , online , control , list , page , store , number , run , build , dynamic , calculation , credit , payment , websites , for , creditcard , features , maintain , users ,

 ASPX Shopping Cart Asp.Net Script

Professional e-commerce store with a user-friendly control panel including: Unlimited shipping & tax rules, unlimited categories, departments and products, photos upload and automatic thumbnails, easy design integration with your website, credit card encryption for offline payments, product sorting by name, price, or date, integrate easily with any payment system. Available in Access / SQL Server database.
Tags: control , photos , encryption , design , easy , automatic , upload , store , offline , tax , credit , payment , product , for , creditcard , integration ,

 Mall23 eCommerce

The Mall23 E-Commerce solution works to give you an affordable e-commerce solution that can have you selling your products on the Internet in minutes, securely. Mall23 E-Commerce can be operated with no programming knowledge and offers multiple ready-to-use templates for an attractive web store. For expeditious order fulfillment cycles and instant information-flow, Mall23 E-Commerce integrates with the Mall23 back-office functionality in real-time. Some of its cutting-edge capabilities that put it right up there with million-Dollar e-commerce sites like or include real-time, secure credit card processing with fraud protection, advanced shopping cart features and account management, order status & shipment tracking.
Tags: web , secure , programming , advanced , multiple , templates , instant , account , processing , shopping , solution , credit , shoppingcart , knowledge , for , creditcard , sites , features , affordable ,


freemerchant offers four different packages for creating and managing an online store on your website with which you can sell products and services immediately in a secured way. It offers you with 60 different templates to integrate with your website. Other features of this system include secured shopping cart with optional credit card services, inventory manager, traffic logs which enters the traffic based on daily, weekly, monthly basis, banner exchange feature and has many other features.
Tags: online , system , website , creating , inventory , traffic , exchange , templates , store , services , shopping , banner , credit , feature , shoppingcart , logs , for , creditcard , features , sell , monthly ,


This remotely hosted e-commerce solutions are more helpful for the Web traders to build their product pages with customizable item properties. Without any graphics module you can design your entire webstore using in-built templates, layouts, colors etc., Supports discounts, re-calculations. Product items can be sorted so as to help your customers to find desired products instantly. SSL encryption ensures the security with credit card payment transactions.
Tags: security , encryption , graphics , design , find , help , using , colors , module , build , pages , credit , payment , product , for , creditcard , customers , solutions ,

 eCatalog Order

A web based e-commerce suite that can be accessed without any programming and web desigining knowledge. Spreading sales world wide and gaining more profit can be performed using web based interface. Customer orders can be processed dynamically and purchasing support both credit card and non-credit card systems. Email notification is available. Orders can be printed out. Purchased history can be tracked and can be allowed for viewing.
Tags: web , notification , using , history , programming , sales , world , support , profit , credit , orders , for , creditcard , webbased , suite ,


Digital-goods Seller is a simple-to-use web program that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your digital-product right away. There’s no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their order, enter their download-code and password and start downloading your product. They get the goods—you get the cash. All these happening without you lifting a finger in the process!
Tags: download , web , password , program , start , credit , receive , for , creditcard , customers , finger ,


Digital-goods Seller is a simple-to-use web program that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your digital-product right away. There’s no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their order, enter their download-code and password and start downloading your product. They get the goods—you get the cash. All these happening without you lifting a finger in the process!
Tags: download , web , password , program , start , credit , receive , for , creditcard , customers , finger ,

 Eplanholder's CDS - Plan room

Eplanholder's CDS - Plan room is a simple PHP application by which the users can secure their documents. This application allows online ordering system inorder to facilitate a perfect credit card transaction. This application will be useful for the business people to perform online marketing. This application offers various features like providing secured password protected plan rooms, allowing customer registration and login, providing perfect admin control and more.
Tags: password , online , control , system , business , secure , application , admin , simple , plan , customer , credit , for , creditcard , features , protected , useful , users , registration , room , people ,

 Esvon Banner Ads

The Esvon Banner Ads is a dynamic banner management system which supports text as well as image banners. With this script it is possible to set default banner. The features of this script are: template based management, contols registration e-mails, ability to show ad count for each category and sub category, ability to display newest ads in categories, complete header and footer control, ability to handle real time credit card processing, e-mail alert of ad expiration and many other features. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: image , text , time , online , management , system , script , show , display , demo , ads , template , alert , dynamic , set , banner , count , credit , real , for , creditcard , features , registration , complete , available ,


It suits to accomplish all internet business people's requirements to advance their online store by offering flexible remotely hosted solutions. Customer database, inventory session can be maintained easily. Creation of product pages can be done with the help of drag and drop features. Customizable setting lets you design and control product management, credit card processing, shipping calculations dynamically. Stock information can be shown to keep all products available all time. Sales and traffic tracking tools helps to get a overall info about product promotion. Several payment accounts can be included for online payment processing. Many more features are available for an extensive and effective online business.
Tags: internet , online , control , business , design , tools , help , information , inventory , tracking , traffic , store , accounts , pages , info , credit , drop , payment , product , for , creditcard , features , draganddrop , available , session ,


ExpenseTrack is a ASP.NET product designed to assist users in generating expense reports for all their day to day incurring expenses. This script can upload banking as well as credit card transactions with standard QIF files, provide policy rules for every expenses, creates detailed report on your expenses, provides high investment yielding plans with calculated ROI's etc., The main highlight of this program is its ability to work both in off and online with palm based PDA's on windows.
Tags: program , online , report , script , upload , palm , reports , work , expense , day , investment , credit , product , for , creditcard , rules , users , standard , banking ,


