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This is ASP based compression tool that can zip a file through a single command and has the feature to attach this file and mail to any mail address. This component offers various benefits like providing technical email support, provide free uploading of zip, avoiding time limits, providing facilities to upgrade and to install in more than one server etc.
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AdvZip is an ASP based compression component that provides all the functionalties for zipping and unzipping the files for all applications. This component provides various features like compressing and decompressing the files and folder, to add a file and folder, deleting any file from the zip files and more. Multiple files can be added into a zip file.
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 Single File System

Single File System is a compression component that provide easy way of compressing the multiple file into single file with the advanced compression technique and encryption functionality. It offers various features like compressing the files with the standard algorithum, providing functionalities for zipping files and folders, allowing all the files to be stored in the SFS files, supporting self extraction from the SFS files, provide Tfile stream interface for transferring data into the single file and more.
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 Antechinus Animator Professional

Easily create and edit animations, videos, images, and sound files: over 40 formats are supported. Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated. Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together. Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator. Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). Never before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.
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 Transfer compressed files over http

This article shows you simple method to transfer data/files from client (using IE+VBS) to server (IIS+ASP) with compression over http.
Tags: server , client , transfer , compression , simple , method ,

 Encrypt Easy

Encrypt Easy is a highly secure file encryption program enabling fast and simple one-click encryption and decryption of single files, folders and entire directory trees. The program uses the best and most proven cryptographic algorithms such as 448-bit Blowfish, Hash, Des, Triple Des. The program also features self extracting package, file shredder, compression and wipe-out utilities.
Tags: file , program , encryption , secure , fast , compression , directory , folders , self , best , simple , fileencryption , decryption , features , cryptographicalgorithms ,

 GZip Component

GZip Component is an compression component with the capability of zipping and unzipping the files in the server through the Gzip algorithm. This component on covalently binded with TAR offers zip archives for UNIX. It is very easy to handle and it can be easily integrated into the server.
Tags: server , files , component , zip , easy , compression , into , for , archives ,

 Webby V2 - PHP Web Statistics

Webby V2 - PHP Web Statistics is a PHP based traffic analysis software to control archives and archive compression along with an e-mail notification and force to reset your website. Using this script users can monitor their website visitor details such as IP address, browser details, operating systems, DNS, referers, cron jobs, total number of visits etc,.
Tags: software , control , monitor , website , browser , notification , script , archive , analysis , compression , traffic , number , users , force , visitor , archives ,


This is a very simple tool for accelerating websites hosted on Windows servers. It can enhance the accessing the speed by three to four times thereby improving customer experience and also employee productivity. It has enhanced features like server side caching, compatibility with all browsers, full support of coldfusion application server for microsoft IIS, flexible file compression management etc.
Tags: file , tool , server , management , microsoft , speed , application , compression , simple , employee , support , customer , enhance , websites , for , features ,


CFX_JpegResize is a custom Cold Fusion tag that can resize JPG images. It takes a file from the server as input, performs a resize, and then saves the file to disk again. This tag will only work on a Windows platform. The resize can either be by a percentage scale factor, or by specifying a new height or width. The amount of Jpeg compression can be changed if required.
Tags: file , server , disk , compression , resize , tag , custom , work , scale ,

 ChilkatZip - Zip ActiveX Compression

ChilkatZip - Zip ActiveX Compression is an high performance compression component that helps in compressing the files directly from the memory buffer and also offers the zipping archives. It offers various features like accessing XML format from zip archive directory, providing wild card string for searching the files in the zip, allowing streaming technology for customizing the content of the zip and unzip files with the help of memory foot prints, add / delete / modify files with in the zip and more.
Tags: files , component , delete , zip , help , format , archive , compression , memory , performance , content , streaming , unzip , string , searching , for , features , modify ,

 Chilkat Email .NET

Chilkat Email .NET is a web based email management application for posting, managing and receiving email messages. This component has various features like providing MIME capability for sending and receiving emails, allowing MHTML formatted email messages and allows attachment of images and style sheets along with it, providing compression and decompression attachments automatically, providing cryptographic services, supporting SMTP, POP3 and server diagnosis and more.
Tags: email , web , server , component , images , management , application , compression , attachment , messages , attachments , style , formatted , for , features , webbased , sending ,

