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01ftp is a file management program where users can manage files and directories on their FTP server. This program uses WYSIWYG editor to edit contents. Users can delete, move, copy or rename CHMOD files and directories. This program has features like, uploading and downloading files, viewing code with syntax highlighting, navigate FTP server, editing content from a web based interface, sending files via email and more.
Tags: email , file , web , editor , program , files , management , edit , copy , code , manage , content , rename , editing , filemanagement , syntax , directories , features , webbased , users , navigate , sending ,


This script allows web owners to build a slideshow on their websites without any programming knowledge on javascript. Users can have option to select any slideshow from its 18 slideshows and animations. It starts it performance as soon as users add their slides. Slideshow can be displayed by doing a simple process cut, copy and paste the given code.
Tags: web , copy , script , programming , performance , process , simple , build , paste , websites , knowledge , slideshows , select , users , option ,

 Server Side Validation Code

Server Side Validation Code is a web based tutorial in which author offers a programme which validates the form submitted by the users inorder to store the content of the form in the server. User can copy and paste this code in their website to validate the form submitted by the visitors and to register their information in the server.
Tags: web , website , copy , code , information , form , content , store , paste , tutorial , author , validate , register , webbased , users ,

 Round UP

This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author shows you how to round up a number and displays it on the client side by writing your own function in PHP. You can copy the function defined for this operation from this tutorial.
Tags: easy , copy , client , learn , number , tutorial , function , writing , author , for ,

 Cold Fusion Multipage Counter(CF_Counter)

CF_Counter is a multi page hit counter. One copy of the tag will allow you to put a counter anywhere on your server. Can Be called from anywhere on the server and will create a counter fill initialized to the number you specify. Checks and records IP of last user to prevent reloads from incrementing counter. Also stores and displays if desired the date the counter was created.
Tags: create , server , copy , page , date , tag , user , number , counter , prevent , multi , fill , records ,

 NavXP - Web based file sharing system

Anyone can use this enterprise version of Internet file explorer effectively because it has an interface that is similar to the standard Windows file explorer. This system has many enhanced features like easy uploading of files from anywhere and it allows easy creation, deletion, copy and moving of folders and files. Along with these functions, it offers a 'Save As' function. It also offers a WYSIWYG editor to edit the HTML files and has a disk space manager that allocates the space needed for each user.
Tags: file , editor , manager , files , system , space , disk , edit , easy , explorer , copy , folders , version , interface , for , features , diskspace , enterprise , standard , moving ,


Editlet is an online html text editor that helps users to edit html pages on any remote server from a browser based interface. This program offers several features to the users like, ability to copy and paste from MS word and excel, spell checking, publishing output to database, international language support, multiple OS compatability, tables, CSS, image text wrapping etc.
Tags: image , html , editor , program , text , online , server , word , browser , edit , copy , remote , language , multiple , paste , texteditor , publishing , pages , spell , features , users , international ,

 Antechinus Audio Editor

Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats, and you get to do amazing things with 29 great effects. You will not be left in the dark: the Editor explains in detail why and how to use the sound effects. Experiment without fear of mistakes: unlimited undo is always available. For stereo files, Audio Editor makes it easy to work with each channel at a time. It only takes one click to zoom into the selection when you need more precise selecting. You can then adjust the selection with simple point-and-click to get exactly what you want. Enjoy sound creation based on your intended use (for example, audio for near-CD quality) rather than raw properties (8,000 Hz, 16-bit, mono, 8kbps). Some sound formats are better for games, some for music, some for human speech... Chances are you'll need support for multiple formats, and even more so if you are using different technologies and operating systems. Audio Editor supports over 10 popular sound formats, making it easy to convert from one to another, and tells you which format to use in a particular situation. Save time when editing big audio files, which is often the case. Audio Editor supports the standard Windows Clipboard so you can copy and paste between different programs and sound files. Save time when you edit single audio files by cutting, copying, pasting and mixing using your Audio Editor's internal clipboard, which is optimized and much faster than the Windows Clipboard. Audio CD's can get scratched, or become heat-damaged. Even in ideal conditions, a lower-quality CD can become useless after few years. Your Audio Editor lets you open CD tracks with your important music files individually and save them in one of the highly-compressed formats for safekeeping.
Tags: convert , audio , music , time , files , sound , play , edit , easy , programs , copy , fast , amazing , format , using , save , fear , multiple , open , editing , zoom , simple , support , tracks , paste , work , into , click , raw , popular , creation , mixing , properties , faster , for , big , adjust , standard , channel , undo ,

