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 SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion

This is a script where the webdesigners and developers can power the portals, websites and intranets on a coldfusion platform. This is a content management system developed for macromedia coldfusion. Features like remote and local publishing, providing support for multilingual websites, provide user workspaces, coldfusion tag and cfml support, allowing single and unlimited number of templates, more users and sites etc are available. HTML knowledge is not required for the users to use this program.
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 phpFaber Online Website Builder and CMS

phpFaber Online Website Builder and Content Management System with WYSIWYG editor. phpFaber CMS is a PHP-based content management system that fully supports MySQL. phpFaber CMS delivers on the promise of separating content from code and frees your organization to focus on content. The code, layout, graphics are consistent through every single page of your site. phpFaber CMS is the modular system and includes Downloads, Faq, Feedback, News, News Letters and Search modules. Also Banner Ads, Google Sitemaps, Users Management and others modules could be included.
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 Seir Anphin

Seir Anphin is absolutely based on PHP and MysQL that is used as a fastest content management system on websites. It gives features which are: Built-in message board and unique shrine system that allows users to access the provided info and get them to modify the content under some restrictions. Admin panel supports to import Profiles and comments on news and site info. Versatile template , several editors and styles are to change the presentation of pages. Setting of colors is allowed. Skin is inbuilt and you can use your own.
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 MySQL ASP Content Management

This is an online content managing program that can create and maintain ASP contents for websites. Users can add, delete, edit contents on their websites by using content management system control panel. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters and users. Admin can add, delete or edit users. Users can implement this software into their active websites.
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 Richtext editor

Richtext editor is a content management system that can create and edit text on the web pages. Users are allowed to insert images, tables, Links on their web pages and can customize font color, font size, background color, foreground color according to their needs. This program has ability to view and edit html source code. This program has many useful features like, extracting HTML document, ability to insert special characters, provides copy and paste functions, customizable style support and more.
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 WebContent 4 all

WebContent 4 all is a poweful desktop content management system compatible with all platforms. You can create and maintain websites on the fly with simple text files. Using this tool you can seperate all your HTML codings from the document and when uploading the site through FTP you can integrate those files with all essential templates and CSS. You can maintain your web pages either as a XML, HTML or as a simple text file with the corresponding URL.
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 Bitrix Site Manager

Bitrix Site Manager is a PHP based script with MYSQL backend. This content management software is rich in providing easy web content management system to its customers. This software allow users to setup their own site at a much reduced cost with an excellent work flow system. This script avail users with a lot of e-commerce tools to create and manage dynamic websites.
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This is an advanced intranet program which includes various sections such as PC booking system, event booking system, content management system etc., Using the calender feature of this program you can create calenders for staff training sessions, staff meetings, public computer training classes etc., Some advanced features of this program are noticeboard facility for listing the available shifts, keyword search utility for searching the uploaded documents on the intranet etc.,
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dynaDocs is a PHP based document script absolutely database independent designed to administer online file contents. You can modify, add, delete and edit your documents easily through this software without any complications. This document software is template driven allowing admin to archive file contents, and to configure for the use of your clients. This script can also be used as a customizable content management system with key features including user friendly, support for unlimited documents, simple and intuitive user interface etc.,
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 Content Management System by Calvin Cheah

PHP Fusebox CMS is a php based script and is a content management system which makes creating and maintaining websites easier. It requires Mysql database as backend. It is also a open source development project which can be used to view fusebox applications, export utility and simple forums. It is easy to understand and easy to customize.
Tags: database , utility , management , system , easy , development , export , php , creating , script , project , view , source , content , open , simple , websites , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Web file Manager

Web file Manager is a php based script and is a content management system and as a web file tool which is used to update homepage. It is simple. It is easy to use. It does not require a database. Users can copy, rename and upload files and images. Users can view file permissions. Installation is easy. It hides files and its extensions. Users can copy and paste word documents.It creates backups automatically for existing files. It works with register_globals on or off.
Tags: file , web , tool , files , management , system , word , easy , copy , php , view , upload , content , rename , paste , update , automatically , for , contentmanagement , backups , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Passage Portal Server

