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eShop is a program using which sellers and merchants would be able to create and manage a database driven shopping cart on their website. The main highlight of this program is the customer registration program with automatic cookie login ie, every surfer must register himself before accessing the cart. Customers are facilitated with a powerful item search engine, product rating systems, encrypted passwords and usernames etc.,
Tags: database , search , program , create , using , automatic , manage , passwords , customer , login , shopping , encrypted , cookie , product , shoppingcart , rating , register , registration , powerful ,


With Adremover JavaScript you can catch clicks on the ads on the webpage and create cookies on the visitorís computer. The ads are again shown only after the expiry of the cookie. The expiry time of a cookie is 24 hrs in default. By this Adremover JavaScript program you can increase the number of clicks in your ads. It is very easy to install and use this program.
Tags: program , create , time , easy , cookies , install , ads , number , cookie , increase ,

 AIR Cookie Generator

If you are in a profession where you have to convince your customer about a product to earn a commission, this JavaScript can be used to make sure that even if the customer remembers the URL and contacts directly, this JavaScript uses the AIR CookieS scripting action in their browser to pop under a window, set a cookie from your vendor's site, then close it silently with the help of the adjustable timer.
Tags: action , browser , make , help , contacts , pop , scripting , set , customer , cookie , product ,

 Albert's RateIt

Albert's RateIt is a powerful rating system based on php. This system provides ability to rate files, pages and photos on the websites. Users can rate on a scale from 1 to 5. It shows average rating in numbers or as stars. Feature include cookie which is an extra security against double voting and admin section which is used to create an id number before you rate it. It displays number of ratings.
Tags: security , create , photos , system , admin , number , numbers , scale , pages , cookie , rate , rating , powerful , average ,

 Favorite Links

Makes user's Favorite link List on fly without use of DB or other resources. Script uses cookie to store links and their titles. It also has a build in function which generate a link for storing links. This function use 'window.location' so you don't have to worry about where the script is located.
Tags: script , generate , link , links , store , build , function , cookie , for ,

 Antony Bailey's Cookie Encoder

Antony Bailey's Cookie Encoder is a PHP application for enhancing the security measures for your website and its contents. This software uses base64 encode and MD5 hash encryptions in creating and encoding secured cookies. With just a cookie enabled browser and a 'Unix' server with PHP safemode off you can implement this application on your website to preserve your web contents from hackers and frauds.
Tags: software , security , web , server , website , browser , creating , application , encode , hash , cookie , encoding , for , contents ,

 Slide In Menu

This is a PHP built navigation system with sliding menu action compatible with DHTML. You can use this script as an alternative for drop down menus to present both your site map as well as the site news. The key feature of this menu system is that it does not consume much of your browser screen space and opens the menu by sliding over the page. Provisions to set it for full page load as default or to enable your users to set a cookie to change the default options are also available in this menu system.
Tags: screen , menu , action , system , space , browser , site , script , navigation , page , change , key , map , menus , set , alternative , cookie , options , drop , load , feature , sitemap , for , users , present , available ,

 Starter Kit II

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can activate and deactivate user accounts, provides a built-in member mailing list facility, etc. It provides rotating image banner, comments page, support page, contact us page and more.
Tags: security , image , password , program , files , system , access , website , protection , list , folders , page , mailing , contact , admin , user , support , build , mailinglist , login , passwordprotection , cookie , for , features , modify , users , membership , remember , us , option ,

 Bab3vil's Guestbook

This is a mysql script .A Nice looking Program, Easy way to install and Easy to use control panel ! Guest can use bbcode,html code(if admin set on) , Private to manager,avatar, icon and special of all , guest can set on or off the emoticon like UBB FORUM.Admin can reply/edit/delete post of guest.The control panel work with cookie ,it use md5 to protect your admin name and password.Guest can not flood your guestbook with CHECK lenght,check badword, CHECK bbcode,....more Demo available.
Tags: control , protect , icon , script , mysql , admin , install , name , set , work , md5 , cookie , post , emoticon , special ,

 Using Cookies in ASP.NET

Cookies are nothing but stored informations in the form of small files on user's machine. This tutorial describes about the importance and need of a cookie while developing any web application. Cookies are mainly used to store user's settings, nick name and personal details. Here in this article the author demonstrates about the art of reading and writing cookies in ASP.NET. The author's sample needs no description as it is very easy to understand and so simple.
Tags: web , files , easy , form , personal , art , cookies , store , small , name , reading , tutorial , cookie , writing , author , sample ,

 Forms authentication in ASP.NET

Forms authentication in ASP.NET is a tutorial through which users can gather information about the method that have to be adapted to generate form based authentication which is otherwise called as the cookie authentication which validates the visitors information. The author offers source code and explains it with the help of examples.
Tags: help , code , information , form , source , generate , sourcecode , tutorial , cookie , author , users , authentication , method ,


blogtricks offers remotely hosted script to enhance your websites. The scripts offered by blogtricks are, countdown the days to important events, tracking your referrers with link feedback, put a cookie on your website, auto generate a gallery of thumbnail images. This is useful for the webmasters and the web owners.
Tags: web , script , thumbnail , scripts , tracking , auto , generate , link , gallery , countdown , enhance , cookie , for , useful ,

 How to avoid error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"?

