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 2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software

2D / 3D Pie Chart creates Pie charts that can be incorporated into your Web Pages and supports features like depth of the 3D effect, rotation of the 3D effect, labels on and off, font and colors, pie sizes etc which can be configured easily. It offers both a client and server side solution. This is a printer friendly applet with multiple pies. It display values on Mouse Over events and URL link on Mouse Click events. Web authors and Java developers can easily build and publish dynamic and interactive Pie Charts.
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 3D Multi Series Bar Graph

2D / 3D Bar Graph can obtain data from a various sources including, Files Databases Scripts and server Side processes Servlets, JSP, ASP, PERL and from HTML parameters for incorporation of charts in your web pages. It supports different colors to axis, bars, labels etc. Other features include Label Orientation, 2D/3D Graphing Mode, JavaScript interaction, Printer Friendly, Labels On/Off, Font and Color Selectable, Configurable Scale, Configurable Grid Starting x,y position, Configurable Number of decimal places to show values etc.
Tags: web , data , server , show , colors , charts , labels , for , features , processes , decimal ,

 Flash Pie Chart

Flash Pie Chart is a flash movie that has the ability to produce pie charts on users applications. It generates flash pie charts for ASP applications in a quick manner. Users can utilize this tool to display any statistical information or report on their existing websites. It is an intuitive program and users can have a live demo of this program.
Tags: tool , flash , program , movie , information , report , display , demo , quick , charts , live , applications , pie , for , users ,

 ChartDirector for .NET

ChartDirector for.NET is an effective chart tool through which you can generate several charts such as Pie, bar, line, step line, trend line, curve-fitting, area, scatter, bubble etc., This tool automatically creates image maps with company logos, buttons and images. Some key feature of this componenet are, multi- threaded architecture, supports any number of languages, suports CDML technology, drilldown feature etc.,
Tags: image , tool , chart , key , generate , buttons , number , automatically , charts , bubble , feature , maps ,

 Haneng Charts

This is easy to use tutorial that provides source code to generate the bar charts for your input data. You can easily download this bar chart generating code on your applications. These bar graphs can be displayed with different colors.
Tags: download , easy , code , chart , bar , source , generate , sourcecode , tutorial , charts , graphs , input , for , barchart ,

 Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP

Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP is a group of object which helps to do a desired task with the help of functionalities that it has. This tool has various objects and each has individual functions. HTTP object has features like capability to enter into any URL, provide NTML authentication etc. Command object has features like allowing to execute any command, to customize object security etc. RegExp object offers features like providing expressions in PERL and POSIX. Script object has various features set like is name, is alpha, is password,etc. And also it includes charts and spell check.
Tags: security , tool , help , task , set , into , charts , customize , group , spell , object , execute , for , features , objects , authentication ,

 A Powerful Combination--Charting in .Net using SVG

This is an article that covers on creating charts with the help of an effective combination .NET and SVG. In this tutorial the author says that generating charts using third party components will not be sufficient to suit all the needs of the users, at the same time creating chart using SVG in .NET facilitates users to customize as they like. This tutorial lists out all the features of SVG and explains about generating charts by providing sample codes.
Tags: time , help , creating , using , chart , components , tutorial , charts , customize , author , lists , sample , features , users , party , out , covers ,

 ASP Report Wizard

With the help of this script webmasters can build any type of reports including columnar, tabular, master detail, charts with graphs etc., on their websites. Users can have the facility to preview before publishing and export them into different formats like CSV, Excel, XML and Text if necessary. It has several features like ability to produce reports dynamically when clicking on the links and to hide specific table or view, creating report from more than one table, generating pagesize report dynamically etc., So using this program users can create reports for increasing the efficiency of the buisiness.
Tags: program , create , export , help , creating , report , script , using , hide , table , links , reports , build , into , type , preview , charts , publishing , graphs , master , for , features , users , efficiency ,

 Aurigma Flash Chart

Aurigma Flash Chart is an easy to use tool through which you can create vaious charts such as line, area,pie,column and row. This tool support 30 sytle schemes and several animation types. You can change the style, layout, color, border and fonts of the charts easily. This provides Unicode character set. You can easily download and install this component for your web applications.
Tags: download , web , tool , create , component , easy , animation , change , install , support , charts , fonts , character , for ,