This is a portal system that enables the combination of the efficiency of an enterprise portal server and a content management system for an effective distribution of web applications to the employees, partners etc., This program comes with a powerful contact management capability and performs role based security for the members. This portal server also has the ability to protect web applications from being attacked by dictionary, buffer overflow, URL tampering etc., This program facilitates members to manage the content online by performing rich text editing, page layout formatting, sandbox editing etc., This program can be used for web form development and designing with C#.NET, cobol.NET, VB.NET etc., due to its integration with VS.NET. This program comes with searching functionality and several features for the users benefit.
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TikiWiki is content management system based on php. It is mainly designed for creating websites. Users can use Tikiwiki like a chatroom and forums site. It also works like web based collaboration tool. Features inlcude tracker, newsletter, article, webmail, blog, image gallery, chat, calendar and polls or survey. It is easy to customize and easy to understand.
Tags: image , web , management , calendar , system , easy , creating , content , collaboration , customize , for , contentmanagement , webbased , contentmanagementsystem ,


This is a blog system that helps users to allow their site visitors to post their ideas and views on the websites. This program has a visual content management system which can be used to add, edit or delete all blog contents. Feed RSS and permalink are available to share articles and to link to that articles. This program provides inner search facility that can be used to search keywords between the articles. This program has other features like, ability to associate the comments, statistics system, ability to organize photoblog, remote management and more.
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mambodesign offers free web designs tailored for the free open source content management system called mambo.
Tags: web , management , system , source , content , open , for , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem ,


The e-publish web application is a content management system that is perfect for publishing newspapers, magazines or any other content, over the Internet. It is very convenient to manage the contents of the site with an easy and quick way throught the administration module. No special knowledge is required. e-publish comes with a banner campaign utility. Throught this service the site owner can administer any advertizing banner campaign in the site. Supports true multilingual support (UTF-8)
Tags: web , management , system , easy , site , application , service , manage , content , quick , administration , true , support , banner , publishing , multilingual , knowledge , for , contentmanagement , owner , contents , contentmanagementsystem , special ,


The program represents a WYSIWYG content management system (CMS) for web visit cards, personal sites, promo-sites, VIP - sites and other small web - projects. I have been engaged in development of web-content management systems for corporate information spaces for a long time. However it was unreasonable to use any of similar systems for personal site realization. Therefore I have developed diminutive WCM-system with minimal system requirements. BCWB does not require database (!) presence. Technology W3C XML/XSLT is applied in the system. As a result, a website assembled in BCWB, can be given any representation form with the help of XSLT full functionalities including vector-graphical representation in SVG format.
Tags: database , web , program , management , system , website , development , help , information , site , form , personal , content , small , for , sites , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem , systems ,

 Business Card Web Builder

The script represents a WYSIWYG content management system (CMS) for webpages and online communities. It is useful to visiting cards, personal sites, promo sites and for other small and mid level online business. Business Card Web Builder requires minimal requirements. This script doesn't requires database. It has many features Economy on an inexpensive tariff plan for your site, direct visual editing (WYSIWYG) of site pages, qualitative addressing of pages and more. It is platform independent.
Tags: online , management , system , business , site , script , visual , personal , content , editing , small , plan , pages , platform , mid , for , sites , features , contentmanagement , useful , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Faqs Manager

Faqs Manager is a content management system that helps users to create and manage an FAQ database. Admin can show or hide records and manage FAQ's. Users are allowed to search FAQ's by category or by keyword. This program has many useful features like, ability to add additional link for FAQ, ability to categorize all FAQs, ability to create, organize and display FAQ's and more.
Tags: search , program , create , management , system , organize , manage , hide , show , display , link , content , for , features , records , contentmanagement , useful , users , contentmanagementsystem ,


This content management system is easy to install and manage through the comprehensive administration module. It is designed for usage in newspapers, magazines and over the internet. It also permits integration with any banner campaign utility. Some of its salient features are dynamic administration, management and content publishing, ability to cross relate articles, dynamic menu creation, dynamic creation of html pages, search support, online HTML editor; file manager and much more.
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 Editize sponsored

Editize is a text editor that replaces the TextArea input box in any Content Management System. Editize allows anybody to create links, bold words, or add color with a single click with no chance of mistyped markup tags and no tedious coding. It does away with the usage of HTML or XML to add, edit or update content in your content management system. The content management system could be written in PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, or Editize will work in both Netscape and Internet Explorer after a one-time download, there are no cross-browser compatibility issues to worry about
Tags: editor , create , text , management , system , edit , color , content , work , texteditor , update , click , usage , input , box , tags , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem ,