 Gmail Storage Drive

This is an useful tool for the users to create and add new drive on their 'My Computer' folder so that they can use 'GMail' as a storage medium. This is actually a shell namespace extension that has the ability to generate a file system on your 'Google GMail account' to enable you to store and get files from your 'GMail account'. Through this program you can create new folders, drag and drop files on any desired folders, copy folders directly from within Windows explorer.
Tags: file , tool , program , create , files , system , folder , copy , drive , folders , generate , shell , store , storage , extension , drop , for , useful , users , draganddrop , filesystem ,

 DropMenu PageMaker

DropMenu PageMaker reduces your work to create menus in large number through javascript. Through this module you will be able to create both horizontal and vertical menus with any number of sub-menus. All attibutes of menus can be modified in it's font color, font size, border and many more. Also, allows you to set effets, background and foreground colors. All menus can have unique effect or different. Using copy and paste function you can create you own drop down menus.
Tags: create , copy , effect , font , background , menus , number , module , paste , set , work , function , drop , vertical , horizontal , modified ,

 Ace Meta Data Generator

Ace Meta Data Generator is a JavaScript Meta Data creator that can be added to your webpage to make it as the best search engine saturation. The Meta Tag generator must be supplied with details like title, email, subject, rating description, key words, revisit after ‘n’ days, language, copy right, robots, auto refresh timer etc. You can either switch on the browser cache check box to disable it or can switch it off. The script is free for download.
Tags: search , creator , browser , make , copy , generator , script , check , timer , auto , key , cache , best , engine , disable , searchengine , switch , box , for , rating ,

 Milonic DHTML Navigation Menu

With this nifty JavaScript code snippet you can implement DHTML JavaScript navigation menu in your webpage. The script features high flexibility and is very fast. Non profit organizations can use the script for free of cost. But every copy of the menu must be licensed to get the license number. The script compatible with Microsoft IE 4 to 6, Netscape Navigator 4 to 6, Mozilla 9.X, Opera 5, Apple Mac IE 5 & Netscape browsers.
Tags: menu , copy , code , script , navigation , profit , navigationmenu , for , features , license , codesnippet ,

 Dynamic Drop Down Box To List Years

This is an helpful tutorial for all the programmers. This tutorial explains users about how to create the dropdown list box and displays the list of years in it. It displays the year you input till the current year and takes out the hassle of constant updation for every consecutive year. This dropdown listbox is very useful for all the applications. You can copy the sample code on your applications.
Tags: create , copy , code , list , tutorial , dropdown , year , input , box , sample , for , useful , users , out ,

 Convert MDB database to another format

Convert MDB database to another format is a web based tutorial in which users can learn more about converting to Access 2000 database format from MDB database format. In this article author offers few codes, users can copy and paste it in their website to execute this process in their website.
Tags: database , web , website , copy , format , learn , 2000 , process , paste , converting , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , users ,


Adminizer has made web site content administration easy. It provides you with a web site editor inside your browser window. You can work in a familiar word-like interface. It allows you to copy and paste from MS Office while maintaining formatting. It is fully customizable. Some additional features include spell checker, HTML-table insertion, custom CSS style sheets etc. It comes in two versions: The Adminizer Lite and the Adminizer Pro.
Tags: web , editor , browser , copy , site , content , administration , custom , paste , work , style , spell , features ,


