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 "MPS" to "MPH" converter

This is a calculating tool written in JavaScript that converts the speed in ‘Meters Per Second‘ to ‘Miles per Hour’. Just type the speed in miles per second in the text box provided in this script and then press the “convert” button. The script converts the speed into miles per hour immediately. The script also provides a ‘Reset’ button to clear the content in the text box. Supports configuring the font and size in the script.
Tags: tool , text , speed , script , font , content , button , size , into , type , second , clear , box ,

 Using the Eval and Execute Functions

This ASP tutorial explains the two arithmetic string functions with clear examples. Teaches that EVAL function can be used to evaluate a mathematic function which contains more than one arithmetic operation within one statement where as EXECUTE command is described that it is used to execute a expression that has been given within quotes. And explains the various options to be used with the functions.
Tags: tutorial , function , command , options , string , clear , execute , expression , functions , arithmetic , evaluate ,

 Getting ASP Pages with QueryStrings Indexed by Search Engines

ASP programmers can gain a trick to make the search engines to find and index the dynamic ASP web pages that contains the query strings through this online tutorial. This article tells about the required ways to be done step by step with clear explanation. Creation of custom 404 error pages in dynamic pages lets the serach engine consider it as a static page and it index that page. Here, an example is given for product pages to be found by search engines.
Tags: web , search , online , find , make , page , query , error , engine , custom , index , dynamic , pages , product , clear , for , webpages , engines , static ,

 Frequently Asked Database Script

Using this tool your website visitors can clear all their doubts about your website. This tool contains all the necessary information about your site. You can easily install this application on your website. This tool requires MySQL database to store the data. This is simple and easy to use tool.
Tags: database , tool , website , easy , information , application , install , store , simple , clear ,

 Frequently Asked Database Script

Using this tool your website visitors can clear all their doubts about your website. This tool contains all the necessary information about your site. You can easily install this application on your website. This tool requires MySQL database to store the data. This is simple and easy to use tool.
Tags: database , tool , website , easy , information , application , install , store , simple , clear ,

 Ace Mailto Link Wizard

Ace Mailto Link Wizard is a JavaScript tool that can be added in your webpage to add a mailto link that supports multiple To address, Cc addresses and Bcc addresses. The script also supports subject text, body text and link text options. On clicking the ‘Create mailto link’ button, the script creates the mailto link. A 'Reset’ button is also provided to clear the contents of the form.
Tags: tool , text , script , link , multiple , button , clear , addresses , contents ,


Menu class is a tool for making simple menu tables. This application allows you to make horizontal menu or vertical menu easily. An online demo is available on the website and this makes you a clear understanding. It has mouse over effect. Easy installation is a notable feature of this script. Easy to execute this programme.
Tags: tool , online , menu , website , make , application , mouse , class , demo , simple , installation , vertical , feature , clear , execute , for , available , horizontal ,

 Control Structures in ASP

One of the ASP based tutorial which provides more useful explanations about Control Structures in ASP programming. Web developers in ASP language can create their applications with condition checking code for various purposes. The Conditional Logic, Looping logic and Branching Logic are taught in detail where several example programs lets you get a clear outlook about this tutorial.
Tags: outlook , create , logic , programs , code , language , tutorial , checking , applications , clear , for , useful ,

 Search Databases the .NET Way

Search Databases the .NET Way is a tutorial which helps you to search for the data in the selected table of the Sql Server database. In this tutorial you can see a sample screen which helps you to get a clear idea about the database search. This tutorial explains it with the sample code to the users.
Tags: screen , database , search , data , code , table , tutorial , clear , sample , for ,

 ASP.NET Deployment - Back To Basics

ASP.NET Deployment - Back To Basics is an interesting article which deals with the information reagarding the features of ASP.NET . In this article the author clearly explains the CLR of ASP.NET. You can get a clear idea about creating aspx pages with the help of the example shown in this article.
Tags: help , information , creating , pages , author , clear , features ,

 Create and work with binary data in ASP/VBS

The tutorial will be very useful for the beginners in ASP development to get the clear details about binary data process in ASP and VBS. Converting string into binary, reading binary data, generating string values for binary data, storing and reading binary values from hard drives and many more binary processing can be learnt easily through this web based article.
Tags: web , data , development , process , hard , reading , processing , into , binary , tutorial , string , clear , for , useful , drives , webbased ,


This tool is helpful for the webmasters who want to create an online forum on their website which enhance their site visitors to communicate their site owners and also it enables them to clear their doubts regarding to the website and to the corresponding field. By using this tool webmasters can deliver news, archives, patches etc., to their site visitors.
Tags: tool , create , online , website , site , using , enhance , forum , clear , for ,

 Variables and Values in VBScript

In this online ASP learning module, the basic aspects in variables are taught with clear explanation. It describes about the data types used to store string values, number values, etc., And a detailed description can be learnt on VARIANTS in VBScript used to store any data type dynamically. More solutions can be got through this article that also comes with several other related articles.
Tags: data , online , learning , store , basic , number , type , string , clear , solutions ,

 What the Heck is PHP?

