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 Dynamic Arrays Made Easy

This effective ASP array handling system develops your coding skills in ASP and provides more useful info about dynamic array class. The necessity of resizing an array dynamically when adding a new item or deleting the existing item is taught clearly with the help of given ASP source code which explains to read each line in a text file and storing them into a string array.
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 Dynamic Arrays Made Easy

This effective ASP array handling system develops your coding skills in ASP and provides more useful info about dynamic array class. The necessity of resizing an array dynamically when adding a new item or deleting the existing item is taught clearly with the help of given ASP source code which explains to read each line in a text file and storing them into a string array.
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 Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another

A web based ASP course that clearly explains how the arrays in the ASP form page can be sent to another ASP page. Instead of using session variables here it is described to use querystring to pass strings and number arrays. And the given ASP coding lets you know about the creation and passing process of arrays in detail. Provides more related articles to get more information.
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 Use Option Explicit

With the help of this ASP tutorial, you can learn how the variables in ASP applications can be declared to be used by the commands. This ASP lesson suggests to define the variables above the coding so that you can detect misspelled variable names. Using other articles provided in this tutorial you can develop your coding skills in ASP.
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 Practice your debugging skills

Developing your debugging tools can be done effectively through this ASP tutorial. Provides the tips to track the error that may occur in your coding manually. And suggests to take notes about the errors for a subsection of the source if your application has larger coding snippet. Including the comment lines with possible errors for each line of source code, helps you can handle the errors easily while debugging.
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 AIMpromote - Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

Generate more leads for your business and close more sales. AIMpromote provides you with the tools to easily generate and track leads through your website, telephone, or direct mail. With it's combination of visitor tracking, CRM, and sales force automation you will have the professional tools to give your website the competitive advantage it needs to go to the next level. Marketing Automation Features: Create & modify feedback forms with no coding necessary Instantly update forms on all sites with a single click Complete visitor tracking for every site Generate reports on a single site or for all sites cumulatively Automatically create perfectly optimized promotional sites... Detailed Reporting Features: Which campaigns are producing phone calls Which campaigns are producing feedback submissions How much revenue each campaign has produced Actual Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the campaign Number of leads closed Number of leads in-progress Number of possible sales lost Non-qualified leads handled... Also included are complete Customer Relationship Management features (CRM), automatic promotional website generation, data mining, and more. Sign up for a free 14 day full featured trial!
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 Query strings, part I

An efficient online ASP study material which describes every aspect of ASP query string with detailed explanation that describes the uses of passing information from one page to another and also teaches how to perform this using querystring techniques. The ways to decode and to encode a received query string is also explained through coding command. Provides several related articles.
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Without any coding knowledge you can access this online business application to run your business universally. You can customize the templates to display your products with more attraction. You can configure shipping and tax calculations as per state, city basis. Products can be displayed with detailed description and images. Emails notify you about new orders. Customer database can be maintained with contact details, order info, etc., Cheques and credit cards can be processed in real time for payments.
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 PHP Tutorial (Part 1)

From this tutorial one can develop their skills in programming PHP. This tutorial offers huge examples of how to build PHP program, how to open and end tags while coding PHP, what are the variables available in PHP and how to use that, types of comments and its feature and many more information has been given in this tutorial with useful examples.
Tags: information , programming , open , build , tutorial , feature , skills , tags , useful , develop , available , coding , examples ,

 Employee Resume Posting and Editing Application

This tutorial explains with an online employment exchange to the readers to build their own online resume site. The employees who seeks job could enroll their name and submit their resume. This article also provides a complete registration process asking the employee's wish to work in the country, state and category basis. They could also edit and view their curriculam vitae. The sample coding sheet is displayed for better understanding.
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 Monitoring your Web App

Monitoring your Web App is a web based article in which author elaborates the procedure involved in writing a perfect code for monitoring the performance of ASP.NET application. In this article author explains about various procedures that can be taken by the users to write a perfect coding by avoiding unwanted objects and other data which increases the execution time.
Tags: web , data , monitoring , write , code , performance , writing , author , for , webbased , users , objects , coding ,

 First ASP Script

This web based ASP tutorial lets you learn how to integrate required scripting languages with ASP to access server side scripts. And the given program shows how to include ASP functions into HTML coding using . And displaying current date and time on ASP pages can be learnt simply. This tutorial is more useful for the ASP coders to create scripts in ASP through different scripting languages.
Tags: web , program , create , time , server , access , using , learn , scripts , date , scripting , into , tutorial , pages , languages , for , functions , useful , webbased , coding ,

 ASP Variables

More information on Variables in ASP is provided in this ASP study module which will be more useful for the initial stage ASP developers. Describes the 'variant' datatype in ASP to contain either string or numeric value. Sample coding shows how string and numeirc values can be assigned to variables and tells the ways to call the variable values to be executed within commands.
Tags: information , module , study , call , string , for , useful , coding ,

 Using the built-in ASPError object

This tutorial offers the solutions to generate an error handler for your ASP coding to log all errors with detailed data. Using ASPError object all errors can be transmitted to 500-100 HTTP error handler page and it tells the ways to use the properties of ASPError object to perform your needs with error handling module. Here, How to use the seventh built-in ASP object to log all errors can be understood quickly and easily.
Tags: log , page , generate , error , tutorial , errors , object , properties , for , solutions , coding ,

 Mass Emailing With CDO

ASP learners can obtain more information from this web based study material about sending of mass mails using ASP page. Provides the solutions in creation of email list and guides you to store them in database and everything are given with needed executable syntax within a sample coding snippet. Mostly can be used with ASP enabled newletter applications.
Tags: email , database , web , information , list , using , mass , store , study , syntax , creation , sample , webbased , executable , solutions , coding , sending ,