 Simple Graphs With ASP

This is an useful tutorial that guides you to generate the line graphs. These graphs are useful for the programmers to show various reports based on their statistical data. Various properties of the graph such as color, height and width of the bar, tile of the charts etc can be easily changed.
Tags: show , graph , generate , reports , line , tutorial , charts , graphs , properties , for , useful ,


AyloChart is an effective tool through which you can create charts with different colors in background gradient, points, lines, grid and bar. You can calculate ratio percentage using pie charts and average using line charts. Some key features of this tool are trend auto calculation, image mapping feature, image streaming to improve the performance, upload image format to file system etc., Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: file , image , tool , create , system , format , using , upload , auto , key , demo , background , colors , streaming , line , charts , grid , mapping , calculate , pie , features , improve , filesystem , available , average , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,

 Graphs from a database

This tutorial helps you to create simple bar graphs. You can access any form of database and can select any fields in the table using this code. These bar charts can be displayed with different colors. This tutorial provides the easy way to create bar charts.
Tags: database , create , access , easy , using , form , bar , table , simple , tutorial , charts , select , fields ,

 Creating Bar and Pie Charts in ASP.NET

This is an article that guides users to generate graphical charts in both bar and pie types. The author says that using classes from .NET framework makes it easier to create charts with several image formats, to substatiate this point here the author provides detailed instructions and sample codes to allow the users to create graphical charts by using .NET framework's drawing classes.
Tags: image , create , using , bar , generate , drawing , charts , author , pie , sample , framework , users , point , graphical , codes ,

 Buba Chart

Using this powerful and customizable chart application you can generate area, pie, bar, line and column charts. You can apply different animation effect to these charts. Properties such as style, color, border, title, font size and type of the charts can be changed easily. This software is written in ASP.NET. and it is very useful for your web applications.
Tags: software , web , animation , application , chart , effect , font , size , line , type , charts , column , for , useful , powerful ,

 PRO FX+ ASP Chart Component

This is a program, by using which users can build charts dynamically to be used for statistical reports. Users can build charts with graphs to to display the statistical information. They can create line chart, pie chart, 2D and 3D bar chart, step chart and area chart by using this program. They can easily customize this component to suit all their demands in creating graphical charts.
Tags: create , component , creating , using , chart , bar , display , line , build , area , charts , customize , graphs , pie , for , users , graphical ,

 ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph

This is a tutorial that can be used by the users to generate bar graphs for their websites. In this tutorial the author offers a code which is capable of creating series of graphical charts in horizontal position for a better understanding. This will be of much use for the users in displaying any number in graphical representation.
Tags: code , creating , bar , generate , number , tutorial , charts , graphs , author , position , for , users , horizontal , graphical ,

 Component One Studio

Component One Studio script is an ASP.NET based tool which has several components that allows webmasters to create their own web application in few seconds. Component available with this tool are, web grid component, reporting component, web chart to display charts in both 2D and 3D model, web menus, web bars, web spell and component for e-commerce etc.,
Tags: web , tool , create , component , script , application , chart , display , components , reporting , charts , grid , spell , for , available ,

 PopChart Server

PopChart is an art based tool capable of producing an attractive charts and graphs for users websites. It can create text boxes, callout notes that will appear on the graphs and charts. This chart contain variety of graph images. It has variety of features like graphing, drilldown, data connectivity etc. It include different types of graphs like pie, line and bar.
Tags: tool , data , create , text , notes , chart , art , graph , line , charts , graphs , for , features , users , connectivity ,

 ASP Magic Perf Component

Using this ASP component you can connect NT performance monitor to your COM based application which helps you to know the number of users open your ASP page. This tool also helps you to know the time taken for the execution of all the tranctions and it supports many counters. Various reports are generated using charts based on the performace of your application.
Tags: tool , time , component , monitor , application , using , performance , open , reports , number , charts , connect , for , users ,


LiveStats.XSP is an online simple and effective client server application utility tool designed with SOAP programming interface to enable large website owners to track all their visitors, clients and customers with detailed statistical reports. This online log analyzer is furnished with fast processing log analyzing engine with which you can generate intuitive customer intractive charts with web based statistics. Some of the key features include automated account creations and invitation system for all users, automated maintenance, scalable licensing, bulk configuration and virtual server management etc.
Tags: web , utility , tool , online , server , management , system , website , fast , client , application , log , programming , key , generate , track , bulk , virtual , analyzer , engine , simple , account , processing , customer , charts , loganalyzer , automated , interface , configuration , for , features , customers , webbased , clients ,