What the Heck is PHP? is a tutorial that teaches you to create effective and active PHP pages and files. This tutorial is also bundled with several reference links so that PHP developers can then and there clarify their doubts regarding PHP. Users are also facilitated with example codes so as to give a clear idea of the code formats.
Tags: create , code , links , tutorial , reference , pages , active , clear , codes ,

 Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System

Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System provides simple features to administer web based user system. Modules support internal lists for outward communications. It includes a library file and helping resource, call loggings, history data about events, FAQs system to clear enquiries, file system to handle hierarchical file structure, customizable color settings, company logo, and still a lot. Admin supports several privileges levels for users. It is fully based on HTML.
Tags: file , web , data , system , library , color , history , user , simple , support , levels , call , lists , clear , for , features , webbased , filesystem ,

 All About Variables Part 1 : Defining and Using

By reading this online ASP article, you can understand many things on variables which guides you to declare a variable and to name a variable to make it sense. Limitations lets you define the variable names properly. How variables can be called to perform functions is demonstrated with a little sample code that lets you obtain clear idea on variables.
Tags: online , make , code , name , reading , clear , sample , names , functions ,

 User Management Utility for Web Form Authentication

User Management Utility for Web Form Authentication is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about generating form authentication for securing the website by managing the user login and password. From the code given in this article, users can modify it to handle the passwords in MD5 format or clear format and also this code allows only the admin section to modify user information.
Tags: website , code , format , form , passwords , admin , user , tutorial , login , author , clear , for , modify , users , authentication ,

 SPLIT String Function by Charles Carroll

With the help of this ASP learning article, the ASP programmers can get more useful tips to manipulate strings in their ASP applications. The SPLIT function is explained along with it's syntax and it is explained to retrieve particular elements from an array this function should be used with delimiter. Demonstration enables you to get clear idea on SPLIT function.
Tags: help , learning , tips , retrieve , function , syntax , clear , useful ,

 What's New in PHP4?

What's New in PHP4? is an essay about the enhanced features of PHP4 than PHP3 and a compartive study of both. The author discusses various areas like, output buffering, evaluate for Identical operator, COM support on Windows and displaying portions of raw HTML code with some examples and simple sample programmes which makes it clear to us about the enhanced features of PHP4 and what is new in the PHP4. A nice article to the web developers.
Tags: web , code , simple , support , study , raw , nice , author , clear , sample , for , features , us , evaluate , examples ,

 Privacy Cleaner

This Privacy Cleaner is a privacy tool for the regular surfer, by just running this application they can clear their cookies, passwords, forms etc., If the auto complete is on, it will clear all the data or information instantly. It has many enhanced features like, DOD and NSA standard of deletion are supported, deletes the files securely, cleans clipboard and more. This tool is useful to provide privacy to the users.
Tags: tool , data , files , privacy , information , application , clipboard , auto , forms , clear , deletion , for , features , useful , standard , complete ,


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a CRM software which is a collection of methodologies that helps an organization to build the relationship with their customers in an organized way. With this system, an organization can cater the needs of their customers quickly and efficiently and allow them to contact the right personnel to clear their doubts. The CRM tools will give the support professionals of your organization to access the details of the customers immediately so that they could give a personal touch to the customers who are contacting them. It is in this concept, the more the satisfied customers you get, the more will be your business.
Tags: software , access , tools , collection , personal , contact , support , build , clear , customers , personnel , organization ,

 An Insider View of Uploading Files using ASP

An Insider View of Uploading Files using ASP is an easy to understand tutorial aimed to give the readers a brief outlook on file uploads for web applications. The author has explained the concepts in a clear format along with the individual ASP codings. You will come to know about both HTTP and FTP file uploads, their merits and demerits, the advantages of SA-FileUp, the active server component integrated with ASP over the Microsoft's 'Posting Acceptor' etc.,
Tags: file , web , outlook , server , component , easy , format , using , tutorial , active , author , clear , for ,

 An Overview to Active Server Pages

A clear outline on ASP can be gained from this web based tutorial which tells how to carry out server side scripts via scripting languages such as VBScript, JScript etc., And the author tells in detail about the requirements to run ASP applications. How the root directory should be accessed is explained elaborately. And the other information lets you create and develop dynamic and interactive applications in ASP language.
Tags: web , create , server , information , scripts , directory , interactive , run , dynamic , scripting , tutorial , outline , applications , author , languages , clear , develop , webbased , out ,