 The Road to ASP.NET

The Road to ASP.NET is a tutorial which briefly describes you about the features of ASP.NET. The author compares the coding of classic ASP and ASP.NET. One of the key feature of ASP.NET is that using the functions and server controls of ASP.NET you can easily separate the design from the code.
Tags: server , design , using , classic , key , tutorial , controls , author , feature , features , functions , coding ,

 ASP Database Errors

ASP Database Errors is an article deals with error trapping and error coding in databases. This tool offers various error trapping functionalities that have been occured while developing the database programs. And also offers various constant names for error codes in ADO. It is an useful article for the users to trap errors and handle them.
Tags: database , tool , error , errors , for , names , useful , users , trap , coding , codes ,

 Buffer Component

Buffer Component is an ASP encoding component through which encoding of datas with BASE64 coding object can be done. This component also offers read and write facilities for the binary files and computation is done through MD5 checksums. It is very easy to integrate and it is easy to handle.
Tags: files , component , easy , write , read , binary , object , encoding , for , coding ,

 Using Remoting in 3-Tier Scenario

This artilce starts with an example to describe the working of a remote communication in 3-Tier scenario. The concept of remoting is just to help two remote objects to communicate with each other, which is the main summary of this article. The author explains about building a distributed application with the help of remoting. The main advantage of this remoting is that it requires very less amount of coding and the users could save the URIs in config files also.
Tags: files , help , application , remote , save , communication , author , users , objects , coding , building ,

 Discussion Forums with PHP

Discussion Forums with PHP is a simple tutorial with which users will learn how to create discussion boards with just a few coding lines so as to fix bugs easily. You are provided with basic codings of the forums in a discussion board that contains two tables one as an index and the other to posses the details of the posts. Users are also provided with codes with which they can add, view, delete and edit posts in the forums.
Tags: create , delete , edit , board , learn , lines , fix , simple , basic , index , tutorial , users , coding , codes ,

 Configuring Applications in .NET

This online tutorial emphasis about the configuration files and its application in .NET. The author tells about how the developers could change the settings for their web application. The author describes about the step by step process of configuration settings with the help of AppSettings. The complete coding of web.config is shown in the article. From this tutorial, users can customize machine.config or web.config settings to their needs.
Tags: web , online , files , help , application , change , process , settings , tutorial , customize , author , configuration , for , users , complete , coding ,

 Outputting Debug Information

Outputting Debug Information is an easier task with your simple or complex ASP application when you go through this online ASP tutorial. Provides the objects and functions with functioning format that is capable of displaying the information like Session variables, Application variables, Request QueryString and still a lot of info. From the outputted result you can amend your ASP coding easily.
Tags: online , information , application , format , task , simple , functions , objects , coding ,

 Concatenating strings and variables in Classic ASP

A string manipulation tutorial that implements the ASP techiniques to help you to learn how to join two text together. The string functions in VBScript are given with proper syntax and from the example coding you can learn easily how Response.Write in ASP is used to get and join text variables.
Tags: text , help , learn , join , tutorial , syntax , string , functions , coding ,

 ASP.NET images: Manipulation

This is a tutorial where users can find information about flipping, rotating, copying and cropping the images. In this tutorial the author uses DrawImage to succeed this process. The author describes about various parameters required to carryout this process. Sample coding and demo are included.
Tags: find , information , demo , tutorial , author , users , coding ,

 CodeAve's Hit Counter (With A DB)

This is a place for the web developers from where they can gather several coding details in ASP for generating a hit counter on their website. This article uses MS Access database to store the track report on them.
Tags: database , web , report , track , store , counter , for , coding ,


FreeTextBox is an efficient application development tool. It has an ability to create data mining capabilites. Comes with a fully integrated designer application which is capable of eliminating the coding work completely. It provides UI element for HTML editng which is similar to text editng in word processor. It can be customized for the user to add the text editing capabilities to the web form based pages. This control is fully written in C#. This uses ASP.NET validator to validate which helps to avoid the problem written in other langauge rather than c#.
Tags: web , data , create , text , control , word , development , application , form , user , editing , designer , work , validator , validate , problem , for , webform , datamining , coding ,

 Verifying Email Addresses

From this online ASP tutorial, you would be able to get more information about email validation in ASP. It uses the database and image files with email checking function. Explains with sample coding to create registration form and database to store registered information. Also, describes the technique to activate the user account with a welcome email facility.
Tags: email , image , database , create , online , files , information , form , store , user , account , checking , validation , sample , registration , coding ,

 Debugging using the TraceContext Class

Debugging is a common task for all the webmasters once they finished their coding and set for sample running. There are lot of methods adopted to debug. In this article the author demonstrates the way of debugging and samples are shown using the TraceContext Class. In this article the author explains a sample about how to start the tracing at page-level. After the page run, a complete page diagnosis pops-out at the bottom of the page.
Tags: using , page , task , start , set , author , sample , for , complete , coding , debugging ,

 Sorting a Two-Dimensional Array using a Bubble Sort

This is more useful for the web developers in ASP language to get more details in string handling functions in ASP. This article illustrates the steps to create two dimensional array with variables and suggests the bubble sorting method to arrange the content by either value in arrays. Provided coding snippet and result let you easily understand the sorting process.
Tags: web , create , language , content , string , value , bubble , for , functions , useful , coding , method ,

 The Power of .NET- JavaScript and ASP.NET Login

JavaScript and ASP.NET are the two very powerful languages. This article comes as a proof to it. The author tells how to check the details entered into the database using ASP.NET and JavaScript. The source code of creating the HTML page for the login information is given for reference. Author proves coding in javascript is more simpler and easier for the users.
Tags: database , javascript , code , information , creating , using , check , page , source , sourcecode , into , login , author , for , powerful , coding ,


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