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 PHP FTP Client

This is a software based on php where users can get connected to their FTP account through webserver, while not providing general access to the FTP server. Only in the host running the webserver can connect to FTP server. This script is useful for people behind a firewall that blocks FTP. It allows files to be modified through a web interface without relying on make directories writable by the owner of the webserver process. PHP FTP Client has many security benefits.
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This applet vanishes the given image. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. Input your favorite photo in to this applet and type their names in the parameters. The images can be optionally connected to URL. To execute it move the mouse over the random center or the mouse location and click on the image to connect to the URL if specified. You can run this applet by down loading and uncompressing the file under your web directory.
Tags: file , image , web , photo , images , mouse , applet , random , run , move , click , type , location , favorite , input , connect , execute , names ,

 AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD)

This Virtual Device Driver is used for sharing devices by connecting serially using COM ports. It helps programmers who works with COM ports which is united by a null modem cable. This tool automatically makes invaluable if the program requires more than two COM ports. Sometimes expansion card is required for the users to connect multiple ports using corresponding number of null modem cables to link the ports, on that situation VSD is used. This tool supports upto two hundred virtual COM ports.
Tags: tool , program , using , sharing , link , multiple , virtual , modem , number , automatically , connect , for , ports , users ,

 ASP.NET Database Code Builder

ASP.NET Database Code Builder is a tutorial which helps the webmasters to know about building a database. The main highlight of this article is about how to connect an web application with a backend SQL query. This article projects the model of the database code builder in ASP.NET.
Tags: database , web , builder , code , application , model , tutorial , connect , building , projects ,

 DSN-less MS Access connection

At the end of this tutorial the developers can learn about the procedures to connect an Access database with the help of a DSN Less connection. The author gives the reason why to use a DSN Less connection instead of DSN connection. As an example the author displays the data of a database using the same concept to which the sample source code is given.
Tags: database , data , help , code , using , learn , source , connection , sourcecode , tutorial , author , connect , sample ,

 EBA: Web ComboBox V2

Web ComboBox V2 (.NET) allows users to choose from long lists through a feature-rich, intuitive interface. It’s designed to help people choose quickly from lengthy lists of data such as customer records, product SKU’s, or even files on a computer. In practice, Web ComboBox will allow web developers to build responsive and attractive dropdown lists, auto complete ‘search boxes’, and more - all with the ability to connect to a database in real-time. EBA: Web ComboBox V2 is an ASP.NET control with a DHTML front-end API designed to render columnar data from a remote database in a familiar Windows-form control style interface. The component can perform remote searches by sending updategrams to the server asynchronously, and in the background. Using this method eliminates the need to reload the entire page by requesting ‘pages’ of data as required. The result is faster access to large datasets. Enable type-ahead (databound) auto-complete for sales-support applications, inventory management systems, or corporate intranets designed to run in the Internet Explorer 5+ browser. The ComboBox can be bound easily to a standard .NET datasource object or list, and users will find that our compressed XML datagram schema enables faster paging of the server for almost seamless client-side control of your web-form. Drag and drop the control directly onto your webform and manage using the convenient VS.NET properties dialogue. No messy code is required. Take advantage of elegant predefined CSS styles including Outlook XP, XP Blue, XP Silver, VS.NET 2003, and EBA, or create your own. Customize every aspect of the control’s appearance with an extensive and fully documented style sheet for a professional look and feel in very little time.
Tags: database , web , data , create , server , files , component , control , management , access , find , help , code , inventory , using , remote , page , manage , auto , run , build , professional , customer , dropdown , sheet , schema , style , object , drop , product , lists , connect , properties , faster , for , users , standard , complete , method , searches , people , sending ,


Nuralstorm is a useful php script which is used to create web based emails. It loads only the mails that are displayed in new inbox system,so no lockups with large mailboxes.In this script,login breaks frames to prevent nesting next to sidebar.This script can be localised with the use of template language files.In this script,the client can connect to all POP3 and IMAP servers.
Tags: web , create , php , client , script , language , template , prevent , frames , connect , useful , webbased , inbox , phpscript ,

 Databases: SQL Connection

In this article the author describes about the databases of SQL. This article shows how to connect SQL Server database. The author also tells that the developers could use other database sources for the connection which is explained with an example. Creating a DSN makes the task of connecting SQL can be done with ease and the author also provides the screen shots for the developers.
Tags: screen , database , task , connection , author , databases , connect , for ,

 Connecting to a database without a DSN

The webmasters can learn about linking to an Access database through this article. The author in this online article teaches the beginners how to connect an Access database using DSN Less connection. The sample source code is given in this article for the reference of the users.
Tags: database , online , code , using , learn , source , sourcecode , reference , author , connect , sample , for ,


This script helps the IM users to talk to each other over Cross Protocol. The present IM solutions doesnt give the option for the user to talk to another talk to another user using another IM programme. Jabber overcomes that by allowing its user to connect with an AOL user, or an IRC chat room, or any number of other programs. The installation is very easy and is explained in detail on the site.
Tags: easy , chat , script , using , user , number , talk , installation , connect , for , users , option , solutions , present ,

