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 Advertisements is a remotely hosted system which has number of conversion and measurements. In this system the users are allowed to know more about the conversion between the length, mass, temperature, pressure, volume, power, computer & speed storage and more. The conversion will take place in a remote server. This script is useful for students and also the visitors. No need to install on your website.
Tags: system , conversion , computer , speed , script , remote , install , number , storage , for , useful , users ,

 Adsense Monitor

You can use this ad management program to track and monitor adsense accounts particularly, google adsense accounts. This program works from your computer system tray and keeps on constantly logging on your google adsense accounts for every thirty minutes to give you a statistical report on the total hits for your ads. This program is safe and is easy to handle without disturbing your adsense TOS.
Tags: program , monitor , management , system , easy , computer , report , safe , track , tray , google , logging , accounts , for ,

 CAT Count

Computer Assisted Translation(CAT) software is used for easy word count. This software is mainly designed for skilled persons of translation industry and computer assisted translation jobs. Allows to print and transfer files of CAT Scheme. Provides easy interface and sharing options translators and their teams.
Tags: software , files , print , word , easy , computer , transfer , sharing , translation , interface , options , for ,

 Online Store

Need a place to sell your goods online? Rent a store from us and start loading your products immediately. Your pre built web store can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on your orders. The cost to rent the store is only $9.95 per month! Need a place to sell your arts and crafts but don't have the money to open a store? Do you have a store and need a way to supplement your newspaper ad with full color photos of your store's items? These are all good reasons to have an online store. Renting an online store from us is the easiest and cheapest way to get your online store up and running! Everything you need to get your online store up and running is included in your low monthly fee. 1) A searchable online catalog. 2) A built in program to upload photos from your computer to the catalog. 3) Build your front page by just filling in forms. 4) A place your customer can leave a message for you. 5) A hit counter so you know how many people visited your store. 6) Your customer can pay using credit cards. 7) Web space. 8) Use of a URL name. You can open an online store in minutes! The pre built web site can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on the orders. The store can be setup to use PayPal.
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This software uses XML/XSL technology that consists of PHP scripts for web interface a C++ program (written with C++ Builder Pro) to manage the Internet shop, an C++ database management program, and an C++ program for processing the orders. It's a new Open Source e-business system . This software is composed by the following programs: · PHP scripts for the web application · C++ software(written with C++ Builder Pro) to manage the Internet shop · C++ software on the web computer for the web database update · C++ software on the web computer for extracting the orders Features · Secure Internet payment · New products list · 30 save basket for each registered customers · Advertising for promoting products in your web site · Search product by his name · Customers could see their 10 last orders · Password protection for the registered customers · Delivery and payment address · Price in local currency and Euro
Tags: software , database , web , program , management , system , protection , computer , save , scripts , manage , processing , currency , databasemanagement , interface , local , payment , product , for ,

 2toads Webmanager

The 2Toads webmanager is made for those who want to be able to maintain their own websites without the help of often expensive web designers and web programmers. There is no special skill required to use the 2Toads webmanager, you do not have to attend lengthy and time consuming seminars or classes to figure out how to use the 2Toads webmanager. we keep things simple, the only thing you need is a computer with a internet connection, and the ability to write, and since you are reading this here, we assume that writing is no problem. :-) In the 2Toads webmanager you can add pages to your web with a click of a button.
Tags: internet , web , time , computer , help , reading , click , pages , writing , websites , for , skill , maintain , special , out ,

 Epiware web based project management

Epiware is a secure web-based project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project collaboration. Epiware is ideal for organizations that need a secure way to share information and manage projects. Epiware runs on your Linux server in coordination with Apache, PHP, and MySql to minimize total cost ownership. It is specifically developed for fast track and user-administered collaborative workgroups and offers powerful and proven customer-driven capabilities Epiware can quickly establish a private, secure intranet, that allows users to share documents and information, set deadlines, and manage projects from any computer with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Access to your project site is by invitation only. You decide who can use your site, and you decide the appropriate level of security for each project.
Tags: internet , security , server , management , secure , tools , fast , computer , document , information , site , application , project , manage , projectmanagement , track , documents , share , set , cost , minimize , for , users , powerful , projects ,

