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 Session State in ASP.NET

Session State in ASP.NET is an article in which the author elaborates the state management methods such as using session events, session objects and session configuration in ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using the two session events such as session_start and session_end. This tutorial explains you the use of the session object with a sample program and also shows how to configure the session state using the tag of the config file.
Tags: program , management , using , tag , tutorial , events , syntax , object , author , configuration , sample , for , objects , configure , session ,

 24 Update Cam portal Script

The 24 Update Cam portal script allows you store digital camera images automatically with multi user interface. The script supports multiple language to run it on any server in the world. With this script you are able to chat with your online visitors and cam members with chatrooms. Other features include bad word filter, selectable custom template, easy to configure admin area to add, change or delete picture information and much more. An online demo of the gallery is available in the website.
Tags: picture , online , server , images , word , delete , easy , digital , information , chat , script , camera , language , change , demo , gallery , multiple , admin , store , user , custom , run , area , automatically , digitalcamera , cam , multi , features , portal , configure , available ,

 4track - Visitor tracking and site statistics

Webmasters can use this script on their website to track their website traffic. Users can view in which page did the visitor spent more time, what the specific visitor did and where he went from the website, when did they entered your website etc., This script is easy to configure and to install. It also tracks number of hits per page. It tracks and gives daily, weekly and monthly report.
Tags: website , easy , script , view , page , track , number , tracks , configure , monthly , visitor ,

 Visitor Tracking System

This script is helpful for the webmasters to create their site with tracking system. It helps them to view the correct statistical value of their site visitors. It tracks number of visitors who have visited the site and in which page did they spend more time on their website. This script is simple to configure and to install.
Tags: create , time , site , script , view , page , tracking , simple , number , tracks , value , for , configure ,

 88 script 's Event Calendar

This script is a simple event calendar. This is a PHP based programme. This script has the facility of adding important events of users. It is a simple navigator. The main features of this script are, searching facility is available to search your events, administrate module to configure how system works, slick organization etc.,
Tags: search , system , script , simple , module , event , events , searching , features , configure , organization , available ,


BiTLOG Webstatistics is an online counter and it stores all statistic details of online visitors like, country name, IP address of their system, all countries flag images are included, link checker, email harvester etc., in MySQL database. Robot catching facility is available. It is easy to configure and to understand.
Tags: email , online , images , easy , address , link , counter , country , configure ,


ActivComport is a comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any VB, ASP or other COM environment applications. This can control devices like modems and machines that have a serial interface. ActiveComport can be used to control machines via serial interface and to configure network devices like print servers and routers.
Tags: network , component , control , print , serial , interface , environment , for , servers , configure , communications ,

 Active Data Online SearchEngine

This is a program with which website administrators can include enhanced searching functionality on their website having more number of web pages. This program contains three Windows Forms applications including a crawler, a data management console and an indexer. This search engine performs search over the website on the basis of regular expression keyword matching. It is possible to run number of instances of the crawler at the same time to crawl web pages in a quicker manner. This program facilitates webmasters to configure the types of URLs and types of files which have to be accepted by the crawler.
Tags: web , search , program , data , time , files , management , website , engine , number , run , searchengine , pages , console , keyword , applications , searching , expression , webpages , crawler , configure , regularexpression ,

 EmailArchitect Email Server

Webmasters can utilize this server to provide enhanced email functionalities to their site visitors. It supports multiple domains and remote administration. It performs message forwarding and can either start or stop or configure the mailservices of SMTP, POP3, Webmail etc., It also performs antispam operations that stops the emails from specified domains or users, and performs anti virus operations by eliminating the mails or attachments based on attachment names.
Tags: email , server , site , antispam , message , remote , virus , emails , multiple , attachment , start , stop , attachments , configure , forwarding ,


aipimpress can be used in your web pages to enhance the visual effect. This Java applet can implement a visual impressionistic effect over any image that it takes as input. The image can be linked to any customized URL. You can configure the parameters to enable the applet to make the animation follow the mouse. Other customizable parameters include: image filename, image height, image width, border width, delay between animation in milliseconds, URL etc.
Tags: image , web , make , animation , visual , effect , applet , enhance , pages , webpages , configure ,


hitSecureFiles is a script that allows you to add a download area for the members of your website. Let your users register at your site, organize them into groups and control the customizable role-based group access to hierachical security zones - from viewers to uploaders. The application fully integrates into virtually any PHP page on your site with only 2 file includes, inheriting your site look and feel. As the site admin you can configure to get email notifications on most actions like user register or file download. Send newsletters to user groups or emails to individual customers. hitSecureFiles may be integrated to share user accounts from other applications.
Tags: email , download , file , security , control , access , site , script , application , organize , page , emails , admin , user , share , area , into , accounts , group , for , register , users , configure , newsletters , zones ,