 DSN, DSNless connections

The main theme of this online tutorial is about both the DSN and DSN Less connections. The author discusses about OLEDB connection string. Further in this article the author describes the various ways to open a database to connect through System DSN, File DSN and DSN LESS. The test scripts displayed in this article for each connection helps the developers to understand very easily.
Tags: database , online , test , scripts , open , connection , theme , tutorial , author , connect , for ,

 Chat Client/Server

Chat Client/Server can be used by large corporates as a communication package for their large intranets. This can run on any machine with JRE installed. You can also specify a portnumber with which the RealServer can alternatively be executed using the portnumber. It allows the clients to connect to the server by specifying server's IP address and the same portnumber used by the server. This application comes with the source code.
Tags: server , application , using , address , source , communication , run , package , machine , connect , for , clients ,

 ChatBuilder :: IRC WebChat Software

This is a very simple online chat system, it can connect to any room on a IRC chat server. The visitors does not need to download any additional software to use this chat system. This chat system is totally OS independent and can also run on any java enabled web browser. The admin can totally customize the look and feel of the interface. It also supports file transfer, public and private chat, channel operators and moderators etc.
Tags: software , download , file , web , online , java , system , chat , admin , private , simple , run , customize , connect , public , channel , room ,

 Chilkat MHT

Chilkat MHT is an ASP.NET email application that can be installed in the users website for converting all HTML formatted email messages into any email objects. This has various features like suppoting frameset, allow the users to connect the email messages with the other email components, helps in generating HTML filename in single line of code, providing conversion technique for converting email messages from HTML to any email objects, provision for converting all the hyperlinks to URLs and more.
Tags: email , website , conversion , application , line , messages , into , converting , formatted , connect , for , features , users , filename , hyperlinks ,

 Sorting and Searching Database Tables

This article guides the beginners for facilitating their database table with sorting and searching facility. This tutorial provides simple code and the users can connect with their database table from their ASP page to search and sort their database table easily.
Tags: database , search , code , page , table , simple , tutorial , sort , connect , searching , for , users ,

 Coalesys HTTP Client Library

This is an ASP based component which is helpful for the web developers to learn more about HTTP requests and related details. This tool allows users to connect to a server on any port, can customize request headers, can configure use of proxy server etc., User can use any HTTP request method like, HEAD, POST, GET etc.,
Tags: web , tool , server , component , learn , proxy , customize , connect , for , users , configure , proxyserver , method ,

 Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool

Synopsis is a visual programming tool that dramatically accelerates software development. By dragging and dropping icons and connecting them with graphical links, it is possible to assemble complex programs in literally seconds. Synopsis is not a computer language. Synopsis provides a methodology by which software components, that may possess any level of complexity, can be easily snapped together like puzzle pieces. There are only a few ways in which the colour-coded icons are visually combined and linked so that the learning curve is reduced to a matter of minutes. With Synopsis, you can quickly build software applications by dragging and dropping icons that represent software components. You connect these components with connection lines that define the order in which the software components are executed. Data used by the software components is entered visually through the Synopsis interface. The result is that even people who possess no programming experience whatsoever are able to produce complex software applications. All that is needed is an understanding of the application that one wants to build. Benefits of Synopsis: * Complete visual methodology for assembling software applications * No programming experience required * Ease of use translates into short learning ramp-up times: in a matter of minutes you will be creating programs * Make changes easily to your program without the need to rebuild low-level software components: this translates into much faster development cycles * Real-time programming: modify the behaviour of your program while it is running Runs on Windows 98/2000/2003/XP.
Tags: software , puzzle , tool , program , programs , development , computer , creating , application , visual , icons , programming , lines , learning , components , connection , build , into , applications , connect , faster , for , modify , curve , graphical , people , changes ,


This is an user-friendly networking tool using which you can easily check the availability of the domain names. This tool displays the available and unavailable search information to the users. You can easily modify this script to provide the WHOIS side of an order system, or for another project that needs to connect to the WHOIS registries.
Tags: tool , search , information , script , using , project , check , domain , networking , connect , for , modify , available ,

 Authenticating Active Directory user in ASP.NET

This article basically describes about the implementation of authenticating active directory user using ASP.NET programs. This article has provided sample syntax and source file for individual testing. The author tells that the users should know all LDAP functions which helps them to connect with the server through LDAP to fetch all information.
Tags: file , server , using , directory , source , user , syntax , active , author , connect , sample , for , functions , users , activedirectory ,

 Database Connection Through VBScript Classes Part 1

Through this online article the author describes how to build a class to connect the recordset objects and the connection. The author uses an Application object to save the connection string. This article also highlights the usage of the DataBaseFunctions. At the end of this article the webmasters can reuse their own code very easily. The sample source code for the entire process is given in this article.
Tags: online , code , save , source , class , process , connection , sourcecode , build , usage , object , author , connect , sample , for , objects ,