 emagiC CMS Enterprise edition

This is a content management system that can be used to control the web contents, XML integration and extranet usage for huge concerns. Users can update contents by using WYSISWYG editor without any technical knowledge. They can modify cotents before publishing them and can obtain XML data and parse them. Messaging centre are provided to communicate with other admins. This program has several features like, ability to implement HTML output, content can be described to improve ranking, emails for the pending tasks can be received from the admin and more.
Tags: web , editor , program , data , control , management , system , using , emails , content , tasks , admin , update , publishing , usage , technical , for , features , improve , modify , contentmanagement , integration , contents , parse , contentmanagementsystem ,

 enVivo CMS Classic

This is an online content management system that can create and modify ASP web pages. Users are allowed to setup templates which can be used to control look and feel of their websites. This program has an ability to upload new images and multimedia. WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor can be included to create and edit contents on the websites. Users can organize their web page contents into a logical structure. Other features of this program are, built-in site search, security levels and more.
Tags: security , web , program , create , online , control , images , management , system , edit , site , organize , page , upload , content , webpage , templates , levels , into , logical , features , modify , contentmanagement , contents , contentmanagementsystem ,

 eSitesBuilder Advanced

eSitesBuilder Advanced is a content management system where users can create and maintain contents on their websites. Flexible column and row contents management can be included in this program. This program has features like automatic page navigation, a friendly interface with internet search engines, multiple languages support, professional web hosting, e-commerce ready, content manager website management system, a professional quality, modern website design and more.
Tags: internet , web , search , program , create , manager , management , system , website , design , automatic , page , content , multiple , professional , interface , languages , column , features , contentmanagement , maintain , users , contents , contentmanagementsystem ,

 The Rich Text Editor

This program is an ASP.NET based web control with drop and drag functionalities. Webmasters can use this tool to include their web pages with additional rich HTML content with the help of internet explorer. They can let the users to customize the contents using headings and tables, bullet points and hyperlinks and images and submit them finally. This program can be used for any ASP.NET web page and it allows users to have the facility to use a regular format. This will be essential for the administrators to have a content management system on their websites.
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 Club Manager

Club Manager is developed using PHP and Mysql.It is a content management system where you can upload,manage and control the site yourselves.Club Manager is an online community where you can find details about clubs.Using this you can post any reviews about any clubs.It enhance many features like news,fixtures,events and you can mail or sms,it has powerful admin control panel with this club manager.It is easy to handle and to customize.
Tags: mail , online , manager , control , management , system , easy , find , site , using , content , admin , enhance , post , community , features , contentmanagement , contentmanagementsystem , powerful ,


EzyEdit is an online content management system that can be used to add, edit or delete contents on user's websites. This program has the ability to generate menus automatically. The site visitors can find specific contents on the websites by using search friendly feature. This program uses WYSIWYG editor to edit contents and admin can change style sheets according to their needs. Dynamic menu are reverted into a static menu. This program has other features like, image library, managing file structure, draggable save or edit toolbar, encrypted passwords and more.
Tags: file , image , search , editor , program , online , menu , management , system , delete , edit , find , site , using , save , change , generate , passwords , content , admin , menus , into , encrypted , style , websites , features , contentmanagement , contents , contentmanagementsystem , static ,

 FileNet Content Manager

FileNet Business Process Manager is content management system and is a simple script based on php. By managing flow of work between system and people, this process manager optimize business process. It is based on filenet p8 architecture. It also allows users to increase their business process performance and improve productivity. To the needs of your business, it scales easily. Its architecture activates contents to process millians of transactions efficiently.
Tags: manager , management , system , business , script , optimize , performance , content , process , simple , work , scales , flow , improve , contentmanagement , users , increase , contents , contentmanagementsystem ,

 GateQuest php News and Content Publisher

This is an useful online content management system in PHP designed with a simple and user friendly interface to edit and publish the site content and news. Secured admin login pages with several customizable styling options are available in this script to help you to publish website contents. You have the facility to preview the contents on a small popup window before finally uploading them on your weebpages.
Tags: online , management , system , website , edit , help , site , script , window , content , admin , user , publish , simple , small , preview , login , interface , pages , options , contentmanagement , useful , contents , available , contentmanagementsystem ,


twebs or Tolva PHP Website System is a content management system and is a simple script based on php. It allows users to create websites. Themes and slashdot sites also can be compared to it. These two sites have user or session interaction. Features include modules which shows images and news and themes. It can be integrated into any websites. It is easy to customize and easy to understand.
Tags: create , images , management , system , easy , php , script , news , content , user , simple , into , themes , customize , sites , contentmanagement , users , contentmanagementsystem , session ,


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