 Setting up your ASP .NET server (IIS)

A guide that shows you how to install IIS server and configure it to work with ASP .NET, not just with ASP.
Tags: server , install , work , guide , configure ,


An easy to use ad rotator, which includes an advanced selection algorithm (weight support included), stats for each banner that are extremely easy to customize via a template, and a powerful control panel to easily add, edit, reset, and delete ads and also configure the application. Very easy to install! New in digi-ads 1.1: code generator, ability to display specific ad ID, minor bug fix.
Tags: control , delete , easy , code , display , advanced , ads , support , customize , banner , stats , bug , for , configure , powerful , algorithm ,

 Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard

Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your web page to create popup windows that pops up when the user clicks on a link or when a new page is loaded or when a button on the page is pressed. You can control the height and width of the window and also configure the target URL or the page that has to be displayed in it. The other customizable options include the toolbar, scrollbars, extent of the details to be displayed etc.
Tags: windows , web , create , control , page , link , window , webpage , user , button , options , configure ,


ApButtonMenu is a Java applet to build menus and buttons that support 3D texts, sound effects on selection and appealing looks without the use of separate graphic files. This supports 6 different button types, target frames and JavaScript calls. It allows web developers to change the fonts, colors, icons, background, sounds and configure the applet to look appealing. Its other attractive features include Image Icons, tile background image, Ability to use system colors of OS for color parameters, 3D text effects (normal and mouseover text shadow), User defined browser's status string, Toggle mode, Inactive/disabled items, Text alignment etc.
Tags: web , text , system , sound , color , graphic , change , effects , applet , buttons , background , button , menus , colors , support , build , frames , for , sounds , features , configure ,


apMenu is a Java applet that can be integrated into your web pages to display amazing menus with 12 color fade animation effects. This is supported by sound effects on mouseover and on clicking. It allows you to choose between different fonts, configure colors, background, sounds etc. Its other features are: User-definable fade smoothness and speed, Ability to use system colors of OS for color parameters, Horizontal and vertical directions, User-definable font style, font size and font face, User-definable delimiter for "menuItems" param, Tiled image background etc.
Tags: image , web , system , sound , color , animation , amazing , effects , display , font , applet , background , size , menus , colors , into , pages , vertical , for , sounds , webpages , features , configure , on-line store

Without any coding knowledge you can access this online business application to run your business universally. You can customize the templates to display your products with more attraction. You can configure shipping and tax calculations as per state, city basis. Products can be displayed with detailed description and images. Emails notify you about new orders. Customer database can be maintained with contact details, order info, etc., Cheques and credit cards can be processed in real time for payments.
Tags: database , time , online , access , business , application , display , contact , templates , tax , run , city , customize , credit , notify , real , knowledge , for , configure , coding ,


This is a php guestbook software where webmasters configure parameters of visualization like color table, background, edge table, color text and number of comments for the page. Features such as support for emoticons through code, IP logging for one greater emergency and inserts smilies in whichever point of the comment, It also provides wordwrapping comments in order to prevent problem of the increase of the guestbook, Redefining messages for partial localization and pagination of the comments.
Tags: software , text , color , php , number , messages , support , logging , prevent , emoticons , visualization , problem , for , smilies , configure , increase , point ,

 Power Banner Manager

Power Banner Manager is a banner roration manager with impressive and easy to use user interface. This is a Easy to install script, just fill in requred fields. Power Banner Manager supports Multi-User, every user have their own banner database. Supports all the major image formats. One can configure banners and restrict banners to appear required number of times. Every click on banner is recorded along with the information of the visitor.
Tags: image , manager , easy , information , install , user , number , restrict , click , banner , fill , configure , banners ,