 Google AdSense Charts and Graphs

You can use this utility to figure out the total number of hits on your website ads and to present those data on a line chart. This adsense chart generator supports eight different multidimensional line charts and generates a statistical report on the total and cummulative clicks, impressions, earnings etc.,
Tags: utility , data , website , generator , report , chart , ads , number , line , charts , present , out ,

 Got .NET? Got Charting? Here’s .netCHARTING Then

This is an article that can be used as a guidance and reference to learn about generating graphs and chart with .netCHARTING control. This tutorial says that .netCHARTING control facilitates users to create charts as they like and explains about the role of GDI+ services in drawing charts and customizing the feel and look. This tutorial explains the process of chart creation by providing step-by-step procedures with screen shots.
Tags: screen , create , control , learn , chart , drawing , process , tutorial , charts , services , reference , graphs , creation , users ,

 Stock Chart

Stock Chart is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this powerful tool you can create stock charts and indicators. This tool uses external datas to draw charts. You can easily resize and move the charts. You can easily download and install this component on your web applications.
Tags: download , web , tool , create , component , easy , stock , resize , install , draw , move , charts , powerful ,

 Easy Financial and Stock Chart

This is a program that comes with the ability to allow webmasters to build charts in graphical representation for making better analysis on finance and stocks. This program allows webmasters to add their own indicators even it provides number of in-build indicators. Webmasters can customize the skin by using provided in-build skins. Data can be reported in every month, week or day. This program is an effective programmable formula system and has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: program , system , using , analysis , finance , skin , number , build , charts , customize , formula , for , features , graphical ,

 ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs

ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs is an efficient online utility with which you can represent data in several chart formats. Using this tool you can make your java applications more dynamic and intractive with 2D charts such as line, bar and pie charts. Admin can strip all charts with value ranges and can also customize the color and line styles of the charts as desired. There are provisions for creating different charts for the same data series and for the data accessed from different database, text and XML files. Main features include support for JDBC and protocols like FILE, FTP and HTTP and configure chart elements etc.,
Tags: utility , tool , data , text , online , java , make , color , creating , chart , bar , line , support , dynamic , charts , customize , applications , value , pie , for , features , configure ,

 Advanced Auction Master System

You can implement this remotely hosted auction software to handle and monitor the flow of auctions. Current bids can be notified to available sellers and bidders with up-to-date info. Supports multi-server for faster auctions. Countdown clock is available to work with auction timing. Payments can be accepted through several payment gateways. Graphical evaluated charts can show the statistical details in real time.
Tags: software , clock , monitor , show , work , charts , auction , payment , flow , real , faster , for , auctionsoftware , available ,


Webmasters can utilize this program to monitor watch items on their websites. Users can have more optional types such as SMTP, HTTP, POP3, Ping, Port, HTTPS, DNS and FTP to monitor the watch items. They can have the facility to categorize the watch items into several group or types before monitoring them. It displays users real time statistical reports in graphical representations. It comes with the ability to report historical data and to make a better analysis over those data by day of month, day of week and day. It allows users to copy and paste the charts on major windows applications such as MS Excel, MS Word, Notepad etc., Webmasters can customize the GUI interface and entire chart to suit their needs.
Tags: windows , program , data , time , monitor , make , copy , monitoring , report , analysis , chart , watch , reports , paste , into , charts , customize , interface , day , applications , group , real , users , graphical ,

 Chart a Course With ASP.NET Graphics

This is a tutorial where users can gather information about generating charts on ASP.NET websites. Here the author illustrates about creating pie and bar charts in the format of ADO.NET Dataset object by using C# with .NET framework's classes. The author details the hurdles in creating graphics with ASP and the capabilities of the .NET framework in creating them.
Tags: graphics , information , creating , format , using , bar , tutorial , charts , object , author , pie , framework , users ,

 ASP Cool Chart

This powerful chart tutorial helps the programmers to draw the bar charts. You can enter different values based on your need and draw the customizable charts. These charts are useful for all the internet applications.
Tags: internet , chart , bar , draw , tutorial , charts , for , useful , powerful ,


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