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 Display Server Variables

Display Server Variables is a simple script that helps the programmers to read their site visitors system details like operating system, browser, IP address etc., This will be very useful for the programmers to read the clients system details for serving customized web content, for example, if the site visitor uses Netscape then they can be diverted to a seperate page. This utility can also be used in various other applications.
Tags: web , utility , system , site , script , address , read , simple , for , useful , visitor , clients ,

 ActiveWidgets Grid - Cross-browser DHTML widgets toolkit

ActiveWidgets is a tool that has been designed using Javascript and XML and this tool can be easily integrated with JSP, ASP and other backends easily. This tool supports both graphical user interface and data binding interface. The Grid widget displays all the data in the format of tables and it offers a fixed header with resizable columns and the clients can arrange the tables as they desire.
Tags: tool , data , format , using , user , interface , columns , userinterface , graphical , clients ,

 Email List Manager

This is a script where the users can send any number of messages through email. The clients can unsubscribe by performing the process of sending emails to list address. This program provides admin group with unlimited administrators per group. The admin can import a webpage into the new message with a single click. Features like full management of attachments, personalization variables etc are available. The users can perform customization process.
Tags: program , management , list , script , import , send , emails , admin , process , number , messages , into , group , users , sending , clients ,


The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software. Userlist updating is more reliable. /me & /describe support has been added and now works as an action code to other clients. /msg now works from the command line for sending private messages. New features include the following: The local nick now shows in blue when messages are directed for the local user. CTCP outbound and inbound commands are working and being added at this time. The ability to change the CTCP response messages. RoomFlip is a new feature that puts the newest text on the top of the page not the bootom. History is a new feature that allows you to see the last 150 lines of text for that room.
Tags: software , security , web , text , component , action , access , browser , code , client , using , http , page , block , change , lines , commandline , webpage , private , user , line , messages , support , webbrowser , command , local , pages , feature , now , for , features , users , top , sending , clients ,

 EBA: Grid Control V2.5

The EBA Grid Control is a JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing control designed to render data asynchronously from a remote database (or unbound) in a familiar Microsoft Excel style interface. Multiple control types including checkbox, combo-box, drop-down, date, text, etc. Languages supported include ASP, JSP. EBA:Grid V2 integrates seamlessly with MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, DB2, and more! Free download! The lightweight nature of the Grid distinguishes it from similar products. It downloads quickly, requires no preinstalled software or action from the user to install, and features a robust and full-featured user interface. V2 is the spreadsheet and data-entry solution for financial applications, point of sale systems, and database management tools. The control is delivered seamlessly with the web page as a JavaScript attachment. This means your application will not require prior installation of any software, and will be Windows Service Pack 2 compatible. Feature Highlights - Column Freezing. Freeze n columns to the left while preserving the scrolling ability on other columns. Useful for viewing complex recordsets. - Asynchronous Paging. Quickly scroll through large datasets without reloading the page. - Databound Comboboxes. Specialized input type with type-ahead autocomplete. Eg: Bind a cell to a remote database containing a list of clients which is loaded on demand from the server. Type the first few letters of the client's name and the combobox will attempt to guess which you are typing. - AutoSave. Save all changes to the Grid asynchronously in real time as the user types without interruping workflow or reloading the page. - Predefined Visual Styles. - Formatted data entry. - Multiple cell types including: Text, Number, Dates, Boolean, List boxes, Combo Boxes.
Tags: software , database , web , data , time , control , action , management , nature , list , application , remote , page , downloads , spreadsheet , webpage , user , financial , name , type , databasemanagement , pointofsale , installation , cell , solution , style , workflow , columns , input , real , for , features , scrolling , scroll , sale , letters , point , combobox , combo , changes , clients ,

 AlstraSoft EPal Pro

AlstraSoft EPal Pro is a Php software to run an online business under the Paypal payment gateway system with IPN configuration. Using this software users are able to extend their transactions even to clients who don't have a paypal account. This script also favours content management function to update the site content and paypal account particulars. Online demo available.
Tags: software , online , management , system , business , site , script , demo , content , run , account , update , function , payment , contentmanagement , gateway , users , paypal , clients ,


SupportChat.Net is a live chat application written from the ground up for the .Net platform. SupportChat.Net allows companies of all sizes to add live customer sales and support to their existing Web sites. The SupportChat.Net smart button can be used on any Web page, not just ASP.NET pages. SupportChat.Net runs on your own domain and Web site. Chat text is saved as XML and formatted with XSLT. SupportChat.Net uses HTML for the chat window which means faster display time for clients and multiple browser support. You can choose to force visitors to identify themselves before engaging in a chat conversation, or optionally let them chat anonymously. SupportChat.Net can be integrated with your site’s shopping cart and email announcements and features automatic ranking, a color-coded warning system with visual or audible alarms, after-hours messages, chat invitations, and extensive reporting.
Tags: email , text , time , system , browser , chat , application , automatic , visual , display , window , sales , multiple , button , smart , support , domain , customer , live , shopping , formatted , shoppingcart , faster , for , features , force , clients ,

 aneVe.ESM(eBay Sales Manager)

eBay Sales Manager is helpful for managing any kind of growing business. This tool helps them to maintain their customers, orders and sales of their product. By using eBay manager users can access their top five clients as well as top ten orders. It contains several important features they are, user friendly main menu, users can view who have not paid, who have not left feed back, can customize their database about their customers and orders. Searching facility is available and more features are available.
Tags: database , tool , manager , access , using , view , sales , user , customize , feed , orders , for , features , customers , maintain , users , available , top , clients ,

