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This website presents three systems to the users to carry out the programming needs of the Flash files on their site. It gives empty movie clip constructor to be used in drawing images using Flash scripts. The users can find one more component to attach movie clips in Flash scripts and finally a program which can be used to set interval in Flash scripts ie- an analog clock. This is useful for the webmasters to make their site more attractive.
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 SpreadSheet Editor

This is a content management program that helps users to create and edit data in a excel format on their web pages. They can add, delete or resize columns or rows as they wish and can copy the contents from the clip board. This program has many features like, displaying cell value, ability to edit multiple lines, restoring previous values, ability for CVS importing and more.
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dotNetClipper is a content management solution that can be used to build various types of clip contents on the ASP.NET websites. Users are allowed to implement clips contents into mobile applications as well as online applications. This program also helps others to display clips contents on their websites. Users can also view live train departure times, lottery results, live sports results etc on their web pages.
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 3D Fobwatch Clock

Use this movie clip to display your visitorís local time on your website in an animated image of a clock. This Flash program displays the time what the client side PC shows. This program facilitates you to use other images replacing the clock and to utilize single elements. This can be easily used by the users.
Tags: image , program , time , clock , images , website , movie , client , animated , display , local , clip ,

 3D Camera Flash

This is a flash program that helps users to display a picture of a 3D camera as animated one. This movie clip can be exported and used as a Flash file, an animated gif or as single element. Users can also have the facility to display their selected image along with this 3D camera loop. An online demo is available for the users.
Tags: image , picture , flash , program , online , gif , movie , animated , camera , display , demo , clip , for , animatedgif , users , available ,

 Pro Clip Library

This is a tool that acts as a shortcut for the users commands. The users are allowed to insert their notes of command usage in clip help and to put the commands in the clip text box. The users can handle the programs which use clip board. The clip text can be copied to the users clip board with this tool. This tool provide some benefits to the users like preventing typing mistakes, build clips for router IP addresses, commands, config, IP names, company notes, working with telnet, SSH, hyper terminal, create clip library for switch, IOS, router and more are available. This tool has the ability to switch to and fro between Cisco Devices which are different in nature.
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This website acts as online resource centre for flash templates. You can search and get editable templates in photoshop and HTML formats using which you can build active websites. Besides offering customizable flash templates, free clip art library with images, icons, sounds, animations are also available as downloads for the visitors. You can even earn money by subscribing as an affiliate for this website to promote template sales.
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 Detecting mouse angle in flash

This program lets the users to findout the details about the curser position. It is possible to find the position only by finding the angle theta by using a mathematical calculation. By producing that code on the movie clip the users can detect the angle of the mouse and find the occured changes.
Tags: program , find , movie , code , using , mouse , detect , clip , position , users , mathematical ,

Free database of vector files. Features free sports logos, clip arts and symbols. Perfect for print and web designers.
Tags: database , web , print , vector , sports , clip , for , arts ,

Free database of vector files. Features free sports logos, clip arts and symbols. Perfect for print and web designers.
Tags: database , web , print , vector , sports , clip , for , arts ,

 SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads)

SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads) is a powerful PHP based ad tool. Admin page enables users to signup and enter into web pages that uses password retrieval system. FAQs, contact page can be included. Member system supports profiles, own ads, logout function and javascript for clip board functionalities. Searching members, Viewing member earnings can be done. Admin receives emails and send replies. Mailing support filter and search options. Affiliate levels can be added and removed. Credit and debit modules are available. Stats display total number of ads you get, ads you used, remaining ads and more.
Tags: web , password , search , system , javascript , filter , board , page , send , display , emails , contact , ads , number , support , levels , into , function , pages , clip , for , webpages , users , powerful , retrieval ,

 Sliding thumb bar

Thumb scrub displays different menus each containing a photo image. When the user clicks a slide with mouse, the description for that tooltip is displayed and optionally another webpage can be linked to it. This thumb scrub bar moves or scrolls indefinitely either to the left or right, when the cursor is placed at that position during runtime. Settings can be controlled by using the clip parameters.
Tags: photo , using , bar , slide , user , menus , cursor , clip , position , for , controlled ,


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