Easy3DESCrypt is a javascript program capable of encrypting data and used in online banking and credit card applications. This program uses CBC encrypting techniques with a initial vector IV and further SHA-1 is employed for the file contents to detect cipher changes. Some of the key features include ability to send encrypted files through mail or FTP, executable d3des files, cryptography standard 3DES encryption techniques etc.,
Tags: file , program , data , mail , online , files , encryption , javascript , send , key , vector , detect , encrypted , credit , cryptography , for , creditcard , features , standard , executable , contents , banking , cipher ,

 Instant Shopping Cart

Instant Shopping Cart is an ultimate ASP program designed to assist webmasters in building their shopping cart with all e-commerce abilities without any programming knowledge. Webmasters are provided with several high end e-commerce tools along with 'instant sales solution' (ISS) techniques to increase their product sales. You can design, manage and promote your online selling business to the next level with the advanced features like support for all major payment gateways, realtime credit card processing, shipping options, web based administration etc.,
Tags: web , program , online , business , tools , programming , manage , sales , advanced , administration , support , shopping , credit , payment , product , shoppingcart , ultimate , for , creditcard , features , webbased , increase , building ,

 Lookup Country by IP Address

The script allows you to lookup the country of the user by using his/her IP address. This script can be used to: Display native language and currency; Redirect based on country; Reduce credit card fraud; Web log stats and analysis; And more. It consists of ASP and ACCESS database.
Tags: script , log , using , language , user , lookup , stats , credit , native , creditcard , country ,

 iisCC and iisCARTcc

iisCC and iisCARTcc is an ASP program designed to assist webmasters to create and manage online shopping cart on their website with real time credit card validation and clearing with some specific processors like ibill, netbilling, PSiGate, etc., This software is capable of preventing duplicate charges through multiple submissions and can also log all customers and visitors.
Tags: software , program , create , time , online , website , log , manage , duplicate , multiple , shopping , credit , validation , shoppingcart , real , creditcard , customers ,


ActiveBundleTM is the component bundle of choice for Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages. This package contains the runtime for the following components, ActiveCreditCard 1.0, ActiveFile 2.3, ActiveMessenger 1.1, ActiveNavigator 1.0, ActiveProfile 1.3, AppletFile 2.5, ASPLightning 1.2 ActiveCreditCardTM is designed as an easy-to-use, server-side ActiveX® control for performing real-time credit card transactions from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveCreditCard provides: Credit Card Processing - process credit card transactions with your choice of processors. Integrated Shopping Cart - quickly build your online store with our optional shopping cart. ActiveFileTM is designed as a full featured server-side ActiveX® control for manipulating files and directories from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveFile provides: An interface to files and form data uploaded using RFC 1867. Download (response) of files anywhere on the server (not just in the web server's virtual directories). File, directory and archive (zip, tar, stuffit, etc) manipulation. Active Data Object (ADO) integration. ActiveMessenger is an excellent choice for adding email capabilities to web-based applications. If you are designing a commercial application and plan to bundle ActiveMessenger, you should contact our sales department regarding special OEM pricing and support information ActiveNavigatorTM is designed as an easy-to-use, server-side ActiveX® control for creating and interacting with toolbar and tree navigators from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveNavigator provides: Tree Navigator - a hierarchy of nodes that can be expanded and collapsed, and used to navigate hierarchical information. Toolbar Navigator - an arrangement of buttons, either horizontally or vertically, that can be used to navigate an Active Server Pages application Refer product page for more details
Tags: email , web , data , online , server , files , component , control , creating , application , archive , using , form , toolbar , tree , directory , page , sales , contact , virtual , store , process , plan , support , build , package , interface , shopping , credit , product , shoppingcart , for , creditcard , directories , commercial , bundle , navigate , special ,

 eCommerce System

This application is bundled with several built-in help files to help you to generate an online e-store with necessary commerce functions. This program supports unlimited number of products with shipping and taxing abilities through major payment gateways and some of the key features include credit card validation, affiliate programs, ability to upload product images, inventory control etc.,
Tags: program , online , files , control , help , inventory , application , upload , key , generate , number , credit , payment , product , creditcard , features , inventorycontrol ,


This is an website visitors tracker program that allows webmasters to view their web visitors entire information like, country name of the visitors, IP address, ISP, which state, visitors geographical location like, latitude and longitude etc., Some features of this script are, it reduces credit card fraud, web log statistics and analysis, displays currency and regional language of the visitors etc.,
Tags: web , program , website , information , script , log , view , language , statistics , name , tracker , currency , location , credit , creditcard , country , features ,


This is a security application and a windows component where the users can encrypt emails, texts and files. The users have the ability to send protected emails with the support of public key. The datas like signatures on the users documents, credit card numbers etc can be encrypted or tracked. This application allows the users to send encrypted emails with imported key. The users can encrypt encoded messages and files and can sign them. The key can be added and analysed by the users.
Tags: windows , security , files , component , encrypt , application , send , key , emails , messages , support , numbers , encrypted , credit , creditcard , protected , users , sign , public ,


This Custom tag was developed for easy implementation for interfacing with ECHOnline transaction process This tag drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. Supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. CFX_ECHO tag makes it easy to connect to ECHO. Ideal for all commerce applications. Perfect for ISP/IPPs to use for billing their clients, since this supports electronic checks as well.
Tags: system , secure , easy , using , address , check , billing , tag , credit , payment , connect , for , creditcard , electronic , gateway , drives , commercial , checks ,


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