In this tutorial, the author projects the idea of reading a cookie which helps the users to build a web application without errors. The main highlight of this article is about the cookies and its features. The usage of these cookies are well utilized in this article which is shown by a sample. Cookies send detailed information and the users could extract the value by reading the cookie, which is stored on the client server. The methods of creating, writing and calling the cookies back is well said in this article.
Tags: web , extract , information , client , application , send , cookies , reading , build , cookie , writing , usage , value , author , back , users , projects ,

 Charon Cart.NET

Charon Cart.NET is an efficient ASP.NET server control component capable of generating web based stores with customizable store fronts. All products are stored as a XML file and enables admin to easily include products to their cookie based cart through dreamweaver datasets. You can view all products and their details with a customizable datagrid. There are also provisions for processing customer's credit cards and purchase orders.
Tags: file , web , server , component , control , view , admin , store , processing , cookie , credit , purchase , for , webbased , dreamweaver ,

 Check if cookies are enabled

Check if cookies are enabled is a JavaScript that can be incorporated into your web site to know whether the user of your browser has turned on the feature to accept cookies. This JavaScript is compatible with all the browsers and returns a cookie enabled or disabled message, which whill be highly useful when creating a logon website.
Tags: web , browser , creating , site , cookies , user , into , cookie , feature , logon , useful ,

 Cookies with Keys

Cookies with Keys is an ASP based tutorial through which users can get detailed explanation about how to create cookies and how to store number of informations about multiple users in the cookies with the help of keys. This is an useful article for the cookie builders and they can utilize the code that the author offers for them.
Tags: create , help , code , cookies , multiple , store , number , tutorial , keys , cookie , author , for , useful , users ,

 Cookie Address Book

Cookie Address Book is a freeware, which can be used in your web pages to incorporate a web page address book that acquires its data depending on the cookies. The cookie obtains the data and supplies it to the address book.
Tags: web , data , book , address , page , addressbook , webpage , pages , cookie , webpages ,


This is a user management program where the users can secure their clients directory using cookies. The users browsers are redirected to the login directory when their directory has no predefined cookie which is set to the specific value and their access to the members directory is restricted. This program permits the users to create any type of validation according to their needs. The IIS shows the existing webpage in the login directory. This program can be run on multiple sites.
Tags: program , create , management , access , secure , using , directory , multiple , user , run , set , type , login , cookie , validation , value , users , clients ,

 eToolHaven Mailing Lists

This is a mailing script where the users can send mails to the subscribers in text and html form. The users can rate subscribers with cookie expiration dates and thank you pages. Features like joint venture lists, HTML and text mailings, detecting bounced email addresses, subscriber log in area, creating lists on the fly, twenty custom fields on users sign up forms, messages with data collection, form generator etc are available.
Tags: email , html , data , text , creating , generator , script , log , form , send , mailing , custom , messages , detecting , cookie , lists , rate , users , sign , fields , dates ,

 Write cookies

Write cookies is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about generation of cookies. Through this article users can get knowledge about how to build cookies, what are all the advantages the users can gain by using cookies, how the cookies store small information about the loaded pages and how to retrieve this information through the browser from the server etc. This is an useful tutorial for any one who needs to know cookie information.
Tags: server , browser , information , using , cookies , store , small , build , retrieve , tutorial , pages , cookie , author , knowledge , for , useful , users , generation ,


Params.php is a small and simple script to read the parameter of the script irrelevant to how they are passed. The author wrote this script after changing get variables to post variables, back and then to cookie variables.
Tags: script , read , simple , small , cookie , author , post , back , changing ,

 PHP fortune script

PHP fortune script is a quote displaying script and is a simple script based on php. It is also a fortune cookie program. It doesn't need any database to use this script. It looks via the list and pick a quote from one of the fortune files. It works by keeping respiratory of quote files. It is easy to use this script. It doesn't read entire text file.
Tags: database , text , easy , list , script , read , simple , quote , cookie , pick ,