 Auto DB bakup For cPanel

Auto DB bakup For cPanel, obviously is a powerful backup tool designed specially for cpanel. This efficient online backup program is simple and backups each and every file and folder from your cpanel and provides you in any desired compression format. This is relatively stable and useful for the webmasters in backing their files from the server.
Tags: file , tool , backup , program , online , files , folder , compression , simple , onlinebackup , for , useful , backups , powerful ,

 DivX Pro

DivX Pro is an advanced multimedia utility bundled with powerful encoding tools and latest technologies. A handful of video editing and compression tools like EKG, psychovisual modeling, bi-directional frames, encoder feedback window, crop and resize are available to help you to create high quality video with controls, visual quality, compression etc., These video files can be played on 'DivX Player' or DVD players on home PC or TV sets.
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 Enabling HTTP Compression in IIS 6.0

This article is basically for the system administrator which instructs them in step by step process to enable HTTP compression on Internet Information Services(IIS) server and also it shows how it works. What is HTTP compression, how to enable HTTP compression on windows 2003 server, how to configure Metabase of IIS etc., are the topics discussed in this article.
Tags: windows , server , system , compression , administrator , process , for , configure ,

 .NET Email Component Smtp.NET

Professional Email Component for ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms which doesn’t extend the System.Web.Mail namespace but was built from the ground up to go further and offer you more. Smtp.NET was designed to be the easiest .NET email component to learn and use, unlike competitors that require you to learn their object model simply to send an email. Features HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatic ZIP compression of attachments, support for message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, specify multiple servers for failover and redundancy, and more. Smtp.NET is installed in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) for easy access by all of your developers. Smtp.NET is feature rich and offers functionality that the System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail class cannot. Fully supported and documented with extensive examples to jump-start your application development. Royalty-free redistribution licenses, site-wide licenses, and multiple user discounts are available.
Tags: email , image , mail , component , access , easy , application , automatic , message , compression , learn , send , class , multiple , user , support , model , object , feature , for , servers , easiest , examples ,

 A clock

A clock is a simple script based on php and is a time displaying script. This program provide the ability to show current time in 24 hour mode. It returns output format as hours, minutes and seconds. Users can create CRC table within clock.php3. Users can calculate checksum with the bytes data. Users can set height, color type, compression method, bid depth, width, interlace and filter method for IHDR chunk data.
Tags: program , create , time , clock , color , php , filter , script , format , compression , show , table , simple , set , calculate , checksum , for , bid , method ,


This is a content management solution that can be used to gather and modify various types of image contents on the websites. For uploaded images this tool will be a validator. Image contents are stored in existing file, database or directory. Users are allowed to zoom and relocate image contents. This program supports web control styles and Visual Studio drag and drop design time. Users are allowed to configure JPEG compression levels and to define minimum or maximum size to the particular image contents. This program has other features like, images can be collected from various solutions such as existing files, bitmap objects and user uploads, no plugins needed and more.
Tags: image , database , web , tool , program , control , images , management , design , compression , content , user , size , zoom , bitmap , levels , solution , drop , features , modify , contentmanagement , draganddrop , objects , configure , contents , solutions ,


Webmasters can utilize this tool to resolve the problems that occur to the users. This tool performs certain functions like detection of download failures, restarting the interrupted downloads and also performs file compression if needed. This tool offers both the uploading and downloading and can work with all major web browsers. This component offers a set of methods and objects using which your application can list and manipulate all files and directories.
Tags: download , file , web , tool , files , component , list , application , using , compression , downloads , detection , set , work , functions , objects ,


This program enables users to send compressed data to the client through server. This will be of much use for the users to send their clients or browser the required data in quicker manner and thereby reducing the bandwidth cost. This program performs compression with the help of deflate compression algorithms for a better result. This program also has the ability to verify the content whether they have changed or not by using HTTP headers.
Tags: program , data , browser , help , client , using , compression , send , content , bandwidth , verify , for , users , clients ,

 IP*Works! Zip Java Edition

This java bean provides a set of components that supports Zip, Tar, Gzip and Jar compression standards, which will be helpful in web or desktop applications. The compression and decompression components in this java bean are very easy, fast and effective and it supports features like speed or compression optimization, streaming compression/decompression, password protection, fully documented, fully indexed help files integrated in the IDE etc. It provides extreme portability across platforms as it is developed in pure Java.
Tags: desktop , web , password , files , java , fast , speed , help , compression , components , streaming , set , features , extreme ,


