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This is a php online community where a project management method is available for the open source IT projects. This community provides the informations about the difference between open source projects and the other regular projects. In other projects end user can participate in the development of the project and has a great influence. The contributors are scattered throughout the entire globe and more are available in this script. The result is in complete lack of project management in open source projects.
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 actionscripts {UK}

This site offers features such as forum, chat, tutorials, fla's, reviews and links for Flash developers. This is an online community recourse for discussions.
Tags: online , site , links , for , community , features , is a large online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. We offer tutorials, open source, scripting assistance, book reviews, scene news and a means of contact between developers.
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 E-Community Modules Edition

E-Community Modules Edition is a powerful and useful utility that helps you to design an online community system on the web with your own categories and services quickly and easily. The main features that are provided by this tool include who is online tool, messages center, ability to allow the users to upload their phots upto 2MB size, advanced voting system, ability to send email to users and has many other features.
Tags: email , web , utility , tool , online , system , design , upload , send , advanced , messages , services , community , features , useful , users , powerful ,


ScriptsTalk is an online community where you can talk about all the webscripts.
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 Xavier's Forum

Xavier's Forum offers an online community for webmasters and progammers.
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This browser independent tool is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with discussion board and to maintain their community online. This tool supports multiple topics, forums and members. Features included with this tool are, it sents email notifications which is used for giving response message to the specific email address, registered members are allowed to send their private messages between them, it uses MS SQL server 2000 database as backend for storing data and many features are available.
Tags: email , database , tool , data , server , website , browser , board , message , send , 2000 , multiple , messages , for , community , features , maintain ,

 Buddy Zone :: A Script for a Friends Community!!!

Buddy Zone has all the features needed to run a successful friends community website. The features include the following: Browse by Zip Code, Search Users, Invite Users, Internal Mailing System, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Events, Classifieds, Address Book, Music and more... We have also integrated an admin panel for the website so that you can administrate it easily. Please see the demo site for more details. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We will be more than glad to answer them.
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The Communicate is an online customer support tool that can be used to create a community of your website visitors. It provides the webmasters or site owners with the data regarding any actions that is taking place on their website. It allows to monitor the actions of their online visitors, ability to locate the country of your visitor, allows you to interact with them and to solve their queries, and much more.
Tags: tool , data , create , online , monitor , website , site , support , customer , solve , locate , community , country , customersupport ,


CF_COMMUNITY is an application written for the ColdFusion Application Server environment which allows the easy deployment of Web-based communities. The plans for CF_COMMUNITY is to allow the creation of sophisticated, hierarchical Web sites offering articles, bulletins and news items, links, file uploads and discussion groups. In addition, CF_COMMUNITY will allow the delegation of content administration, authoring and approval through a robust on-line administration and authoring system. CF_COMMUNITY is available under the terms of GNU Public License (GPL). As with all GPL software you are free to redistribute this application as well as alter it, extend it and improve on it. One of the aims of CF_COMMUNITY is to bring to the Cold Fusion community the vibrant software development which characterizes much of the open source world. CF_Community provides features like User management, Multi-lingual sites,Site Indexing and Searching ,A simple messaging system for communication between administrators Modular authentication so that individual sites can authenticate their sites using their own custom authentication mechanisms,ability to create and edit sections, sub-sections, bulletins, articles, information files and links Fine-grained security controlling administrative privileges for all sections and objects as well as fine-grained access security for end-user viewing of the site, basic statistics and session tracking system, set of custom tags which can be used to build user interfaces for sites, News item management,DHTML menus, WYSIWYG HTML editing etc
Tags: software , file , security , create , files , system , access , edit , easy , development , information , application , using , authoring , tracking , news , statistics , source , content , open , administration , user , editing , messaging , custom , simple , basic , communication , build , set , creation , environment , for , sites , community , features , improve , tags , objects , authentication , deployment , available , softwaredevelopment , session ,

 Bulletin Boards Ideas

How to build successful online community? What scripts and services there are avialable to create meaningful and featured message board? How to optimize your forum to rank higher with search engines? What are the benefits of vBulletin, phpBB, invisionboard? How do these community scritps differ? Bulletin Boards Ideas covers these questions and provides meaningful and detailed discussion of bulletin boards software based on php. You can also learn about development, promotion and optimization ideas, tips and advises.
Tags: software , search , create , online , message , optimize , learn , scripts , optimization , build , tips , promotion , services , forum , questions , community , covers ,