 Registration script

Registration script is a powerful security software that offers custom solutions for all website owners to implement secured user registration programes on their site. You can generate registration forms for your site that allows your customers and clients to register the online programes with their username and password before they navigate through the website. Using this online program you can enrich and enhance your website security from frauds and hackers from stealing your website contents.
Tags: software , security , password , program , online , website , site , script , forms , generate , user , custom , enhance , securitysoftware , for , customers , register , registration , solutions , navigate , powerful , clients ,

 PayPal Donation Meter

This is an useful donation booster system written in PHP which uses paypal IPN to manage your donation accounts. You can receive donations from your customers and clients through paypal, check the status of your accounts, sum up and evaluate the total amounts received so far etc., through this javascript enabled PHP program.
Tags: system , javascript , check , manage , receive , customers , useful , booster , paypal , evaluate , clients ,

 Restricting Web Access by an IP Address

Restricting Web Access by an IP Address is a user authentication application which prohibits the access to users website or particular pages. By cheking the clients IP address this application restricts the access of users website. This application is easy to integrate and very easy to handle.
Tags: access , website , easy , application , address , user , users , authentication , clients ,

 ASP Scripter Live Support

ASP Scripter Live Support provides the best way for live support which acts as an efficient tool to contact with the guest and clients at once. This chat has a complete web based administration. More special features are added to this ASP Scripter Live Support for the benefit of the web administrators.
Tags: web , tool , chat , best , contact , support , live , for , features , webbased , complete , special , clients ,

 Populate Form from Database

Through this online article the author explains the procedure of generating a form in the web page which collects the data from the database and the clients can modify their details. The author explains this concept with sample source code as webmaster's reference.
Tags: database , web , data , online , code , form , page , source , webpage , sourcecode , author , sample , modify , clients ,

 Display 10Records per Page

This online article teaches the developers to display any minumum number of records at a time according to the option of the developer. Through this article the author explains the concept of limiting the number of records to be displayed at a time. The rest of the records can be viewed by the clients through scrolling records. The sample source code is available in this tutorial.
Tags: time , online , code , source , display , sourcecode , number , author , sample , records , scrolling , option , available , clients ,

 Aurigma Media Gallery .NET

Aurigma Media Gallery is a more effective information provider about the video files, images on the website. It is completely customized, which helps the users to work easily. It is more flexible, stable media application and helps the user to satisfy their clients requirements. It has a standard file called WebAdmin which helps to create new files, delete files, and have many new administrative functions etc. This can be intergrated into any custom websites.
Tags: file , video , create , images , delete , information , application , media , user , custom , work , into , functions , users , standard , clients ,


ProSupport is a powerful script that enables clients to help themselves. Clients can browse through your Knowledge Base articles, download helpful utilities and tools, view company announcements in real time, or submit a trouble ticket to your support team. ProSupport was built on several key features that are important to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. It is a tool to help you answer your clients' questions with ease and efficiency. Several important features such as email piping, complete ticket management, server scanning, per department registration requirements, template based design for easy customization, and an advanced activity alert program (ProAlert) are all included in the base package to enable you to serve your customers better and faster than ever before.
Tags: email , download , tool , program , server , utilities , design , easy , help , script , view , key , advanced , browse , template , alert , support , activity , good , package , submit , questions , real , faster , for , features , customers , base , registration , complete , ticket , powerful , clients ,

 Simple SMTP Mailer

This script works without the support of any framework, but only with the help of .NET SMTP classes. To create the connection to the mail server, TCPSocket class is used. This script has given the working model of sending mails through simple SMTP Mailer. This tool is very much important for the webmasters to send mails to their clients at any time in a more simpler way.
Tags: tool , create , mail , time , help , script , send , class , connection , simple , support , model , for , sending , clients , is an adaptive program to integrate billing tasks online through web based user interface. All payments including recurring and one time payment are handled effectively along with flat fee billing on hourly basis automatically. Customizable payment gateway is supported in addition with payment service. Invoices can be created unlimitedly and can be scheduled which are informed to the clients thorugh in-built email module. Billing records contains all detailed info for each client. Supports ticket system add on.
Tags: email , web , program , time , online , system , billing , tasks , user , info , payment , addition , for , records , gateway , webbased , ticket , clients ,

 Hollow blue - E-mailer

Hollow blue - E-mailer is an efficient email system designed for websites that enhances customer care support by enabling users and clients to send mails to the admin regarding their services. This software can be customized and installed very easily and is worth so.
Tags: software , email , system , send , admin , support , customer , websites , for , users , clients ,