ISAPIZip is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or any webserver that supports ISAPI filters, that drastically reduces the amount of bandwidth required to deliver content from the web server. ISAPIZip offers different levels of compression and supports all modern web content, including script pages (PHP, ASP etc.) as well as streaming content, SSL content, PDF files, XML and more. The compression settings can be customized based on paths, extensions, wildcards, MIME type or even on a per-page basis, providing you with a high level of flexibility. The program offers an easy-to-use configuration interface that runs independent from the MMC, eliminating the chance to cause problems with the rather sensitive management console - all changes made to the configuration can be applied instantly without the need to restart the webserver. Additional features include performance, bandwidth, and compression reporting, support for GET and POST data and more.
Tags: web , program , data , server , management , script , compression , content , streaming , support , bandwidth , levels , settings , type , interface , restart , pages , console , configuration , for , features , changes ,

 ASP.NET Email Forms

By using this script web owners can generate an online email form quickly and easily. Installation of this tool is quite simple. The features available with this tool are, dynamic files can be uploaded, custom autoresponse facility is available through which the users can deliver instant message to the submitters, it offers attachment compression and many more. It uses any type of databases to store data.
Tags: email , web , tool , online , files , script , using , message , compression , form , generate , store , custom , attachment , instant , dynamic , type , databases , features , users , available ,

 HOW TO: Enable ASPX Compression in IIS

This article can be used as a guidance or as reference for referring the information about how to enable ASPX compression in IIS. This article teaches them in step-by-step for configuring IIS. This article offers two different important tasks for learning they are HTTP compression and how to edit Metabase simply. After referring this article users can easily work with their IIS server.
Tags: edit , information , compression , learning , tasks , work , reference , for , users ,

 Miraplacid Scripting Components Gzip

Miraplacid Scripting Components Gzip is an compression component that has standard functionalities for zipping and unzipping the multiple files into a single file. Files can be zipped and unzipped through the MSCBLOB component. It has various method for compressing and uncompressing the files. For compressing method the zipped data are returned in the MSC BLOB object and for the uncompression the unzipped data are returned in the MSC BLOB object.
Tags: data , files , component , compression , multiple , into , object , for , standard , method ,

 MSCPack for Linux

MSCPack version 1.1 is a collection of Miraplacid Scripting Components. It consists of the following Components: MSCUpload 1.1 - SHAREWARE - upload multiple files from one form - trial period 15 days. MSCGzip 1.1 - SHAREWARE - add compression abilities to your ASP scripts - trial period 15 days. MSCExec 1.1 - SHAREWARE (Linux version) - run OS command or application from your ASP code - trial period 15 days. MSCBlob 1.1 - FREEWARE - the easiest way to handle binary data from ASP code.
Tags: data , files , code , application , collection , compression , form , scripts , upload , multiple , trial , run , version , binary , command , period , easiest ,

 MSCGzip for Linux

MSCGZip is GZip compression/decompression component. It allows you compress and decompress data and files using standard well-known Gzip data compression engine.
Tags: data , files , using , compression , compress , standard , decompress ,

 MSCGzip for Windows

MSCGZip is GZip compression/decompression component. It allows you compress and decompress data and files using standard well-known Gzip data compression engine.
Tags: data , files , using , compression , compress , standard , decompress ,

 PHPtunest iTunes Music List Parser

This is a fine parser for converting iTunes music library from XML format to HTML and displaying on the website. The final HTML page can be totally customised with Style Sheets. This script uses very less RAM and so it is very quick in parsing. Can work even without MySQL but takes a little more memory. With compatible browsers it uses gzip compression and so longer lists can load faster too. The coulumns to be included can be decided by the user, like -Track ID, Name, Artist , Composer, Album , Genre, Size, Total Time,, Track Count, Dates, Bit Rate, Sample Rate etc., Installation notes included and configuration is very easy
Tags: music , library , notes , script , format , compression , page , quick , work , converting , load , gzip , parser , configuration , lists , faster , for ,


NetSpell is an ASP.NET application which can be integrated into users website for checking spelling in various languages and also provides dictionary for help while developing any web based applications and forms. It offers various features like providing dictionaries of various languages in openoffice affix compression format, supporting creation of user dictionary and user added words etc.
Tags: web , website , help , dictionary , application , compression , words , user , spelling , into , checking , applications , languages , creation , for , features , webbased , users , openoffice ,


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