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A high-performance, comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any ASP, VB or other COM environment applications. It can control modems and other devices and machines that have a serial interface. It is often used in manufacturing companies, where machines are controlled somehow over the serial interface.
Tags: component , control , serial , environment , for , communications , controlled ,


This program will be of much use in managing the web directory in all its basic aspects. Its operations are controlled to use the physical path of the new websites ie- it takes only the proper web root of new websites. It displays the list of the directories including the size, last modified date, created date and type in a right manner. Users can view the list both in ascending and descending orders.
Tags: web , program , list , view , directory , date , basic , type , websites , directories , physical , modified , controlled ,

 Dating Software script for your online dating business

Online Dating Software for your Online Dating Business. Open Your own profitable online dating business with our Professional Online Dating Software! We have developed an effective high-end online dating software and you are welcome to use it. Each Dating site is a self contained Online Dating business that is run and controlled by you including content, prices, metatags, view/add users, create free listings and much more. You can even choose database categories enabling you to set-up a dating site for any theme for example: Gay Dating or USA Dating. Admin Panel allows you complete control over all aspects of the site without any knowledge. Full Featured, Profitable online dating software Solutions with: Free Installation by our specialists, Free and Fast reliable Web Hosting of Your Dating Site, Free Domain name of Your Dating Site, Free Lifetime Upgrades to enhance Your Online Dating Software whenever they become available, Free Outstanding Support of You!
Tags: software , database , create , online , control , business , site , self , run , name , theme , enhance , for , complete , dating , controlled ,


Jawfish helps the webmasters to display RSS newsfeeds on their site. One can fully customize the looks of the feed pages according to their websites looks. Users can display only news of their interest, they can block news using filters, they can block adult content too. Colour, font style, font colour, size etc., can be totally controlled in this script.
Tags: using , block , news , display , font , content , size , customize , feed , pages , websites , newsfeeds , controlled ,

 Whois Cart Pro

Whois Cart Pro is a PHP based application that provides a simple to use shopping cart for users purchasing domain names and hosting services. Whois Cart Pro has been designed to be easy for your clients to use. Selecting domains, verifying availability, adding hosting and the shopping cart are all controlled from one page. Whois Cart Pro can be used simply to sell domain names or can be enabled to offer hosting packages and domain transfers as well.
Tags: easy , application , simple , domain , shopping , shoppingcart , for , names , users , sell , hosting , clients , controlled , domainnames ,

 StormPay Randomizer

StormPay Randomizer is an application in PHP script to start your own randomizer system to increase revenue of your business. Feature highlights are, a fully controlled admin area, add members, list names and emails, sending mails automatically, the IPN controlled anti cheat system stops the members from bypassing payment links, IPN system add members when signing up, allow members to advertise their own personal URL, unlimited number of members and easy installation. Totally a cash generator to admin.
Tags: system , easy , generator , list , script , application , personal , admin , number , start , cash , payment , names , increase , revenue , cheat , sending , controlled ,

 Compact Vision - Guestbook

Compact Vision - Guestbook is an easy to use remotely hosted guestbook utility through which your website visitors can post several comments about your web site that can be controlled by the web masters. You can enter upto twenty words as well as you can change the font and background colors, border styles of these utility. This utility also provides you the tags to perform various actions as well as the 'Send E-Mail' feature.
Tags: web , utility , website , easy , site , change , words , font , background , post , tags , controlled ,


This java applet supports alarm function with audio effect and simple animation and also displays time and date. You can specify a different audio for the time and the alarm. The duration of the alarm can also be controlled through the parameters. It can also display a background image, which can be your own favorite ones. Customizable parameters include panel style, border width, border color, alarm audio, time audio, delay, clock location, font style, font background color, font color, date location, font style of date, its font color, font background color, alarm duration etc.
Tags: audio , time , clock , java , animation , alarm , effect , date , display , font , applet , background , simple , function , style , javaapplet , favorite , for , controlled ,