 ASP Magic Perf Component

Using this ASP component you can connect NT performance monitor to your COM based application which helps you to know the number of users open your ASP page. This tool also helps you to know the time taken for the execution of all the tranctions and it supports many counters. Various reports are generated using charts based on the performace of your application.
Tags: tool , time , component , monitor , application , using , performance , open , reports , number , charts , connect , for , users ,

 Easy Content Management System

*Free setup of automated ipn for paypal, and post back varable script for Features: BLOG - Content provided by web community members - Content monitored (for appropriatemess) by author or their associates - Advantages - People share ideas - People can connect with other people for support, and to form discussion groups - Free to all, so participation is promoted NEWSFEED - Content comes from scanning the Internet for news about the book or from sources such as Lexus-Nexus - Content posted by author or their associates - Content is used by any web community member that wants to stay current on latest news releases, etc. about the book - Content is delivered through the RSS Feed format (which is now endorsed by Microsoft and Google) - Advantages - Web community members receive the latest news - Promotes a sense of community - Provides topics for the BLOG - As an example, you can go to There are several sports RSS newsfeed links on the left. When you click on one, it is displayed on the right side of the page. When you click on the RSS feed links, you are taken to a page with the full story. EMAIL LIST - Email addresses come from web community members - Informatino is stored for use by the author - Emal blasts can be sent to members of the list by the author or their associates to announce events, related, products, etc. UPDATABLE NEWSLETTER - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members MEMBERSHIP SECTION - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members - One of the most successful sites like this is the premium membership offered by (of Fox News fame).
Tags: web , book , list , script , format , page , news , links , share , click , automated , feed , author , scanning , receive , connect , post , for , sites , community , addresses , back , people ,

 A web based dialup Internet application

Now the webmasters could connect and disconnect a dial up internet session and they could also check up the timing of the connection. This article provides an easier way that shows the present access state and also displays the phonebook entries for the users to get connected. This article covers the area of using the code, methods and properties to create such web application. The sample source code is given along with the article.
Tags: internet , web , create , access , code , using , check , source , sourcecode , area , connect , properties , dial , sample , for , entries , users , present , covers , session ,


This is an advanced database reporting tool designed to help users to get connect with the database and to create queries. You can work on databases like MySQL, Text, Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Paradox, DBF etc., It can automatically create reports, schedule alerts and export data through mail without user interaction. You can alslo define filters, sort orders, group functions and save them for later access.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , mail , export , help , schedule , save , advanced , user , work , automatically , reporting , group , sort , databases , connect , for , functions , users , alerts ,


This is an useful application through which you can easily connect to any number of ODBC databases simultaneously and can run the SQL query with the help of this application. This application has some key features such as result formatting, keyword highlightning, statement history etc.,
Tags: help , application , history , query , key , number , run , keyword , databases , connect , features , useful ,

 Use COM Objects to develop your ASP email application

This tutorial teaches how to enhance the email applications with the help of COM objects. Author says that the important function of an email application is executing user interface to connect with SMTP or ESMTP, so this tutorial will guide users to add this functionality to their email application. This tutorial also helps users to develop email applications with adding features like embedding attachments, body text, sender address, mail subject and recipient address by providing sample codes.
Tags: email , mail , help , application , address , user , tutorial , function , interface , enhance , applications , connect , sample , features , guide , develop , users , sender , userinterface ,

 An Overview in Creating A DSN-Less Connection to A Database

The main objective of this online tutorial is to prove that by configuring a DSN Less connection is the best way to access database from ASP or VB. The author proves this by showing the task of a DSN Less connection to connect with an Access database with the help of SQL Server Driver. The example projected in this article has its sample source code.
Tags: database , online , access , help , task , source , best , connection , tutorial , author , connect , sample ,

 Displaying Records from the Database using Java Servlets.

From this article you can learn how display records with Java Servlets from a database. The procedures to display records in JSP pages and Java Beans are more or less similar. This article uses Microsoft Access database, but you can work with any database. At the outset it teaches you to build a sample Microsoft Access database. After that create a DSN for it and connect to the database with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver and from a given table display the records.
Tags: database , create , learn , display , table , build , work , driver , pages , connect , sample , for , records ,


This game applet is based on an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game, which is very funny and challenging. All you have to do is connect the dots and try to be the one who completes the fourth side of a square. You can play again if you connect the square. To play the game, click on the applet then press 'P' to play. The game consists of two levels, beginner and expert. It supports 6 background images in JPG format and 5 music tracks in au format.
Tags: game , music , images , play , format , applet , background , tracks , funny , click , au , connect ,

 Retrieve a Record Identity from an Access Database Autonumber Field on INSERT

After going through this online tutorial the developers can learn about the best method to getback the record identity from the Access database autonumber field of the new record in an Access database. Further the author explains trhe usage of OLE DB to connect to the database, which is used in this method. The sample source code is given along with this article.
Tags: database , online , record , code , learn , source , best , sourcecode , tutorial , usage , author , field , connect , sample , identity , method ,


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