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 Image Converter JPG2SWF

The Image Converter JPG2SWF is an image manipulation script that was coded in PHP and includes an online JPG to SWF converter with preloader. The script is capable of creating SWF images from the pictures that you upload and also creates thumbnails in JPG file format as well as SWF format. It requires GD2 for uploading JPG files and MING for uploading SWF files.
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 X Video Converter

X Video Converter is an useful and powerful converter using which you would be able to spilt, edit and join movie files easily through a simple interface. This program works with all AVI file formats and support batch file convertion process. You can join small video files to create a new movie or spilt large movie files, convert file fomats, extract audio track from movies etc.,
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 Chinese calendar converter

Chinese calendar converter is a simple date and time displaying script and is written in php. This script provides ability to show date format in chinese lunar calendar. It can be integrated into any website. getchinesedate function is used to disply date. It displays date format as year, month and day. It returns an array with 6 elements. It returns value 1 for leap month. It is similar to Gregorian calendar.
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 Sharp develop

Sharp develop is a C # and VB.NET development platform that helps users to develop applications based on these languages. This program has many features to offer like, C# and VB.NET form designer, autoinserting codes, C# to VB.NET converter and vice versa, documentation preview for XML, multilingual support for user interface, program entirely written in C #, backends on ILAsm and C++ and more.
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 MySQL to Oracle

This tool is basically for converting MySQL data contents into Oracle server. This tool converts individual tables and all MySQL datatypes but it does not convert foreign keys and stored procedures. It converts indexes with all necessary attributes. This converter tool is supported with command line. This tool is easy to setup and converts data very quick.
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 Oracle to Excel

This is a powerful converter of database that converts Oracle database into Excel sheet. After the conversion of Oracle database each oracle table becomes a worksheet and each record becomes a row. It converts the records that contains in a table more than sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty five at a time. This is an user friendly tool and it helps users to install very quickly.
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This is a database converter tool which is used to convert Microsoft Access database contents into MySQL database. It allows users to convert tables with or without any records. It converts indexes also. It also checks and cares about reserved word naming conventions and many features are available with this tool. Graphical User Interface is available which allows users to convert data and guides them for data conversion in step by step mode. Users can export and import data into a text file. It supports both Access 97 and 2000.
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This is a database converter tool which is used for converting data from Microsoft Access database to SQL statements and stores the information in a flat text files. The main features of this tool are, it converts tables with or without records, indexes can also be converted, it stores data in a text file and also it creates dump files. Reserved word naming conventions are handled by this tool.
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 ePrint Image and File Converter

This is a file manipulating program and a pdf converter which has the ability to convert to file formats like JPEG, PCL, SVGPDF, dOC and TIFF. This tool performs the conversion process to the searchable PDF from the users applications. The converter utility allows the users to merge more documents and images into a single file. The users are permitted to edit their PDF files with msword by using this tool. This utility convert to formats like DOC TO JPEG / JPEG TO TIFF / RTF TO JPEG / JPG TO TIFF / DWG TO PDF, etc.
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 Midori's Cryptography Component

An open source ActiveX component (works in ASP and .NET) that allows to encrypt/decrypt data through the Cast128-CBC and AES-CBC/128-256 algorithms. Supported input and output includes byte arrays and base64 encoded strings. It's also a fast base64 codec, an array-to-string converter and viceversa and is able to hash file using MD5.
Tags: file , converter , data , component , fast , using , source , open , hash , input ,

 XEP XSL Rendering Engine

XEP XSL Rendering Engine is an easy to use XML converter supporting both java and windows platforms. You can create and maintain documents in printable forms like PDF and PostScript through the powerful XSL formatting objects styles. This XML software supports the layout data both as stand alone XSL-FO and as arbitrary XML document coupled with an XSL-FO stylesheet. Users are provided with three different edition types such as trial, client, developer and server editions with consistent rendering quality.
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 MSSQLMySQL Converter

MSSQLMySQL converter can be described as MS SQL to MySQL converter and MySQL to MS SQL converter in one program but Why MSSQLMySQL converter is better..? MSSQLMySQL converter converts MySql to MS SQL and convert MS SQL to MySQL so it makes double what other applications with the same purpose do , but still with lower price MSSQLMySQL converter uses a wizard style interface , with all options you may need to perform your conversion as accurate and as easy as you want.
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 MS SQL to MySQL Converter Agent

This is a database converter tool that allows users who wants to convert Microsoft SQL data contents to MySQL database or to convert MySQL to MS SQL. It supports all MS SQL and MySQL datatypes, all MS SQL versions. This tool is used to convert on remote or local servers, tables with or without records, database into a new destination database etc.
Tags: convert , database , tool , converter , data , remote , into , local , users , contents ,

 ABC Amber Lotus Converter

This is a database converter tool. Users can use this script to convert their data which is inside lotus to MySQL database. This tool takes few seconds to convert data from one to another. Batch conversion is supported by this utility which performs conversion of unlimited number of WK1 files at a time. Command line, Multiple charsets, multiple export options etc., are supported by this tool.
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 My IP Suite

This is a networking tool which has the ability to join connection monitor, whois, website scanner, IP domain converter and batch ping into one interface. This tool allows the users to do continous and batch pings on any number of servers. The users have the rights to produce link lists and can scan the websites. The details can be obtained from the IP addresses and domain name of the site like emails, state, city, country, phone numbers and address. Features like monitoring TCP and IP connections from the users system to the internet. specifying date, last modified, name, operation system and version of the webservers located in remote locations and more are available.
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 ConvertAssistant UI

A converter enables users to convert all their VB.NET source code into C#. This program does its process in a textual mode and has the ability to work when the syntax is perfect. Using this program user can get a clear and accurate source code. This program performs its process without requiring any extra component.
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