 My Online Friends

Using this software you can build your own online community with your friends and associates. You can maintain images and pictures, testimonials, member profiles, address book and chat with other members, send messages, browse online etc., Key features include powerful admin panel, free and paid member subscription, seperate account settings, classified category etc.,
Tags: software , online , images , book , chat , address , send , addressbook , admin , browse , account , build , community , features , maintain , friends , powerful ,

 Bpath Rank

This script is useful for the web owners to submit their site in different search engines to hike the website traffic. It allows them to receive huge number of unique visitors through search engine. It also supports ad units and community tools. This tool is used for driving targeted visitors to the website, to add the website in search engines, users can communicate with their visitors and to create professional ads to get visitors.
Tags: web , tool , search , create , website , site , script , ads , number , professional , submit , receive , for , units , community , useful , users , driving , engines ,

 Carbon Communities

This is a program where the users can post unlimited messages. This program has the ability to format messages with emoticons, font size, font styles, colors, links and images. This program attract members by providing info about community events and other info. The admin can edit, remove and sort real time forums. This program has enhanced features like emails to the members, public and private bulletin boards, administrators, moderators, users can communicate members with private messaging and through email, email addresses can be secured from spammers, provide setup community for the members details etc. The users can customize this community with color schemes.
Tags: email , program , time , color , remove , format , font , emails , links , admin , private , messaging , messages , customize , events , info , sort , post , real , for , community , features , addresses , users , public ,

 ASP.NET Community Starter Kit - Creating a New Module

Every community site will have different requirements to fulfill. Although the existing CSK framework offers a great deal of flexibility, having the entire source code available means you can add additional functionality to a site in an elegant manner. In this chapter, we will concentrate on creating a new module for the CSK. We will see how creating a new module allows you to add entirely new features which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the framework. In this chapter, we will implement a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module.
Tags: code , creating , site , source , sourcecode , module , for , community , features , framework , available , - Technical Case Study

The site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site also acts as the community hub for all things related to Bungie games. Built with the Microsoft .NET Framework, serves up more than 4 million pages per day, accumulating 300 gigabytes of online game statistics per month from more than 1 million games played daily. Deemed "Most Innovative Design" by IGN Entertainment in 2004, the site provides innovative ways for users to view game statistics and details as well as interact with each other through forums and team Web pages. The release of the site represented a milestone in online console game play. This case study provides insight into this accomplishment.
Tags: game , video , games , online , site , view , statistics , into , study , pages , console , case , team , for , community , users , videogame ,


CFMCentral is an online community that offers CFM resources.
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 Rosenet Calendar

This is a fast community calendar script that uses PHP and MySQL. Originally called as 'Rosenet calander'. The phpCommunityCalendar is a full-featured dynamic calendaring system for a community calendar. The features are many , but the main features are: Many configuration options from a web-based control panel. Separation of categories so that multiple calendars can be stored in one database and events can be separated by category, location or other dinstinguishing categories. Separate administration privileges can be given for administrators of individual categories. Single entry of recurring events of any type (single events, weekly events, monthly events, annual events, etc). A layout that fits much more nicely on the screen when many events are present - and a cool javascript mouseover effect for IE users that expands truncated event titles. Separate calendars for month, week and day views (including the ability to choose which one to display as the default when people go to the index page). Cleaner database layout that's more flexible in typical ISP and hosting provider environments
Tags: screen , database , control , calendar , javascript , fast , script , effect , display , cool , multiple , administration , index , dynamic , type , event , location , day , layout , events , options , configuration , for , community , features , users , present , hosting , monthly , people ,


The Clan Tek is a virtual clan community script written using PHP which offers you custom ranking system which allow you to change the ranks of members, includes custom medals, improved statistics system, tournament and squad system, more console commands, custom add-on pages and has many other features. This script is also very easy to customize.
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 The Link Conservatory

The Link Conservatory is a script that allows you to create a community on your internet site. It is a powerful way to attract customers and allow them to share the links of their favourite sites. It allows the users of your site to submit links, change and even delete links in a new method. The users will be notified by e-mail automatically once the admin receives the links from them. The script is also easy to customize as it is a open source project. A sample directory can be viewed in the website.
Tags: internet , create , delete , easy , site , script , directory , change , source , links , admin , open , share , automatically , submit , customize , sample , community , customers , users , powerful ,