 Des Resolve

This function is useful in determining the IP address of another computer or user. It resolves hostnames, ghost IPs, URLs and FQDN. This component is compatible with MS IIS and PWS. It resolves the address to its IP address. Installation is quite simple and easy to operate it.
Tags: component , easy , computer , address , simple , ghost , function , useful ,

 Read ASP cookies Basic

Read ASP cookies Basic is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about creating cookies to identify the visit of their sites registered users with the help of the browser. In this article author offers various codes through which users can write the user name and password of the visitor in the visitors computer browser which helps to identify them whenever they return to the users website.
Tags: web , password , browser , computer , write , help , creating , cookies , user , name , tutorial , author , sites , username , webbased , users , visitor , codes ,

 AiS Watermark Pictures Protect

AiS Watermark Pictures is a protector to protect the images. Users photos and digital images can be customized by applying transparent watermark on them using image editor, the resultintg image is stored in a new file in different format. It can be useful for bannermakers, computer painters, designers etc. It can protect the images and photos which appear in HTML image galleries.
Tags: file , image , images , photos , protect , computer , digital , using , transparent , watermark , protector , for , useful ,

 Visitor Information Graphic

Visitor Information Graphic is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this tool you can view your website visitors computer name, IP address, proxy settings and browser name in a graphical display easily. This software is written in ASP.NET.
Tags: software , tool , website , browser , easy , computer , view , proxy , display , name , settings , graphical ,

 'Converto'Unit Converter Script

A very useful conversion tool for students, teachers, engineers, businessmen, workers or anybody in need. Converto can be customized in different background colors, fonts, buttons and also be used in web sites. Converts units of length, volume, mass, area, pressure, power, speed, temperature and computer (bits, bytes etc.,). It can be used offline too.
Tags: web , tool , conversion , computer , buttons , background , offline , temperature , for , units , useful ,


BBClassifieds is a PHP classifieds script that allows site owners to easily integrate database-driven classified ads application into their web sites. It uses SQL-type database (mySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle etc.) at the back-end in order to deliver increased performance and it has numerous features that can be easily configured. One of the goals when designing BBClassifieds software was a seamless integration with your existing web site. This classified ads script is designed as an external object and can be simply plugged-in to your existing page—anywhere you see fit. Customizable Directory Structure—create any directory structure that best fits your needs, starting with top level categories and going up to 16 levels down. Category specific custom fields—create any number of custom fields in any category based on your needs, e.g. in cars category enter make and year, in computer category CPU speed and RAM size. Field type can be either text or checkbox. Search—allow your site visitors to perform a keyword search on classified ads. Any word, all words or key-phrase options are available. Listings Control—you are in control: allow or deny HTML in posts, limit number of characters, enter the list of "bad" words you want to replace or filter out, allow users to edit their postings, approve/deny each listing or let them appear immediately. Appearance Control—change the style sheet in order to customize the look-and-feel of the system so that it matches your web site, decide what characters to use as a category separator in the "tree" and more. Renewal and Notification—notify ad owners when their listing is about to expire, have copy of each posting mailed to the administrator, allow ad listing renewals, limit number of renewals...
Tags: software , database , web , search , text , system , edit , make , copy , computer , speed , filter , site , list , script , application , directory , performance , words , replace , best , ads , custom , number , levels , into , type , customize , sheet , cars , keyword , options , style , object , limit , characters , structure , features , users , integration , fields , listing , top ,

 Bit Bucket Heaven's Text to HTML

If you ever wanted to display computer code on a web page, then you're familiar with the arduous task of converting all the specific characters into their respective HTML entities. This program does the work for you.
Tags: web , program , computer , code , task , display , work , into , converting , characters , for ,

 Installing IIS on Windows 2000 Professional

This is a tutorial that can be utilized by the users to learn about installing IIS on the computer using Windows 2000 professional CD. This tutorial instructs that users can easily start their proceeding as soon as they set the Windows 2000 professional CD-ROM on their CD drives. This tutorial details every information including managing ADD or REMOVE programs in control panel, viewing home page in the web server etc., to install the IIS on the computer.
Tags: web , server , control , programs , computer , information , using , learn , page , home , 2000 , install , webserver , start , professional , set , tutorial , homepage , users ,