 Webby - PHP Web Statistics

Webby - PHP Web Statistics is a PHP based statistics program for tracking website users. Using this script you can log users IP and DNS too. You will also be provided with clients system details like the operating system , browser, referer etc,. A handy tool for webmasters to track their site visitors details.
Tags: tool , program , system , website , site , script , log , tracking , statistics , track , for , users , clients ,


BBClassifieds is a fully dynamic and database-driven PHP classifieds system that allows site owners to create customized installations in order to meet the needs of their clients and visitors. It uses PHP/MySQL and can be very easily installed on any website. Features include yahoo-style navigation, web-based administration, custom-defined fields for each category, search, ability for users to edit or delete their listings, automatic expiration, online reply form, email friend, forgot password, CSS formatting and more.
Tags: email , create , online , system , delete , edit , site , automatic , dynamic , for , users , fields , reply , clients , formatting ,

 Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications

This is a tutorial tells about how to find out the identity of the users or clients who visited the site. In ASP.Net Web Forms using Windows Authentication, the author gives the example of this operation and its feedbacks. The author sets the security check for folders and then assembles authentication types to identify the signed-in guests or visitors. This article is very useful for the webmasters to check the address of the guest who visit their sites.
Tags: security , find , using , address , check , folders , tutorial , author , for , identity , useful , users , authentication , out , clients ,

 Accessing .NET Components from COM Clients and COM components from .NET Clients

This is an online tutorial expalining about the art of accepting .NET components from COM clients and vice versa. The author starts this tutorial by briefing about COM and .NET. The author shows how to access .NET components from COM through a worked example. The article highlights the importance of finding the assembly and the usage of RCW. This article teaches the webmasters about the access of .NET and COM components and how those could be called from each other.
Tags: online , access , art , components , tutorial , assembly , usage , author , clients ,

 ASP.NET and VB.NET Error Handling

ASP.NET and VB.NET Error Handling is a tutorial which deals with the error handing methods in ASP.NET and VB.NET. The author explains about how to use the structured way of error handling with the help of Try & Catch statement in VB.NET. In ASP.NET finding the runtime errors is easy and author explains about how to handle them. With this type the users could display customized messages to the clients instead of showing the error messages. The author also explains about the types of errors and the methods adopted to rectify those errors.
Tags: easy , help , display , error , messages , type , tutorial , errors , author , users , clients ,

 Web Services between .NET, Java and MS SOAP Toolkit

This tutorial offers basic steps to the web developers about web services. This tutorial is helpful for them to create their own web services and web service client applications and not only describes about web services also it shows the way how to make java client, STK client, .NET client, how to implement Apache SOAP for Java services and clients etc.,
Tags: web , create , java , make , client , service , basic , tutorial , services , applications , for , webservice , clients ,

 CF ShopKart

This is a shopping cart program that is not encrypted and allows users to customize according to their needs. The clients can see the order status and order history. This program offers an optional text field and checkboxes for the users. Features like setting quantity discounts, display of screen shopping cart, email list management, providing reports like product statistics, inventory view, thumbnails and large image views, offline credit card processing, specifying rates for each item etc are available. This program provide security through a password protected admin comtrol panel.
Tags: email , security , screen , image , password , program , text , inventory , list , display , admin , reports , thumbnails , customize , shopping , encrypted , credit , product , field , shoppingcart , for , creditcard , protected , users , clients ,

 Chat Client/Server

Chat Client/Server can be used by large corporates as a communication package for their large intranets. This can run on any machine with JRE installed. You can also specify a portnumber with which the RealServer can alternatively be executed using the portnumber. It allows the clients to connect to the server by specifying server's IP address and the same portnumber used by the server. This application comes with the source code.
Tags: server , application , using , address , source , communication , run , package , machine , connect , for , clients ,


Web based dispatch system. Without bar-code scanner and warehouse, clients management integration. Good choice for individuals, who want to try DVD rental business. If you not expect more then 500 clients during first year and not more then 100 in-out daily operations then it is right choice for you. Maximum stock size : 3.000; Maximum number of users in next 12 month: 500
Tags: management , stock , scanner , size , number , year , daily , rental , for , users , clients ,

 Whois Cart Pro

Whois Cart Pro is a PHP based application that provides a simple to use shopping cart for users purchasing domain names and hosting services. Whois Cart Pro has been designed to be easy for your clients to use. Selecting domains, verifying availability, adding hosting and the shopping cart are all controlled from one page. Whois Cart Pro can be used simply to sell domain names or can be enabled to offer hosting packages and domain transfers as well.
Tags: easy , application , simple , domain , shopping , shoppingcart , for , names , users , sell , hosting , clients , controlled , domainnames ,

 File downloading with COM and ASP

File downloading with COM and ASP is an ASP article for the webmasters that summarizes the procedures for sending download files to your clients through the COM components. The author has given some guidelines for protecting your website files from hackers along with the IResponse interface for sending the files directly to the client browser. You will also come to know how to use the FileTransfer object of ASP in downloading files.
Tags: download , files , website , client , interface , object , protecting , author , for , sending , clients ,


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