 Code Demons

This active website is well known for its online programming resource and provides a variety of tips and tutorials on almost all computer programming languages. A handfull of free scripts, community forums, java applets are available and besides these, provisions for registering as a member for this site, search for tutorials, submit your tutorial are also provided for the visitors.
Tags: search , online , java , website , computer , programming , tips , resource , tutorial , submit , active , for , community , applets , tutorials , available ,

 Code Demons

Code Demons is an online forum based community software built with PHP. You can post topics, reply and read messages posted by the webmasters regarding computer programming languages. Besides these provisions to chat on general issues, tutorials etc., are also available for the users. All topics are listed along with the total number of posts and date of last posts.
Tags: software , online , computer , chat , programming , date , read , number , messages , forum , post , for , community , tutorials , available , reply ,

 Community Discussion

Here you can join ongoing forums on a variety of Java topics, chat with Java experts, access community resources, and more.
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Fusker!ne (network edition) is a collection of PHP scripts for extracting and linking to web content from other web pages. It is a full portal system, with community features like forums, user management, integrated search, and a modular structure which makes it easy to add new features. Fusker!ne can easily handle millions of impressions per month; websites using our scripts are among the most visited, and profitable, on the Internet.
Tags: web , easy , using , collection , scripts , content , user , websites , for , community , structure , features , portal ,

 Easy Content Management System

*Free setup of automated ipn for paypal, and post back varable script for Features: BLOG - Content provided by web community members - Content monitored (for appropriatemess) by author or their associates - Advantages - People share ideas - People can connect with other people for support, and to form discussion groups - Free to all, so participation is promoted NEWSFEED - Content comes from scanning the Internet for news about the book or from sources such as Lexus-Nexus - Content posted by author or their associates - Content is used by any web community member that wants to stay current on latest news releases, etc. about the book - Content is delivered through the RSS Feed format (which is now endorsed by Microsoft and Google) - Advantages - Web community members receive the latest news - Promotes a sense of community - Provides topics for the BLOG - As an example, you can go to There are several sports RSS newsfeed links on the left. When you click on one, it is displayed on the right side of the page. When you click on the RSS feed links, you are taken to a page with the full story. EMAIL LIST - Email addresses come from web community members - Informatino is stored for use by the author - Emal blasts can be sent to members of the list by the author or their associates to announce events, related, products, etc. UPDATABLE NEWSLETTER - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members MEMBERSHIP SECTION - Content provided by author and associates - Content viewed by web community members - One of the most successful sites like this is the premium membership offered by (of Fox News fame).
Tags: web , book , list , script , format , page , news , links , share , click , automated , feed , author , scanning , receive , connect , post , for , sites , community , addresses , back , people ,

 Design Shrine PHP factory

Design Shrine PHP factory is an useful website for the PHP programmers in which they can obtain various PHP scripts and templates. This website offers various scripts like E-commerce scripts, community scripts, entertainment scripts, business scripts and job portals. This website will be useful for the IT professionals and business people.
Tags: website , business , scripts , entertainment , job , for , community , useful ,

 DigiChat Pro Server

This hosted application has more features to communicate users through text based messages. Enables to increse the number of visitors with the help of powerful online community. You can provide solutions to customer requests through this online community tool and can reduce your support cost. This remotely hosted chat application can be called from any website.
Tags: tool , text , online , help , chat , application , number , support , customer , reduce , community , features , users , solutions , powerful ,


Dotcommunity is an online community builder that helps friends or other groups to post their files and share their pictures in real time. This program can also be used for generating photo gallery and weblog online. This program supports multiple members. Your photographs can be kept for online sale, data sheets, or other informations. This program has features like, creating a personal or group weblog.
Tags: photo , program , data , online , files , builder , pictures , creating , personal , gallery , multiple , share , group , photographs , post , real , for , community , features , friends , weblog ,


phpNet is a PHP website community for those who are interested in the PHP programming. There are free scripts, a forum and more.
Tags: website , forum , for , community ,


This ad system has been fully coded using ASP programming through which you can display as many ads as you like. Images can be shown for individual ads which can be stored with database. Users are allowed unlimitedly and admin allows them to add more ads and to customize. Widely useful to implement an online community system. And several other functionalities like mailing, customizing ad pages, category creation and modification etc., can be performed easily via intuitive user interface.
Tags: online , system , using , programming , display , admin , user , ads , creation , for , community , useful ,


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