This is an advanced intranet program which includes various sections such as PC booking system, event booking system, content management system etc., Using the calender feature of this program you can create calenders for staff training sessions, staff meetings, public computer training classes etc., Some advanced features of this program are noticeboard facility for listing the available shifts, keyword search utility for searching the uploaded documents on the intranet etc.,
Tags: utility , search , program , create , management , system , computer , training , content , advanced , documents , intranet , event , keyword , staff , feature , searching , for , features , contentmanagement , booking , public , listing , available , contentmanagementsystem ,

 Web Mining Solutions from QL2 Software

WebQL, from QL2 Software is a software solution capable of harnessing the vast resources of the Internet. It picks up where search engines leave off with an unmatched ability to make precise extractions from the Worldwide Web via flexible and open-ended queries. Once extracted the information can be repurposed into a variety of formats - spreadsheet, database, information portal, etc. The result is an information gathering solution that's state-of-the-art. QL2 Solutions are built with WebQL and are deployable on customer computer systems or on QL2 computer systems at the secure QL2 data center. QL2 Solutions are available for the Web mining needs of the following industries: - Travel - Pharmaceutical/Bio-tech - Energy - Public Sector - Telecommunications or to address cross industry requirements for: - Patent research - Web site mining of message boards, e-pinion sites, corporate sites - Scientific research - Web site discovery - Deep Web price mining - Intellectual property due diligence - Legacy data integration and "screen scraping"
Tags: software , search , data , secure , make , computer , information , site , address , message , customer , into , solution , resources , property , for , integration , available , systems , engines ,

 baseportal - free web based database system

baseportal is a web-based database platform. Use it from anywhere from any computer without programming knowledge - for free! Within minutes the first database is created. Adapt the design to your own needs and if you are an experienced user you can use your own programs as well. More than 100.000 registered users.
Tags: database , design , programs , computer , programming , user , knowledge , for ,

 Code Demons

This active website is well known for its online programming resource and provides a variety of tips and tutorials on almost all computer programming languages. A handfull of free scripts, community forums, java applets are available and besides these, provisions for registering as a member for this site, search for tutorials, submit your tutorial are also provided for the visitors.
Tags: search , online , java , website , computer , programming , tips , resource , tutorial , submit , active , for , community , applets , tutorials , available ,

 Code Demons

Code Demons is an online forum based community software built with PHP. You can post topics, reply and read messages posted by the webmasters regarding computer programming languages. Besides these provisions to chat on general issues, tutorials etc., are also available for the users. All topics are listed along with the total number of posts and date of last posts.
Tags: software , online , computer , chat , programming , date , read , number , messages , forum , post , for , community , tutorials , available , reply ,

 Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool

Synopsis is a visual programming tool that dramatically accelerates software development. By dragging and dropping icons and connecting them with graphical links, it is possible to assemble complex programs in literally seconds. Synopsis is not a computer language. Synopsis provides a methodology by which software components, that may possess any level of complexity, can be easily snapped together like puzzle pieces. There are only a few ways in which the colour-coded icons are visually combined and linked so that the learning curve is reduced to a matter of minutes. With Synopsis, you can quickly build software applications by dragging and dropping icons that represent software components. You connect these components with connection lines that define the order in which the software components are executed. Data used by the software components is entered visually through the Synopsis interface. The result is that even people who possess no programming experience whatsoever are able to produce complex software applications. All that is needed is an understanding of the application that one wants to build. Benefits of Synopsis: * Complete visual methodology for assembling software applications * No programming experience required * Ease of use translates into short learning ramp-up times: in a matter of minutes you will be creating programs * Make changes easily to your program without the need to rebuild low-level software components: this translates into much faster development cycles * Real-time programming: modify the behaviour of your program while it is running Runs on Windows 98/2000/2003/XP.
Tags: software , puzzle , tool , program , programs , development , computer , creating , application , visual , icons , programming , lines , learning , components , connection , build , into , applications , connect , faster , for , modify , curve , graphical , people , changes ,

