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ATAF-CON is an ASP based converting software which converts the database design, copies the content of the MS Access database and importing into the MYSQL server. It has four method for achieveing the process. This can be easily integrated and it is easy to handle. This script can be run through browsers. This software saves users time by generating SQL code.
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 Sort a VBScript array

The array items in VBscript array can be sorted out quicker by converting the array into JScript array sorting function. This article shows the simplest way to interchange VBScript and JScript arrays using which you can sort any number of array table in lesser time. The analysis report on JScript's SortArray and VBScript's Bubble Sort methods lets you choose the faster method.
Tags: report , using , analysis , table , number , into , converting , sort , faster , out ,

 Function to Convert Letters to Digits

This tutorial demonstrates how ASP can be integrated with VBScript to convert the string value into digits or numeric value. The available functions in program illustrates the process of converting string data into numeric value. And using the sample snippet and it's result you can easily understand the string manipulation.
Tags: convert , program , data , using , process , into , converting , tutorial , string , value , sample , functions , available ,

 SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition

SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition is an useful program that can migrate PL/SQLs to transact SQL and creates formatted transact SQL codes for the conversions. This program supports NDS, PL/SQL in and out mode, PL/SQL label conversions and assists you in converting all necessary functions, procedures, packages, triggers, views etc., of the Oracle to MS SQL server. Some of the key features include one click conversion process, project driven organization, intuitive GUI etc.,
Tags: program , server , conversion , project , key , label , converting , click , migrate , formatted , for , features , useful , codes , out ,


CaRP -Caching RSS Parser helps keeping a site dynamic and new all the time by converting and displaying RSS content as HTML. Formatting options are completely under your control to give the appearance you like. Other features are - aggregating multiple news feeds, omit duplication, filtering, Output caching etc., Security related features are limiting HTML tags and removing Javascript handlers. Three versions are available Free, Koi and Evolution. Koi and Evolution versions have more options than the free version.
Tags: time , control , site , news , content , multiple , dynamic , converting , removing , options , features , tags , available ,

 Convert MDB database to another format

Convert MDB database to another format is a web based tutorial in which users can learn more about converting to Access 2000 database format from MDB database format. In this article author offers few codes, users can copy and paste it in their website to execute this process in their website.
Tags: database , web , website , copy , format , learn , 2000 , process , paste , converting , tutorial , author , execute , webbased , users ,


TrueColorToPalette, is a programme, which helps in converting true color images into palettized GIF images with the help of Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm. This programme offers various features like creating GIF images, offers free service for software and web site developers and more.
Tags: software , web , images , help , color , creating , site , service , true , into , converting , for , features ,

 XML Tree II (Windows Explorer)

This is an online tutorial that covers on using XSL for convering XML into HTML. In this tutorial the author teaches users about converting XML file into HTML page that looks similar to Windows Explorer with the help of XSL template. The author covers this subject over making hyperlinks attibutes like target, onclick, href etc., on tree nodes.
Tags: file , online , help , using , tree , page , into , converting , tutorial , author , for , users , hyperlinks , covers ,

 TPW Text-to-Hyperlink

TPW Text-to-Hyperlink is a text to hyperlink converting system. This tool will convert plain text which contains prefixes like http:// and mailto: into HTML format and are converted into hyperlinks and can be used in the websites. It makes the webmasters work much easier. Most of the common problems can be solved using this tool.
Tags: convert , tool , text , format , using , work , into , converting , hyperlinks ,

 Bit Bucket Heaven's Text to HTML

If you ever wanted to display computer code on a web page, then you're familiar with the arduous task of converting all the specific characters into their respective HTML entities. This program does the work for you.
Tags: web , program , computer , code , task , display , work , into , converting , characters , for ,

 Chilkat MHT

Chilkat MHT is an ASP.NET email application that can be installed in the users website for converting all HTML formatted email messages into any email objects. This has various features like suppoting frameset, allow the users to connect the email messages with the other email components, helps in generating HTML filename in single line of code, providing conversion technique for converting email messages from HTML to any email objects, provision for converting all the hyperlinks to URLs and more.
Tags: email , website , conversion , application , line , messages , into , converting , formatted , connect , for , features , users , filename , hyperlinks ,