 Live Accounting

Live Accounting is a user-friendly web, based double entry accounting system that works in all countries. With a radically designed user interface, this leading-edge application combines the full functionality as a complete Multi-User/Multi-Company/Multi-Branch/Multi-Department Accounting solution for small - mid sized businesses, institutions and private users. It combines General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Inventory, Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance sheet with all accounting functions and journals including general journal, inventory control journal, Order Entry, Customers, Vendors, Inventory, Sales, Sales Returns/Credit Memos, Quotes, Purchasing, Purchase Returns and more! This well designed feature is integrated across all modules. Live Accounting is menu driven, providing the user with a simple and direct interface with the various operations. Dropdown boxes and color forms assists the user in entering data into the applications and edit checking ensures the user is entering the correct data. Drill-down capabilities assist the user in entering missing data or editing incorrect data. The entire system is password controlled to provide security.
Tags: password , data , control , menu , system , edit , color , inventory , accounting , application , forms , private , user , editing , simple , small , into , sheet , interface , checking , solution , applications , feature , mid , for , functions , boxes , complete , inventorycontrol , controlled ,


This is a guestbook and a php software in which users can make comments about any site in the guestbook which can be controlled by admins. This script fulfills bank accounts of the visitors who access the particular site. It offers undreaming possibilities that is concerning the layout of the guestbook. It is to be regulated coloured over a CSS file and in a source text. Here MySQL database is not needed to access by the users.
Tags: software , file , database , access , make , php , site , script , source , accounts , layout , bank , users , controlled ,


This is a user management application where the users can change their site into a members only site with ASP. The users can be controlled and emails can be sent with the admin suite. This program allows the user to register to access. This is an easy to use program with customizable options.
Tags: program , management , easy , site , application , change , emails , admin , user , into , register , users , controlled ,

 Eoin's- My gallery

My gallery is a online image gallery programme created in php. This programme has many featureslike, admin controlled adding, uploading, deleting and sorting of images, assigning and unassigning images to sections, number of pictures to appear in a page and number of thumbnails to appear per page and per row and its order of appearance also.
Tags: image , online , images , pictures , page , gallery , admin , number , thumbnails , controlled ,


This audio player can be integrated into your web pages. It supports MP3 stereo playback with high-fidelity and also supports recording. It has features that can be customized and controlled through the javascript. It requires a standard HTTP server for on-demand audio streaming on your web page. It is also fire-wall compliant and compatible with audio servers like Live 365, Shoutcast etc. It can be run with Sun Plugin, Microsoft Java and Netscape Java.
Tags: web , audio , server , streaming , run , into , for , features , playback , servers , standard , controlled ,


ASP source is a source viewing script in ASP. Through the browser this script outputs the important words in colour code. This script has features to display the content of the asp script in blue, comments in green and displays ASP keywords such as 'if', 'then', 'else', etc.. in red and font and colour of output controlled by CSS. The colouring of ASP keywords in red could be turned on or off.
Tags: asp , browser , script , words , source , display , font , content , keywords , colour , red , features , controlled ,

 GeoClassifieds Full

This is full features classifieds managment software. This version includes a full featured gui administration panel. Several features of the site and the site text itself are controlled from within the admin panel. You can easily translate the application to your own language or just put your own spin on the text without the need of hiring a programmer to sift through code to personalize the text of your site. Many aspects of the site configuration (fonts, header, footer, right and left columns, menu bars for the site, menu bar for specific user functions, and many more). Create your own data/question fields on a category by category basis making specific implementations to matchmaking/dating, car dealer inventories and job posting sites extremely easy.
Tags: text , menu , code , site , application , language , bar , car , gui , admin , administration , user , job , version , translate , programmer , configuration , for , sites , features , fields , personalize , menubar , controlled ,