TrueColorTo Pallete is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this tool you can convert true color images to palettized images using alogorithms. You can develop transparent gif images using this tool. You simply copy the file in your bin directory and it does not need any registration for the tool.
Tags: file , convert , tool , gif , images , easy , copy , color , using , directory , true , transparent , for , bin , develop , registration ,


This training center offers quality training in ASP.NET. They provide course material, example codes, VS.NET Professional v1.0 60-Day Evaluation copy on DVD, and lunch on every day. These course covers topics such as introduction to ASP and ADO.NET and C#, advanced C#, Error handling, user controls, configuring ASP.NET applications etc., Apart from .NET they also teach object oriented technologies and XML.
Tags: copy , training , advanced , user , quality , applications , object , teach , course , objectoriented , covers ,

 Richtext editor

Richtext editor is a content management system that can create and edit text on the web pages. Users are allowed to insert images, tables, Links on their web pages and can customize font color, font size, background color, foreground color according to their needs. This program has ability to view and edit html source code. This program has many useful features like, extracting HTML document, ability to insert special characters, provides copy and paste functions, customizable style support and more.
Tags: html , web , editor , program , create , text , management , system , edit , copy , color , view , source , font , content , background , support , paste , customize , pages , insert , style , webpages , features , contentmanagement , useful , contentmanagementsystem , special , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,


This Java applet is a banner rotation applet. It supports 11 special effects that can be activated on transition of images from one to another. All it requires for a set of pictures to be run is that- specify the picture size, set the delay of transition and a transition effect all of which are configurable. Then copy the software and HTML codes to your web site to set it up.
Tags: software , web , picture , images , pictures , copy , site , effect , effects , applet , run , set , banner , transition , for , rotation , special , codes ,

 Basic PHP CMS

Basic PHP CMS is a powerful online content mangement software built with PHP. This program uses MySQL database as the backend and enables you to authorize webcontents for small and medium websites. You can add contents to your site, create database with necessary forms and tables, copy files and folders, edit the webpages, and preview the contents before finally uploading online.
Tags: software , database , program , create , online , files , edit , copy , forms , content , small , preview , for , contents , powerful ,


BBClassifieds is a PHP classifieds script that allows site owners to easily integrate database-driven classified ads application into their web sites. It uses SQL-type database (mySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle etc.) at the back-end in order to deliver increased performance and it has numerous features that can be easily configured. One of the goals when designing BBClassifieds software was a seamless integration with your existing web site. This classified ads script is designed as an external object and can be simply plugged-in to your existing page—anywhere you see fit. Customizable Directory Structure—create any directory structure that best fits your needs, starting with top level categories and going up to 16 levels down. Category specific custom fields—create any number of custom fields in any category based on your needs, e.g. in cars category enter make and year, in computer category CPU speed and RAM size. Field type can be either text or checkbox. Search—allow your site visitors to perform a keyword search on classified ads. Any word, all words or key-phrase options are available. Listings Control—you are in control: allow or deny HTML in posts, limit number of characters, enter the list of "bad" words you want to replace or filter out, allow users to edit their postings, approve/deny each listing or let them appear immediately. Appearance Control—change the style sheet in order to customize the look-and-feel of the system so that it matches your web site, decide what characters to use as a category separator in the "tree" and more. Renewal and Notification—notify ad owners when their listing is about to expire, have copy of each posting mailed to the administrator, allow ad listing renewals, limit number of renewals...
Tags: software , database , web , search , text , system , edit , make , copy , computer , speed , filter , site , list , script , application , directory , performance , words , replace , best , ads , custom , number , levels , into , type , customize , sheet , cars , keyword , options , style , object , limit , characters , structure , features , users , integration , fields , listing , top ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Generator

