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 Windows Calculator in C

By the end of this online tutorial, the users could find easy to develop a calculator application which is more similar to the one in Windows. The main advantage of this calculator application is that any developers could easily modify the features. The source code is available in this article.
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 CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and science

CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE is a website which provides online calculators for the use in engineering and science. This calculator is made through fluid mechanics and wave propagation. The main objective in this program to provide readily accessible tools which carry out the calculation without requiring extensive background knowledge. Mainly this calculators will be useful for working engineers, and some laypeople.
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 Infant Percentiles Calculator

This is a calculator which helps users to calculate their babyís body weight with respect to their body length. It can be used by the users easily by just entering their infantís present weight and height in the given columns. This can be used for infants under the age of three. This program will be of much use for the users in maintaining their babies in proportionate height and weight.
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 Amortization Calculator

This calculator on JavaScript can calculate monthly payment of loans if provided with the loan amount, interest rate and the duration of the loan period. Also it creates an amortization chart that provides details such as principal, monthly balance of the loan amount, total payments, interest and total interest. The script calculates an accurate value and is compatible with almost all the browsers like Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6.2, Internet Explorer 5.02 and Opera 6.01, all on win2k. The script is also customizable too.
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 Mortgage Calculator Plus

Free graphing mortgage calculator. Highlights: * Property tax, PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) taken into consideration * Monthly versus Bi-weekly payments report shows the most favorable payment periodicity * Amortization graph, Repayment chart and Balance graph, as well as, monthly and yearly amortization tables help to understand mortgage mechanisms better * Smarty ( template engine and configurable chart colors allow you to fit the calculator to your website layout * Customizable currency symbol, thousands separator, decimal point, and initial values let you match your website audience.
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 List-It Online Real Estate Manager

Lite-It consists of full-featured property listing scripts that enable realty companies to publish and maintain property listings on the internet. It has two versions: List-It Basic and List-It Pro. List-It Basic is a singe agent tool. It enables agents to post and maintain their own listings on the web site. It contains a mortgage calculator that estimates the monthly mortgage payment. It has a web-based elaborate administrative panel. List-It Pro works with multiple agents. It gives each agent a user friendly address to their listing for their business cards.
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 Companion to historical Violin, Viola and Cello Gut String Calculator

This companion to Historical violin, Viola and Cello GutString calculator enables you to calculate the plain gut string diameters for your instrument. You can calculate for any given historical pitch standards, any string lengths, and any tension. All you have to do is to enter the desired pitch, length of the string(in cms) and the tension(in kgs) and you will get the result either accurately or rounded off.This script is easy to install and use.
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 Take a shine to JRuby

This is an useful tutorial through which you can learn about the JRuby language. JRuby is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter. In this tutorial the author explains various features of the JRuby such as blocks and iterators, class structure, rules for naming variables etc., The author also shows you how to write a simple program using JRuby which displays the message "Hello World". In this tutorial you can find the sample program for building the calculator application using JRuby language.
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 UPS Shipping Rates Realtime Calculator - Active-X Edition

You can use this ecommerce tool to calculate the shipping rates for products. This is an object oriented Active-X Control that can interfere with UPS shipping rates to calculate the shipping rate of your shopping cart products. This realtime calculator suits well for any windows based shopping cart application. This program can also be used as stand-alone application.
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 Ration Generator

Ration Generator workings workings is by a multiplicative inverse process. Rounding and multiplying the values results in the best ratios of a decimal. You can input any positive whole number and decimal value up to eight (8) places (This is the limit of accuracy for the Javascript calculator that it can handle for this program). You can enter your value by punching in the numbers on the key pad. To the bottom right is a "left arrow" button where you may erase the last number inputted also you may clear the value by clicking on the "C" button. By clicking on the "Get Ratio!" button a window will open adjacent to the right with the results. This window contains your inputted value and then lists the ratios from the largest most accurate down to the smallest best ratios. The Ratio Generator will produce for you both Proper/Improper and Mixed fractions just simply make the selection in the menu.
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 Etrafficers Calculator