 Flash to Video Console

Video to Flash Console is a powerfull tool for converting your digital videos in a batch or command line console mode. You can use console Video to Flash Converter on a webservers and run conversion using command line parameters via scripts or bat.
Tags: tool , conversion , digital , batch , using , scripts , commandline , run , line , converting , command , console , videos , for ,

 Deloittes.NET RichTextEdit

This is an effective content management solution that can be used for converting HTML text area. Web developers can generate toolbar items and have an option to customize toolbar layouts according to their needs. Users are allowed to insert richtextbox control to their existing pages. This program supports downlevel browsers and multiple instances of the control. This program has many features like, ability to import word or HTML documents, no javascript knowledge needed, toolbars or tool bar items can be generated, enabled and disabled, providing extended functionality and more.
Tags: tool , program , text , control , management , word , javascript , import , toolbar , bar , generate , content , multiple , converting , toolbars , customize , solution , insert , knowledge , for , features , contentmanagement , option ,

 Audio Converter & Mixer

Audio Converter & Mixer is an easy-to-use tool for converting and mixing all kinds of sound files into one large wav file. Audio Converter & Mixer can configure the volume, start time and playback speed of each sound track. Audio Converter & Mixer can extract sound track from many audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AC3, OGG, MPA, MP2, AU, AIF, SND, etc, and video formats VCD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, ASF, OGM, DIVX, DAT, SVCD etc. The mixing speed is extremely fast and the output wav file has CD quality(44100Hz, 16Bits, Stereo).
Tags: file , video , tool , audio , time , wav , files , sound , fast , extract , speed , track , start , into , converting , mixing , for , playback , configure ,


This is a database tool which is helpful for the users who works with MS SQL database. This tool has different categories with different functions like, MS SQL comparer- it is used to compare the structures of two MS SQL database, MS SQL data generator- it is used to create SQL database on the server, MS SQL query- it is used for querying data from the database, Datapump- it is used for converting ADO compatible database to MS SQL, MS SQL export is used for exporting data and MS SQL import is used for importing data. Useful tools for database administrator.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , tools , export , import , compare , converting , for , functions , users ,

 HOL - Converting a JSP project to an ASP.NET project

HOL - Converting a JSP project to an ASP.NET project is a web based article in which users can get details about converting JSP projects to ASP.NET project. Here author describes the procedure included in conversion technique with the help of java language conversion assistant and about JSP applications. This article will be helpful for the ASP.NET programmers and the web developers.
Tags: web , java , conversion , help , project , language , converting , author , for , webbased , users , assistant , projects ,

 MySQL to Oracle

This tool is basically for converting MySQL data contents into Oracle server. This tool converts individual tables and all MySQL datatypes but it does not convert foreign keys and stored procedures. It converts indexes with all necessary attributes. This converter tool is supported with command line. This tool is easy to setup and converts data very quick.
Tags: convert , tool , converter , data , easy , into , converting , keys , command , for , foreign , contents ,


This tool is basically for converting data from excel spreadsheets to microsoft access database. CSV files can also be converted into MySQL profiles. It supports all microsoft excel version and also it stores data into a dump file. Vserver's user option is available. It is user friendly and easy to use.
Tags: tool , data , files , excel , access , easy , microsoft , user , into , converting , version , microsoftaccess , for , option , microsoftexcel ,


This is a database converter tool which is used for converting data from Microsoft Access database to SQL statements and stores the information in a flat text files. The main features of this tool are, it converts tables with or without records, indexes can also be converted, it stores data in a text file and also it creates dump files. Reserved word naming conventions are handled by this tool.
Tags: file , database , tool , converter , data , text , word , information , converting , for , features ,


tableVarDump() is a simple testing software with which users would be able to get HTML formatted outputs for complex multi dimensional array variables. This is an easy to use development tool that suits all types of array variables and a handy tool for webmasters in converting all the outputs to HTML formats.
Tags: software , tool , easy , development , simple , testing , converting , multi , formatted , for , users ,

 XFlows - XML and XSLT Manager

XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data with your database using XML Files, converting your HTML documents to XML... XFlows runs in Batch and User Interface modes. Xflows manages various tasks (DB export, DB import, XSLT, FO, DocBook, HTML to XML, Concat, Copy local or remote...). You can plug your own parser or JDBC driver for a custom database. Several logs levels and platforms are available in batch mode including Mail support.
Tags: database , data , create , files , batch , using , remote , tasks , documents , custom , levels , set , into , converting , driver , local , publishing , parser , logs , for , mode , available , plug ,

