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 Simple Calendar

This is an online tutorial which instructs and guides the web programmers to create their own event calendar on their website. This tutorial provides sample source code for the learners by which they can test the program for quick reference.
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 eDate Web Calendar

eDate is an event calendar that is a great Internet or Intranet application. With easy account setup, an already overworked webmaster can manage user accounts that easily allow events to be added, deleted or updated. This web application is unique in that you can create whatever look you need because the ASP source code is included. eDate's versatility is unlimited. Features 100% vbScript. No ActiveX components Easy to setup and modify Optimized calendar drawing algorithm Supports International date formats System Requirements MS Access 2000TM or MS SQL 7.0/2000 data source Requires Windows NT with IIS 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0
Tags: web , create , calendar , easy , code , application , source , 2000 , components , drawing , user , sourcecode , deleted , account , accounts , event , events , algorithm ,


CalendarNow is a professional web-based calendar solution for commercial and personal use. CalendarNow provides you with all of the standard calendar features along with many unique and professional features. Some of CalendarNow's key features include: Unlimited Calendars, Unlimited Admins with unique settings, Unlimited Events, Customizable Public View pages, Import/Export, simple web based setup in under 5 minutes, and much more.
Tags: web , calendar , personal , key , simple , professional , solution , for , features , webbased , standard , commercial ,

 O-Kiraku Nikki

O-Kiraku Nikki is a simple calendar that navigates you perfectly by correct month, date, day and year. This software permits webmasters to display a calendar in your website. You can add your engagements and events in the calendar to remember. It displays your events in your web page. You can use it as a weblogger, scheduler. It supports multilanguage and has security.
Tags: software , web , calendar , display , simple , day , events , multilanguage ,

 ASP Easy Calendar

This is an easy to install, maintain, and use calendar script written in ASP using Access datanase. This will allows admin to maintain events. Events can be single day or multiple day events. The events can be validated with server side validation.
Tags: server , calendar , easy , script , using , multiple , admin , day , events , maintain ,

 Web Board

Web Board is an useful component for the web owners to build their website with online discussion forum. It helps them to create communities rapidly. Available features of this tool are, chat- it helps web visitors to chat with others and also they can send email message to others, users are allowed to send image and other formatted files through file attachment, calendar- it displays calendar for schedule, poll and rating facilities are included and many more features are available.
Tags: email , file , image , web , tool , create , online , files , component , calendar , website , chat , message , send , build , formatted , for , features , rating , useful , users , available ,

 AK DatePicker

AK DatePicker is a JavaScript tool helps the user to generate a calendar, time and some of the useful events in that particular day with the help of a pop up calendar in the web page. This tool works with the browser like Mozilla Firebird/Firefox 0.6.1+, Mozilla 1.3+,Internet explorer, and Netscape. This can be integrated into any active websites.
Tags: web , tool , time , calendar , browser , help , pop , generate , user , into , day , events , active , useful ,

 Alivesites Calendar

This is a program that enables users to have a web based calendar for event scheduling. This program comes with an effective WYSIWYG editor for using in content formatting. This program facilitates users to view present day and date of week or any specific day and date of week. This program provides support for several display options and allows administrators customize the entire look and feel as they like.
Tags: web , editor , program , calendar , using , view , date , display , content , support , customize , event , day , options , for , webbased , users , present ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App

Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App is a tutorial which helps the users for including datas to the calendar on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is explained in stepwise process with an example. By going through this tutorial the users can create an event scheduling calendar on their websites.
Tags: create , calendar , scheduling , process , tutorial , event , events , for , users ,

 ASP Date Picker Popup Calendar

This tool is basically for generating a date picker calendar by which the web users can query their required date and events easily. Users can change the look of the calendar with the components provided in the tool. This utility can be accessed from any page like, ASP,, html etc., It has built in CSS component that helps them to configure the layout of calendar.
Tags: html , web , utility , tool , component , calendar , page , change , date , query , components , layout , events , picker , for , users , configure ,

 AWS-Webtools WebCalender

This is an ASP based calendar script which is used on web pages by the webmaster to display a custom monthly calendar on their website. Date picker and easy customization of calendar designs and layout are permitted to the users. It supports multiple languages and CSS. This tool works under server side.
Tags: web , tool , server , calendar , easy , script , display , multiple , custom , pages , layout , languages , picker , webpages , monthly ,