 CorporateVisions HelpExpress Enterprise

A web-based helpdesk based on tickets to cut your company costs and boost your technicians’ efficiency. It has many features including assign technicians, technician notification, advanced printing, live support, knowledge base etc. This is also Accessible anywhere in the world Help Express requires no client no installation, no programming, no downloads to interfere with your current computer configurations just a web browser.
Tags: web , computer , client , downloads , advanced , helpdesk , world , boost , live , knowledge , features , base ,

 cPanel Gui Windows Client

Cpanel GUI helps its users manage every aspect of their website from their familiar Windows desktop. Cpanel Gui backend is powered by Cpanel, which is the most popular web hosting management software. The Cpanel Gui Client is a fully skinnable Windows client like Winamp. CPanel Gui handles unlimited hosting account, you can even switch from one hosting account to the other with a simple mouse click. It can be installed on your Windows computer just like any other software.
Tags: web , management , website , computer , client , manage , mouse , simple , account , popular , switch , users , hosting ,

 CW Ratings

CW Ratings is a simple script based on php and is a rating system. This system is used to rate books, articles, links and images. Features include website integration and admin panel. Installation is easy. Admin helps you to customize and control CW Ratings. By rating admin can see the top 10 items. To prevent multiple votes from the same computer website integration has IP tracking.
Tags: control , system , website , computer , php , script , links , multiple , admin , simple , customize , prevent , rate , rating , integration , top ,

 Confusion IRC

This is a very basic, yet fun and somewhat customizable script for mIRC. It includes options such as an away system, fun popups and jokes, a basic mp3 player, flood protection, computer stats, and some other neat options.
Tags: mp3 , fun , computer , script , basic , popups , options , for ,

 20 20 Auto Gallery

20/20 Auto Gallery is a full featured web site add-in which allows you to control your inventory of vehicles online through easy-to-use forms and web pages. This system was designed for use on many different web sites: New or Used Car Dealers Vehicle Appraisal Organizations Car Clubs and Collectors Farm Machinery and Heavy Equipment Dealers and more...20/20 Auto Gallery is versatile and may be a useful tool for any auto organization. 20/20 Auto Gallery provides you with the ability to manage a database of vehicles using powerful forms that are easy to use and also provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search your database through attractive, customizable web pages. Whether you're a seasoned computer veteran or a new user, we are certain you will find 20/20 Auto Gallery affordable, simple, and a powerful addition to your growing web site! 20/20 Auto Gallery provides car dealers, car collectors, even marine and RV sales agencies with the ability to add vehicles to their web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search those vehicles through attractive, customizable web pages. The company focuses on creating and marketing web-based database applications using standard web design languages with Microsoft's Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Script (VBScript) technologies. With affiliated organizations, 20/20 Applications also offers other web-related services such as graphic design, web site design, web site hosting, database design, and digital-panoramic photography.
Tags: database , web , tool , search , online , control , system , design , easy , find , computer , creating , inventory , site , graphic , using , manage , auto , forms , marketing , car , sales , browse , services , pages , applications , languages , addition , for , useful , standard , powerful , vehicles ,


This is a database which lets the webmasters who are looking after the deaf peoples or any disabled peoples such as small hospitals, assisted living centers etc., to make an instant access about their members. Active access can organize data by computer and location. Active access has several departments as Hot plug-ins, so the users can view any department through that hot plug at their choice. This system has a powerful menu for easy use.
Tags: database , data , menu , system , access , easy , make , computer , organize , view , instant , small , living , for , users , powerful , plug ,

 My First PHP Script

My First PHP Script is a tutorial to learn scripting using PHP language. It will guide you to build a small and simple script with which you will have some idea of the outlook of the PHP programming. This language can be used and developed with respect to your imagination and you should try more programs by installing the php server on your computer for testing the script.
Tags: outlook , server , programs , computer , php , script , using , learn , language , simple , small , testing , build , scripting , tutorial , for , guide ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,


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