 HTML to Plain Text Conversion Class

HTML to Plain Text Conversion Class is a very tiny utility for converting HTML files to plain Text files. While converting the HTML files some basic HTML formatting are preserved ie :- Heading tags as Caps, Horizontal lines as Hyphens, Links as footnotes at the end. This script will be much helpful when some email readers does'nt support HTML and require plain text emails. Complete installation notes included on the website.
Tags: email , utility , text , files , notes , script , lines , ie , basic , support , converting , installation , for , tags , formatting ,

 Access DUMP

A->DUMP is an ASP based software with the capablity of transferring the content of the database from MS Access into the MSSQL server by batch processing method with the help of line support. It offers various features like converting database tables presence of records or absence of records, provision for handling reserved conversion with the help of naming conventions and more.
Tags: software , database , server , conversion , help , batch , content , line , processing , into , converting , for , features , records , method ,

 PHP Email Libraries

PHP Email Libraries is a set of email related PHP classes ver handy for PHP programmers. This library has simple classes to work with email forms within PHP pages. One class helps converting email addresses to clickable links, another class helps to check the validity of an email in three levels. The installation is very simple, no configuration is needed.
Tags: email , library , check , class , forms , simple , set , work , converting , installation , configuration , for , addresses ,

 ConvertRsToXml, A Case Study of Timing and Optimizing ASP or ADO Code

This is an online tutorial that discusses about optimizing the function ConvertsRStoXML. Author explains that this function was discussed earlier by other authors for converting ADO record set into a raedable XML string. So here the author wants to optimize this concept by using some other third party components including VB component. This tutorial says that using third party components will be useful for getting exact numbers of ASP operations in this ConvertsRStoXML function.
Tags: online , record , using , optimize , components , set , into , converting , tutorial , function , numbers , author , for , useful , party ,

 Using Session and Application Objects in ASP.NET, Part 2

Using Session and Application Objects in ASP.NET, Part 2 is a web based article which deals with data caching using session objects or application objects. Here author explains about several methods involved in constructing formats in XML for storing data. In this article author decribes about ADO.NET and XML, XML-based caching system, layer caching system, automatic cache bubble up, converting dataset to XML and more.
Tags: web , data , application , using , automatic , cache , converting , author , bubble , for , webbased , objects , layer , session ,

 HOW TO: Set Current Culture Programmatically in an ASP.NET Application

HOW TO: Set Current Culture Programmatically in an ASP.NET Application is an useful tutorial for the .NET programmers in which they can learn about the process of converting the current culture and UI culture in .NET framework. The author explains about CurrentCulture property and CurrentUICulture property, which helps to identify the culture used. The programmers can learn about Cultureinfo class, which resides on System.Globalization namespace for utilizing it in setting current culture.
Tags: learn , process , converting , tutorial , author , property , for , useful ,

 MS Access to .NET Converter

This is an converting tool that helps users to convert access forms and reports into online forms and crystal reports. This program also minimizes online database development costs. Converted web forms are developed with Visual J#.NET and Visual C#.NET or Visual Basic.NET with ASP.NET and ADO.NET technologies. Crystal reports distribution helping organizations to share data within their enterprise applications. This program also minimizes .NET and crystal reports training costs.
Tags: convert , database , web , tool , program , data , online , access , development , forms , training , share , reports , into , converting , distribution , enterprise , users , crystalreports ,

 Magic Video Batch Converter

This is an easy to use application which helps you to convert files to MPEG, AVI, and WMV formats. This utility supports preview video before converting and auto-rename feature. Various file formats supported by this utility are mpeg1, mpeg2, asf, divx, vob, wmv, xvid etc.,
Tags: file , convert , video , utility , files , easy , application , xvid , converting , preview ,

 MP3 To WAV 's CD to MP3 WAV Maker

MP3 To WAV's CD to MP3 WAV Maker is a multimedia utility capable of converting audio files without sacrificing the quality of the files. This audio convertor is built in a small CD player and thus supports disc reading fucntions. You can use this program to convert your CD's into WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA files. This program employs the advanced LAME encoder and OGG codec by supporting tag-edit and freedb function in converting the files and thus enables you to copy your files in any desired quality range.
Tags: convert , utility , audio , program , files , multimedia , copy , encoder , advanced , small , reading , freedb , into , converting , convertor , function , codec , quality , disc ,


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