 PHPPayNow for

This is a program that can be used by the administrators to accept payment via payment gateway. Administrators can easily configure the prices, products etc., and can utilize this program on their ecommerce businesses. This Credit card processor is built on PHP and supports MySQL database.
Tags: program , ecommerce , payment , processor , configure ,

 Date Format

Date Format is an utility which helps the users how to configure the date on their webpages. The formats such as the month, the day of the week, name of the month, name of the day, the year, the day, etc., are possible with this script. This utility will be of great help for the users for displaying dates according to their choice.
Tags: utility , help , date , name , day , for , users , configure , dates ,

 ASP Date Picker Popup Calendar

This tool is basically for generating a date picker calendar by which the web users can query their required date and events easily. Users can change the look of the calendar with the components provided in the tool. This utility can be accessed from any page like, ASP,, html etc., It has built in CSS component that helps them to configure the layout of calendar.
Tags: html , web , utility , tool , component , calendar , page , change , date , query , components , layout , events , picker , for , users , configure ,

 ASP.NET ExpertMenu

This is a program using which users can create high level menus for their ASP.NET appications. This program allows developers to manipulate the menu structure on server side and include visual effects in sub titles of the menu. It is possible to highlight particular paths and to configure the whole menu with the help of CSS style sheets and XML file. This program comes with cross browser compatibility.
Tags: program , create , server , menu , browser , help , using , visual , effects , menus , style , for , structure , users , configure ,

 Rich Text Box

Rich Text Box is a control that can be used to build different types of formatted data and text on the websites. Users are allowed to configure buttons and toolbars according to their needs. They can create HTML contents for online applications. This program has an ability to insert hyperlinks, images and documents on the websites. This program supports font styles.
Tags: program , data , create , text , online , control , images , font , buttons , documents , build , toolbars , insert , formatted , for , configure , contents ,

 Filtering Large Select Lists

This is an online filtering program that helps users to filter desired item from the select list menu. This program displays only matching items according to user's input. The filtering process can be done by using regular expressions. Users are allowed to define hook function and to configure select list according to their needs. Key features include, easy to use interface, provides case sensitive filtering and more.
Tags: program , online , easy , filter , list , using , process , function , filtering , case , matching , features , select , users , configure ,


This is a php software and a guestbook where webmasters can easily administer. This script provides a block from HTML code and it is replaced from smilies code by pictures. This script can be easily integrated with any active websites. Online demo and a free download options are available in this script. Easy to configure and access for users.
Tags: software , download , access , code , php , freedownload , script , block , demo , options , active , for , smilies , configure , available ,

 Bit GuestBook

This is a guestbook script which enables the users to post comments along with the url, email address and can specify the post date and time. This program allows unlimited users to perform posting process. Multiple postings can be seen in users webpage. This script allows the users to provide messages for the administrator. This script is easy to configure and customize.
Tags: email , program , easy , script , address , date , messages , post , for , users , configure ,

 Dot htaccess generator

Dot htaccess generator produces .htaccess files for your Apache server on PHP implemented webistes. It supports execCGI, includes for files with extensions, MultiView, protection files, IP banning, and various MIME types. It gives you a form to configure your requirements and instantly generates the syntax for apache .htaccess files. An online demo explains it's functions clearly.
Tags: online , server , files , protection , generator , form , demo , apache , syntax , for , functions , configure ,

 bonneLab WebSearch

This is a program which can be used by the webmasters for their simple or medium level companies. This program performs searching by phrases, all words, one of the words etc., and sorts results in order to the number of obtained results. Webmasters can find this program more safer and scalable one and can configure well to suit their all demands. More number of websites including .htm, .asp, .aspx etc., can be supported by this program to crawl. Admins can have options to schedule in crawling, log the file etc., This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: file , program , find , schedule , log , words , simple , number , options , websites , searching , for , features , configure ,

 Bizzar's PNG Countdown

This program uses GD library that helps users to create an image which has been provided in PHP and PNG format. This program is basically for generating forum signature images while forum blocks PHP script. It is simple to configure and to use.
Tags: image , program , create , images , library , simple , signature , forum , for , users , configure ,


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