 History Destroyer

History Destroyer is an easy and useful tool that can be used to delete the recently viewed sites so that no one can trace your activities. In addition, it is also capable of cleaning or deleting IE cookie folder, recently run programs, windows clipboard, auto-URL complete list, windows recycle bin, media players play list and much more. With this tool, you can also block the pop ups, window title etc.
Tags: windows , tool , delete , play , easy , list , media , block , pop , window , playlist , run , trace , cookie , sites , useful , cleaning , complete , players ,

 dhtmlxTree - Full Featured JavaScript Tree

dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript navigation component that helps to create a tree-based navigation system and put large amount of data in hierarchical order. Light-weight, high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, well documented this JavaScript tree menu is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications or on your web site. dhtmlxTree is compatible with all main Web-browsers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Unix. Dynamical loading of items from XML gives a possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database. This JavaScript component has advanced XML processing that provides fast loading of trees with thousands of nodes. You can customize "look and feel" of the tree to suit best your needs - use font style & color and icons design to create your unique style. Powerful component API allows you to control it at runtime. Drag-n-drop functionality greatly simplifies tree usage. You can freely drag tree items within one tree, between trees, between frames. This DHTML tree has checkbox system in order to use this component as a navigation bar with selection lists. Besides usual two-state checkboxes (checked item, unchecked item), there is a possibility to use three state checkboxes with "partly-checked" value (some sub-items are checked). Built-in context menu allows you to create user-friendly navigation interface by putting most necessary commands inside this menu and attaching it to the whole tree, group of items or individual item. If you want to add some explanations to tree nodes, you can use tool tips. The tree state can be saved/restored in a cookie so when user visits the page next time, he finds the tree in the same state he left it. dhtmlxTree has search functionality, possibility to use multi-line tree items, support of server-side technologies (Cold Fusion, ASP.NET) and other useful features. dhtmlxTree is free for non-commercial use. Source code is available.
Tags: web , tool , search , data , create , component , control , menu , system , design , fast , code , color , tree , icons , navigation , page , bar , display , font , advanced , best , user , support , processing , customize , interface , cookie , applications , group , style , trees , value , clear , for , useful , context , commercial , navigationbar , treemenu ,

 Remember Me!

Remember Me! A versatile script that offers complete cookie management. The script will allow you to place, modify, display stored content or delete a cookie when a web surfer visits a webpage. The script can been used for promotional offers (coupons), provide new content for repeat web surfers, to bypass membership login pages, sales tracking of referrer websites, Flash and other media management, and as a simple welcome back page.
Tags: web , delete , script , media , tracking , display , content , sales , simple , login , cookie , for , back , membership , complete , repeat ,

 prometheus internet mail

prometheus internet mail program is a php script for web based emails and has several designs and goals within it such as massive scalability, database centric for load balancing and preferences, and cookie usage is optional. Free demo and download option is available. Installation can be done easily.
Tags: download , internet , database , web , program , mail , php , script , demo , emails , cookie , usage , load , for , webbased , option , phpscript ,

 JavaScript Cookie Form

JavaScript Cookie Form is a JavaScript that remembers the details in a form for as long as you require to be reused in forms. Details like your name, address, phone number, email address etc. remain same in most cases. The JavaScript by means of a cookie reloads these information every time a form is required to be filled up. The data is stored in the clientís machine and does not require any server cgi.
Tags: email , data , time , server , information , address , phone , form , cookie , machine , for ,

 An Introductory Guide to Building and Deploying More Secure Sites with ASP.NET and IIS, Part 2

Protection is a must for every user's web application. This article gives a solution for this issue. The new feature of ASP.NET Forms Authentication and its features are explained in this article. The author also discusses about the security of cookie authentication and links forms authentication and role based URL authorizations. At the end of this article the access control list authorization to save the ASP.NET application is also given.
Tags: security , web , control , access , list , application , save , forms , links , accesscontrol , cookie , solution , author , feature , for , features , authentication ,


Phprank is a simple php based script and is used by the webmasters to note their site visitors informations and this script functions are, fully Functional Top Site, instant addition to the program for webmasters, it counts incoming and outgoing hits, statements are printed out at real time, MySQL datbase backend, fully functional top site, members can check their stats in real time, top site referers, unique visitors, Site of the second script, cookie & IP protection to stop cheaters etc., are the informations stored in MySQL datbase. Freeware and paid versions of this script are available. Freeware version has limited options than paid version.
Tags: program , protection , php , site , script , check , note , simple , instant , stop , version , stats , cookie , options , second , addition , real , for , functions , top , out ,


Locksmith is an advanced software excelled in user management programes to allow website visitors to enjoy all key features of your website only after registering through a proper channel. The main highlight of this program is the "Auto-Login" feature that is capable of storing user's key details such as user name, password etc., during registration to facilitate them with advanced auto logging feature later when they log into the site. Key features includes user authentication system, layout independent, cookie enabled etc.,
Tags: software , password , program , management , website , log , auto , key , advanced , user , logging , into , cookie , layout , feature , features , authentication , registration ,


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