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 A1- Chat

A1- Chat is a remotely hosted chat program with which you can chat online. The main speciality of this program is that you will be facilitated with media streaming, multiplayer Gaming, battle ship, skrabble, pool etc., during your chat session. Facilities to apply any desired font styles and background colour are available for you to chat dynamically with any online user.
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 Amazing Flash

Amazing Flash is an useful software for the webmasters in creating flash based websites. You can create websites with customizable templates, flash animations, musical sounds, attractive banners, content images etc., The powerful and easy-to-use control panel available in this software enables you to apply any desired colour and backgrounds for your websites.
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 Andys Chat 4.5 Gold

This version of 4.5 gold is better than the previous ones with new features and a cool win XP-Design. features like, Smilies, coloring text with a colour bar to select individual colours, Registration (and Reg free versions also available), Profiles with profile manager, password protection capabilities, avatar images, private messaging functions, Login, Admin login, to boot and ban a user, IP blocking system and more.
Tags: password , text , system , protection , bar , cool , private , messaging , win , version , avatar , passwordprotection , gold , boot , colour , coloring , profile , features , select , blocking ,

 ASP-DEv XM Forums

ASP-DEv XM is an ASP based online bulletin board component that can be integrated into user website. This program provide the user to create the ASP based XML pages through which multilingual forums can be formed and the forums can be skinned. This program has several features like providing unlimited categories / forums, providing online administration, easy to change font / colour configuration, moderated forums and many more.
Tags: program , create , online , component , easy , board , change , font , user , into , pages , multilingual , colour , features ,

 Alternate Row Colors

Through this online article the webmasters can learn about presenting the database records in a colourful manner. The author shows how to change colours for each row in each record for good look and easier to read. Alternate colour display is very pleasant to look and easy to understand which is demonstrated with the sample source code.
Tags: database , online , easy , record , learn , change , source , display , good , author , colour , sample , for , records ,

 Aurigma Online Image Editor

Aurigma Online Image Editor, Image Manipulation, is a program for editing the users selected images which is written by macromedia flash with an interface for high interactivity. User can edit the uploaded image from the client side itself except the image processing, which is done on server side with the help of graphics processor. The graphics processing has several features like rotate, resize, flip, colour equalizing, rectangle crop etc which can be utilized by the user in image processing. This program has many features like highly customizable, provide preview before effecting the images, easy to handle the interface and few others.
Tags: image , flash , program , server , images , graphics , edit , easy , help , client , user , editing , processing , preview , crop , interface , macromedia , colour , for , features , users ,

 BlaBla 4U

BlaBla 4U is an ASP based bulletin board through which group discussions can be conducted. This tool provides the user to select the font colour and design templates. It offers users with a search engine. Has more features like support for multiple languages, administrative tools, users own animations, logos and banners can be included in the board etc.
Tags: tool , search , design , board , font , multiple , user , support , group , colour , for , features , select , users , banners , logos ,

 BuildDotCom's Auction Website CGI

Through this 'BuildDotCom's Auction Website CGI' templates, e-commerce professionals can create and manage auction websites online. These ready made templates are available different colour schemes that can be easily edited to suit your website requirements. You can integrate these e-comerce auction templates on any existing website.
Tags: create , website , manage , templates , auction , colour , websites , available ,

 Funk Gallery

The Funk Gallery is a photo gallery system available online with multiple categories. This system offers unlimited galleries, unlimited number of photos with easily configurable colour schemes and also to add comments to photos. You can create thumbnail image of photos automatically. You are requested to login for free demo or to download this system.
Tags: download , image , photo , create , online , photos , system , thumbnail , demo , gallery , multiple , number , freedemo , login , colour , for , available ,

 DAS - Dynamic content Administration System

This is a content management program that helps users to modify news related contents on their websites. They need not have any technical knowledge to use this program. This program supports multiple languages and external modules. Users are allowed to upload graphical files on their websites. This program has an ability to create menus and forms automatically. This program has several features like, ability to manage contents through a database, colour schemes are provided with this software, cross table data access etc.
Tags: program , data , create , files , management , access , manage , upload , news , forms , table , content , multiple , menus , technical , languages , colour , knowledge , features , modify , contentmanagement , users , contents , graphical ,


This script generates a visual effect by lighting at a certain spot of the contents on webpages. It lights in a round shape as directed by the mouse where the entire space of the web page is covered by the black colour tint to cause an effect like x-ray. This script requires no knowledge of javascript.
Tags: web , space , script , visual , page , effect , mouse , webpage , colour , knowledge , shape , contents ,