 Design Secure Visual Studio.NET Web Services

This is a web service tutorial from which the users can get clear idea what are the problems occuring while creating a web service. It also suggests the users what are the do's and dont's to avoid errors while creating web services and solution also has been provided with code snippets to test on your systems.
Tags: web , code , creating , test , service , tutorial , errors , services , solution , clear , webservice , users ,

 Using Web Services

From this web services article the web developers can get clear solution on web services and they can view how it works with the help of given sample source code. What are web services, what is Web Service Description Language and what are the benefits, how to generate proxy classes etc.,
Tags: web , help , view , source , proxy , generate , services , solution , clear , sample ,

 EMS PostgreSQL Manager Professional

EMS PostgreSQL Manager is a powerful tool for PostgreSQL Database Server administration and development. PostgreSQL Manager works with any PostgreSQL versions up to 8.0 and supports all of the latest PostgreSQL features including tablespaces, argument names in functions, and so on. It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and powerful BLOB editor to satisfy all their needs. PostgreSQL Manager has a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it. EMS PostgreSQL Manager Key Features: - Full support of PostgreSQL up to version 8.0; - New state-of-the-art graphical user interface; - Rapid database management and navigation; - Easy management of all PostgreSQL objects; - Advanced data manipulation tools; - Effective security management; - Excellent visual and text tools for query building; - Impressive data export and import abilities; - Powerful visual database designer; - Easy-to-use wizards performing PostgreSQL maintenance tasks.
Tags: security , database , tool , editor , data , text , management , tools , export , import , visual , query , wizard , administration , user , support , maintenance , version , databasemanagement , interface , clear , for , names , features , users , userinterface , powerful , graphical , dataexport ,

 EMS MySQL Manager Professional

EMS MySQL Manager is a powerful tool for MySQL Database Server administration and development. MySQL Manager works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06 and supports all of the latest MySQL features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, user-definable functions, transaction-safe tables, new MySQL 5.0 Authentication Protocol, MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions, charsets and collations support for databases and tables. It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and BLOB viewer/editor to satisfy all their needs. MySQL Manager has a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects in a simple and direct way, run SQL scripts, manage users and administer user privileges, edit SQL queries, extract and print metadata, create database structure reports in HTML format, export/import data, and supplies many other services that will make your work with MySQL server as easy as it can be. EMS MySQL Manager features: - Full support of MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06; - New state-of-the-art graphical user interface; - Rapid database management and navigation; - Simple management of all MySQL objects; - Advanced data manipulation tools; - Powerful security management; - Excellent visual and text tools for query building; - Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard; - Impressive data export and import abilities; - Completely remade Visual Database Designer; - Easy-to-use wizards performing MySQL services; - Both Windows and Linux versions available.
Tags: security , database , tool , data , create , text , server , management , print , edit , easy , tools , make , export , extract , report , import , visual , manage , query , wizard , administration , user , reports , simple , run , designer , support , work , services , databasemanagement , interface , databases , construction , clear , for , structure , features , users , objects , foreign , userinterface , powerful , graphical , dataexport ,

 Ration Generator

Ration Generator workings workings is by a multiplicative inverse process. Rounding and multiplying the values results in the best ratios of a decimal. You can input any positive whole number and decimal value up to eight (8) places (This is the limit of accuracy for the Javascript calculator that it can handle for this program). You can enter your value by punching in the numbers on the key pad. To the bottom right is a "left arrow" button where you may erase the last number inputted also you may clear the value by clicking on the "C" button. By clicking on the "Get Ratio!" button a window will open adjacent to the right with the results. This window contains your inputted value and then lists the ratios from the largest most accurate down to the smallest best ratios. The Ratio Generator will produce for you both Proper/Improper and Mixed fractions just simply make the selection in the menu.
Tags: calculator , make , erase , key , window , best , open , button , number , numbers , value , lists , accurate , limit , input , clear , for , decimal ,

 Expense Report Software

This PHP based program helps administrators to track clear expense report. Each and every user can login and submit their expense item for later approval and can be notified via email about whether the submitted item is approved or not. Administrators will be able to manage any number of users by organizing them into several categories.
Tags: email , program , manage , track , user , number , into , submit , expense , login , clear , for , organizing , users ,

 Franciscocharrua's Navigation - Links

Franciscocharrua's Navigation - Links is an online software dealing with navigation and menu systems. Using this application webmasters would be able to generate quick and easy to use web page links for their website with a clear directory structure. All navigation bars are designed on static HTML pages so as to provide quick access for their webpages.
Tags: software , web , online , menu , access , website , easy , application , directory , navigation , page , generate , links , webpage , quick , pages , clear , for , static ,


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