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 A clock

A clock is a simple script based on php and is a time displaying script. This program provide the ability to show current time in 24 hour mode. It returns output format as hours, minutes and seconds. Users can create CRC table within clock.php3. Users can calculate checksum with the bytes data. Users can set height, color type, compression method, bid depth, width, interlace and filter method for IHDR chunk data.
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 MD5 Checksum File Parser

Using this program you can parse and output checksum files. This is actually a PHP class library that uses MD5 hash algorithm to check and verify the integrity of the data and damages done on the files. This PHP class parses and output the details of the file such as the file name, the date of creation, the user and the host, the root etc., This program uses MD5 hash algorithm for verifying the checksum files and gives the hash values for the respective files.
Tags: file , program , data , files , library , check , date , class , user , hash , verify , checksum , for , parse , algorithm ,

 MSCCrypto for Linux

MSCCrypto is COM component for Active Server Pages and stand-alone applications. It includes collection of the best encryption and hashing algorithms: - RSA public key algorithm (512/1024/2048 bits key size) - AES symmetric block algorithm (128/192/256 bits key size) - Blowfish symmetric block algorithm (64 to 448 bits key size) - Cast5 (Cast 128) symmetric block algorithm (128 bits key size) - TripleDES symmetric block algorithm (192 bits key size) - Twofish symmetric block algorithm (128/192/256 bits key size) - MD5 hash (128 bits hash) - SHA1 hash (160 bits hash) - Ripemd hash (160 bits hash) - 32-bit CRC checksum algorithm - 24-bit CRC checksum algorithm Additionally, MSCCrypto 2.0 includes PGP/OpenPGP - compatible component, MSCCyrptoPGP. It allows you to exchange symmetrically encrypted information between MSCCrypto and various cryptographic applications in binary and armored (text) form. With MSCCrypto, you can keep sensitive or private information of your customers safe and undisclosed. All algoritms are exact implementations of respective standards. Miraplacid Crypto Component core is proprietary Miraplacid Crypto Library. It is not an object wrapper around the Microsoft CryptoAPI.
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 Barcode Professional ASP.NET Mobile Web Control

Barcode Professional mobile Web Control is an easy to use barcode generating tool with enhanced features. This tool produces linear and 2D barcode symboligies such as EAN 8 ,EAN 13, code 11, code 16k, planet, postnet, UPC-A, UPC-E etc., This tool supports output image formats such as bmp, gif, png, jpeg and wbmp as well as databinding. This tool calculates the checksum value of the symbology and it provides antialias effect for the text in the barcode image.
Tags: image , tool , text , jpeg , easy , barcode , code , mobile , effect , value , checksum , for , linear , wbmp ,

 Cygnus Hex Editor

This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Features include MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, blazing fast and flexible search, search and replace, delete and insert characters as easily as you can in a word processor, edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB). Newer features include intelligent file comparison, conversion routines, checksum calculation, import/export operations, and developers can now extend the programís functionality by writing C/DLL extensions.
Tags: file , search , editor , files , word , delete , conversion , edit , fast , memory , virtual , hex , insert , writing , drop , checksum , now , characters , features , hexeditor , available , easiest , undo ,

 Buffer Component

This is a tool which initiates the users to perform file reading and writng operations through a web browser. This utility permits the users to read images from the file and to send to the browser. The users can write data to file and can read binary data from a file. Features like MD5 checksum computing and Base64 data encoding. A nice and useful utility for the users and the webmasters to manage files.
Tags: file , web , utility , tool , data , images , write , manage , send , read , reading , binary , nice , checksum , for , useful , users , computing ,


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