 Dreamland Studios

Dreamland Studios is a PHP website where you will find some useful and interesting scripts on web designs. You can either design your website logos, banners and ads or purchase the same from this website. You will also be provided with printing services for business cards, letter heads, envelopes, brochures, postcards etc., with desired colour stationaries. Still, a lot of services like e-commerce solutions, web advertising solutions, web art and web design, multimedia and animation are available in this website for the use of visitors.
Tags: web , website , business , design , multimedia , find , animation , scripts , art , printing , ads , services , advertising , colour , purchase , letter , for , useful , banners , available ,

 Highlight Table Cells Script IE

This is a powerful script which comes with the ability to generate a colour changing effect over the table row on the webpages. It produces that effect whenever the cursor is slided over it and it causes that effect entirely on the table. Users have the option to either highlight or exclude a single cell or row of cells from mouse over effects.
Tags: script , effect , mouse , table , generate , cursor , cell , colour , changing , option , powerful ,

 EIOBoard - In Out Board

EIOBoard - In Out Board is ASP based online bulletin board communication application that can be integrated into organisations websites. This tool provide easy accountablity in the organisation, communication between employee and customers. It offer features like built-in memo and message tool, colour coded status, calender and time control, biometric information and more. It has benefits like easy access to contact informations, users can check the status of their co workers, reduces time in searching status of their co workers and many more.
Tags: tool , time , online , access , easy , information , board , application , message , check , contact , communication , employee , into , colour , searching , features , users , memo , biometric ,

 ElegantJBeans - Utility and Statastical JAVABean

ElegantJBeans - Utility and Statastical JAVABean is a powerful utility with which you can spice up your java projects. You can integrate calenders, date and time, popup messages, text scrollers etc., on the websites through the powerful 'UtilStatistics beans'. Admin are facilitated with options to have any kind of auxillary tools and utilities on their applications with statistical functions. Key features inlcude easy and intuitive interface, timer and trap events, customizable colour options etc.,
Tags: utility , text , utilities , java , easy , tools , timer , date , applications , options , colour , websites , features , trap , spice , powerful ,

 Pay Pal Storefront for downloadable goods

Pay Pal Storefront for downloadable goods is a simple PHP application that assists e-commerce professionals in building their own online estore front. You can offer a variety in the size and colour of the products, upload product images, edit your product database, design and create buy buttons for the store etc., through this program. All transactions with your business clients will be dealt through paypal's IPN with utmost security.
Tags: create , online , business , design , edit , application , upload , buttons , store , size , simple , product , colour , buy , for , downloadable , building , clients ,

 Ebay add on module for X-cart

Ebay add on module for X-cart is a template based e-commerce software for merchants to produce Ebay auction descriptions in seconds. These templates are easy to edit and is provided with a lot of customizing options like size, colour etc,. This script also reduces the average consuming time in uploading the files.
Tags: software , time , edit , easy , script , templates , template , module , auction , options , colour , for , average ,

 FLAmignon Dynamic Map: USA Edition

FLAmignon Dynamic Map: USA Edition is an ASP based interactive application. This tool helps in creating a colour coding chart as a map, providing a interface for each state and to create an interactive data display on the HTML ready fly outs. By selecting the state, the interface will connect to the database of the corresponding state and display the name of the place. This application has attractive features like create interactive charts, dynamically create colour display tool tips and more.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , creating , application , chart , display , interactive , name , tips , interface , colour , connect , for , features , coding ,

 Form Pros

Form Pros is a web based form generating software which is remotely hosted. You can generate all kind of online forms like sales order forms, reservation forms, questionnaire forms, survey forms etc., This program is easy to handle and enables you to change or include your own logo, colour and image on the forms. Some of the key features include SSL support, password protected forms, automatic form result notification etc.,
Tags: software , image , web , password , program , online , easy , notification , automatic , form , change , forms , key , generate , sales , colour , survey , features , protected , webbased ,

 Mini Button Generator

Mini Button Generator is a powerful utility capable of designing web based buttons. This program is simple and generates buttons according to the format you specify and saves them on your server. You can demand your own styles for those buttons and you have the facility to insert text on the buttons with any desired colour and background.
Tags: web , utility , program , text , format , buttons , simple , insert , colour , for , webbased , powerful ,


ASP source is a source viewing script in ASP. Through the browser this script outputs the important words in colour code. This script has features to display the content of the asp script in blue, comments in green and displays ASP keywords such as 'if', 'then', 'else', etc.. in red and font and colour of output controlled by CSS. The colouring of ASP keywords in red could be turned on or off.
Tags: asp , browser , script , words , source , display , font , content , keywords , colour , red , features , controlled ,