 Connect Daily

Connect Daily, a web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a web browser. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your web site. Connect Daily provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. Approval processes allow many users to edit calendars, with the assurance that all items added are approved. Webmasters and site developers will find Connect Daily an ideal addition to their tool library, providing a quick calendaring software solution for their personal and client sites. Connect Daily is customizable & integrates seamlessly into any web site and is fully controlled through a web browser. Connect Daily supports event Download to Microsoft Outlook, and Palm OS PDAs. Connect Daily is extensively localized. Calendar formats for most languages are transparently supported, including the starting day of week, names of months and days of the week. Additionally, the software itself can be easily translated. Program captions and labels are stored externally, allowing easy translation. A unique feature to Connect Daily is that you can create many different translation files, and Connect Daily will select the appropriate one based on the user's browser settings.
Tags: software , web , tool , create , calendar , browser , edit , easy , find , client , site , using , personal , display , advanced , multiple , quick , translation , into , event , day , solution , events , labels , languages , resources , feature , addition , for , names , select , processes , users , controlled ,

 Password Protected Webs

iland's password protection software allows you to restrict access to specific pages on your website by simply including a line of ASP code to your web pages. Users are required to login before being able to view any of the protected pages. All user accounts, passwords, and security level information can be controlled via web-based administration forms.
Tags: software , security , web , password , access , website , protection , code , information , view , administration , user , restrict , line , login , passwordprotection , pages , protected , controlled ,


BlogFusion is a powerful, un-encrypted, easy to install, easy to use blog functionality. Multiple content modules that can be placed anywhere in your design template Personal Info (items about yourself) Categories Archives Blog Links General Links Recent Entries Search Recent Comments My Comments (for users to see their own comments) Automatically archives every month when a new month rolls over Unlimited number of Categories Fully customizable interface Send (blog entry) to friend functionality User Comments ability, with only limited HTML inclusion to protect your database XML based RSS feed for syndicating the blog Trackback functionality (Moveable Type standard) Admin Features Fully Web administrable, nearly every function you will need for running the site is controlled through the browser based admin Multiple Users for collabrative blogs Ability to turn on/off comments on entire blog as well as individual entries Publish immediately, or save entry as draft as you work Tool for mass status changing of entries (publish/draft) IP based spammer blocking Email notification of new comments and entries Bookmarklet for publishing Manual or Automatic ordering of sidebar content
Tags: protect , design , browser , easy , notification , site , save , mass , content , number , function , blog , feed , for , entries , changing , users , sidebar , controlled , archives ,

 j-tag v2.0

j-tag is a small php/mysql application similar to 'tagboard', and 'shoutbox'. j-tag doesn't have smilies, etc, but displays simple text messages only. The poster's name is also displayed with a link to their web site. Blank messages are filtered out. Anyone leaving a valid message without their name will be shown as 'anonymous', site owner's name is highlighted and all variables are controlled by a single configuration file to make it easy to setup. You specify your name and a password. then, only you can post under your name and no imposter will come to your site pretending to be you. A stylesheet and custom submit and refresh buttons are included. version 2 comes in 2 flavours, if your host allows you to use cookies, there's an auto name/url completion feature so that regular visitors to your site don't have to re-enter their info every time they post!
Tags: file , web , text , time , easy , make , site , application , message , auto , link , buttons , custom , simple , small , messages , name , submit , info , host , configuration , feature , post , controlled ,

 GBLite Guestbook w/ Admin Interface

This is a php software and a guestbook in which users are controlled by the webmasters to sort, edit and delete entries. The powerful admin panel is provided to control the users. A password protected feature for deleting entries. Features like smilies, email notification and IP logging are available in this script. Free download option is provided for this script.
Tags: software , email , download , password , control , delete , edit , php , notification , admin , logging , feature , for , protected , users , option , available , powerful , emailnotification , controlled ,

 LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting

LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software is an automated video insertion solution that manages content programming. On-demand video content can now be controlled to create a television-like experience through insertion of commercial advertising spots. LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software can be blended with other applications to create powerful hybrid software solutions. Examples may include targeted ad insertion, digital rights management, pay-per-view and subscription services Your administrator can design and customize the Playlist Template any way you desire. Different spots and commercials can be inserted with total control then applied universally to even the largest libraries of video clips! Using LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software, you can customize the Playlist Template any way you want!
Tags: software , video , create , control , design , digital , content , administrator , customize , advertising , automated , solution , applications , libraries , now , commercial , powerful , controlled ,