 ASP Web-Kalender

This is an ASP-based calendar application. It features: Server component - output is perfectly independent pure HTML, of the Browser type of the Clients, Versatile configurable full CSS support, and Individual items such as days or months link to the detail events.
Tags: component , calendar , link , type ,

 ASP Event Calendar

This script is basically built in ASP. This script helps web site owners to create an useful calendar on their site which displays date, day, month and year. It helps site visitors to add and remove their events from the calendar easily. Web owners can differentiate the events and they can form different categories according to the event type, hence it makes easy to the administrator and visitor to search their events quickly.
Tags: web , search , create , calendar , easy , remove , site , script , form , administrator , event , events , useful , visitor ,

 ASP-World.Com EventCalendar

An easy to use online calendar program to inform the world of upcoming events. This is an Easy to install and use applicaiton. This supports three view interfaces they are Default , Large Calendar and Entire Months Listing. This provides a Search feature which allows finding specific events. Supports unlimited events for a specific day. Protected by Password for more authentication. Provides browser based administration facilities. Create, One can manage the events (own events) ie edit & delete events through your browser. One can Create recurring as well as single events. Option to review postings from users
Tags: program , online , calendar , delete , browser , edit , easy , view , manage , ie , install , world , administration , events , feature , for , review ,

 Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod

This is an ASP based program that can be used by the users to create and manage web calendar. This calendar supports for event scheduling and allows users to manage events by adding, deleting and editing. This program also facilitates to highlight the birthday of the members. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: web , program , create , calendar , easy , manage , scheduling , birthday , event , events , for , users ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App.

The main purpose of calendars are for displaying the event schedule. The author in his article narrates about the creation of a calendar application which mainly deals with event scheduling and displaying. This calendar works by looping through the days of the month and through the events to display the calendar.
Tags: calendar , application , scheduling , display , event , events , author , creation , for ,

 Aspik's Web Calendar

This script is built in ASP which is used for creating a website with powerful and customizable event calendar that allows the site visitors to add, edit, retrieve and delete the events from the calendar. Users can customize the layout of the calendar and also they can print out the selected view of the calendar. This program is easy to setup and to run.
Tags: program , calendar , print , website , delete , easy , creating , site , script , view , retrieve , customize , event , layout , events , for , powerful , out ,

 vCard Lite

This is a php software and a card in which webmasters can activate and deactivate the post card categories. Features like calendar events, search, poem, sub category and flexible design templates are available in this script. This script can be easily integrated with any active websites. This script is simple and easy to use, configure, customize and to install by the users.
Tags: software , calendar , design , easy , php , script , templates , install , simple , customize , active , post , available ,

 The Knight's Calendar

The Knight's Calendar is a PHP based calendar script. It is an event calendar. Users can enter their main events like, marriage day, carnival day, birth day, school functions, date of appointment etc., Several features of Knight's Calendar are, ability to add date, time of reminders, can navigate month either forward or backward, simple like a real monthly calendar to view year, month, day etc., It allows you to search all reminders in your calendar.
Tags: search , time , calendar , view , date , simple , school , appointment , event , day , events , reminders , real , forward , features , navigate , monthly ,

 Easily Simple Calendar

The Easily Simple Calendar is just that. A simple PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into your web site and easy to customize. It is an attractively small calendar suitable for display on your calendar of events page, your home page, or anywhere you need a calendar. Use the Calendar Creator and let your imagination run wild! Easily customize colors, font sizes, table sizes and much more. Choose additional options that include the ability to toggle highlighting today's date, whether you want to display the year in the title, and more. The Easily Simple Calendar is free for personal use (donations graciously accepted) and is now only $8.95 for commercial use with free upgrades for life.
Tags: web , calendar , easy , site , script , personal , home , display , table , font , simple , small , run , into , customize , year , events , options , highlighting , now , for , commercial ,

 Calendars On This Site

An easier and effective way to co-ordinate all booking and events can be got from this hosted application. This website allows you to add, edit, delete calendar entries online. Entries for an year can be shown through this module. More useful for clubs, hotels, property websites etc., to let the users utilize properties, and to add, view events. Webmasters can customize the look and feel of your calendar system.
Tags: calendar , website , delete , view , customize , year , events , websites , property , for , entries , booking , useful , users ,