 EXIFInfo ActiveX

Users can use this program in extracting the special tags which are generated and inserted by some programs and most digital cameras into JPEG files. They can also utilize this script in saving and extracting the thumbnail of the file pictures. This component is a simplest one and which can be easily used by the users. It extracts complete details of the JPEG files like date, resolution, colour data, image dimensions etc.,
Tags: file , image , program , files , component , programs , digital , script , thumbnail , into , colour , tags , complete , special ,

 Global Tech Shopping Cart

Global Tech Shopping Cart is a powerful ASP application allowing users to deisgn their store front with advanced skins and design layouts. Merchants can create product catalogs with unlimited number of categories, subcategories, easy to link navigational pages, product images and descriptions etc., As a merchant you can subscribe affiliates for the cart, track all product orders, provide shipping facilities, maintain and control the available stocks through the admin panel. Day to day sales report, easy customization of font, colour and design of the cart, multiple currency support etc., are some of the notable features of this software.
Tags: create , control , images , design , easy , application , track , link , sales , advanced , multiple , admin , store , skins , number , support , currency , day , stocks , product , colour , for , features , maintain , users , available , powerful ,

 Gorani Photo Album

Gorani Photo Album is a simple and effective script using which you can generate and manage image galleries with slide shows. Using this software admin would be able to create thumbnail views for all their images with photo quality specifications. Several colour themes and templates are available to enrich your presentations and admin has the ability to sort and order all photos in the gallery and are provided with password protected directories.
Tags: software , image , password , photo , create , images , photos , script , using , thumbnail , manage , generate , gallery , slide , templates , admin , simple , themes , quality , presentations , galleries , sort , colour , for , protected , available ,

 Flash News/Blogger Component

The Flash News Feed Component allows you to easily set up your own News Feed on your or clients website with only basic knowledge about flash. The component uses PHP & MySQL to store the information in a database. Included in the component is also all the necessary php files and a custom made installation interface which makes its possible for non technical users to install it with ease. The component can be customized to fit into every design, e.g.: Change all graphic colours to exactly the colours you need Change all text colours and size's. Change the visual style of the 2 state link button Change line thickness, colour and alpha Change spacing and edit mode Change date format The News Feed can easily be used on both Flash and HTML websites Working example and a complete feature list can be found at:
Tags: flash , text , files , component , website , edit , php , information , list , graphic , visual , date , link , install , store , custom , basic , line , setup , set , into , installation , interface , style , technical , colour , feature , knowledge , for , users , complete , clients ,

 HIOX Calendar

HIOX Calendar is an efficient calender software designed to add your personal and public events online. Using this calender script admin can add or remove events and dates by logging into the control panel. Users are also be facilitated with advanced features like customizable colour options on the calenders, different types of styles, fonts and images etc., This is an easy to use software with many advanced features.
Tags: software , control , images , easy , remove , script , personal , advanced , admin , logging , into , fonts , events , options , colour , features , public , dates ,

 HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom

HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom is a PHP application that can be used to generate chat rooms. You can use this program to create attractive rooms with your own colour themes and design layouts. Being incorporated with the popular 'Invision power board' program this software can carve up with the same security, password and IPB MySQL database for its usage and thus the IPB's e-mail link is displayed on the in-chat email link instead of the e-mail address. The main highlight of this program is, this program can even work through firewall, proxy server etc.,
Tags: software , email , database , password , program , create , server , design , chat , application , proxy , generate , link , work , themes , power , popular , usage , colour , for , proxyserver ,

 Web Trees

This is a program using which webmasters can generate navigation menus in tree structure in an easiest mode. This program allows webmasters to customize the entire tree menu with the help of style objects to meet out their needs in creating a navigation menu. Webmasters can have more options to select from provided border solutions, colour schemes, fonts and images and can also utilize their own. This program permits webmasters to create tree menus with drag, drop facilities and client side events. It has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: program , create , menu , images , help , creating , client , using , tree , navigation , generate , menus , customize , fonts , options , style , drop , colour , for , structure , features , select , objects , out , easiest , treemenu ,

 ActiveBitmapSize II

ActiveBitmapSize II is a powerful ASP component that allows you to ascertain and clarify the size and geometry of images. You can use this program to verify the pixel, height, width, colour depth and byte size for both online and uploaded images in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP files. With just a single parameter of full path and file name of the images this program can provide you the above details on the fly.
Tags: file , program , online , component , images , size , name , verify , colour , for , geometry , powerful ,


WebTWAIN-Multipage is an online scanning utility designed with Active X component. The scanned images are stored as TIFF and PDF files so that admin can use those scanned images, in their online applications. The main highlight of this program is its ability to scan multiple pages and images at a time. The latest version of this software supports non-UI scanning, automatic document feeders (ADF), pre-negotiation of page size, colour depth and resolution.
Tags: software , utility , program , online , files , images , scan , document , automatic , page , multiple , admin , version , pages , colour , scanning ,


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