This program is a financial tool which provides 20 types of calculators for the webmasters to run financial calculators on their website. How much can I borrow, Amortization schedule and calculators, How much can I save etc., are the java script calculators those can be integrated to any website by using HTML. Annuity calculator, How long will my loan cost, Mortgage calculators, Prepay vs invest calculator etc., are the PHP calculators those can be integrated to any website by using PHP and HTML.
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FlexSupport is an online helpdesk application supported by MySQL database. Visitors can submit their tickets through an online form and you have the facility to notify ticket updates through instant mails. All your site visitors will be provided with random ticket numbers ID's to avoid spam ticket generation. Some of the key features include support for avatar, user friendly interface, staff wage calculator etc.,
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 Payment Planner

This program can be used by the web users to do a calculation for their payments and percentage in all acpects whether it may be loan or any other financial scheme. This software automatically provides facilities to perform the year calculation by selecting by the users choice. Using this flash calculator user can calculate how much loan they can get.
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indear is an useful java calculator with which you can unlock mobile phones. This script will help you to calculate Dct3 phones, and is enriched with samsung and nokia unlocking codes to enable you to create samsung sections on your calculator. Facilities to either disable or enable ImEi check, to add or delete MSIN, Networks and GID, to select the calculator by searching on nokia models are available for the users.
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 Currency Exchange Rate Calculator

This world currency exchange rate calculator is capable of giving exchange rates for any desired international currency format. Using this remotely hosted calculator you can transform currencies between any formats, through a simple button click interface by just specifying a currency form and the required currency format.
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 Jeroen's chmod calculator

Jeroen's Chmod calculator is the most robust calculator of its kind. It allows you to lookup and display the permission setting value (ie: 755) for files in 3 different ways, including its text equivalent (ie: -rwxr-xr-x).
Tags: text , files , calculator , display , lookup , value , for ,

 BetterCalculator 1.2

BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function. When the CALCULATOR opens... Right click on any button for a description and help with that function. Left click to push a button or key. You can either paste the code directly into your Website or use a 'Launch Calculator' button on your site.
Tags: freeware , calculator , help , code , button , paste , into , click , for ,

 Moffsoft Calculator 2

This is a php scripted software to do financial calculations. It has numerous features like, it stores upto 5 memories, pressing the enter key repeatedly displays the totals and grand totals, unlimited number of constant values, the skin and looks of the calculator is customizable, displays the number of entries n a calculation, with defining local tax rates its easy to add sales taxes and also this programme can be configured to stay on top, to start along with system startup and more.
Tags: software , system , calculator , easy , php , key , skin , sales , startup , tax , financial , number , start , local , features , entries ,

 UPS Rate Calculator .NET

This is a program that enables administrators to let the customers have rate calculating functionality on their ecommerce websites. This program does its process with the help of UPS. Webmasters can customize the calculator using their rates and easily integrated into their ASP.NET websites. It provides results to the visitors as soon as it brings the appropriate country names and codes.
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 Item Based Shipping Calculator

This is a program using which administrators can enable their customers to calculate the shipping cost. This calculator functions with respect to the total number of items presented in the shopping cart ie- this calculator calculates by starting with a basic cost and thereby to perform calculation for additional items. This program is based on ASP.
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 Body Fat Percentage Calculator in C

This is a tutorial in which the author deals with creating a calculator to perform calculation for body fat percentage. In this tutorial the author demonstrates about generating a calculator that has the ability to perform exact calculation for body fitness. Here the readers can also find source code to download.
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 Scientific Calcualtor

Scientific Calculator program is built in javascript by which users can calculate complex mathematics and scientific problems easily. Every one can handle this calculator easily. This program is helpful for technical students and for professionals. Independently created pop up calculator is useful for various functions. It uses no database and web server.
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 Calculator ZF

Calculator ZF is a simple javascript calculator with several advanced technologies. This calculator comprises scientific functions, memory, date, currency converter, and time etc., for the users to perform scientific calculation through it. This program is easy to handle and provides three different LCD displays for the users. This javascript calculator comes with 50 buttons that are simple in their integration.
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 Calculator ZF

Calculator ZF is a simple javascript calculator with several advanced technologies. This calculator comprises scientific functions, memory, date, currency converter, and time etc., for the users to perform scientific calculation through it. This program is easy to handle and provides three different LCD displays for the users. This javascript calculator comes with 50 buttons that are simple in their integration.
Tags: program , time , calculator , javascript , easy , advanced , buttons , simple , calculation , currency , scientific , for , users ,


Calculate is javascript that is a simple calculator with automatically calculated "Total" amount.
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