Instant RSS,XML Feed Generator is an useful program for novice programmers and webmasters to generate instant RSS news feed. Admin working with either a personal home page or WYSIWYG page building tools would find it easy to create formatted news feed through the online forms with all essential requirements. There are possibilities to copy and paste those RSS news feed on a XML file to generate a seperate news channel.
Tags: file , program , create , online , easy , tools , find , copy , personal , page , home , news , forms , generate , instant , paste , feed , homepage , formatted , for , useful , newsfeed , building ,

 Dynamic Images in PHP 3.0

This simple one page tutorial helps you to write programs for creating dynamic images using PHP 3 and GD image library. You can copy the source code which is available in the website and can edit and place them at the desired location on your website. You can find links on the website to learn more about PHP and GD image library. This tutorial will be useful for beginners in image manipulation.
Tags: image , images , website , edit , programs , find , copy , write , code , creating , using , learn , page , source , links , sourcecode , simple , dynamic , tutorial , location , for , useful , available ,

 SpreadSheet Editor

This is a content management program that helps users to create and edit data in a excel format on their web pages. They can add, delete or resize columns or rows as they wish and can copy the contents from the clip board. This program has many features like, displaying cell value, ability to edit multiple lines, restoring previous values, ability for CVS importing and more.
Tags: web , program , data , create , excel , management , delete , edit , copy , format , resize , content , multiple , cell , clip , columns , for , features , contentmanagement , users , contents ,

 Arctor D2D Backup

Arctor D2D Backup is a powerful online server managemnt tool using which you can backup files and folders from the system. This program gives a hot redundancy solution for your data backups and enables you to to retrieve latest version of your files from the archive. This utility supports spreadsheets, address books, word documents, database files, images, videos, etc., and creates a disk mirror where you can copy all your important files to a CD or DVD with your favorite CD writing software.
Tags: database , utility , tool , backup , program , data , online , server , files , word , disk , copy , using , address , folders , retrieve , version , mirror , solution , writing , favorite , for , backups , powerful ,

 Working with DropDownList and ListBox Controls

Working with DropDownList and ListBox Controls is a tutorial for those who needs to add the items in the dropdown list and listbox control from the database table. This tutorial describes it with an example code for the users. Users can copy the example code for their ASP.NET applications.
Tags: database , control , copy , code , list , tutorial , dropdown , for , users ,


Varpage is a php based script and is replaced by shellpage. It allows users for building the websites. You create a web site page as a php page which calls VarPage and embeds your content into the template. You can select and copy varpage class code to your own text editor and save the file as VarPage.class.php and upload it. you can replace any number of areas of your page with different content. It is simple. You can design a template HTML file with a few comment tags in it.
Tags: file , web , editor , create , text , design , copy , code , php , site , script , save , page , upload , class , replace , content , template , number , into , texteditor , for , select , tags , users , building ,

 Web file Manager

Web file Manager is a php based script and is a content management system and as a web file tool which is used to update homepage. It is simple. It is easy to use. It does not require a database. Users can copy, rename and upload files and images. Users can view file permissions. Installation is easy. It hides files and its extensions. Users can copy and paste word documents.It creates backups automatically for existing files. It works with register_globals on or off.
Tags: file , web , tool , files , management , system , word , easy , copy , php , view , upload , content , rename , paste , update , automatically , for , contentmanagement , backups , contentmanagementsystem ,

 @Card ME PHP Version

This is a php software and a card in which you can record voice and send a ecard with voice message. This script is easy to activate or deactivate a category, Top 10 eCards and 10 Skins background are provided in this script. It supports image types like GIF, GIF Animations, JPG and macromedia flash animations. Allows the sender to upload his own music or sound files, poem and image or flash animation and permit senders to add multiple recipients. The sender can receive a copy and send ecard in an advanced date. This script is easy to install.
Tags: software , image , music , flash , sound , easy , copy , record , php , animation , script , upload , send , voice , advanced , multiple , macromedia , receive , sender , flashanimation ,


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