CxCalendar is an online scheduling software that can be used to archive events, journal, tasks etc on the websites. This program has an ability to show calendar entries in day, month, year, week etc. Users are allowed to import and export entries from iCalendar files. Color and date picker are available in this program. Users can perform various kinds of search operations like keyword search operations, date range search operation etc.
Tags: software , search , program , online , calendar , export , archive , import , date , scheduling , show , tasks , keyword , picker , entries , available ,


tgcCalendar is a PHP coded calendar software. It is a monthly calendar model. This software displays day, month, date and year. This software works with template engines and supports skins. You just click the date in the calendar to intercept the process and add the events. Its a simple and useful calendar tool for webmasters.
Tags: software , tool , calendar , date , process , template , simple , click , for , useful , monthly , engines ,

 Celoxis Project and Time Management Software

This is an online planning tool that can be used by project consultants or huge corporations, which helps them in managing projects, time and expense, time sheet software, work flow software to define and track your business processes etc. Each software comes with unlimited bundle of features like project management options, task management for developing team work, costing and budgeting, collaboration, resource management, provides you with reports and alerts etc. Features available in time and expense module include online approval with notifications, ability to export the data to Microsoft Excel, integrated PM module, complete audit trial and much more. The collaboration software features offers you a calendar system where you can store important date and time for meetings, document management, email management and has many other features.
Tags: software , email , tool , data , time , online , management , calendar , system , business , export , document , project , task , date , projectmanagement , track , store , trial , reports , planning , module , collaboration , work , audit , resource , expense , sheet , team , flow , for , taskmanagement , features , costing , processes , alerts , bundle , complete , available ,

 Virtual Calendar

Virtual Calendar is an online calendar program where you can maintain your past and featured events online. You can view monthly calendars for the existing year and the current date will be highlighted defaultly. You can view the posted events by clicking on the date, and through the admin panel you can either add or delete events on the calendar.
Tags: program , online , calendar , delete , view , date , admin , year , events , for , maintain , monthly ,

 PAYA schedule

PAYA schedule is a calendar and schedule manager program with multi user support. It is beckended by database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, mssql, etc). This provides admin facilities also. This calendar supports year view, month view, day view, week view. Supports to navigate the calendar. Provides Anniversaries information, provides schdule creations and more. Also provides web based administration.
Tags: database , web , program , manager , calendar , schedule , admin , user , day , year , multi , webbased , navigate ,

 Chinese calendar converter

Chinese calendar converter is a simple date and time displaying script and is written in php. This script provides ability to show date format in chinese lunar calendar. It can be integrated into any website. getchinesedate function is used to disply date. It displays date format as year, month and day. It returns an array with 6 elements. It returns value 1 for leap month. It is similar to Gregorian calendar.
Tags: converter , time , calendar , script , format , date , show , chinese , simple , into , function , value , for ,

 ASPWebLog Part 2 - The Calendar

ASPWebLog Part 2 - The Calendar is a script which helps the users to plunge into definite days on their websites. In addition to it, they can navigate front and back with monthly calendar. The entries with days looks like a linkage. This script will be useful for displaying a monthly calendar on the users websites.
Tags: calendar , script , into , addition , for , entries , back , useful , users , navigate , monthly ,

 DF Calendar

DF Calendar is a web based calendar based on PHP. User can customize the calendar for their personal webpages and also users can modify colour, size and date through easy to use interface. After the modifications are done, URL code is given to load on your web page. With latest version of this software you can get DFConfig script that allows you to modify the properties. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: software , web , calendar , easy , code , script , personal , date , demo , size , version , customize , load , for , modify , webbased , users , available ,

 Creating an Event Calendar

This is a tutorial where author explains about creating event calendar. ASP user can find more detailed information about building full featured event calendar with the facilities to allow members to read the events. Users can learn exactly with the help of given sample codes. This will be of much for the users to generate and manage event calendars.
Tags: calendar , find , help , information , creating , learn , manage , generate , user , read , tutorial , event , author , sample , for , users , building ,


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