Mastermind is a java applet and a test to your gaming skills. This is a new version of the traditional Mastermind game. This game displays colored pins as the controls, that can be controlled with your mouse. This game can be played by clicking on the colored pins. Mastermind is available with source code without any terms and conditions and is free for download and can be added into your web site.
Tags: game , download , web , java , code , test , source , applet , sourcecode , gaming , into , version , javaapplet , for , available , controlled ,

 Albinator 2

Albinator allows your users to create their own personalized multimedia albums. Support for templates and Skins. Compatible with vbulletin, phpbb, phpnuke, invision board, geeklog, phpwebsite, dcpportal. Online signup, Sell Photos or Albums, Automatic PayPal integration, Sell Site Subscriptions, create & personalize albums, private albums, image upload, manage albums, edit/arrange photos, tell friends, personalized photo eCards, personalized reminders, set space album or media limit, controlled fields for user profile, image resizer, multiple language support, auto thumbnails, upload rules, random photo generation. Also support for including HTML pages, music, video, flash & even documents in albums.
Tags: image , photo , flash , create , space , multimedia , media , language , manage , upload , auto , album , multiple , documents , templates , private , user , random , support , set , for , users , fields , personalized , personalize , controlled ,


web-cp is a Web hosting control panel. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server. It allows domain owners to add new users and aliases, and allows users to update their personal information. Resellers can control their domain accounts and the server administrator controls all functionality. Scripting, shell access, SSI, etc. is all controlled from a top-down approach. web-cp is designed for Unix-like systems and is not distribution specific. It currently supports Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD, Slackware and likely others.
Tags: web , server , control , personal , shell , administrator , domain , update , accounts , distribution , controls , for , users , systems , hosting , controlled ,

 Popup window controlled by cookie

Popup window controlled by cookie is a JavaScript cookie that can generate a cookie and store that them for about 10 minutes and after which it expires. The cookie is generated popping up a window for inputs and when the page is revisited, and if the cookie is active, then the popup window is not displayed. It works well on all browsers.
Tags: page , generate , window , store , cookie , for , controlled ,


This is a software based on php where files can be accessed by users. It is a web based file interchange system where Files are placed in folders with the ability to create and remove folders. Folders accessing is controlled by the user and group levels. Features like fine grained access control, multiple privilege levels from full administrative access to limited privilege guest accounts, web based administration, usable from any web browser, per user file quotas and password protected access.
Tags: software , file , web , password , create , files , system , access , php , remove , folders , multiple , user , levels , group , protected , webbased , controlled ,


AWS CMS is a content management system that works with's Associate Program. AWS CMS will automatically grab and format information about products from Amazon, including price, product description, user reviews, and pictures. It will then format the links with your unique Associate ID number. With AWS CMS you can run an entire Associate store seamlessly built directly into your website's design with very little effort. AWS CMS also has standard CMS features like news and article management, all controlled by an easy-to-use WYSYWIG editor.
Tags: management , system , design , information , format , news , links , content , store , user , grab , run , into , automatically , product , features , contentmanagement , standard , contentmanagementsystem , controlled ,

 Sliding thumb bar

Thumb scrub displays different menus each containing a photo image. When the user clicks a slide with mouse, the description for that tooltip is displayed and optionally another webpage can be linked to it. This thumb scrub bar moves or scrolls indefinitely either to the left or right, when the cursor is placed at that position during runtime. Settings can be controlled by using the clip parameters.
Tags: photo , using , bar , slide , user , menus , cursor , clip , position , for , controlled ,

 AliveChat SERVER

This remotely hosted online support software offers integrated solutions to handle your customers enquiries in real time. Any number of operators are allowed and technical support can be provided upto 10 hours. Support high customization with chat system to fit your site and customer needs. Chat activities can be controlled / stored via admin interface. Can be added as plug and play software. And several features are provided to access admin, operator and customer modules individually.
Tags: software , online , system , access , play , site , chat , admin , number , support , customer , technical , real , features , customers , solutions , activities , plug , controlled ,


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